Chuck Schumer tried to trick Trump into doing one thing that would guarantee defeat in 2020

Congress returned to work this week and the stakes could not be higher.

One issue could decide the presidential election.

And Chuck Schumer tried to trick Trump into doing one thing that would guarantee defeat in 2020.

Democrats came back to Washington, D.C. this week clamoring for Trump to accept a national gun registration database.

But grassroots conservatives waged an intense lobbying campaign over the recess to remind Republicans that, during the last election, they promised to oppose any new gun control.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi know there is only one way gun-grabbing will be passed Congress – and that is if Donald Trump comes out in favor of it.

That’s why Schumer staged a press conference where he appealed to the President to provide political cover for anti-gun Republicans to support new gun control.

Breitbart reports:

On Monday, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) asked President Trump to provide “political cover” for Republicans who will not otherwise support gun control.

He said this during a press conference in which he announced that he and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) sent a letter to Trump regarding gun control.

Schumer continued:

President Trump has an historic opportunity to save lives by indicating his support for the House-passed bill [H.R. 8]. Speaker Pelosi and I have repeatedly and personally asked him to do this.”

[President Trump] can lead his party to support something that the NRA has prevented Republicans from supporting for years. That is why Speaker Pelosi and I sent the letter to him today, urging him to give his party political cover to pass…[the] background check legislation.

Supporting gun control would sink President Trump’s re-election campaign.

His campaign commissioned a poll that showed supporting gun control would turn off the President’s base.

But the Democrats will wage a relentless pressure campaign in the media to try to fool President Trump into thinking there is some kind of revolution in America in favor of banning and confiscating guns.

Democrats know passing this legislation will accomplish two goals – gut the Second Amendment and cost President Trump the 2020 election.


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72 Responses

  1. John says:

    Our President is smart enough to realize that anything Schumer or Pelosi are for, he should be against! They have yet to work with him on anything! They have only delayed and obstructed progress for the American people.
    The Democraps should all be fired! They have done nothing positive for the country in almost 3 years now. If they had a regular job, their boss would’ve fired them long ago. It’s time for the American people to realize, the Democratic party is anti-American. We need to vote these bums out. We’ve seen them to be liars and crooks to the American dream.

  2. 2WarAbnVet says:

    The Dems learn from their mentor …
    “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

  3. chief1937 says:

    We need to get off this new gun laws kick every sane individual knows criminals do not obey the laws so in fact new laws would only effect the average citizen. We should have learned by now new laws are useless against criminals the don’t even obey the ones we have already, We have a PEOPLE problem not a GUN problem.

  4. Jim says:

    Schumer is an absolute disgrace to this country. In all my years .I have not seen this disgusting action that he continues to produce on a daily basis. How in the hell does he stay in office. American public in general should be up in arms over this guy ,everyone has to live in this country not just Schumer and his treasonous ways.

  5. Will Penny says:

    Donald Trump isn’t going to fall for that BULL Crap , Chucky you are simply just a Idoit , take your Gun Control Bill and Stick it where the Sun don’t Shine , Up URS Chucky

    • Bill says:

      Old Chuck needs to be reminded that when he looks in a mirror the fool staring back is — Chuck. But, with those glasses he always stares over he apparently thinks the fool is Trump. President Trump has been in office since January 2017 and I haven’t anything he has done that would cause anyone to call him a fool. He won’t fall for the little trap old Chuck set for him.

  6. Braveryder says:

    Watch for the snake that speaks with a forked tongue. The snake will twist the true meaning of words to suit its purpose. It must have a bevy of language creators to call upon, because no matter what is said it will twist the words if it doesn’t like what was stated.

  7. neo says:

    I can think of a few laws that would save lives…#1 term limits for all of Congress…#2 pay based on the AVERAGE pay of the citizens the represent…#3…a 40 hour work week…#4 and last but not least out law lobbying COMPLETELY and make it a harsh felony if proven guilty…

    • Braveryder says:

      I agree with your thoughts. Long-term politicians loose touch with the people who elected them and do not understand what it is to be a blue-collar worker making it from paycheck to paycheck with no savings.

    • Patricia Overbey says:

      amen when do you want to run fir congress you have my vote God bless Trump 2020.

    • Agnes R Coffelt says:

      I think this is the best way. They must also have to use our health care system etc. etc. etc. Maybe they will work for us instead of whoever they are working for now.

