Chuck Schumer’s reaction to the Mueller report will leave you speechless

There has not been a more widely anticipated event in Washington, D.C. in recent memory than the release of Robert Mueller’s final report.

This is the day the fake news media and Democrats long pointed to as the death knell for Donald Trump’s Presidency.

But that all got turned on its head, and Chuck Schumer’s reaction to the Mueller report will leave you speechless.

Schumer and Pelosi were furious when Attorney General William Barr announced he would hold a press conference to outline the main findings of the Mueller report.

They claimed this was a cover up and demanded Robert Mueller testify.

Breitbart reports:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) issued a statement on Thursday ahead of the release of the Robert Mueller report demanding that the special counsel testify before Congress.

“Attorney General [William] Barr’s regrettably partisan handling of the Mueller report, including his slanted March 24th summary letter, his irresponsible testimony before Congress last week, and his indefensible plan to spin the report in a press conference later this morning — hours before he allows the public or Congress to see it — have resulted in a crisis of confidence in his independence and impartiality,” the statement said.

Democrats and the media pushed the narrative that Attorney General Barr was somehow trying to set up a narrative for the report’s release by holding a press conference ahead of time.

After the Mueller Report was finally released, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler took up Schumer and Pelosi’s cue and demanded Mueller testify before his committee.

Americans could tell the Mueller report was a bust because, instead of latching onto the findings, Democrats wanted Mueller to explain himself.

That’s because Mueller found no evidence of Russian collusion and brought no charges for obstruction of justice.

Rather than accept reality and move on, Democrats need to keep this story alive so they can deploy it as a political weapon in the 2020 campaign.


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148 Responses

  1. Don't use my real name. I want to chane my ID says:

    Pelosi and Schumer are a disgrace to America. What about their bank accounts and sexual escapades together? And they have the right to demean our President??? They are dirty democrats who have finamcially raped our country and taxpayers. Lets get an investigation into the high tabs We the People pay for her booze bills on her jaunts back and forth to CA> WHY is she still in office> She has the intelligence of a door knob at this point in time. They are in office for the money, as much as they can steal. Time to vote them out. Again, investigate their banks accounts and all they charge to American taxpayers.

  2. Richard Daugherty says:

    Schumer is a criminal that needs to be put to sleep.

    • Steven says:

      That’s because there afraid to let everyone know why. Nader Schumer pelosi. And the rest of the demacrates with Hillary. Payment were made through them. To FBI for this lie. And don’t want there names brought out. To show how really corupton they are. Shumer is a Hillary hoodlum he always was and still is. There all going to be put in the jail we’re they should

  3. Floyd Hardee says:

    Is there any difference between a Scum-o-crat and a Democrat? Just the spelling! Kick them out of office and most of our problems would soon go away!

  4. rod says:

    the democrats don’t give a damn about America, their only goal & agenda is to get Trump. they are will to do anything including putting our enemies in congress. I believe they are also willing to kill to met their goal. VOTE REBUBLICAN if you support America.

  5. Jack Handy says:

    LET Mueller ‘SWEAT’ Big Time, WHEN HE
    KNEW W/In Mo’s of GPS Fusion Dossier/ FISA. ETC.
    & CARRIED 0n For 2 YR + For MEGA $ MILLIONS.

    • Pat says:

      Mueller deliberately left it so people could form their own opinions as to where Pres.Trump tried to obstruct Justice,because he COULD NOT PROVE COLLUSION, and he couldnt bring himself to clear Mr.Trump completely. HE and all the democrats would do or say anything to get Mr.Trump out of office,and they can’t do it legitimately, so they pull every dirty trick known to man! IF THERE WAS NO COLLUSION< THERE WAS NO CRIME____PERIOD! SO YES—I absolutely believe he should have to testify before congress, BUT—-Let Pres. Trump ask the Questions! Lets end this garbage RIGHT NOW, so our Pres. can get on with his job without all the hatred and obstruction!!!!!!

