Chuck Schumer made one announcement that will change everything for Trump

As Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer has very little to do, considering he has no real power.

So instead, he is spending his days fuming about President Donald Trump.

And Schumer made one announcement that will change everything for Trump.

Despite the transcript, accounts from Ukrainian leaders, and Trump’s denials, Democrats still believe Trump should be impeached for the claims coming from a supposed “whistleblower.”

This anonymous figure claims Trump threatened the President of Ukraine.

And Democrats are hedging all their bets on that claim to impeach the President.

Chuck Schumer is also demanding that Republican lawmakers investigate the measure.

Some Republicans in the Senate, like Mitt Romney, are open to the idea.

So the investigation could end up happening, and if it does it will show who truly stands with President Trump.

Breitbart News reports:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Monday demanded Republican lawmakers launch an investigation into the so-called whistleblower complaint regarding a telephone call between President Donald Trump and a foreign leader.

In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Schumer urged Republicans to “fulfill your constitutional duty” by probing the complaint, which is believed to center around President Trump allegedly urging Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelensky to look into former vice president Joe Biden’s scandals in the Eastern European country.

“In the face of this dire warning and the Trump Administration’s effort to cover it up, the Republican-led Senate has remained silent and submissive, shying away from this institution’s constitutional obligation to conduct oversight,” Schumer wrote.

“The Republican Senate’s ‘see no evil, hear no evil’ attitude toward such a serious national security concern is unacceptable and must change,” he added, before calling on McConnell to hold hearings and issue a subpoena for the complaint.

At the end of the day, this “whistleblower” is doing Trump a lot of good.

Trump embarrassed the Fake News Media by releasing the transcript of the call, disproving them.

And now they are being forced to answer for the corruption scandal relating to Joe Biden and his son.


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120 Responses

  1. Christine Sherrer says:

    Certainly, my first reaction was that it was a CIA clerk, analysis, or phone interpreturers at the WH with ties to outsiders. Remembering back last summer, you had Susan Gordon who was up for promotion, DNI, who worked for Dan Coates,tge DNI, both resigned in 8 August & 28 July respectively. . Both reported to John Brenann, Director. Sue Gordan wanted position, supported by Adam Schiff, but President hired Joseph McGuire as Director Natl Intelligence. 12 Aug, whistleblower report files complaint. Complaint forwarded McGuire who declinced to issue report, no credence of report, sent it to Atkinson ICIG 26 Aug. Atkinson, keeps report then forwards to penned report to Adam Schiff. Schiff wants more info on Whicleblower, supeoned McGuire. Atkinson hires attorney Jason Klitenic? WHY? 2 SEPT report also passes to Gerard Cuseil ?…????
    Interesting fact is that Andrew Bakaj, Esq, of the Compass Rose Group is a former CIA officer, fired, and a former ODNI employee, who as a lawyer, has done work for Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and other, is the Whicleblower. Theory, the Whicleblower is a CIA clerk in the WH with previous connections and having had worked with or for anyone of the above, except McGuire as he is new.

  2. Geri says:

    Okay now it’s time to start an investigation against Hunter and his daddy Joe Biden you want to impeach Trump while we need to do something with you and that’s like put you guys away

  3. ABC says:

    TALK about TOTAL SPIN!!! The precepts of the law, and even Mike Pence is on tape saying this years ago as a congressman, it is illegal and wrong to involve a foreign government in our elections. The law does not state there needs to be pressure, all it says is that it is illegal to SOLICIT the help of a foreign government. AND from the summary transcripts of the phone call, that is EXACTLY WHAT PRESIDENT TRUMP DID – – AFTER OUTLINING HOW MUCH GOOD WE HAVE DONE FOR THE UKRIANE, TRUMP THEN ASKS FOR A “FAVOR” . . . . which amounted to getting campaign dirt on Joe Biden. Trump admitted a few months ago he would listen to materials from a foreign government, and now this is an instance of him doing just that. Anyone who could draw another conclusion is just in denial . . . . an enabler to one who is violating the law.

    • KATH says:

      who does shumer, shiff think that there above the law. ill educate you bigot liers. trump is the executive branch trump can talk to any foreign leader and ask any foreign leader any question he likes. democract look up article 2 in the constituion and see what it reads. your corrupt democraps trump is above the law protecting you and your corrupt democrap party. so do your jobs stop slamming your boss and read the constituion get educated dumbbells.

