Chuck Schumer proved his hypocrisy with this statement about North Korea

Democrats heaped praise on Barack Obama for the horrible Iran Nuclear deal.

But they’re hell-bent on destroying Trump’s presidency, so they’re trying to undermine Trump’s attempt to get North Korea to fully denuclearize.

And Chuck Schumer issued a statement that showed what a hypocrite he really is.

Democrats and leftwing media are trying to derail the President Trump’s efforts at bringing peace to the Korean peninsula.

They are bending over backwards to put a negative spin on Trump’s Singapore Summit with Kim Jong Un.

The Washington Times reports:

“At the historic summit between the two leaders on Tuesday, Mr. Trump said he agreed to halt all joint U.S. military exercises with South Korea and consider reducing U.S. forces there. In the joint statement between the two, however, Mr. Kim reaffirmed a previous commitment to denuclearization of the entire Korean peninsula and help in returning the remains of U.S. servicemen still missing from the Korean War.

Democrats said the end product fell far short of the goals set by Mr. Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, which included the complete, verifiable and permanent end to the North’s nuclear and missile programs.

“What the United States has gained is vague and unverifiable at best,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, New York Democrat.”

Leave it to the Chuck Schumer and the Democrats to oppose Trump’s efforts to return remains of U.S. servicemen and begin denuclearizing.

In 2015, Chuck Schumer said he opposed Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal. But when Trump announced that he was exiting the deal, Schumer cried foul – saying we should stay in it!

Trump ripped Schumer to shreds with one tweet:

Schumer and his pals in the media simply don’t want to give credit where credit is due.

But they’re standing in the way of a historic opportunity at peace and it will surely hurt them in the November Midterm elections.

What do you think? Do you think President Trump will achieve a viable peace agreement?


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80 Responses

  1. I believe if they put a cable across Niagara Falls and made every politician walk that line, Chuckie Baby would skip over so lightly we’d be in awe. This man is the consummate democrat politician. He is a chameleon on every issue.

    • Alfred says:

      Crying chucky has a fake canister full of water to make tears come out. He lies through his pores. He should receive the best liar of the century! Along with the rest of the Democrats in congress. Thier favorite saying is: Do as I say, not as I do.

  2. Mikey says:

    Good grief. How many sides of the mouth does the senator have?

  3. Jesse says:

    Schmuck is spending to much time around that badoon Nutsy Pelousy or Mad Maxine he is starting to show his HIPOCRACY AND INSANITY. He would best serve America by resigning and taking all the other Democraps with him. Or at leasthsshod SHUT UP until he has something worth listening to to say. Well if we wait that long he will be long dead and buried before that happened and buried at least a few billion years.

  4. A. von Kleif says:

    Once a fool always a fool. ‘lil Sucky Chumer’ is an New York ass.

    • Farnco says:

      Chucky, the make believe New York JEW is a COUNTERFEIT!

      That Skunk has Nothing to say about Obama giving the Ayatollah Billions of American Dollars in CASH on PALLETS on UNMARKED PLANES in the Middle of the NIGHT while the Old Goat shouted “Death to America.”


      • Trudi says:

        Question, why is he still a senator?

        • cliff says:

          Answer: City “liberals”, welfare recipients, and illegal immigrants all vote him back in because he promises more and more “free stuff” and “special treatment” for their DEMOCOMMUNIST “vote” as long as they remain on the democrat “plantation” (BRIBES) The only time we see his butt up here in NORTHERN N.Y. is “election time” and he brings little sums of MONEY to bribe business people.
          After that…Gone again. You think people would smarten up, but those “dollar bills” always cloud their feeble brains.

  5. All crying Chuck is doing is driving everyone away from the Democratic party. Thank goodness! He is such a baby and with Waters, Pelosi, and Finestien, they don’t have much of a chance. Really tired of all of their lies.

    • Daniel Tubre says:

      Talk about some dum asses. Waste of tax money. This richmans welfare needs to go. They beleive they actually work, no different than being on welfare.

