Chuck Schumer made one bad decision that he will live to regret

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi marched to the White House for a meeting about the government shutdown.

It did not go like anyone expected.

That’s because Schumer made one terrible decision that he will live to regret.

Schumer, Pelosi, and other Democrats traveled to the White House for a briefing about border security and why the wall is necessary to stop the scourge of illegal immigration.

But before Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen could begin her presentation, Schumer and Pelosi cut her off.

They had no interest in hearing what she had to say.

The Daily Caller reports:

The White House official told TheDC that both Pelosi and Schumer refused to hear out Nielsen’s briefing and instead advocated for two solutions to end the government shutdown. Neither of the Democratic options would provide the additional funding for border security requested by The White House.

“Democrats in the room either don’t care that there is a humanitarian crisis on the border or just prefer ignorance. It was incredibly disheartening that they don’t want to know the facts when making policy,” DHS Spokeswoman Katie Waldman said in a statement to TheDC.

Democrats made their position clear.

They will not vote for one penny of border wall funding.

President Trump’s only option is to keep the government shut down until they cry uncle.

This is a test of wills and some think it could determine if President Trump sinks or swims in his 2020 re-election campaign.

Democrats know this, and that’s why Schumer and Pelosi made a scene in the Oval Office.


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187 Responses

  1. ENR says:

    Hey with all the Hollyweird backing they have Chucky and Nasty could do a movie remake about DC they can call it Dumb, and Stupid The DemoCrap Morons, and they can have all their Butt Buddies in it,

  2. Mike Morrow says:

    Schumer is an inconsiderate ass.

  3. Mike says:

    WTF you cant embarrass Schummer or Nancy or any democrat for that mater \, They are just to stupid to know they are stupid. One thing about stupid is ‘Stupid can’t be fixed’.

  4. Tony Bell says:

    No emergency, can anyone say “communicable diseases”? TB, Aids, Ebola, Etc… Un-screened illegal entrants are a National Emergency to every American, against that their is no legitimate argument. It only takes one infected individual to start a pandemic, is this the democrats plan? This is just one aspect of the emergency at our border.

  5. Bill says:

    Chuck and Nancy along with the MSM and all the demoncrats are the real manufactured crisis. Too bad we can’t wave a magic wand and make them all disappear.

  6. Bobby L Oakley says:

    Schumer and Pelosi the faces of EVIL want to destroy this country . The illegals from the south of our border are the voters they support, not the citizens of this country

    • Phyllis says:

      Schumer and Pelosi are corrupt and totally self serving. They are evil, and show nothing but disdain for the US. They should have been kicked out of Congress years ago, with no pension and no secret service protection. Being in Congress was never meant to be a long term career, even if it was neither of them have done anything to earn one penny.

      • Sgt. Preston says:

        Absolutely right. I hope Trump keeps the government shut down until the demoncrabs allowcate the money. The invasion of our southern border HAS to stop!

      • Janet says:

        You are so right. They are stealing our freedom and lives for there evil purposes! They are the scum on the bottom of the pond!

    • Craig says:

      Trump has to keep shutdown and continue with the WALL ignoring what this corrupt, criminals think!!! Navarro filing her fingernails while a rep was talking about the killings by illegals tells you what monsters they are. By the way Navarro been an India from Nicaragua that had to fled her country from communism should be on the left?

  7. Randall M says:

    To Everyone that matters. In case you have not heard. Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) has started a petition for the wall! go to : and sign the petition.

  8. Beverly says:

    Mr. Johnson is no gentleman. Funny, it is the black (older) men who are strongly opposing the President. Most are about 60ish and battle-worn. And many in Congress black woman are still talking about being paid money for relatives from Civil War era getting money! For what?Most of the confederate soldiers were NOT slave owners, but lived on small farms, small enough to get by on. And the Civil War didn’t start mainly over slaves, because many S. Soldiers didn’t have slaves. It started over high prices on the cotton, and other southern products couldn’t afford the tariffs. So they had to ship to England and it cost twice to third as much more to send over and receiving back manufactured goods.n We owe you nothing. Some/many families didn’t live here until the Industrial Revolution AFTER the CW. GOTIT?

    • Debra Swails says:

      Everyone looking for a free handout. Cousin was killed by a black man, should I sue all blacks or black community where he was from? Of course not. People need to stop looking for and expecting hand outs, instead, why don’t you give someone, anyone, a hand up.

    • Sandra Kirk says:

      Being from the south and a republican, many years ago I wrote a very detailed report on the civil war and I must say to you, I am so glad to actually hear someone that has researched and tells the truth!! Good for you sir!! The southern cotton farmers were indeed suffering from the high taxes on the cotton. They could not make a living with that. The civil war actually was started over the high tariffs on the cotton and crops and wanted to leave the government for their own in order to live. The freeing of the slaves came DURING the war in order to get more people on their side. This written in a book called The LINCOLN LIbrary written in the late 20’s or early 30’s.
      Just wanted to say THANK YOU for knowing real history!!! By the way, the family I came from, were NOT racists!!