    • NSMGR says:

      Obviously, you must be dyslectic, like the rest of your rabid left loon friends!

      Read me the part where the President is asking for campaign dirt during his phone discussion .

      That’s the problem with people who take a request to help eliminate the BS the DEM’s drummed up in 2016 as asking for ‘dirt’ on a political opponent.

    • Ginger Plowman says:

      And I agree with you completely!

  4. Rick says:

    Screwmer needs to be hung by his gonads!!

  5. Bill says:

    Schumer spoke to McConnell about a serious national security concern involving the telephone conversation between President Trump and the president of the Ukraine. In the mind of Schumer and those other never-Trumpers that conversation may seem like a national security concern when you consider how desperate they are to remove him from office. For the sane people in this country this is just the latest weekly episode of what kind of dirt can we make up about Trump so we can get him out of office. Everything the Democrats and their toadies, the mainstream news media, have made up thus far has backfired in their faces. When the final chapter in this latest scheme is written it will prove to be a tempest in a teapot just like the others.

  6. Katee says:

    What is it going to take before the demo-nuts stop making complete fools of themselves? They keep throwing fake crap out there and all it does is come back and hit them! They never seem, in their zeal to frame the President, to learn that they are only hurting themselves. Grow up and start working for the American people, not just working to protect your own criminals butts!!!!!!

  7. the democrats are creating a coverup to protect their people from charges for the crimes that they committed
    obiden and his son ripped of china and are now ripping off the ukraine.
    just waiting to get a share of the money our government.sent over to fight a war with russia.
    those bloodsuckers need to be dealt with accordily

  8. meozzie says:

    We should know of any corruption from any presidential candidate before elections. The dems investigated Trump with no incriminating evidence so we should investigate the Bidens since they have some pretty iffy behavior.

  9. mike dar says:

    Putin made over 30 Billion in the Ukraine under the President of Ukraine at the time as the National Bank of Ukraine was looted 30 Billion a year for 3 years…. oil and gas taxations went “POOF”. That is the reason Putin had a hard-on for the Ukraine.. it was his major corruption access for his wealth to becoming the richest man on earth… EVERYONE IN THE UKRAINE was aware the existing President was terribly corrupt, living in the biggest wooden
    house ever built by mankind, herds of racing horses ect ect.
    The Ukrainians got tired of it, voted him out.
    Enter Obama, Putin makes attacks, enter the CIA, enter Hillary, enter every corrupt official from the last administration making any deal to get rich… via corruption…. even a certain Republican Senator from Utah(now) got involved………..
    Trump 40 second mention discussions with the existing President of Ukraine about corruption… THE DEEP STATE GOES WILD!!!!!!

  10. RON says:

    I guess everyone has noticed how these crazy ass demorats are telling the republicoions they need to do their constitusional duty when these traitors are dead after doing away with it. Given the chance I’d be proud to tell any of them from Pealosky down to KISS MY ASS.

    • Bill Williams says:

      Add my ASS to the list to be kissed.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      A person is innocent until PROVEN guilty, not guilty until PROVEN innocent. Backass Demos… what do you expect. DOWN WITH DEMS in 2020

      • R.C. says:

        But Sharon, the republicans have acted like Biden, Obama and all Democrats are guilty, even though they have not been proven guilty. You have a severe double standard here – – because there has not been ONE BIT of evidence that Joe Biden did one damn thing wrong. There is evidence about Trump, like the ENTIRE part 2 of the Mueller Report plus the summary transcript of Trump’s asking a favor to dig up dirt on a top political contender.

        • Mike Flanagan says:

          Wrong again Biden even bragged he did while saying Obama sanctioned it, exactly what they are accusing The President of doing. the real problem is he succeed getting the Prosecutor that was looking into the corruption the company that was paying Biden’s son $50K a month because they could not pay the vice president directly.

  11. Walter Deveau says:

    that slimeball should be saying that about Biden, but he’d never impose the law on one of his own lawless scumbags!

