Chuck Schumer made one announcement that will change everything for Trump

As Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer has very little to do, considering he has no real power.

So instead, he is spending his days fuming about President Donald Trump.

And Schumer made one announcement that will change everything for Trump.

Despite the transcript, accounts from Ukrainian leaders, and Trump’s denials, Democrats still believe Trump should be impeached for the claims coming from a supposed “whistleblower.”

This anonymous figure claims Trump threatened the President of Ukraine.

And Democrats are hedging all their bets on that claim to impeach the President.

Chuck Schumer is also demanding that Republican lawmakers investigate the measure.

Some Republicans in the Senate, like Mitt Romney, are open to the idea.

So the investigation could end up happening, and if it does it will show who truly stands with President Trump.

Breitbart News reports:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Monday demanded Republican lawmakers launch an investigation into the so-called whistleblower complaint regarding a telephone call between President Donald Trump and a foreign leader.

In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Schumer urged Republicans to “fulfill your constitutional duty” by probing the complaint, which is believed to center around President Trump allegedly urging Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelensky to look into former vice president Joe Biden’s scandals in the Eastern European country.

“In the face of this dire warning and the Trump Administration’s effort to cover it up, the Republican-led Senate has remained silent and submissive, shying away from this institution’s constitutional obligation to conduct oversight,” Schumer wrote.

“The Republican Senate’s ‘see no evil, hear no evil’ attitude toward such a serious national security concern is unacceptable and must change,” he added, before calling on McConnell to hold hearings and issue a subpoena for the complaint.

At the end of the day, this “whistleblower” is doing Trump a lot of good.

Trump embarrassed the Fake News Media by releasing the transcript of the call, disproving them.

And now they are being forced to answer for the corruption scandal relating to Joe Biden and his son.

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123 Responses

  1. Walter Deveau says:

    that slimeball should be saying that about Biden, but he’d never impose the law on one of his own lawless scumbags!

  2. Donny Jr says:

    Another stupid Will i guess all Wills are stupid go figure

  3. Donny Jr says:

    Your a true moron since Bush sr died bozo barr is now the leader of the deep state god you people truly are stupid you don’t even guestion why we no longer hear about Epstien just another cover up by bozo barr and you think he’s goin come to the rescue how pathetic.

  4. Ai says:

    Trump 2020!!!

  5. Ai says:

    which you don’t.

  6. Donny Jr says:

    Seems to me you should keep your trap shut seeing cause your stupid

  7. Donny Jr says:

    T T
    Yeah cause people like you can’t handle the truth thats why dump gets away with it you get your little feelings hurt

  8. Donny Jr says:

    Make sure to check back in 2020 cause i want to hear you cry like a little baby

  9. Donny Jr says:

    And BUBA can’t wait fresh poongtang i just want to hear him squeal like a pig that he is just like the movie deliverance squeal little pig squeal

  10. Donny Jr says:

    Lie Cheat Steal millions of idiots don’t care make sure to fill your kids pockets also people just love a big bully someone brazen enough to steal right before their eyes ain’t stupid people great so happy you Lie Cheat Steal

  11. Donny Jr says:

    You betcha monty his pockets are far from full plenty more of your hard earned money to steal i say let his kids have some money too you can never steal enough Teflon Don The Con wants it all and fools like you are ready and willing to give him whatever he wants ain’t communisum great.

  12. Donny Jr says:

    You can’t talk to trumpsters like that your goin hurt their idy bity feelings now their all goin to cry to their mommy’s

  13. Donny Jr says:

    F j if you only had a brain.

  14. Myrl says:

    A desperate liberal wasting ink.

  15. Neubie says:

    We the people can fix this, never voted straight ticket before, I damn sure will this time!! I am #walkaway.

  16. tinker68 says:

    He’s just yanking your chain guys, pay him no heed. Just a jerk with very little brain matter,

  17. Friendly Jo says:

    As I read these comments and comments in other blogs, I’m glad to see there are less and less ignorant people speaking. Yes there are still a few that have no clue what is really going on and they are in for a rude awakening. But the majority of the people are starting to see the Democrats for what they really are… Thank goodness!! Unfortunately there are still way too many who are blind, and the rest of the ones supporting the Dems are the ones serving in the government as radical leftist and they have a lucrative salary they do not want to give up; they are not dumb or ignorant just plain evil people getting rich from the hard working citizens that really work hard for a living. While these Congress people make up their own rules, and raise their own salaries and decide when they want to take vacations again on our dime.
    Trump is working hard to clear the swamp, so naturally all the ones in the swamp, HATE HIM, that is logical.
    How could they like that Patriot that is trying to help ALL the people and might end their pretend jobs and perks galore. That is not very difficult to understand. GO TRUMP, Continue to MAGA, by cleaning the swamp. Your getting new followers every day!

  18. Lyudmila says:

    And again, instead to start an investigation of the Biden corruption in Ukraine, Chuck Schumer demanded to start an investigation of the investigators of this corruption. And who will investigate this corruption , or again, they will sweep it under the carpet?

  19. Will says:

    Ilike your way of thinking

  20. They keep throwing stones in glass houses, Schumer is a kiss ass and a whimp, they forget what they have done in the p1ast that was just perfectly fine and the thing to do. Now this might not be the President of Ukraine, BUT

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