  9. Steel Magnolia says:

    To RicB a repost @SGT Lew+ editorial insight.
    We need to secure our border. There have been many words spoken
    about the funding fight to do this, but consider these: “The bill before
    us would certainly do some good. It would authorize some badly
    needed funding for better fences and better security along our borders
    that should help stem some of the tide of illegal immigration in this
    No, that statement wasn’t made by a Republican. It was a speech
    given by then-Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois in 2006, when 26 Senate
    Democrats – including Obama and Sens. Hillary Clinton and Chuck
    Schumer of New York – voted for The Secure Fence Act, which allocated
    $50 billion over 25 years for 700 miles of fencing along the border.
    That’s right. Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer voted for 10 times more
    funding than President Trump is requesting now to secure our border.
    What has changed Democrats’ recognition that our southern border needs
    to be secured? Two words: President Trump. >>>
    Now Read This , editorial comment w/ info:
    & now those pricks

    schumer/pelosi etc. won’t give .10 buttt Have allocated
    in present ‘bill’ that POTUS won’t sign, Millions in Foreign Aid
    to Israel (wall) + more &&& WORSE, to MORE ABORTION $$<Capish.

    • Steel Magnolia says:

      words deleted. I SAID: after Abortion $$. babie Used for
      Which ‘they’ ‘Partake’. V. Difficult Subject matter to
      talk about & ‘Highly Censored’. & censorship just occurred.

  10. John Jameson says:

    Life would be easier if PigLucy and Schmukker would grow despondent and have an “Eat A .38 SPL Party.” Those two self-centered legends in their own minds should just go away. It pains me to hear their venom spew forth. I have no faith in the Dream-Ocrats. A couple years ago when Mr. Old Bomber and the Dems were pushing up the debt ceiling, trashing the economy, and restricting Constitutional rights while increasing the national debt to twenty TRILLION dollars, they called Republicans “The Party of No!”. They don’t seem to realise that they are now “The Party of No!”

  11. The left views all of this as soon to be left voter’s and field labor for the west coast and just plain east
    coast voters for Chucky.

  12. anthony earnest perugini says:

    schumer is just anti pres. trump. has no new ideas on how to control illegal imigation.

  13. Randall M says:

    Democrats are more focused on stopping Trump than protecting Americans.

  14. Boarder security and immigration are just tools to the democrats to be used in their fight against Trump. They don’t care about the good of the nation, the American people or anything else so long as the can take down President Trump.

  15. john says:

    Maybe if chuck and Nancy lost one of there children to a MS 13 member they might think about saving real Americans. Remember democrats keep pushing us around you might be the next victims who may not see tomorrow. You be sorry when it happens.

  16. Bill says:

    The main problem with those two clowns is when the fence goes up Trump will continue on to his next step which includes draining the SWAMP, which could end their cozy multi-million dollar career. They definitely know we need the wall because they voted for it when Obama was in office. The wall WILL be built!

  17. Al says:

    Chuckie & cut my head off nasty nancy are a disgrace to are country ! Anyone not brain dead knows the wall is essential to our security. Chuckie & nancy supported increased border security during o’s regime. Why not listen to briefing border security problems HUH ?

    • JanetW says:

      These “hoodlums” are filled with their self-importance. More and more they show the American people what self-proclaimed anti-Americans they are. Nancy is becoming more and more like Marie Antoinette – and you know what happened to her!

    • Tom says:

      Because that briefing was just more of what has been presented before and those two know Trump was just using this to score political points, like he did at the last meeting. The Democrats have made their position abundantly clear, and so has the American people: something like 57% do not support building the wall – – and the Democrats will not be bullied or extorted into doing what Trump wants. Trump continually tries to get his way and not respecting that there are two equal and separate branches of government.

    • Paula Bois Brady says:

      Et Nasty, numbskull Nancy take down the walls around her compound. Won’t happen because she won’t feel SAFE. doesn’t give a damn about the rest of us.

  18. Ron says:

    Pelosi and schumer need to be expelled now. Trash has it’s place “the dump”

  19. I agree with most others here: Pelosi & Chuck are a disgrace and do not represent mainstream America and should resign. Every survey published indicates Americans want border security but these flatworms are more interested in border security in Syria than our nation-something is wrong with them and most of the Democratic party [especially the new batch] which is now going to after Trump vs. nations business such as infrastructure, the power grid, etc. If stupidity were a disease, the CDC would declare them an epidemic.