    • Michael says:

      Chuck Shumeristhe biggest liar and qiute frankly I think he suffers from schrizofrenia. President Trup do a n executive order and cancel all democrats admission to all federal buildings. No way to vote, we win.

    • Mary Conrad says:

      Camille: You are so right. They are the best thing for the next election-they are so stupid and biased that those undecided voters are turning away from the Dumbacratic Party in droves!

    • carol says:

      So long blue Wave! Welcome to the Red Tsunami in 2020!
      Conservatives – get out and vote!

  6. Andy says:

    Schummer, When your term is up Kiss politics good by. You tuned out to be the worst Senator from N. Y. we ever had.

  7. It’s interesting to note that Schummer was against the Iran deal and spoke against it. When Obama went ahead with it, he quickly changed his tune. Now Mr. Trump has successfully met with and found common ground with Kim Jung Un, Schummer is a nay-sayer. So yes Schummer is a true hypocrite. Who in their right mind would ever vote for an idiot who can’t make up his mind on any issue?

  8. Timothy Toroian says:

    Chuck is a putz! The first meeting of its kind between these two countries and this JACKASS wants to bring up something that will take a couple of years at least to overcome. I’d like for him and Nancy to have personal introductions to the MS 13 guys they recently defended. That would be funny!!

  9. Ronald Christopher says:

    Sc;humer never spent one day in the military so what does he know about war games or readiness exercises?

    • Beachbum13 says:

      DITTO for bone spurs TRUMP!

      His unilateral decision to stop the military exercises without any internal discussion first is another example of his idiocy, and WEAKNESS!

  10. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, Gowdy, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  11. ronald fischer says:

    The Democrat Nazi Party well never see day light ever again they are nothing but a bunch of corrupt and pathetic liars.And no way in our country will they ever do anything for our country but to destroy us within just like they did to the people of our country for 8 freaking years of all the scandals and that Kenyan illegal Immigrant that commented TREASON upon our Nation should be in a Federal Prison on chargers of Treason and when found Guilty be hung along with that other Bitch i call TOP SECRET(Killary) in the Rose Garden of our White House and be televised all over the world to see what we do to people like these people did to our country.Then the next move is to go after the rest of the crooked Democrat Nazi Party that were in cahoots with that Kenyan Illegal Immigrant that was never a American Citizen.

    • This folks, is the reason we must vote OUT the Dems in Nov. They are not the same Party that once backed the average working class. Middle America is meaningless to this singleminded un-American group. It is money and control that drives them, and their actions have proven it. Dem Gov Jerry Brown is limiting our water in CA, 55 gals.= a shower, a load of laundry, a few glasses a day! He signed into law SB 606 and AB 1668 behind our back to control our daily allowance of water. Dems are making us powerless over our own lives!!!

    • Ricky Goode says:

      They are not smart enough to be call nazi party, but dumb enough to be the Satan Party nazi should never be capitalized in my opin

  12. Harry Cauley says:

    Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for a bungled Iranian agreement, and Schumer thinks that was great? It took months to get that one done. Schumer believes Trump should come away with a full verifiable deal in one meeting? Now that does show a measure of idiocy and I am being very kind with that description . Even Trump said at the outset that everything would not be settled in one meeting. I think Trump deserves the Peace Prize for what he has done to date with NOKO and the hostility he has gotten from the commycrats.

  13. James says:

    Chuck has forgotten he speaks for the entire State of NY and not just his liberal lobbyist masters that keep putting money in his pocket. He is a disgrace to the State.

  14. Bob Higginbotham says:

    We are know Schumer is a hypocrite but he is also almost as stupid as his House counterpart the delusional space cadet Pelosi.