  12. Friendly Jo says:

    As I read these comments and comments in other blogs, I’m glad to see there are less and less ignorant people speaking. Yes there are still a few that have no clue what is really going on and they are in for a rude awakening. But the majority of the people are starting to see the Democrats for what they really are… Thank goodness!! Unfortunately there are still way too many who are blind, and the rest of the ones supporting the Dems are the ones serving in the government as radical leftist and they have a lucrative salary they do not want to give up; they are not dumb or ignorant just plain evil people getting rich from the hard working citizens that really work hard for a living. While these Congress people make up their own rules, and raise their own salaries and decide when they want to take vacations again on our dime.
    Trump is working hard to clear the swamp, so naturally all the ones in the swamp, HATE HIM, that is logical.
    How could they like that Patriot that is trying to help ALL the people and might end their pretend jobs and perks galore. That is not very difficult to understand. GO TRUMP, Continue to MAGA, by cleaning the swamp. Your getting new followers every day!

    • Donny Jr says:

      F j if you only had a brain.

      • Ai says:

        which you don’t.

      • Roger says:

        President Trump cut many job killing regulations that led to the creation of millions of new jobs, hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs, millions lifted off of welfare/food stamps lowest minority unemployment in history, lowest female unemployment in more than 60 years, a robust stock market, a booming economy and one of the largest tax cuts in history! President Trump has been able to negotiate with North Korea and other world leaders in an effort to bring world peace and make better trade deals with no help from the democrats and little from his own party while being investigated for more than two years at a cost of more than 25 million dollars!
        I am 100% convinced that the Democrats are so intent in taking down President Trump not just because they lost the election but by keeping their rhetoric in the forefront, they are hoping with their fingers crossed that The Republicans don’t start investigating them!
        The Democrats have more reason to fear an investigation from Obama on down than any Republican! The entire world knows that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, a traitor of the American people and most of all a liar and she deserves no less than life in prison and she must repay the six billion dollars she lost or stole! It is time for republicans to grow a spine and support Attorney General Barr’s investigation into the corruption of the democrats, the FBI and Obama’s DOJ! Trump/Pence 2020!

        • cut to the chase says:

          They are not afraid of those investigations, bring them on! Would you agree to a FULL investigation of Donald Trump and what he has been hiding, obstructing justice if we also have a FULL investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden? And if both are proven guilty, would you support my proposal that they both be sent to prison and hopefully share the same cell in a real prison versus a white-collar country club???????

      • William S says:

        I guess you are one of those who FJ said has no clue what is really going on. But, fear not, as one day you will wake up from the liberal induced coma you are now in.

      • Willis says:

        What’s really going on?

      • Marlin450 says:

        I’m surprised you brainless demo rat. Could even condiment

      • FJ seems to be well informed so Donny Jr get your head out of your ass and see what is really going on!!! Go Trump!!

    • 82nd Airborne vet says:

      Friendly jo God bless you. You said that perfectly. I couldn’t have said it better myself. And as for you Donny come to Fayetteville, NC. walk in any bar and talk your snack. I promise you you will not leave walking. You might even leave in a bodybag. Wear protect out commander and chief and our constitution so bring it punk

    • Dennis Summers says:

      Thank you for voicing the out right truth. But those that have closed minds will still be blind to the facts.

  13. Lyudmila says:

    And again, instead to start an investigation of the Biden corruption in Ukraine, Chuck Schumer demanded to start an investigation of the investigators of this corruption. And who will investigate this corruption , or again, they will sweep it under the carpet?

  14. They keep throwing stones in glass houses, Schumer is a kiss ass and a whimp, they forget what they have done in the p1ast that was just perfectly fine and the thing to do. Now this might not be the President of Ukraine, BUT

  15. GERALD TODD says:

    I have recently read about a treaty between the USA and Ukraine signed in the 1999/2000 time frame between Bill Clinton and the Ukraine where they agree to work together and help each other concerning legal and criminal activities. This means Trumps telephone talk to the Ukraine president about helping with investigations was totally on the up and upo.