      • Jack Handy says:

        Thank you Pat for comm. Yes, a ‘Deliberate’ Left 0pen,
        ie mueller FOR further ‘Agiitation’ .
        ‘mueller’ Is ‘establishment’/ NWO ‘puppy’ Under the
        Rothchilds/ Rockefeller Regime. NO SECRET. (only to
        low info/ uneducated. ) & TAKES EFFORT To ‘Know ‘
        this Stuff.

  6. John Sorrell says:

    what Schumer is saying is if Barr’s report doesn’t coincide with what the scum bag party thought it shoiuld, then all of it are lies. Didn’t fit their claims.l
    If you’re looking for obstruction of justice, you might begin with the House of Representatives.

  7. douglas miraldi says:


  8. Carl J Bujan says:

    All I can say is Schumer is anti American and so are all the assholes that voted for him.

  9. John Nice says:

    Poor little cry babies. I wish they would everyone take hi/her toys and go home. We, the taxpayers, forked out around $35million for the past two years so the Democrats could yell, scream and dance around only to be told there was no evidence of the Trump campaign committee colluding with the Russians. The Democrat Party, et al, should be made to repay the taxpayers for such a partisan dip into our tax dollars.

  10. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Chuckie Cheese Shumer and his Democrook mob are probably are having “Think Tank”meetings each day to think up other ways to get rid of Trump. This just goes to show how ignorant they really are.

  11. Barbara Teachey says:

    Shumer and Democrats have been spinning lies for 3 years. They should be impeached!

    • Dayna says:

      I hear democrats say over and over “Trump is not fit to be president”..
      Google the democrats, I don’t hear one that I would consider fit to serve. Blink and they lie. President Trump has been investigated more than any president in history and the liberals could not find a thing. While liberals party and plan more investigations, President Trump is working to protect this nation.

    • Gale says:

      No, they have been spinning lies for years and years. They do not know how to tell the truth.

    • Mezcukor says:


    • Mezcukor says:

      Absolutely I agree

  12. steve says:

    let him testify I love to watch worms squrm

  13. Just MORE WASTE of TIME and MONEY…..That whole report is just a RED HERRING….!!!

  14. Bill says:

    No body cares any longer about what Pelosi or Schumer or for that matter what this fool Nadler has to say about anything. We’d all love to hear only one thing from one or all of them, that being they issue a “I resign” letter to the American Public and leave their Office in total and absolute SHAME for the lousy job they’ve done while in office serving the American People. These fruit cakes are about the worse phonies I’ve ever seen or heard of in my 71 years of life, they ought to be jerked out of their offices, dragged kicking and screaming, begging an pleading for their lives down to “Hangman’s Gulch” and promptly “Hung” for Treason! Well perhaps they should be given a Kangaroo Court appearance no more then 5 minutes to plead their case or guilt which ever, then found guilty and hung. I for one would love to attend the “Hangings”, I’d love to watch all three of them dance to the tune of the “Hangman’s Jig” until their, “Jig is up”! Now if we could only include the Mother of Rats, i.e., “Hillary RODENT Clinton” in with that group of “bad company”, and hang her for Treason, I wouldn’t recommend it mind you, but I would happily attend the service, yes that’s right, Hanging the RODENT would be a service to this country, look at what she’s done and all the trouble she’s caused our country, TRAITORS NEED TO BE HUNG! (After their fair trial of course, but I think no jury in the world would find any of these worthless, disgusting filthy P.O.S., not guilty.) They are all guilty and needs to pay the price for Treason!

    • Pamela says:

      Bill, GREAT COMMENT and I am sure a lot of people agree with your comment, including myself, that they should ALL be hung for treason. They certainly haven’t done 1-GD thing for the taxpaying American citizens. Hillary certainly is GUILTY of everything and still she walks free like she is some GD precious queen. I just don’t understand how in God’s name they have gotten away with what they have done to this President, the American citizens and our country. They are completely WORTHLESS and sit on their asses collecting their unearned paychecks. IT IS A SIN to say the least.

