CNN was accused of one awful thing after the Florida shooting

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  1. Cliff says:

    I see now, it is being reported that there were 4 officers on the scene during the “shooting” and reported that they were “instructed” by sheriff Israel to “stand down”
    I guess being a “good friend” of HILLERY CLINTON and a DEMOCOMMUNIST, he wanted “maximum carnage” to make a “political point” for “gun control”. If this turns out to be TRUE, this “sheriff” should be put in the same jail as the “shooter”. It is also my opinion that the “deep State” FBI ‘handlers” PROVIDED this individual with the funds for weapons, accessories, and “coaching” to do what he did. Where else would he have gotten the MONEY for these expensive weapons? They (FBI) KNEW they had a “loose cannon they could EXPLOIT to do their ‘dirty work”,
    He was a “dollar store” employee, and his mother’s life insurance was reported NOT “distributed” yet ($800,000.00). (so where did the MONEY come from)? I believe that when the life insurance MONEY is distributed, it SHOULD go to the families of the victims.

  2. Kris Kristian says:

    As a South African citizen, as much as I dont like CNN, which I feel is being financed by Hillary to disgrace Trump,
    I must agree with them on disarming every citizen, as has happened in South Africa a few years ago.
    As much as I hate the ANC government, I must admit that the one good thing they did was to withdraw all weapons from private citizens, which would then be destroyed.
    WE had to hand our weapons and ammo in to the police.
    Problem, is that the gangsters still have illegal weapons There are often armed robberies and black taxi drivers are often murderd by opposition taxi drivers.
    When we had to hand in our weapons, both legal and illegal, these weapons were supposed to be destroyed.
    Recently, it was discovered that a white police colonel who was in charge of weapon licences, sold some weapons to the gangsters.
    If we wanted to keep our weapons, we had to sit and write a test on the gun laws, and show proficiency on how to use our weapons.
    Today, very few people own weapons, and we are all happy to have a gun free society,

    Arming teachers is a wast of time.

    I feel that every school should have metal detectros at every school.
    Then nobody would be able to bring weapons into the schools or where ever.

    • Cliff says:

      I am happy that you are NOW well CONTROLLED “sheeples” . I would think about that, as the “government” you are under now can execute you anytime they choose, and being a “gun free” society, you will have NO defense if they decide to do away with you. (just like HITLER did in Germany after he disarmed his “subjects”) This same scenario has happened many times throughout history with the same “result” the PEOPLE were annihilated.

    • Big louie says:

      Kris! you are a idiot! you don”t know what you are talking about !! Go to africa and live there ! Bye Bye!

      • Cliff says:

        I agree Big louie, if they don’t LIVE here, they need to stay the HELL off our posts from THIS country. If you want to live like a CONTROLLED SHEEP (in Africa) that can be SLAUGHTERED any time your “MASTER WISHES” So be it…..Go comment on an AFRICAN SITE.

    • Bernie H. says:

      I suggest you go back to South Africa and mind your own business

  3. Oz says:

    If they are losing their ratings, then they deserve it. I stopped watching it a long time ago, and now because they didn’t get the Election results they coveted, they will stage and say anything to convince anyone that still watches them to get their agenda passed. I would like to know who sets the agenda, as all of those hosts can’t be of the same beliefs. Maybe they can, but I still will not watch.

  4. Flashfly Smith says:

    Article also fails to mention that CNN provided scripted questions to these poor teenagers, and that one of them refused to attend when he realized CNN was using him to promote their anti-gun program. Absolutely disgusting of CNN. Calling it “fake news” is nowhere near sufficient to describe the actions of these left-wing maggots!

  5. ER says:

    cc, we call it the communist news network

  6. Aline says:

    cnn is one of the worst lying channel! Of course most of the channels are just the same! They are already loosing ratings! Tons of them! GOOD! PAY THE PIPER, ALL of you jerks on your lefty channel!

  7. cc says:

    CNN has ALWAYS been fake news – if you look at their history………….used to be the Clinton News Network here in Atlanta – (don’t know what they call it now – never watch it)

  8. DEL says:

    For CNN to give “Cheat Sheets” of prepared questions for students being interviewed is as bad/worse as giving H. Clinton prepped questions for debates……….

  9. Tim Toroian says:

    Like the rest of the anti-gun crowd, the CNN clowns really need to read and study the constitution. Without the Constitution, we would have anarchy. Not having a permanent moral foundation results in anarchy. Dumbassed judges who think their job is to make law create anarchy. Not knowing what the law will be from one day to the next is the worst form of anarchy. If that is what they want, in their blissful stupidity, they do not understand they would be in extreme danger, like journalists in lovely Mexico.

    • Yeah for you. Can you get that nformation on TV? Oh no that’s right, you are telling the truth of the matter so we will not here it on TV. Sad. And too bad history teachers and especially college professors don’t teach this either which is why a bunch of young people are ignorant and vote for the Democratic Party. They don’t know the truth. They don’t know history or the constitution. So keep saying what you said loudly. Thank you.

  10. Patriot says:

    You know in Mexico they kill reporters! Just saying the truth. I mean I’d watch that on CNN, they might get some ratings?

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