  20. Lora says:

    Build the wall NOW

  21. Ted c .c. says:

    I have read all the replies about the dems , pelosi and schumer. Every one that sent a reply that accuses the dem party and those two dinosaurs about caring more about illegals are right on track. However, their real problem is that they really refuse to accept that MR TRUMP was legally voted to the office of president of the united states, and they hate him so much that they will stoop to all kinds of degrading levels to try to make him look bad. You see, they had made plans with hillary before the election to keep a stranglehold americans and the economy and continue obamas senseless and self serving policies that only weakend the United states and kept all americans under subjection so they can control the population of the united states like a puppeteer controls his marionettes. President trump upended their plans in a major way, and now they are acting like spoiled little brats that have been told that they wont get their lollipop after dinner. Both schumer and pelosi (no respect intended ) would rather sell out THE US than let trump accomplish something good. Im fairly certain that they go to bed trying to think of ways to hurt this presidency, and do not care who or what gets hurt in the process. In the mean time , illegals are sucking Americans benefits dry , and many of them cause untold damage and harm to american people just so schumer and pelosi can have their temper tantrum. So now, its either, grow up and act your age, or get your heads out of your butts, or whatever and do the job that you were elected to do. If you cannot do either, then it is time for you both mr schumer, and pelosi to go the way of the dinosaurs and disappear. Your hatred of PRESIDENT TRUMP is actually ruining your legacy ( if you both ever did any good at all ), and any american with a high school diploma can see right through you, so please do right by the american people who you have dragged through your high taxes and disrespect, and self serving goals, and who have made you both very wealthy, and stop fighting like school kids and fix the UNITED STATES by working together as a team, and believe in our CONSTITUTION ( which is the document that sets the UNITED STATES apart from all other countries ), and take pride in it once again instead of trying to dissect it. Please, please do right by all of us americans( this should include you both also ) and quit your hostilities to the office of the UNITED STATES AND OUR PRESIDENT MR DONALD TRUMP.

    • MARIO DUSSIAS says:


      • Ric B says:

        But that is ALL you right wing radicals did with Obama, fighting over and over against the ACA and trying to repeal it over 60 times when the GOP did not have the votes. You sure excuse everything Trump has done, which includes several OVERT acts of obstruction of Justice – – so the good of the country is NOT something you care about as much as protecting your cult leader. One of the most true things Trump said was how his followers could watch him murder someone of 5th Avenue and still support him – – that is clearly NOT putting country first.

        • Barbara says:

          Man you need to join us in reality. The ACA has been a disaster. Just to name a few substantial problems, forcing people to buy it or pay a fine every year, bundling payments so they can choose who gets medical care, taxes are going up because of it, employers are cutting hours to keep from providing insurance, skyrocketing premiums. Wake up dude.

        • Bob says:

          Take you blinders off Ric. Chunky and Nancy appear to be products of failed abortions.

        • Martin says:

          Very sad that you like the hypocritical Democrats do not love the American People.
          You have no idea what it means to to America first.

    • Jan says:

      Thanks Well said

    • Helga Miller says:

      Great, great comment!! Thank you!

    • Sandra Kirk says:

      Completely agree!! Well said!!!

    • Rita LoPresti says:

      Right on Ted, You’ve hit the nail perfectly! They are “Power Happy” and totally not interested in anything else! It’s killing them that Pres. Trump is doing such a GREAT job for our country. Sadly, “Jealousy” is playing a major role in the Demos non-participation for the Good of OUR and THEIR country as well !!! This is why I constantly vote for TERM LIMITS!! Time for Nancy & Chuck to say goodby! Congress and “We the People” aka theTaxpayers, have treated them very well thru the years ($) for what they’ve done but are NOT doing now, as very “Priivilaged” Representatives of the USA, the GREATEST country of all. Power, Hatred, & Jealousy ALWAYS LOSE!!!

  22. Leopold Klaudi says:

    Schumer and Pelosi are a NATIONAL DISGRACE. They don’t represent the American people . They do represent a Communist mandate to take over the United States with out firing a single shot, The Democrats would have accomplished that if Hillary Clinton was elected, but Donald Trump came along and spoiled their plans. That’s why they are so pissed off, their 60 year plot has been foiled! I than GOD that the people elected Donald Trump! FUND THE BORDER BARRIER!

  23. Leopold Klaudi says:

    Schumer and Pelosi are a NATIONAL DISGRACE. They don’t represent the American people . They do represent a Communist mandate to take over the United States with out firing a single shot, The Democrats would have accomplished that if Hillary Clinton was elected, but Donald Trump came along and spoiled their plans. That’s why they are so pissed off, their 60 year plot has been foiled! I than GOD that the people elected Donald Trump!

  24. Plumlazy says:

    Nancy and Chuck forget who is president. DJT. I THINK THEY BOTH HAVE DEMENTIA OR THEY DRINK TO MUCH. Whats with those glasses

    • Leopold Klaudi says:

      Both of what you mention but, both are pawns in a sinister 60 year old plot to destroy the United States. As far as Schumer’s glasses, it’s his attempt to try to imitate Ben Franklin! LOL Pelosi is just plain daffy.

    • Ric B says:

      You must be Plumlazy to not understand that the president only handles ONE branch of government, and is not a CEO or dictator (whom he admires). We have three equal and balancing branches of government to make sure power is not consolidated, and becomes, therefore, CORRUPT. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  25. Proud vet says:

    This just shows you that the disdain that the communist a.k.a. Democrat party, as for America and the American people, you don’t deserve to live in this country by hanging with communist who hate their people more than the people that did nothing for America and paid nothing into America. Schumer and Pelosi want to give more money to foreign countries in the communist control you and then they do to protect the American people and their children at the border and they’re the ones that always cry national security when they get their neck in the news, word should be right now oh let’s not forget !