  15. Vickie Ross says:

    During the Obama adminstration Russia was meddling in our elections. Rice was told to tell the investigators to stop investigating it. This was in the report. The fact is. Obama allowed this to happen under his adminstration. Rice & Obama should be in prison for treason. This needs to be pushed by president Trump.

    • Bill says:

      I agree, they should be hung for Treason! Hang em, hang em all, just doooo it! How else will snowflakes ever learn if we don’t force a few to dance to the tune of the “Hangman’s Jig?”

  16. Salty Dog says:

    The objectives of the Democratic liberals is so obvious and supported by what we now call “fake news” it has become a sickening scene. And it continues to get worse as new candidates to replace President Trump. Now one must wonder if the many gullible voters who put Obama in office can overwhelm the voting poles along with the questionable voters who seem to keep seeping in to the poles. Thank God and our nation’s founders for the Electoral College. It may be the last stand for what this nation was founded to be. All the collective rhetoric in the responses I have read in this page will not solve the problems facing us. We need effective action on the many of us who want and hope our nation will survive these attacks from the left radicals.

  17. Katee says:

    Democrats are soooooooooooooo predictable! Before the election, Hils says she will win and she bets Trump won’t let it go, but everyone in the demo-nut party is still, after almost 3 years, whining about their loss. Peeeeeeelosi stated some time back that every one should accept the findings of Muellers investigation, but just look who AGAIN, is not letting go. This is so sad for this nation and especially for the democratic party, everyone is losing faith in the them but they just can’t see it. Grow up and quit making gigantic fools of yourselves!

  18. Tony Bell says:

    Does this seem reminiscent of Hillary’s reaction to losing the election. Seems the democrats, like petulant children, just cannot accept the results that did not go their way. Truth is not even an afterthought for them.
    Any intelligent human should understand now that democrats are not “fit” to serve in leadership positions.
    Insanity: Relatively permanent disorder of the mind. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. That plainly describes how the democrats think, and act. Vote appropriately folks.

  19. scooch 'the' pooch says:

    Total ‘FAKE’ poll Results.

  20. Stephan Serafin says:

    The poll question was whether or not Mueller should testify before Congress and I was in the 20% who said yes. My reasoning is that Mueller should go and tell them “Hey your plan backfired so now you can go F yourselves”.

    • Bob Waas says:

      I want Mueller to testify, although I doubt he will change the minds of those filled with hate towards the president.

  21. scooch 'the' pooch says:

    >>> EAT THEIR OWN<<>> EAT THEIR OWN !!! HAHA HAA. Come 0n Nancy/Chuck,
    FORCE your ‘boy’ bobby mueller’ TO STAND UP !!!

    • scooch 'the' pooch says:

      post altered, (on a quote ! no less) don’t care.

    • Big mac says:

      So are you ass hole

      • scooch 'the' pooch says:

        Big?mac? ( don’t think so, lol)
        LET Mueller ‘SWEAT’ Big Time, WHEN HE
        KNEW W/In Mo’s of GPS Fusion Dossier/ FISA. ETC.
        & CARRIED 0n For 2 YR + For MEGA $ MILLIONS.
        Dems fake you/Eat You. Don’t be foolish, in an
        ‘uneducated’ emotional rage.
        > Hey, Big Macs 20 yr ago , tasty &/Real foood. Haha.
        You a ‘pooch’ ???

  22. Jack Handy says:

    TIME NOW for a Mueller ‘Press Conference’.
    Not Even on CNN??? GOT NO ‘balls’ ???
    WHERE IS he ???

  23. Breaker 19 says:

    Every since this “witch hunt” started, all we have heard is “wait until the Mueller investigation is over” . Now it’s over and all you can hear is we need more investigations. They were about as sure Mueller would find something about Trump they could use against him as they were that Hillery would be elected big time. When are we going to see some legislation passed to fix the problems we have in this country, like the illegal alien problem? When we vote all these worthless bunch out and put someone in that wants to work for the people and this country? It better be quick, we are running out of time.