    • Roger says:

      I read the so called whistle blower’s report, I mean repeated hearsay, as far as page 2 section 1. Paragraph 1 & paragraph 2. Paragraph 1. Early in the morning of 25 July the President spoke by telephone with Ukrainian President Vololodymyr Zelensky. I do not know which side initiated the call. This was first publicly acknowledged call between the two leaders since a brief congratulatory call after Mr. Zelensky won the presidency on April 21. Paragraph 2.
      Multiple (anonymous) White House officials with direct knowledge of the call informed me that, after an initial exchange of pleasantries that , the President used the remainder of the call to advance his personal interests. Namely he sought to pressure the Ukrainian leader to help the President’s 2020 reelection bid! ( Debunked by Ukranian President’s own words).
      The rest of this paragraph repeats the first part of this paragraph. For me it was not necessary to read this so called whistle blower report any further because it is obviously fabricated and as full of lies as was the, paid for by Hillary Clinton, Steel Dossier was!
      The complaint is in fact dated August 12. It was sent to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and to Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr. The news of the complaint didn’t break until last weekend.
      Since these two weasels had this so called whistle blower complaint for a month or more before the shared it openly with the main body of congress I am sure that it was edited and doctored to their satisfaction!

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Yes, Trumps phone call to Ukraine president was on the up and up. The truth is: The Democrats are trying to destroy America and for what it stand for and our freedoms. WHY? In my opinion and my guess…. they are being bought off by people like Soros and Steyer. Just my opinion.

      • LOL says:

        Sharon, in the running for being the new “Cleopatria,” the Queen of Denial! That is like saying that a group of people went in the bank on the up and up, even though they took hundreds of times the amounts they legally could withdraw.

      • Ric B says:

        Could you be getting a lot of your opinion for an overdose of right wingnut conspiracy B.S.? Sure seems you Hannity-flavored KoolAid fans sure like to blame everything on your invented scapegoat. Perhaps that is all you can mentally handle.

  16. David Kennedy says:

    Schumer is a hasbeen! He sits around all day long pulling on his pud. He has never done a thing for the US except suck it for salary for how many years? He is a joke and should shut the hell up. The sooner he relizese he does not matter the better off the US will be!

  17. Johnny says:

    Instead of Chuck, his name s/b Schmuck!

  18. Captain says:

    Trump cheats. But why bother? He’s still 1.5 million jobs behind Obama at the same point in their presidencies. Hundreds of thousands of deportations. Hundreds of miles of wall.

    The great deal maker turned down 25B for border security. He talked his way down to 15B, 5B, 1.5B and ended up shutting the government down. Instead of building courts and detention centers at the border, he put a plaque on a wall Obama built. Now, tens of thousands sit in prison without a speedy trial.

    Even his economy is crumbling. Farmers are going bankrupt. The credit markets aren’t clearing without the Fed buying up bonds (a trillion in the last month). Manufacturing is already in a recession.

    None of this even includes his heinous behavior. Just the effects he is having on YOUR life.

    Trump sucks and America deserves better.

    • Mike says:

      Where in the world do you get your information, you neighborhood bar? If these lies are what you think is the truth about America and our President then YOU are part of the problem. Get your facts straight before you pass on your hearsay information like this supposed whistle-blower is allegedly done. Two question, how far down the line of hearsay information are you? Your facts are very much incorrect so it is plain to see you don’t fact check anything before passing on your lies just like CNN and MSNBC, do you work for them?

      • Will says:

        Mike ,,, This clown has to be a Shiff want to be .. Makes it all up as he goes along . WOW , what a spaz.. And to think this idiot get to vote also.

        • LOL says:

          “Spaz”!?!? Whew, must have been watching “Back to the Future) (#1) and time warped back into the 50s again, Willy Boy! Too bad you cannot deal with the issues that the Captain raised without name-calling and belittling. I guess that is beyond your capacity to do.

    • tinker68 says:

      He’s just yanking your chain guys, pay him no heed. Just a jerk with very little brain matter,

    • Myrl says:

      A desperate liberal wasting ink.

    • Donny Jr says:

      You can’t talk to trumpsters like that your goin hurt their idy bity feelings now their all goin to cry to their mommy’s

      • Dan says:

        They are very thin skinned, for sure. Many of them are not very educated, but have some compensating idea in their brains they are smarter because they are less educated and knowledgeable.

        • Marlin450 says:

          Take a look at you you see what education does for you nowadays you’re a good example only thing they teach nowadays is how to vote for people that want to take your rights from you and worlds going Blow up again as the stupid globalist tell you

        • Marlin450 says:

          Take a look at you you see what education does for you nowadays you’re a good example only thing they teach nowadays is how to vote for people that want to take your rights from you and worlds goingto Blow up again as the stupid globalist tell you

      • Pat says:

        Typical childish, liberal bs. Grow up!