  8. Ernst says:

    Charles Schumer is a wily, dissembling bucket of tripe. Anything he suggests to Trump should raise alarms. Schumer has just as much love for the USA as Nancy Pelosi, zero when compared to their own craving for personal power.

  9. Shelba says:

    Does shumer really believe that the president trust him or Pelosi these two are out for themselves and to hell with Trump and Americans, another reason to vote a straight republican ticket in 2020

  10. Bob says:

    RED FLAG LAWS are here. A dream law for gun grabbers . Watch and see how this law gets amended over and over in time. It will grow into a paper tiger. Removes guns by law enforcment from law abiding citizens for every excuse they can come up with. All without due process. And the Government is banking on the working class not being able to afford the legal fees to prove their innocense and get their guns back. EXTREME RISK PROTECTION ORDER NOT! gun confiscation

  11. larry says:

    Chuck Schumer is a stupid idiot if he thinks he ca trick Trump into signing a illegal bill, that hurts Anericans an benefits only crooked Democrats

    • What really pisses me off is the fact that the 2020 election hasnt happened yet and the demons are already trying to change America! I
      guess they realize they can never win against our President, so all this BS is a dry run…thanks for the warning assholes..we still stand with our President.

  12. Scott says:

    Ya know, everytime I see chuckie I can not help but think of slimey worms or snakes.p

    • mary brumley says:

      Scott, yes, and slugs! I warrant that if one looked at the floor when evil chuckie crosses it, one would see a slimy trail on the path he took.

  13. Jan says:

    The anti-gun politicians should lead by example and disarm their goon squads. Of course, they’ll never do that. Instead, they want to disarm the American public, aka us peons.

  14. Harry Carlisle says:

    I think if we took all the guns away from the Democrats we would have no more mass shooting or at least cut it by 98 percent.

    • Susan Leslie says:

      What have you been smoking? All but 1 mass shooter have been right wingnuts! This publication has about as much integrity as tRumpy himself- which is to say none!

      • The Real M says:

        Susan Leslie, That is not correct. The Dayton shooter was a Antifa supporter by his own words a far leftie, The gay nightclub shooter had gay tendencies, hated himself and gays so he killed almost 50 and he wasn’t rightwing, Muslim killed four or five in Chattanooga, Muslim couple in California killed some and were killed, the guy who shot up the Republican baseball players in D.C. was a Bernie Sanders supporter, one of the mass shooters was a Elizabeth Warren supporter and on and on. Now what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong both sides have had mass shooters. So, please get your flipping story straight!
        And, I don’t want to hear about a lack of integrity from President Trump or his supporters. You actually have a lot more lack of integrity going on in the Democrat party, little sis. Your problem is the same as the rest of the Dems, you have a chronic case of TDS which causes liberals to lie and make up their own set of phony alt facts! Get a grip or get gone!

        • mary brumley says:

          Wow! Since Dims are allergic to truth and facts, I’ll bet Susie Girl is very, very ill right now after reading your informational comment.

      • Hurley Henson says:

        Susan you are a lying dope fried liberal idiot. Democrats committ 87% of all violent crimes. Get off the dope and wake up to reality.

  15. HELENE says:


    • mary brumley says:

      Helene, in the perhaps not so far future, the muslims will be rearing their ugly heads. They are already infiltrating into our local/state/federal governments. We will rue the day the we let them in!

  16. helene says:

    the Democrats are snakes they are not honest, always think of criminal scheme toput the president nd the american in danger. They purpose is to sell out this cgreat country to the muslim and do eery criminal projets to remove him from the presidency.. we must destroy the Democrats they use our hard earned money to care and fund all te criminals and want to hurt Americn.Put the life of american in danger

  17. Geneva Wilcox says:

    There is too many legal citizens in AMERICA that have guns that were handed down thru the family, they mean alot too family.!! They must not be allowed to take them away!!!! Schumer and his pals will strip us of our guns, then take us over like Venzula and Nazi Germany !!! They will have to pry them from my cold dead hands!!!

  18. Patricia says:

    Trump already said at his rally that he would protect our second amendment, and I trust him because he’s a man of his word and has kept his promises!

    • CW3GTC says:

      I too, have trusted POTUS on his 2A promises made during his campaign. And, he made a lot of such promises. But, its the one big area he has persistently let us down! He has not shown himself a true 2A defender, nor defender of the 300 M gun owners in America. Red flag laws- came about at his suggestion. Bump stock ban- came about at his demand. He has set a tone in his term that shows he is passive on 2A protection, and protecting the gun owners. Has he spoken out against the totally unconstitutional red flag laws with their one-way, anti-due-process confiscation tactics??? No he has not.

