Chuck Schumer ran for his life when asked one question about Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s Presidency is collapsing at a rate never before seen in modern American history.

Even Democrats are turning on him.

And Chuck Schumer ran for his life when asked one question about Joe Biden.

A bombshell new CNN poll found 74% of Democrats do not want President Joe Biden to run for re-election.

That percentage of Democrats announcing they were done with President Biden was even larger than the 64% of Democrats who said Biden should not seek a second term in a recent New York Times/Siena poll.

Biden’s political standing has eroded to the point where even loyal allies, like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), headed for the hills rather than say the President should run again in 2024.

“I have said if he runs, I’ll support him,” Senator Schumer told reporters when asked if he thought Biden should run for re-election.

Of course, that wasn’t the question reporters asked Schumer.

But Schumer also knows Joe Biden will be 81 on Election Day 2024, and polls already show the public does not think he is mentally up for the job.

Polls also show President Biden’s approval rating sunk to just 33% as inflation raged on, the economy hovered on the verge of recession, and illegal aliens invaded the country at record levels.

But Chuck Schumer wasn’t the only big name Democrat to squirm when asked if Joe Biden should seek a second term.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) offered every bit of praise under the sun for the President, but refused to say if he thought Biden should run for re-election.

“We have done some extraordinary work for the American people, starting with the [American] Rescue Plan…” Hoyer claimed. “President Biden needs to be out talking about those accomplishments.”

“He’s a good communicator,” Hoyer continued. “He’s a person who gets the pain of the people and their concerns and their vision and their hopes and their fears. He ought to be out there with all of us.”

“I don’t think it’s timely,” he continued. “And I think getting into this game this early is not very productive. He’s the President of the United States, I think he’s a good President of the United States. I supported him for President. I think he’s doing a good job.”

This should be an easy question for Democrats.

Members of a political party support their President.

But Democrats know Joe Biden is incapable of serving a second term – and also, that he would lose to Donald Trump.

So they are looking for a 2024 escape hatch from Joe Biden.

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