    • John M says:

      Where are all the indicted “ham sandwiches”?
      And let’s not forget Schumer bragging to Maddow “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community and they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you”
      And don’t forget that this is not over. The coup continues.
      Time to round up the big fish.
      Lock up the low hanging fruit with the obvious evidence of committing a crime. Then focus on the ancillary players.
      It’s just beginning.

    • Pamela says:

      BREAKER19, I totally agree with your comment. The Deplorable DEMORATS have done nothing for the taxpaying American citizens EXCEPT waste tax payers monies on this HOAX. I wish I got paid for doing absolutely nothing and that is the way it has been done by all the DEMORATS. MONEY FOR DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, except trying to destroy our President Trump and our country. We need to clean house and get rid of all these swamp RATS who are worthless, collect paychecks, and obstruct justice.

      • MaMa says:

        Trump needs to “garnish” the Demo-idiots paychecks until every nickel is paid back to the hard working, country-loving, patriotic American taxpayers and send the power hungry, treasonous, obstructionist, commie GLOBALISTS packing (one way airline tickets only, as their moronic “Green New Deal” is set to abolish air travel, remember?) to Kenya with their lying, illegitimate, limp- wristed, irresponsible, arrogant, pot smoking, racist, party boy who hated his own white mother and go live in that sh*thole of a country and maybe then the mentally deficient, whiny, spoiled, tantrum throwing, hypocritical, “adult children” will shut the f*ck up!! Drain the DC CESSPOOL! Orange jumpsuits and life sentences all around! Bring criminal charges NOW!!

    • Steel Magnolia says:

      Let us Be AWARE, Mueller report ie >> ‘Certain
      Statements’ << LEFT 'a' Door WIDE 0PEN for
      'sick' Continuance. &&& 'KNOWINGLY'
      DID SO.

  24. Pat says:

    At least Barr has “independence” “impartiality” for them to bitch about. None of them know the real meanings of the words. Chuck is Satan incarnate. Just look at his eyes.

    It’s interesting, and odd, that Mueller failed to note in his report that the Rissian female attorney who wanted to meet with one or both of President Trump’s sons was actually working for Fusion GPS. I wonder why he chose to leave that out of his final report. I have seen the video in which she admitted it so don’t try to label me a conspiracy theorist.

  25. Ronald C Watt says:

    These American hating communist will never stop. The DOJ needs to investigate and expose every last one of the sorry sons of bitches and expel them from this country.Preferably in body bags.

    • Neill Griffith says:

      YOU ARE 100% CORRECT. The Dims believe that Trump colluded with the Russians, when it is evident that he doesn’t even collude with the Communists in our Congress.

  26. bagster53 says:

    well they are good ones to talk about cover ups , remember , benghazi , the irs , the doj and fast and furious , now there was some real cover ups, to protect the illegal kenyan freak and hillary , i hate to inform them but there is no such thing as a perfict human , how about we get some people to investigate all politicians and expose the lying frauds for what they really are , these freaks in d.c. today care more about illegals and refugees , then they care about americans , instead of doing their jobs and fix some of these screwed up laws they gave us , they waste their time and our money on this junk , if you trust these idiots your a fool

    • John M says:

      If the GOP ever gets back in the saddle, they better not squander the opportunity again. We can Blame Ryan for the last fiasco. But he’s not around to blame next time. I want a functioning government. I’m upset that the DEMS cannot walk and chew gum. They have focused on all things Trump and haven’t addressed critical issues facing America.
      Vote every one of them out. Make the Independent party number two in our present political system. Reduce the Dems to irrelevancy. VOTE!!

  27. Felino says:

    Leave the Republicans alone. They do more than the Democrazies That’s all you guys do, fight for nothing and get paid. Shame on you people.

    • Mike Geverd says:

      If there was ever a need for Americans to DEMAND TERM LIMITS it is now. I’m in my 80’s and this is the biggest do nothing congress/senate in my lifetime . . . and believe me I’ve seen some bad ones. Maybe they should just become money managers. I think I would hire them for that. Afterall, we know what they get paid, so they must be excellent at investing money . . . arn’t they all millionaires?