  19. Rivahmitch says:

    Not only would it cost Trump the election. It would cause the country a bloodbath. For many of us, especially among veterans, our loyalty to the government is and has always been predicated on the loyalty of the government to our God-given rights, purportedly “secured” by the Constitution. As the old saying goes ‘Ya can’t have one without the other”. Without the 2nd Amendment, there is no guarantor of our rights beyond the words of the government and many of us have seen and/or experienced what that is worth.

  20. Pat says:

    Trump will get re-elected regardless of gun control there are more people in favor of guns then not
    Just think about this if guns are taking away who’s going to help you the police democrats tied there hands government not a chance how did these people get elected to Congress the hate they have for America and Americans citizens is incredible at some point people are just going to say enough

    • mary brumley says:

      Pat, since we know our POTUS is doing his best to keep his promises, but block at every turn, I want to give him every chance to succeed.
      But if they were to impeach or use election fraud to keep him from winning in 2020, I think it will be time for the Patriotic People to “…just say enough.”

  21. William says:

    I would rather see a Schummer-Pelosi Control Bill. They are clearly out of control and out of their minds.

    • KatahdinView says:

      Me too, they and the mob squad are way out of control.

    • SandyJ says:

      What a wonderful idea! Schumer is creepy so he fits the democrat’s agenda perfectly. This American says to leave our guns alone. In fact, why don’t you leave all Americans alone and go to a country far, far away and try to get your garbage passed . No one has any faith in him or his party any longer.

  22. I totally agree! These Democrats that are running for President say how much they will do for the illegals then nothing for the American citizens! Free healthcare but if we didn’t get Obama care we would be fined let that sink in!

  23. Dan Winright says:

    Only empirical morons say guns don’t belong in honest American hands. God and our forefathers gave us this right. And no politically correct politician is going to take them away.

  24. Mongo says:

    Mongo says Molon Labe and if the Libtards want a revolution let’s get it started.

  25. Loyd says:

    Schumer, Pelosi, and most of the Democrats around the country are trying to pull the wool over hard working American public. The Democratic party no longer represents America and for what this great county stands for.

  26. The Real M says:

    The Dems purpose with gun control, and any other campaign promises President Trump made, are the sole targets between now and election. The Dems will be trying one thing after the other in an attempt to trick President Trump to go against any campaign promise whatever it might be. Anyone who thinks the Dems are concerned with saving lives, not a chance, it is not even in their thought process, defeating President Trump is their purpose in whatever they do! And, you can take that to the bank!

  27. Linda M. says:

    These Democrats just won’t give it up! They are not interested in saving anyone’s lives. The criminals will always be able to obtain weapons. What the Leftists want to do is abolish the 2nd. Amendment ! Putting the law bidding citizens helpless, at the mercy of violent crimes.If these vile Leftists spent more time doing their jobs instead of trying to impede President Trump from doing his, this country would be in a much better place. Schumer is a pompous ass and he is a legend in his own mind…..

    • Tangascootac says:

      Accurate, Linda

    • Hurley Henson says:

      You are exactly right Linda, democrats doesn’t care one bit about Americans. If they did then they wouldn’t be in full support of illegals coming here to rob, rape and kill American citizens and take their jobs. A vote for a democrat is a vote for destroying America.

  28. Steve says:

    Like soros , NAZI / NWO criminal schumer would love to disarm America , so THEIR organized crime party criminals could take over – with America’s guns ! It’s another crime scheme every week coming from these most evil of the world / liberals !

  29. KatahdinView says:

    Schumer is a complete IDIOT, we have enough laws on the books all ready just follow them.

  30. Crying chuck is just another snake in the grass! These phonies don’t give up! It’s sad because Republicans didn’t act like that when Obama was elected for a second term! People are finally waking up and seeing how cruel the Democrats can be! It’s time for everyone to stand up for America!

    • Linda M. says:

      Ronald Menard.: You are absolutely correct! The Republicans did not act like spoiled children when Obama was in office. But this is how the Democrats have been conducting themselves since Trump has been in office….. Disgraceful….

  31. There are back ground checking laws already on the books, the problem is they are not being implamented or completed in compliance with all the steps listed to be taken. many authorities do not do the back ground checking with the purpose of singeling out any one person or group.

  32. Walter E Beverly III says:

    If Schumer thinks for a second that Trump will go for gun registration, he’s sadly mistaken.

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