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      I stick with Trump and I don’t deserve Democrats and the vile, vicious, venomous rhetoric and under Obama many people suffered for his so call self-serving, narcissists attitude. Worse president ever. Trump has brought the economy back to life, lifted ridiculous regulations on gas, oil and coal. He has brought back jobs, demanding UN countries pay their fair share, fighting for a fair trade agreement with foreign countries, pulled out of the climate change (good decision) and pulled out of the Iran deal (good deal). He has done more for the American people in 2 1/2 years than Obama did for 8. In my opinion, he is the better president and will receive my vote in 2020.

    • Willis says:

      Trumps economy? Do you even have a clue who owns “our” economy?

  19. Rex Kittle says:


    • Shelty says:

      it schiff … and Brennan

      • Montrealkid says:

        The Democrats will stop at nothing to regain control of the Government so they can continue to fill their own pockets. We must make sure that Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020.

        • mlhtd51 says:

          Speaker Piglosi accidentally admitted to a liberal crowd that everything the Democrats are doing is to stop President Trump from being reelected. “Re-Elect TRUMP 2020”

        • Donny Jr says:

          You betcha monty his pockets are far from full plenty more of your hard earned money to steal i say let his kids have some money too you can never steal enough Teflon Don The Con wants it all and fools like you are ready and willing to give him whatever he wants ain’t communisum great.

      • mike dar says:

        Yep… people simply don’t realize the last administrations corruption.. especially in the Ukraine.
        Putin made over 30 Billion in the Ukraine under the President of Ukraine at the time as the National Bank of Ukraine was looted 30 Billion a year for 3 years…. oil and gas taxations went “POOF”. That is the reason Putin had a hard-on for the Ukraine.. it was his major corruption access for his wealth to becoming the richest man on earth… EVERYONE IN THE UKRAINE was aware the existing President was terribly corrupt, living in the biggest wooden
        house ever built by mankind, herds of racing horses ect ect.
        The Ukrainians got tired of it, voted him out.
        Enter Obama, Putin makes attacks, enter the CIA, enter Hillary, enter every corrupt official from the last administration making any deal to get rich… via corruption…. even a certain Republican Senator from Utah(now) got involved………..
        Trump discussions with the existing President of Ukraine about corruption… THE DEEP STATE GOES WILD!!!!!!
        The Ukraine is where the fake Manaforte ‘Black Dossier’ came from via corrupt Ukranian officials and the CIA.
        The CIA used it to start the Manaforte investigation and helped justify the CIA start Spying on Trump.
        Same for Carter Page.. notice Carters accusation of ‘hundreds of millions from Gas contracts in the Ukraine’ were found baseless, now being scrubbed from the Net…. hile Biden’s kid did what Page was accused of.
        So Fusion One, Crowdstrike, CIA, and all the players from ‘Russian collusion’ are involved once again in Ukranian mess.
        From whence some of the last administration got millions in corruption.
        The real losers in this mess are the Ukranian people, toyed about with by Putin and Obama, savaged by a Ukranian President at the time that was losing 1/3rd of the country’s wealth to Putin for years, attacked by Putin’s Army, only given blankets and Ready to eat meals by Obama so the Obama administration could stay involved as long as possible, Brennan’s shenanigans …. spies killing spies in the Ukraine….. Obama creating a investigation into an American candidate for President because as Hillary said, ‘if he wins we all hang’ hardly measures up to the destruction the last administration helped along in the Ukraine.
        ANNNDDDD a CIA friend of Brennan at the CIA heard the words, “Ukrainian Corruption- last administration Vice President- Biden’.
        OH $HIT!!!!!!!!!!
        What happens when the tip of the iceberg/Biden’s corruption is exposed…… what happens if the tip of the Iceberg of corruption is removed… the rest of the iceberg rises up and a new ‘Tip of the Iceberg appears, more corruption appears… above the muddied waters the Deep State creates to hide corruption.
        Oh $HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        And that’s all it took, a phone call about a last administration officials corruption that last for less than 40 seconds… gee…. what a threat to the idolized Obama legacy.
        I wonder if Obama got any donations from Ukrainian people into his slush fund 501 tax free no required donators mentioned Library Fund? After all, so many of his administration made money off ‘Ukraine’.
        OH $HIIITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      We don’t know if there ever was a whistle blower. Probably another hoax like the Russia hoax. These are just ridiculous Democrats trying to destroy America.