  28. Richard R. Tryon says:

    The President deserves a NO need to testify to Co egress; and a YES to show that no assholes can compete with Pelosi and Schumer! They are in a special class and able to help destroy their party at ever utterance!

    But,”Father, forgive them, for they not not what they do.”

    • Chuck says:

      Sorry Richard, those two assholes as you so correctly label them, know exactly what they are doing. They two despicable assholes!!! That describes the two of them oh so well.

      • Phyllis says:

        I agree with you. They know exactly what they are doing, and they won’t stop until they can find something, or make up something to get rid of the President. They are” despicable assholes ” as stated above. They are also completely mentally deranged. They are so determined to get rid of Trump, that they don’t care what damage they do to the American people, as long as they can grab power and control over all of us, and continue taking away everything we have spent our lives working for. We need term limits, and for all to these liberal manics to get out of DC., and the sooner, the better.

  29. Sherry L Chase says:

    Time for the corrupt lifers to go!To federal prison. Term limits…

  30. JIMC says:

    The democrats are not a political party they are an extention of the DEEP STATE that controlled ob and Clinton. sorry state of affaires for the USA..

  31. Chris Lane says:

    Pelosi – I really think she needs to go to a speech therapist! Can’t say a complete sentence without screwing it up.
    Schumer – I understand he appears to need glasses but does he ever really look thru them not over them? Maybe he thinks they make him look smarter!
    Well I saw the movie Dumber and Dumber and this two could make a hit comedy I’m sure.

  32. Michael Groves says:

    Have no doubt, we’re in a Civil War between Conservative Volunteer Government and Leftist Democratic Professional Government. Democrats don’t like when they lose elections. They want their power back, and will do anything to get it back. Including cheating, lying, and even jailing anyone that get in their way. That is what is going on now. The President is fighting by himself. Don’t count on the Republicans ether. Chuck Schuer, Nancy Palosi, and for that fact Nadler won’t let this go.. They all should be jailed.

    • Michael says:

      Democrat after democrat used the same word: “spin”, in their attack on AG Barr’s conference. Just more evidence of THEIR behind-the-scenes collusion to attack the American president. Their banana-Republic attempts at a slow- motion Coup D’etat are just getting tiresome. When will the American people stand up and put a stop to this hysteria and destruction??

  33. Jim says:

    Congress does NOT have the need to know for classified material, depending on what it is.

  34. James Guanciale says:

    I vote impeach pelosi schummer and aoc. I also vote special coucel to investigate hillary and her phoney report of collusion.

  35. gary says:

    the dems better be care full they dont have the brains to stand up to Barr. the dems are nothings but stupid fools

  36. John Decker says:

    Pelosi and Schumer don’t like the results? What else do you expect from two of the most gigantic sucking A-holes on the planet?

  37. patricia says:

    Swamp the deep staters, Chucky the Schmoozer looks like a mafioso and hangs publicly with the spawn of G.Soros

  38. Sarah says:

    Do ya hear that sucking sound of the swamp draining!?! These Trump haters, Constitutional haters and America haters are only showing their true selves and at the expense of working tax paying Americans. This is the sound of the mighty falling! You would hope that these people would have enough courage to accept the findings and finally begin to do their real job and demonstrate a little self respect. I only expect that the damage they have done to this country will, will be met with disdain at the election and in their home towns.

  39. Cecil says:

    The libitards would be best to let it drop – but trying to save face now – it will hurt them in the long run

  40. Dave Miedema says:

    Memo to Cryin’ Chuck, Senile Nancy, and the liberal media: QUIT WHINING! You lost! Deal with it! You need to quit your obstruction and heal your Trump Derangement Syndrome and get back to governing.

    • Herbert Lubitz says:

      Governing? When was the last time you actually seen governing from a Democrat? All they do is use taxpayer money to try to overthrow the government. All this while getting paid by taxpayer money. Don’t you think ti is about time we fired all of Congress and fill those seats wit real Americans that already have shown interest in America instead of their next election.