  26. For America says:

    Read my lips. Mexico will pay for the wall Typical promises. Build the wall and then file bankruptcy which our leader is good at. Bring the troops back and let them protect America on our border

    • Jim says:

      Is Trump’s promises that Mexico will pay for the wall perhaps similar to Pelosi’s famous implied promise of fairness and don’t worry, there will be no issues when she said those famous words, “Pass the bill and then you can read what’s in it e.g Affordable Heslthcare debacle?
      But back to wall costs. In effect Mexico and Canada are paying for the wall by the additional billions US will take in as a result of Trump ending NFTA and striking the new deal with both Canada and Mexico, which by the way all the Democrstic and mainstream media (Democrats) pundits said could never be done — kind of like the initiation of talks with North Korea,bringing manufacturing back to US,getting unemployment below 4%, increasing wage increases for American workers,sustaining GDP growth of 3% or more on and on. So, read my lips–Trump has been good for all US working and retired CITIZENS.
      Oh and by the way, he is trying to bring home American troops e.g. Syria and Afghanistan but when he attempts to do it, he gets blasted for doing that as well.
      Trump mania is blinding people (Democrats) to the good he has done even if he is very rough around the edges in his non politically correct and even sometimes rude and careless language.

      • Christine says:

        You hit the nail on the head. Under Obama. My social security cost of living increases were 1$ and 0$’s. With Trump the first year was. 22$ and this year it is 29$ per month. Doesn’t sound like much? Not true when you live on social security every single dollar counts. Let me ask all you liberal democrats who would rather America go to hell in a hand basket then see Donald Trump succeed. When was the last time you saw gas prices under 2.00 a gallon. These elected officials who are unwilling to even listen to facts or admit the good that our president has achieved for “WE THE PEOPLE” should be removed from office and charged with conspiracy to undermine and drive America into ruin. It is treason pure and simple. Start with Hillary then keep going. Thank you Mr President! Trump for re-election, 2020.

        • stephanie wilson says:

          exactly right!!

        • Linda says:

          You are so right! Chuck is the new speaker of the house and is using Nancy as his Hammer handler! Neither of them have given a valid reason for telling the President or the People, that pay their salaries and benefits, WHY they REFUSE to pay for the border Wall.

        • Banshee803 says:

          This 74 year old Vietnam Vet disabled by Agent Orange used on American Troops by an American Government in a war we did not want and should NEVER have been involved in and were NEVER allowed to fight to win says you have hit the nail directly on the head when it comes to these Commiecrats. There is not a single thing actually American about any of them and they should ALL be audited as they ALL live well beyond the means one would expect IF their only income was their Congressional Salary after taxes. In My Home State of MA I have two Progressive parasites in Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren as two dolts who represent only their progressive agendas to CONTROL every aspect of your life and deny Constitutionally GUARANTEED rights like the law abiding possession of legally owned firearms for protection and recreation, religious freedom and the right to dissent or hold opposing opinions. They are proven career parasites. Warren fraudulently claimed American Indian DNA to get a Hah-vud Education like nearly ALL REALLY prejudiced Congress cretins . Markey has been in Congress for 40 odd years by taking inoffensive stands or abstaining from important issue votes and, I am sick to death of the abuses and the patronizing Attitudes in all correspondence to them Complaining of their being in dereliction of duty and their sworn oaths of office by doing so are mutually ignored. They have a duty to serve ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS , NOT EVERY ILLEGAL ALIEN DRUG CARTEL MEMBER , MS-13 STREET GANG OR MANY TIMES DEPORTED FELONS WITH RECORDS OF EVERYTHING FROM PEDOPHILIA TO RAPE AND MURDER AND A VARIETY OF OTHER HEINOUS CRIMES OFTEN RELEASED FROM CUSTODY BY LIBERAL JUDGES TO PREY ON AMERICANS OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND NO ONE DOES A DAMNED THING ABOUT ANY OF IT! It is time to FORCE these Swamp slime , slithering snakes and venomous reptiles to accept severe TERM LIMITS and to make ALL terms in House Senate and The White House the same length at 4 years and no more than two terms; all benefits ceasing when the active terms end. Let them seek other employment like the REST of us when we lose a source of Employment and we will ALL be better off when things are the way the Founding Fathers intended them to be; equal in opportunity. This particular Vietnam Vet and 1968 Tet Offensive Survivor had a degree in GOVERNMENT when he served in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade at the height of the conflict, followed by 18 months on staff at Walter Reed Army Medical Center then on Georgia Ave, N.W. in D.C. , dealing with our Multiply Wounded Combat Traumatic Amputees and Congress cretins DEMANDING and receiving preferential treatment BECAUSE they could! It is time to change THAT obscenity too, and treat all veterans correctly and provide THEM with what they have EARNED in Service to the Country rather than giving unearned benefits they PAID for in blood and sacrifice too often at terminal costs to Illegals whose first act on this soil is to violate its long in place and long UNENFORCED laws made that way BY the Democratic party which is an obscenity in itself and needs to be eradicated as what it is:THE ENEMY WITHIN!

      • Lute Thompson says:

        The best comment concerning the passing of the Health Care Bill : It is like a stool sample: You have to pass it to find out what’s in it. Lute

    • luigi says:

      You get your head out of your ass before you say anything. We have a President who has done more in 2 years than your idol no good community organizer tried to do in 8 years.

  27. Roderick Bates says:

    Impeach Schumer and Pelosi for putting illegals before we the people, American legal citizens. They need to be fired for not representing us and putting us in danger of losing our lives.

