Chuck Schumer will be furious when he finds out what Mitt Romney is planning

Chuck Schumer has no more loyal ally in the Republican Party than Mitt Romney.

Schumer can always count on Romney’s vote when the chips are down.

But now Chuck Schumer will be furious when he finds out what Mitt Romney is planning.

Mitt Romney is up for re-election in 2024.

Politicians usually never take a second off from campaigning for another term.

Whenever a member of Congress takes their foot off the gas for even one second, rumors begin to swirl they are retiring.

And that is exactly what is happening now with Mitt Romney.

Romney refused to commit to running for a second term when The Hill questioned him about his re-election plans.

“I’m going to cross that bridge down the road. I haven’t given a lot of attention yet,” Romney responded.

Romney only raised $473,000 for his re-election campaign, leading to even more speculation that he will retire rather than run for a second term.

And if Romney runs for re-election, he will face a difficult campaign from popular former Utah conservative Congressman and current Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz and Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes.

Utah political observers say Romney is taking his time on deciding if he will run for re-election because in 2024, he is likely to face a well-known and well-funded Trump backed challenger.

“I think that’s why he is giving this some pause. He will have a tough race with the Republican nomination process,” BYU political science professor Richard Davis told The Hill.

Davis added that Romney is not popular with conservative Republicans because when push comes to shove, he votes with the Democrats.

“Either one of them would be a formidable opponent for Romney within the Republican Party because he has made himself persona non grata with many of the conservative Republicans,” Davis added.

“He’s actually more popular with Democrats and Independents than he is with Republicans right now. So getting past the Republican Primary would be a tough one.”

Mitt Romney voted to convict Donald Trump twice in the Democrats’ hoax impeachment witch hunts.

Romney also voted for Joe Biden’s $1.2 trillion-dollar socialist spending bill.

And Romney stabbed every conservative in the back by voting to confirm Joe Biden’s radical soft-on-childporn offenders Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Routinely voting for socialism put Mitt Romney in a position where he will either lose re-election or have to scrape and claw to seek out a second term.

Neither possibility is attractive to Romney, and that could cause him to head for the exits.

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