      • Russell Fowler says:

        For most of my life I see a politician get in office and make a law with their name on it just to show how they care. Most of the laws are trying to correct the previous laws. Most politicians can’t foresee how some people take advantage of the law then write another law to correct that one.
        The Ten Commandment is good for me.
        Also no one should write a law until they read all the previous laws.

        • Russell Fowler says:

          Remember the law that President Johnson made, any women with no man in the home can get welfare. How does a women get pregnant with no man.? Does welfare check the back porch to see if the man is there? He is there.

  41. Russell Fowler says:

    Two years ago, Congress had all the faith in Mueller will do an honest job on the investigation.
    Then Barr has approval of being honest looking over Mueller report.
    Now both Mueller and Barr are being investigated for not being open to the investigating of Trump.

    • Gretchen says:

      The demorats are such hypocrites it disgusts many Americans. They are just proving how stupid snd hateful they are. They think they are the only ones who are right about everything. They forgot what a mess the last demorat potus made of everything he touched.

    • Mark says:

      They’re still trying to keep Obama, Clinton and other D3monRAT Thugs out of prison with these FAKE witch hunts on Trump…

    • jim says:

      r f this just shows the world what total assholes and how stupid the democraps are, time these POS to be eliminated from this country

  42. Poor demwits, they just can’t handle the truth. President Trump should start the law suits for false accusations against everyone who AHS perpetuated this scam , and take every dime they’ve stolen from the taxpayers . Once they’re all destitute and headed for homelessness, then start the trials for treason and line ’em up for the firing squad

  43. JOHN P CATALANO SR says:

    The democraps want Mueller in front of them to try his game of a PURGERY TRAP.

  44. Dumb ole rats heads are splitting, Trump is living in their heads 24/7 for free. They are taking double doses of anything and everything to figure out what to do? And how to do it. Great to see those Loser’s, Lose. Grease your back sides liberals cause you are going to get the big shaft. Haa

  45. Richard McClure says:

    Let him Testify Than he can tell them Why Rosenstein told him he could only Hire Partisan Left wing Hack Lawyer’s for the Witch Hunt.

    • Emma says:

      For what?
      Being the best POTUS we have had in my 67 years?
      Keeps his word?
      Protecting Our AMERICA?
      Trade deals where WE WIN?
      Cutting taxes? Etc. Etc.

  46. Mongo says:

    Mongo says impeach Trump.

  47. eugene howard grayson jr says:

    I use to believe George Soros was the most dangerous man in America. That position now belongs the Chuck Schumer…way to much power when he can direct every Democratic Senator to vote how he directs even though many of the policies would be beneficial to their individual states. I wish I could send each one a yellow ribbon to wear down their back as it would certainly fit.

    • Richard McClure says:

      But! But! But! isn’t AOC in Charge of the Senate After all She Claims to Have told all of them To Vote Present when Mitch called for a Vote on the Green New Deal

    • TJ says:

      And you know this how???

    • tom says:

      Chuck Schumer was on a video saying how the borders need to be protected under Clinton’s reign as President. Show that to the public. again. He shows his true colors in that one.

  48. Hondo1046 says:

    I want Mueller to tell the American Public when he really knew that there was no collusion and how much of the 35 Million was wasted. And, I want someone to ask Mueller if he thinks that the “real Russian Colluders” should be brought before another Special Council. A council that gets to the real truth.

    • Richard McClure says:

      $34,999,999.99 was wasted and we all new who the real Russian Colluders were before it even Started!!!!!!

  49. Gilbert Moore says:

    Who votes for these idiots anyway?

  50. david says:

    Liberals/blacks are just alike; they only celebrate when justice gives them what they want, not necessarily the truth.

  51. Nate says:

    I don’t see any difference if he goes before Congress or not. His findings are what they are. End of story. Democrats will try but they will fail. I think its all a smoke screen to delay investigations as much as possible on the Obama administration, Clinton and so many more. Justice will be served and President Trump will be serving his second term.