    • Dr. J. D. says:

      Good Lord, Rex, do you not read or pay attention? Any complaint like this goes to the Inspector General, and is checked out thoroughly by their investigative team. After this, and checking out many of the details for authenticity, the Inspector General pronounced it “credible and urgent” complaint.

      What is incredibly sad is that you are so much in your own world, that even Trump said that his followers would still support him if he killed someone in broad daylight in the middle of 5th Avenue. You REFUSE to listen to factual evidence, like with climate change science results, and are like the flat-earthers and the David Koresh cult rolled into one.

  20. srewart zacharias says:

    GO DONALD GO!!!!

    • Donny Jr says:

      Lie Cheat Steal millions of idiots don’t care make sure to fill your kids pockets also people just love a big bully someone brazen enough to steal right before their eyes ain’t stupid people great so happy you Lie Cheat Steal

      • ABC says:

        Just like Trump plays golf, he is truly the “Cheater in Chief” -= – Trump will lie, take other players golf balls in the fairway and throw them into the rough, will continually lie about his golf scores and abilities – – – Trump;’s golf game is like his everyday life – – without honor and with only a desire to win.

  21. Sgt York says:

    Shimp Schumer needs his knob scabbed front to black as he is one the main one causing Some Americans to hate Jews

  22. Randall clark says:

    CHUCKIE Schumer……another communist disease, infesting Washington!!! WHAT A WEASEL!!!

  23. I said it in a previous post a couple days ago. The CIA agent to me is waving a red flag and tagging the Biden’s. They are in this scandal and the demolitions are directing the focus on somthing that isn’t true. Once said and done the target of all this corruption will go directly pointing at the Obama and the rest of them.

  24. Alaska Woman says:

    Every day, more people recognize Trump’s lies for what they are.
    Nixon did not do time. Trump will see the inside of a prison cell before it is done and finished.

    • texas woman says:

      You watch too much fake news. Come out of the wilderness, and see the world as it is. Trump does not lie.

    • Mike says:

      Your a comedian right?

    • Will says:

      If he see`s the inside of a cell ,,, it will be when you commie bastards are all locked up and he walks thru telling you all to have a nice day. Get a plane ticket and get the hell out of our country

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        who are you, Willy Boy, the Fuhrer? Who gave you the right to tell anyone to get out of the country because you do not like what someone else thinks? You see, little Willy, we have something in America called “Freedom of speech” (article 1) which you Nazi fascists hate unless it is to express your points of view!

        Alaska Women – – – don’t let these fascists win – – keep speaking your mind.

    • Donny Jr says:

      And BUBA can’t wait fresh poongtang i just want to hear him squeal like a pig that he is just like the movie deliverance squeal little pig squeal

    • Willis says:

      Let me guess you watch main stream garbage news don’t you

  25. Montrealkid says:

    It is time for the people to vote out Mitt Romney, he is nothing but a self serving idiot who is like Hilary Clinton because he lost to Obama. He lost because he is stupid, so he needs to pack up and go home.

    • Neubie says:

      We the people can fix this, never voted straight ticket before, I damn sure will this time!! I am #walkaway.

    • Haraldur says:

      Excellent finding about Romney. He is the biggest Republican Moran and should be kicked out of the Republican party. It looks like he has is dirty fingers in the Ukraine curruptions. He needs to be investigated

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Only the legal residents of Utah can vote Romney out of office via recall petition. He won’t get voted out of office because he is in high standings with the Mormon church and Utah is Mormon country and mostly ran by Mormons. I will agree that Utah deserves better representation than Romney, however, it is their choice.

  26. Donald Anderson says:

    If the Democrats keep this up they will find out how the British felt at Lexington and they will still try to lie their way out but by then it will be too late, they will have started the war.

  27. H Lee says:

    None of the democrats are interested in jo biden’s black mail of Ukraine

    • Patriot Pam says:

      It isn’t that they aren’t interest. They just don’t give a rat’s a$$ who they bring down as long as they are getting their way. They are so frustrated the Blasey-Ford fiasco didn’t prevent Kavanaugh’s appointment, the Mueller report didn’t bring down President Trump, and now the whistleblower complaint isn’t holding water that their balls are bluer than the ocean!

