Chuck Schumer told this giant lie about voter fraud that immediately blew up in his face

Donald Trump is warning Americans about the dangers of vote by mail.

Democrats are pressing ahead in states across the country with this risky scheme despite the risks to America’s election security.

And now Chuck Schumer told this giant lie about voter fraud that immediately blew up in his face.

In a recent interview, Chuck Schumer attacked Donald Trump’s opposition to vote by mail.

Schumer claimed it was because the President was afraid of losing and wanted to cast doubt on the outcome.

“I think he thinks he’s going to lose. And I think he feels if he delegitimizes the process… and this is something we all have to worry about… if he delegitimizes the process, maybe there’s a way, even if he loses [by a small margin]… he can sort of say the process was illegitimate, contest it,” he said. We all went through Bush v. Gore in 2000, with a Republican machine that basically pushed the election in their direction with help, I might add, from the Supreme Court, unfortunately. So I think it’s because he’s going to lose, and he wants to delegitimize,” Schumer falsely claimed.

But that same day in Paterson, New Jersey, a City Councilman-elect had the councilman’s brother arrested on charges of voter fraud during a local election where ballots went missing and the total votes received did not match the total votes cast.

POLITICO NJ’s Matt Freidman reported, “Four people were arrested yesterday for alleged voter fraud during the Paterson municipal election, including Councilman Michael Jackson, Councilman-elect Alex Mendez and Shelim Khalique — the brother of Councilman Shanin Shalique, whose election ended in a tie. The fourth defendant, who faces the most minor charges, is a 21-year-old Prospect Park resident who allegedly illegally harvested ballots.”

Democrats and the Fake News Media continue to falsely claim there is no threat of voter fraud in vote by mail elections.

The facts tell a different story.

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56 Responses

  1. Patty says:

    I so agree with everyone but Scott27. You’re what is wrong with this country. Trump did more for every American in three years than Biden ever did in 47 years and he didn’t even break a sweat. You embrace evil and corruption which is rampant in the DumbocRats. The American people deserve better than the DumbocRats and I’m praying that every Republican running WINS AND WINS BIG and then I will rejoice when President Trump starts putting some trash in jail, maybe you’ll be among them. How many votes have you “harvested” illegally and how dirty do you “play”. You are a poor excuse for a human let alone an American. Perhaps you should find another country to pollute.

  2. Carlos a. Del Valle says:

    Senator Chuck Schumer and Speaker Pelosi need to go on a permanent vaction.
    PS/ take Adam Schiff and Jarod Nadler with them.

  3. Michael says:

    Cry baby schumer is as much a liar as pencil neck schiff. You try but it won’t happen. Bye bye in 2020


  5. John says:

    Democrats don’t want to see all the voter fraud thats going on. How about that judge in Philly caught with voter fraud.

  6. Peter Giger says:

    Chuck doesn’t realize that the only reason Trump is President is because he feels sorry for people like him. Only out of the most strictest sense of Civic duty no one needs that form of aggravation. Schumer should count his blessings. Luckily no one called on HIM to be the President.

  7. 2WarAbnVet says:

    It has already been shown to massively increase vote fraud.

  8. E. Chesterman says:

    Old Chuck you should bow out gracefully before you to go to prison which is what I hope happens you’ve sponged off of us long enough you’ve got plenty of money that you stole from us, along with your morally corrupt colleague nasty Nancy

  9. Texas Tea Partier says:

    Sure are a lot of morons out there. Most have a (D) after their name. I think it stands for “delusional”.

  10. Scott27 says:

    Voting is overrated and many people don’t deserve the right to vote, proven by the choice they made voting for Trump. If we need voter fraud to defeat Trump so be it but I don’t like the term ‘voter fraud’. It is voter correctness, IMO.

  11. NOBODY says:

    I stopped mail in voting cause you can’t tell if your vote has been tampered with.
    proof in the pudding officials getting busted.

  12. Betty Weed says:

    Chuck your afraid and you should be…Trump is going to win there is war coming and your going to loose.

  13. Edwin Buck says:

    This is how LBJ got elected on his first try. This was how he got the name
    LANDSLIDE LYNDON’. He was behind a few votes, so his people went to the grave yard and got names enough to put him ahead 23 votes. When his opponent wanted a recount he was found in his pickup, committed suicide with two bullets in his head

  14. Pat says:

    With so many already complaining and getting caught with voter fraud, we must vote in person to make it count and use ID. Those mail in ballots should not be counted unless it is proven to be the rightful owner of the ballot. People already said they went to vote recently and was told they couldn’t because they had sent in the ballot by mail, when it wasn’t them who voted. Also recently republicans were mailed there ballots and they were actually voting democrat. Then there is the one about people who went to vote and they learned someone changed there affiliation. Then all these ballots being sent to dead people and some voters getting 2 & 3 ballots with there names on them all. People who have moved are getting ballot from previous state and new state. More proof can be found with judicial watch. So don’t let democrats tell you it isn’t happening because it is. This is why voter ID needed to make sure our voices heard. Democrats are dirty with rigging election cause they know that’s how they can win. Stop voter fraud right now. That is how Obama was elected for eight years and how so many democrats have gotten more seats. Crocks crocks.

  15. AD says:

    Dems haven’t done a damn thing but go after trump from day one and knows that’s the only way they can win.mail in all their illegals ready to vote..kissing up to BLM for their vote .used the virus to stop trumps economy .that’s their game plan.they want to vote for u..Trump 2020

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