    • daddy boy's mama girl says:

      Wouldnt it be special if they would make Mueller testify under oath…. and he purgered himself??? hahaha he would NEVER fall for being under oath just to prevent that …. but it would be really sweet if he got caught lying to congress!! woohoo TO GOOD TO BE TRUE they say!

  52. Tim says:

    Shumer needs to go away which next election he will ,he has outlived his use there is no better example of the need for term limits than chuck shumer period !!! And take the other nit wits with you Chaz

  53. Charles Stanton says:

    Shumer needs to be put in a home with a roommate, Nancy Pelosi.. These are two of the most far left ,evil people in the US Congress. Lower than scum!

  54. Steve says:

    I’m sure schumer , being the criminal he is , will rewrite the mueller report to fit the NWO criminal agenda of him , pelosi and the rest of the liberal criminals . I wouldn’t put it past him & pelosi because there is NOTHING TOO LOW for these anti-America CRIMINALS !

  55. Champing foo our Presedent
    The only way they will stop is to take a pole and see how many Americans will sign it to Impeach Pelosi and Schumer and AOC and those to aRag Head Muslim Idiots in Congress. See if we get enough Votes signed to get them out of Congress. Let’s Shake them up a bit and see how it comes out. They talk about Impeaching the President see how they like it.

  56. The only way they will stop is to take a pole and see how many Americans will sign it to Impeach Pelosi and Schumer and AOC and those to aRag Head Muslim Idiots in Congress. See if we get enough Votes signed to get them out of Congress. Let’s Shake them up a bit and see how it comes out. They talk about Impeaching the President see how they like it.

  57. Mike says:

    The democrats are comatose and on life support and are looking for any way to undermine our democracy!
    That’s why they continue to move farther to the left and get more radical and desperate!

    Rush has always been right when he said that democrats are ALWAYS guilty of the very things that they accuse the republicans of!!!

    They know the time of reckoning is coming soon. Put all of the obstructionist in prison, starting with the Hilgabeast and Obama.

  58. Karin says:

    One way to upset the power play is to get a copy of the Mueller Report. Downloads are available on the DOJ website and The DrudgeReport site. I DLd the full 448 pages and now have it on my computer to read. It may be a thriller but I will have to work at reading it.

  59. Kevin says:

    Drain the Swamp!!!

  60. Hugh Turner says:

    He would charge another million added to the 35 mil already spent. But then they bring in some body convited of lying to Congress . That worked out well he did not get his get out of jail free card. They all turned their back oo him

  61. Alan L Patrick says:

    I went ahead and voted in the poll, it was amazing to me how many Still want to hear from Mueller. I don’t know what more they think they are going to get that the report hasn’t shown. If the Democrats keep pushing for more in this BS case to Trash a duly elected President, they will only help to reelect him.
    Wake the HELL up and do what you were elected to do and that is to legislate, work on the pressing problems this Country faces on a daily basis

    • Bruce says:

      It is a non-issue but having Mueller testify while it will not prove anything it will be another arrow buried in the sand. After Mueller, a new prosecutor can apply the high bar set by Mueller to all those who have lied to Congress, the FISA court and put classified information on a private server etc. Mueller testifying to Congress will not work well for the democrats but it will work well for the rule of law.

  62. bruce says:

    Schumer and Pelosi should get back to their original agenda and get our government being that of the people, not just their personal viewpoints and that of the far-left. We have many more problems to solve in the US, including our Border Crisis and that is where they should be focusing. If they want to be constructive recommendations , ways for improvement in our country.

  63. Guenther says:

    The No. 1 thing that needs to be done is to get Pelosi and Schumer out of congress . How can 2 people that brain dead exist

  64. Rodney says:

    I didn’t vote in the poll because it won’t matter if Mueller meets with congress or not. The Dimwits will continue with the hate and divisiveness regardless what Mueller could tell them.

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