  15. George says:

    Chuck Schumer was once was a good senator for New York. But then something bad happened to his soul. He now looks sick and demented. His eyes are full of hate. He hates the President more than he loves our Country. If it means bringing down our nation in ruins to destroy Trump he will not hesitate. The hatred and evil feelings he carries personally for Our President who is working so hard and being so successful for we Americans is beyond anything I have witnessed in all my 79 years on this Planet. It totally nauseates me to see this man so full of senseless Hate. Someday and it will surely come when he will stand before God and try to explain why he so hates a man who for the first time in 70 years is bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula and reducing the specter of Nuclear war. Who is making life better for millions of Americans and the world. I hope he thinks about this before he meets his creator face to face. It’s OK to disagree with the president but the hatred he holds is Obvious to all Americans and He is sickening us. This comment also describes other Politicians IE: Pelosi / Obama / Clinton ? ETC

    • Cliff says:

      As a resident of N.Y. State, “chuck you schumer” has always been a two-faced weasel especially to the residents of NORTHERN N.Y. , above Syracuse (like where I AM) He caters to the “city” dwellers and illegal immigrants, that always vote DEMOCOMMUNIST. THAT is why I would like to see N.Y. State go along the same lines as California is attempting (SPLIT) That way the people of Northern N.Y. could finally have a “voice”, otherwise OUR “votes” are cancelled out by big city liberals.

  16. william says:

    what else would you expect from the likes of schumer.this is al about the fact that the left wing dem scumbags are completely out of power and the seeds of destruction are beginning to grow around their supposed champions hillary and the muslim obama.their ship is going down and there is not much they can do about it

  17. Grampa says:

    Where to begin? I detest criticism with no substance. We must look and listen to what he says and compare it to his actions. each voter should/must look at how he votes on what is on the table. the problem comes when the bills that come to the floor are overburdened with items foreign to the needs the bill addresses. we have lost our ability to govern. to pen 4447 words that form a nation to the atypical thousands of pages that form a bill for today’s world have become a preponderance of bloat. with government micromanage for every aspect of our lives. has the government made our lives safer or better? we have dropped in our education in world rating from seventh to thirty-seventh. Are we freer? I walked across the Ambassador bridge at thirteen to fish on the Windsor side with no more than a hand wave from security. I carried my 22 rifle to school to go hunting after. could we do that today? we had dropped from a city of nearly two million to less than seven hundred thousand. travel down Grand River in Detroit and it looks like a third world nation. and dont you dare call it white flight because many of my friends that are black and Mexican left with me. who stayed the ones that took the government handouts. I was the typical Democrat that helped my father campaign for Governor Williams. I watched the Democrats take an industrious city to ruin. I saw the city I was born and raised in one of the poorest areas all mixed with races and immigrants from every nation thrive with our fights that come with these differences but without the hate we see today. while I speak of Detroit it is the only one I can speak of with authority. now having time forced upon me from a back injury requiring drugs to keep the pain bearable I watch and listen to the words of our politicians. I have come to rely upon other forms of communication. I also watch the body language of the people speaking. I compare what they say to how they vote. All I ask is that all who want our nation a secure free place for our children pay attention to what these politicians promise and hold them accountable to them. if unable to fulfill them then demand answers as to why they cant. Accountability must be part of that oath of office. despite their insistence that they take care of us it is time for our citizens to stand upon our own two feet and when necessary walk away from the ones who lie and deceive. this was to be about Sen Schummer. well, I must give my apologies for I find it becoming harder to focus and travel many tangents with each posting. If you finished my post I applaud your patience.

    • True Believer says:

      Thanks Grandpa. I really don’t know when this all started, I am going to venture a guess to the 60’a with no responsibility. Free love, drugs, etc. It isn’t the world you and I were raised in. We should have seen it coming and tried to stop it before it got this far but we were raising families with rising costs so wives had to go to work leaving children at home after school alone. My husband was a sailor boy so the first 6 years we spent out of the country and could see the cooruption in the various countries we lived in. My husband said, it is 1000 times worse in DC and I just couldn’t imagine it but there it was. All of this was fast tracked when Obama became President and we the dplorables could do nothing about it until Mr. Trump decided he would take that upon himself. Just like we did in 2016, we must unite and all turn out to vote in the mid terms to not only keep our majorities but to also gain a majority in the Senate or we are doomed. We also must keep good candidates, not the likes of the Ryans, McConnels, McCains, Romeny’s either. Keep after your House reps to call for the vote to oust Ryan and put in someone else, like Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows or Kevin Nunes. It must be done before he sells us down the river. Remember, his wife is a dye in the wool democrat and it seems she is in control. I’m guessing, but I think that the Business Roadtable along with the other DC establishments are paying him to get Amnesty through before he leaves or whatever bribes they do. An 80 year old Grandmother.