  28. Rebecca says:

    Democrats only care about their own pockets, not what is best for the American people

  29. Chick says:

    The Democrats don’t care that we are spending $135 Billion annually, in Federal, State and Local taxes, but they balk at a $5 Billion wall for border security? What is their real agenda?

  30. Nunyer Binnis says:


  31. Bruce Porter says:

    schumer and pelosi should be fired they are not representing the american people. they think they are the only two in the house. wonder how pelosi would have reacted if that muslim bitch used that vile language on her bet she wouldn’t have shrugged it off. they both hate trump and complain like babies at everything he does.they can’t stand success.

  32. Adam says:

    Ask the Washington Times about an article that exposed Nancy Pelosi for using campaign funds to keep her husband company out of bankruptcy. also now her husband raises millions from the Hollywood Elitist.
    My opinion would for President Trump to have his Attorney General investigates all
    parties under charges of ( PAY TO PLAY $ ) for treason against our country and” We the People “

  33. merridee says:

    if Schumer and Pelosi aren’t going to listen, and they are elected officials I say fire them, no security, no free insurance, no free perks. TRUMP IS RIGHT. Schumer and Pelosi think they are in control and can control President Trump just as Pelosi has done so many times with other presidents, well this isn’t going to happen. I think it is time to present his need for wall funding to Congress and have them pass it, forget democrats, after all Obama passed things without even going through congress. If nothing else we Americans are donating money for the Wall and to heck with democrats, WE WILL GET A WALL BUILT otherwise lets make each democrat that is against teh wall to take down their walls around their home and property, after all America is our property and we want it to be safe and need a wall….if we can’t have our wall neither can any democrat have their wall or walls.

    • GySgt. Lew says:

      I Totally Agree – BUILD THAT WALL NOW – we don’t need Pelosi or Schumer…. Like Merridee said – Obama passed a lot of things without going through Congress.- Trump can also do it…Back your President.. I’m a Proud Veteran and American….

  34. Skeet says:

    Did y’all see Pelosi when they handed that gavel to her? Gracious, I thought she was going to have a seizure right on the spot. POWER for HER, and screw the American people.

  35. Richard says:

    I see the problem as one with both Republicans and Democrats. Both sides have had good ideas and bad, the bottom line is neither side works for the people of the USA, they work to cover there asses and pay, Neityher side will approve anything that is not their sides idea. We have a president that lies too, and cheats the people that he is suppose to serve. What we need is a third party called the people party, One that the people that pay the bills have a true say in. This ill never happen because the once in office now will never let it happen.

    • William Tye says:

      “Peoples Party”, it seems to me there are a few Countries that have something called that. I don’t think we want anything like that here. I favor term limits.

    • SweetOlBob says:

      Richard :
      THE WALL is for the American people ! Walls work ! Walls stop 99% of obvious illegal intrusion. THE WALL would stop people with infectious diseases we have vaccinated against .
      THE WALL’s purpose is not just to thumb a nose at democRATS, but to protect the United States. The democRATS purpose in fighting THE WALL is to thumb their noses at PRESIDENT TRUMP ! (and gain illegal voters) (and to bring in a class of worker they can use as slaves) (and to enrich themselves)
      All this is obvious, but still we have a traitorous group of people who hate PRESIDENT TRUMP more than thy love our Nation.

      • Marie says:

        Walls, fences and razor wire works great around prisons or it wouldn’t be used there. Not many prisoners escape and to my knowledge never over the barrier!

    • Rxtek says:

      Richard, just to update your limited knowledge, we have several alternative parties. Take a civics class and come back when you actually KNOW something.

  36. jim apple says:

    shumer and pelose should be fired by there own party the demos. I used to be a demo, but after there gustop ways they lost my vote . they have ruined the democratic party with there stupid ways. if I was the President I woulg fire them and anyone who is like them

  37. Teufelhunden says:

    I am sick and tired of all the illegal immigrants getting all this free stuff and not doing anything to deserve it. My wife and I live off my disability check and it’s less than what these illegals get. I’ve been going round and round with the VA trying to get some assistance from them.
    I just hope the Pres. Trump stands his ground against ‘C’huck ‘N’ ‘N’ancy. None of the fecal cephalics had a problem with Obutthead when he sent over $300 Billion to his buddies, but anything Pres. Trump does they all whine like babies. I’m not saying that I am better than they are, but the way they’ve been doing things for the past several years I could certainly come up with things that are better for America than what they have puked out.

    • Bob Sapp says:

      If one is American, either paid in to the system or fought in the military I sure as hell don’t have a problem saying that person is better then one of the free loading border jumpers. My uncle fought the VA for 40 years. The VA killed my father by using the same syringe on him everyday. He died of infection. I was only 17 and bitched at them every time I was there and saw that syringe laying on his table. Get what you deserve.

    • Tania says:

      Thank you for your service, I agree 100% is time NOW!!!!

  38. Richard Daugherty says:

    Criminals being exposed.

    • Lola says:

      Criminals like Flynn, Manafort, Gates, Cohen, most of the Trump campaign leaders, Pruitt and several Trump employees, Don Jr., Jared, and Don Sr. – – being exposed in 2019.