      • Harry Cauley says:

        It started long before the 60s. I became aware of the liberal take down of the USA in the 50s and with further research it dates back to the 1800s. We have had politicians hell bent on destroying people for their own and their buddies gains. The Indian wars were fought to forcefully remove native Americans from their lands. Think about that for a moment. We live in a land where our homes are amd someone comes along with a Superior force and we have to accept living on a reservation set aside for us and promised we would be taken care of and then that never happens. These same liberals – progressives – are doing that today even. They have been in government forever. We in reality are not as free as we think. The voter has been derelict in that they have not been interested enough to understand who they are voting for. So who are you voting for this year and then again in 2020? Know how to vote with full knowledge ? check our these people who would govern it may cost you and I everything.

  18. Lloyd Hurst says:

    I wish all of the Demo A-holes would fall off of earth! Especially Pelosi & Schumer.

  19. Susan says:

    Oh Crying Schumer he DID make an agreement to de nuclearize! But it would not matter if he denuclearized the whole dam world Chuck would find something wrong with it! Well where are his ideas?! What the hell have you people done to make any progress on anything other that obstruct?! Well Chuckie good luck with your midterms and another 4 years of our great president Trump!! He out smarted you didn’t he Chuckie! You guys should have tried to get along but you are so blinded by hate that you just can’t get past it can you?! MAGA

  20. Thomas Goss says:

    I just that ASSHOLE Schumer would drop dead before morning.

  21. Joseph says:

    Those three POS in the picture are a real treasure. Durbin, Schumer, and Harris…a three pony show of dumbasses with nothing to offer but stupid remarks

  22. Having lived in New York State for many years , we had a saying about Senate Minority Leader Chuck Shumer, “you know he is lying because he opened his mouth and said something”, how tru,e, how true!!! He never met a lie that he did not like!!!!…..

  23. The Redhawk says:

    DA SCHMUCK , Pelosi and “bobby De Niro are in a 3 way Race to see which of them can be admitted FIRST into the ” Despicable A holes STUPOID HALL OF FAME” at present DA SCHMUCK hypocrisy runs ahead of the Pelosi/De niro STUPIDITY
    D(espicable) A (HOLE) Upchuck is one BIG A HOLE ENEMY OF THE STATE

  24. Zeke Letellier says:

    Democrats are no longer interested in making government, legislation, work, only obstruction, obstruction. All this based on the hate of for the personality of our president. The no longer is a popularity contest once the president has been elected. Getting the job done for the American people is first and foremost the main responsibility.

    • brenda says:


    • The Redhawk says:

      THERE ARE NO DEMOCRATS in the REAL (D) party Sense.. they are COMMUNIST ANTI USA ENEMIES OF THE STATE as DECREED BY O BAMA… CLINTON and SOROS as the NEWS (D) party directed by da SCHMUCK and Pelosi

  25. Peter says:

    Chunky is the engineer of the losing strategy of the Democratic Party.

  26. GRIZZ MANN says:

    Democrats must express their hypocrisy in order to maintain their reputation.

  27. Gene says:

    For the life of me ,I cannot understand the thinking process of a derocrat. They are the most negative people on the face of the earth when they don’t get their way

  28. Bill says:

    Schumer is nothing but a two-faced back stabbing Obama butt kisser. Send him to a deserted island to live out his miserable last days with Pelosi , Waters , Wilson, and Harris as his concubines.