  39. Sherry L Chase says:

    These Brain dead fruit loop Demorats are why We the People need term limits! They are corrupt and are so worried about Mr. President bring their corruption’s out that they’ve done over the years…. So glad that I voted for Mr. Trump and will again in 2020….

  40. Maynard Altizer says:

    Chuckie Boy is a flip-flopper on the wall. I just viewed a video where he was 1000% for the wall until …..until Trump wanted it and then it is the worst thing that could happen to this country. As far as Pelosi, I think her brains are turning into mush….too much alcohol will do that.

  41. Patty says:

    Why don’t they let the American people “vote” on the wall. I would also like to see the American people be allowed to ” vote” on term limits. I am ashamed of how two people in Congress are allowed to determine where our money is spent.

    • Janet says:

      I agree !!!

    • Randall M says:

      An American vote on the wall will only be won by the Demoncrat’s. Illegal votes. Vote harvesting. And don’t forget…Soros owns most of the voting machines. Programmed to spit out a vote for them.

    • Doc says:

      You are so right about 2 people running our country and neither one knows what they are doing.

    • Joseph says:

      Patty I think we are all thinking the same, I just said the same thing the other day . I can not agree with you any more. This should be voted on by the people not those in congress with their own agenda. While we are at it Congress should not be allowed to make laws that exclude anyone. Mot vote there selves a pay raise or a change in there benefits. They are trying to sneak in a bill that allows their kids to get free college for life.

  42. karl drumm says:

    Dear Mr. President DO NOT GIVE IN to Schumer and Pelosi!!!!!!!!!!!
    IF you give in to their DEMANDS you might as well not run for reelection in 2020!!!!!!!!!
    Built the wall and will be reelected in 2020! This is a TEST of WILL WIN!

    • Nancy Miller says:

      Karl, I tweet to Trump every day, sometimes a couple times, telling him NEVER, NEVER, NEVER cave into the Demons. Everyone needs to Tweet, Tweet, Tweet! Pass it on!

    • rosemary says:

      karl, couldn’t agree more pres Trump must show America just what slime balls the demorat pigs are like unamerican filthy scum of the earth. send all these unwanted criminal back to where they came build the wall and pres trump make the dems squarm a little more and choke

  43. JoAnna says:

    Let the Democrats know that the illegal immigrants will vote Republican and see how fast that wall will be built!

  44. Gregory Petzold says:

    Chuck E. Cheese Schumer and brain dead Nancy Pelosi have got to be thrown out of Congress, plus many more DemoCRAPtic politicians. There are two Republicans in particular who need to have their asses whipped good – brainless Flake and loser Romney!!

    • Bandit says:

      Cuck schemer and nasty pislousi are completely disloyal to the oath of office, they are TRAITORS to the country and traitors to the people they are supposed to represent, these two are only representing an agenda they have , which is no borders. The DEMONcrats will do anything to cause as much damage to the country, they keep throwing the same argument, that the illegals are only taking jobs that others don’t want, will they NEVER talked to VERTERANS about those jobs.

      • Harold Schrader says:

        I’ve worked as a plumber here in AZ for 32 yrs and in that time I have seen the trades ( plumbers,electricians,HVAC, carpenters,etc.) Taken over by illegals so I ask which jobs don’t the Americans want to do ? They have destroyed the wages (I make less now than I did as an apprentice in 1978) The Money grubbing , power grabbing demoncrats ALL need to be sent to Mexico to live with the people that they love more than American People

  45. Bob says:

    This grandstand stunt by the Demacraps is a ruse they are scared of the American people and want one world order to take over they are trying to destroy the American people and they have proven it time and time again that they don’t give a rats ass what the American people want

    • Randall Clark says:

      THATS because Schumer is a D-HEAD, and PELOSI is a pathetic B_ _ _ _!!

      • Bandit says:

        Nasty pislousi is an old fossil and cuck schemer is about as worthless as a broken leg. None of the demoncrats can be trusted with any thing they are all at a level with maggots. That cuck schemer thing is always scheming to cause more harm to the nation as a whole, so he is as useless as as a dead dog, he looks like one too. The only thing the demons want is to turn the country of Dr to the un as part of the one world order deal that bamba boy made.

  46. Phil Shapiro says:

    I noticed a photographh of Pelosi’s residence. It has a tall concrete wall around. I bet she even locks the doors to the house. How phony can one get. Schumer’s residence is probably protected the same way. They care only about themselves, and not the rest of us American citizens, and legal immigrant What a pitiful example of human’s these two are. This stupidity also manifests it self in all of the Democratic Party.

    • Dutch says:

      One thing puzzles me is Why Schumer, Pelosi, the Clinton’s, and other democrats want gun confiscation, and yet they have to travel with ARMED bodyguards 24/7. If they need armed protection 24/7 why does not the rest of American Citizens?

      • Randall M says:

        Research Nazi Germany. First Hitler controlled the media. Then he disarmed the people. Sound familiar? It is in the history books.

        • Arlyss says:

          And over 6 million died, gypsies ,Jews and whoever got in his way.The Soviet Union, Turkey, Germany, China, Guatemala, Uganda and Cambodian in the 20th century used gun control to round up and exterminated 56 million defenceless people. Be aware of governments trying to take guns away from their citizens….. Rounding up of people who do not fit into their government control.