  29. Steve says:

    Face the facts, the Democratic party are anti AMERICAN. In every word and deed they prove they don’t have AMERICAN values or ethics. They are completely without morals.

  30. Ric says:

    I thought, only for a moment, that Obama tried this as well with North Korea. Then I remembered Kim Jong Un had Obama peeing in his britches… never mind…

  31. George says:

    Democrats = Demonic rats

  32. Alan Pavon says:

    Schumer, Pelosi, and the idiot Adam Schiff from Cali are anti-American! The Democrats should pay dearly for how they have treated this man! They are PATHETIC!!!

  33. Tom says:

    We need to proceed as Trump will be successful. Little Kim wants legitimacy, he has it. He sat down with a US president, first time ever. I have heard he might like the idea of a US Embassy, give it to him. He wants assurances we will not attack him. So. All three are better than nukes flying across the Pacific Ocean. Now he can tell his people we won’t attack him.
    That said, VERIFY his denuclearization.

    While not our decision, a Nobel Peace Prize would be nice. He would look damn good in the eyes of his people.

    As far as his body count, it never bothered anyone to work with Stalin or Mao. The Left loved and still love Castro.

  34. H G Euritt says:

    Chuckie Schumer is just another dumbass Democrat that is clueless and opens his dumbass mouth and allows his stupidly to flow out of his mouth. Schumer needs to go along with Pelosi, Harris, Feinstein and all of the other dumbass liberal Democrts…

  35. CaptTurbo says:

    Schumer is a beady-eyed rat faced schmuck.

  36. Hey Little Chucky, please consider committing suicide by jumping off a tall building, the homeless can fry you up on a curbside cooker and eat for a week. Think about it.

    • Please don’t let those poor folk eat that schmuck. They can pick him to pieces and feed him to the rats instead.

    • Susan says:

      I don’t think he has a heart so therefore he would be like the walking dead and I don’t think you could eat him for fear of spreading the disease of Democrats!! God knows we don’t want that spreading!! Lol


  38. Thomas says:

    He is a perfect example of why wee need to remove communists like him from our government. I will gladly go one on one with that slimeball to see who belongs here.

  39. The dem s. Are such hateful people ! Instead of wishing America well they want it to fall Such hate !!

  40. Joanna says:

    Look at Schumer face he sure looks sick… I’m loving evey minute of this!!!!!!

  41. Mike H says:

    The Democrats are going to go down as being the worst in modern day history. Everything they do is against the United States and its people. There only concern is illegals and how many they can get in here. You know they need the vote .right. They are absolutely useless. They don’t have any solutions that would help the United States in the future. Most of their solutions put us even further in debt with no concern how we’re gonna pay for anything.

    • Erich says:

      Don’t forget that equally important too lefties and rinos, is that almighty dollar they can skim from us stupid fools that believe that playing by the rules is good for us. No. It’s good for them. It’s more graft for the taking. 90% go in with two nickels to rub together, but are multi millionaires within two to three years. They also get tips on which stocks are tanking, and which are gonna bust the ceiling in a few days. Same thing good old Martha spent time for, the do daily. Just look at all the double standards. I guarantee, with every fiber of my being, that if they tried this stuff the original colonists, they would have heads on piles before sunset. But these people are very intelligent, and they know for a fact that we will pound on our keyboards, call them a few choice names, as they merrily trot off to that foreign banks to make huge deposits in the bank accounts that can’t be touched for any reason. My question is, when have we had enough? When will we actually do something b hell, AMYTHING, to these traitors that are robbing and selling our country blind?

  42. We says:

    We who live in NY, know that Schumer is way in over his head. This guy is lost in his own home. Between him, Pelosi and Watters, they will put the Democratic Party in it’s grave….can’t believe people keep voting for these fools

  43. True Believer says:

    Can’t wait until the mid-terms are over and done. Maybe then we can get some things accomplished but before that, please you guys in the House, get rid of Ryan like you got rid of Bohner. Simple, just do it and put in Jim Jordan so we don’t loose the mid terms.

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