        • Arlie says:

          And over 6 million died, gypsies ,Jews and whoever got in his way.The Soviet Union, Turkey, Germany, China, Guatemala, Uganda and Cambodian in the 20th century used gun control to round up and exterminated 56 million defenceless people. Be aware of governments trying to take guns away from their citizens….. Rounding up of people who do not fit into their government control.

      • Bill says:

        They have to have 24/7 protection because they are hated so much by the American people. Neither of them would last 5 minutes on the streets by themselves. I wish someone with a high powered rifle would take them out. President Trump would probably award them a Medal of Honor if they did.

  47. ANGELO NARGI says:

    Mr Trump, You portend to be a born and bred New Yorker THEN PROVE IT.
    STOP STOP STOP paying homage to the snakes, TAKE OFF THE GLOVES AND
    tit for tat use the same to them. Don’t cow tow to them (living abortions all) and follow
    their theme learned by OBUMMER & CO, KICK THEM LOW LOW LOW AND HARD HARD HARD.

  48. DALTON GRIFFIN says:


    • Guenther says:

      If you watch Pelosi’s TV show on the hill yesterday she shoed how brain dead she is she did not even know the swearing in prosses and the her stupid cackling (laugh) She needs to retire she screwed the American public enough, her being just about 80 what can she do for our country , oh I forgot she wants to add to here 120 million dollars. That bitch is unstable

      • FEDUP365 says:

        Her and schlummer might make some kind of fertilizer when they are pushing up daisies while taking a dirt nap

        • Bandit says:

          Are you kiddinv, when those two to for the long nap every thing around will shrivel up because they are so toxic, even daisies will not grow where those two are.

    • Joyce Cato says:

      Dalton Griffin, I agree with you 100%. They both need to be gone and others who have been in office for too many years. There should be a term limit for Congress.

      • Rollie says:

        There is a term limit for both the House and the Senate, it is 4 years for the House and 6 years for the Senate. They have to run for office every time those come around. It is the fault of the citizens who keep voting them back in for another 4 or 6 years. The problem we have is more Democrats come out to vote then Republicans. It seems Republicans are either lazy or really don’ t care at election time.

  49. DAVE ARNOLD says:

    The people above me have said it all. TRUMP is a winner & there’s no way to stop him. His plan is to protect America from illegal immigration. Pelosi & Schumer are playing a dangerous game at the border. I didn’t think some Americans would stoop this low!

    • Michael says:

      Pelosi, Schumer, and the Marxist Democrats WANT chaos at the border. That’s why they obstruct the wall and prevent border security, which threatens national security. The border is being overrun by illegal invading migrants who will eventually, mostly, vote Democrat. That changing demographic is their goal and they are willing to declare war on America to get there.

  50. Margaret Sessions says:

    These two, wonder of they are an “item”? try to dos whatever they can to hurt POTUS, wonder if the female has had those painless abortions she supports, did shumer have some aborted? do they hire illegals because they work cheap? These 2 along with the foul mouthed muslim, allah would be ashamed of her, and the little twisty a– communist that is now in office are causing the rest of the world to laugh at us and disrespect us. We protect the world, but our “law makers” do not want us to be protected and none of the countries, i.e. Germany, England, and others that we have helped will do anything to help us, and are laughing at us. I know the feeling, I help people but when it comes I need help, they are nowhere to be found.

  51. Michael says:

    Stand firmly on your ground Mr President. Do not waiver! We the people? Most of us have your back! Let those crazy loone democrats take a hike! They have lost touch w/reality!

    • Pamela Sullivan says:

      Throw Pelosi & Schumer to the Wolves! Someone needs to take those two to the front lines of the Border! They need to have there closed eyes Opened!

  52. Von says:

    Nancy is only a political Whore who has outlived her usefulness in Washington. Chunky is a has been New York IDIOT who holds the same position. In Washington. Build the wall and get on with doing what is right in making this country Great Again.

  53. It’s time to take anteAmerican out of Congress we need to have a revote to get them out people need to texts they Congress man or woman

  54. robert yearwood says:

    I have never in my lifetime seen such as what is happening , seens the so called leaders of the democrat party are hell against doing any thing to protect our borders.I spent a life time supporting this country, for some asses that never turned a hand for the defense , only used their positions to better themselves. with our tax dollars ,for their own self . There should be ways to elimate them ,by legal means as benedick arnolds

    • D.R. Willie says:

      Robert, I’m praying some the 6k indictments that are floating around, that Pelosi and Shummer has their names on @ least 2 of them. Once these indictments begin to be served, we won’t have to worry about a lot of these “deep state” Satanist. Like Pres.Trump has said recently, pray and have faith.

      • FEDUP365 says:

        Amen D.R. I know for a fact that the Guvmanure out here in Oregon has her name on one or more of them and her charge is Murder for the Murder of Mr. Finicum in the take over in Malhuer County, Oregon. God am I praying they snag that B.I.T.C.H.

  55. steve says:

    Those 2 are nothing more than organized crime criminals , total scum of the earth .

  56. Eric Granberg says:

    A 2000 mile 30 foot high concrete wall (which Donald Trump promised he was going to build and Mexico was going to pay for), is a complete waste of money. Now it does seem that Trump has changed his mind. But he refuses to say it out loud. Why? Because Trump knows that if he does, his deplorable supporters will realize he is a liar and drop him.

    • Robert says:

      And you are a liberal idiot

    • Stephen Tanner says:

      Hey “eric” – come to Texas, look around, pay attention to what you see, then say that to my face. It won’t go well.

      Stephen Tanner
      Round Rock, Texas

    • Von says:

      And you are a total liberal IDIOT. Take down the 10 foot wall around Obama’s multi-Million house and all the rest of the Liberal stupid democrats who have a wall around there homes for protection

    • Lola Collins says:

      How strange that you say Trump changed his mind. What about the DEMS who changed from wanting the wall (did you NOT hear theme saying that………..that is, until President Trump wanted the wall. It’s OK for them to change but not Trump DO YOUR HOMEWORK, and YOU learn to tell the TRUTH…….as in, do NOT LIE! Trump has also talked about diferent types of wall, and other devices needed in some areas He actuallyo thought Americans were smart enough to know he doesn’t have to repeat everything he has said again, because many of us ”GET IT”!

    • You are nothing more than a corrupt brainless Democrat who is a traitor to all the American people you should be ashamed of yourself because we are ashamed of youjoAnn says:

      You are nothing more than a corrupt brainless Democrat who is a traitor to all the American people you should be ashamed of yourself because we are ashamed of you

    • Hank says:

      The deplorable’s would be the democrats they do nothing to earn their pay and should be thrown out of office. The wall does work where is exists. Drones and sensors work but officers still have to go out and chase these people very dangerous work , how many have been ambushed or killed? As a parent of a CBP officer I know the risk is extreme. I love how people like you who risk nothing sitting behind a computer tell those that do what will work.

  57. Beata says:

    Chuck and Nancy are as phony as their talks and speeches. Both need to retire like the rest of the seniors . The crappie demoRats need to listen to their own rhetoric .

    • Old Marine says:

      They both Chuck and Nancy Perjured themselves on their Oath of Office and they are guilty of Breach Of Contract with Americans. Quite truly are criminals violating both Federal and State Laws and are insidious in committing crimes against the people. The question I would like to ask is ” What have they done for American Citizens? “

  58. Bob says:

    President should have simply asked them to leave & had the meeting without them. They are of no account anyway. Build the walk by Executive Order!

  59. jim says:

    We need to remove the commie scum chucky & nasty nutty nancy. Screw the nazi demoRATS

  60. Thomas says:

    Two people who don’t have any plans to support American-they in this for what it’s going to get for them????????????????

  61. Jane Jackson says:

    Nasty nancy made statement she had same power as President Trump, What gawl? She is good example of what’s wrong with dem party. Her and Wee Chuckie are racing to see who is biggest a–O. They have bulldogged Trump before h was even elected. If anyone has harmed America it is these two people. All they can claim is supporting illegals, causing riots by telling lies, standing against constitution, putting other countries ahead of America, should I go farther. I would think any of these should bring impeachment charges against them and several other democrats.

  62. Truckman says:

    Who in the hell do they think they are to go into the Oval office and cut off the Presidents people off and start dictating to him

  63. Karen says:

    Chuck Schumer and Nancy PELOSI are ASSHOLES ..

    They HATE the UNITED STATES and the Americans.

    They refuse to PROTECT the Americans and the border.

    They BOTH need to MOVE to MEXICO if they care so much about their people.

    I bet MEXICO would throw those 2 IDIOTS OUT of their COUNTRY too.

  64. Milton Mort says:


  65. ALITA says:


  66. Randall M says:

    I say that someone need to start the Impeachment against Pelosi and Schumer! They and their obstructionist ways need to be removed from office!

    • Debra says:

      Totally agree !!!! I wander if we ‘all’ sent a letter to Washington demanding ‘the removal and firing of both Pelosi and Schumer,, would that get them removed from any and all government offices. They have no business in a position that makes laws over -we the people. They don’t care about or respect ‘we the people.’ They look at us as if we are way below them. And they actually believe that they are truly above us and smarter than any of us. And they’re not. I don’t know why they have gotten so hateful towards us. But I’m not going to worry about. It is what it is. We just gotta be more careful who we vote for.

      • Randall M says:

        Debra, I am in California, and EVERY election that was running was won by a Demoncrat. That is statically impossible. I’m just sayin’ Don’t matter who we vote for. Them Dem’s will cheat till’ they win.

  67. Michael says:

    Schumer and Pelosi don’t realize they are not dealing with a phoney line in the Sand WIMP like Obama…they are dealing with a TRUE American who was actually born in this Country

  68. ruth says:

    two jackass thinking they are the king and queen AND they are nothing but jerks that are rude–how long will they hang on– KEEP IT GOVERNMENT CLOSED

  69. Dave Miedema says:

    Cryin’ Chuck and Senile Nancy (and most Democrats in Congress) are far more interested in allowing endless illegal aliens into the US in order to try and make them future Democrap voters than they are protecting the safety and lives of real American citizens.

    • Stuart Dejong says:

      Right on Dave and they are willing to bankrupt America by supporting these people and paying them to live here with free everything.. Most Americans have paid dearly for the freedoms we have and we are being tossed aside.

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