  28. Jim says:

    You people here at Patriot Pulse are as bias as Facebook, do not allow objective opinions. You and libs suck..!

  29. Allen Morgan says:

    Leftism is a mental and spiritual derangement. Leftists live lives of lies…leftists tell lies and live lies. Democrats cannot accept reality so they create for themselves alternative realities, Good becomes bad, bad becomes good.

    The Democrats are committing political suicide. They will experience a blitzkrieg, a landslide for Trump and those who support him.

    • Alaska Woman says:

      In that case, you must be a “leftist.”

      • Mike says:

        Alaska is being fed lies without them knowing it, just like Seattle, San Francisco and Portland. They are to lazy to check the real facts for themselves so let the Lord forgive them for not knowing what they do,,,,,,, he is the only one that will.

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          What a crock, Mike. I challenge you to find anything to show that the people of Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland are any less educated and intelligent as almost any where. In fact, I would bet they score significantly HIGHER in education, reading and knowing the issues that most American cities. I have visited Seattle many times, and those are some of the most educated, intelligent and finest people I have ever met. Go Seatttle, GO HAWKS!

    • Donny Jr says:

      Make sure to check back in 2020 cause i want to hear you cry like a little baby

  30. HELEN A SALEM says:

    Schumer is a waste of space and air. As a House member he has been worthless the past 2 years and he should be out along with Pelosi and the fab 4.

  31. Cliff says:

    As usual, as you can all see, the DEMOCOMMUNISTS are attempting to switch the blame to PRESIDENT TRUMP for their corrupt behavior. That is typical, and I predict, it will indeed backfire on them as many of the AWAKENED and “INFORMED” American People that are relying less on the “fake news channels”, corrupt “newspapers”, LYING media pundits, are finally wising up and #walking away from the corrupt TREASONOUS “new communist party”, formally the “demoncrat” party, That are hell-bent on turning this country into a third-world sh**hole to carry on FRAUD OBUNGHOLE’S “agenda” of “fundamental transformation”.

  32. Marshall Rosenthal says:


  33. gary says:

    Simply put vote “NO” to all anti-American democrats and their tool the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES, also ALL Americans will loose big time if All You Americans do not look for any and all fraudulent means at all voting booths, stay vigilant, and Stop the voting fraud by the anti-American democrats and their tool for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES!

  34. Timothy Toroian says:

    By the way, Trump wanting to know who the “blower” is is in no way “witness intimidation. They need to know who the internal spies are. There are and have been conversations between world leaders that the public should never ever know about or it would scare the living crap out of them.

  35. Marcia says:

    Seems to me that since Biden admitted to threatening the President of Ukraine when he was VP that he SHOULD be investigated and held liable for all past and present dealings. Biden has proven that he can not be trusted and anyone that stands by Biden is a fool. And I also believe that monkey face Obama was also apart of this scandal and part of this scheme with Biden back then. If not then why has Obama refused to support Biden inhis campaign?

    • tracker says:

      Especially as Biden’s son is connected ,through Rosemont-Seneca, to John Kerry’s son………..and Whitey Bulger’s son

    • Will says:

      Maybe he { Oblowbag } wants to distance himself before the sh* t hits the fan. and it pulls the roof in on all of them If Barr can find the one person that got shorted in all of their money deals ,, thats all it will take for the house of cards to fall

      • Donny Jr says:

        Your a true moron since Bush sr died bozo barr is now the leader of the deep state god you people truly are stupid you don’t even guestion why we no longer hear about Epstien just another cover up by bozo barr and you think he’s goin come to the rescue how pathetic.

    • Donny Jr says:

      Seems to me you should keep your trap shut seeing cause your stupid

  36. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Can’t wait for Nov. 2020 which might indicate the end of the dumbcrap party. They keep supporting causes against the will of the American people ie wide open borders, government aid for illegal aliens, confiscatory taxation, class warfare, reverse discrimination , radical environmentalism etc. They have just dug their own political graves by impeaching Donald Trump. How can they be that ignorant not to see this?

    • Alaska Woman says:

      Typical right-wing sewer mouth …

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Well, let’s see how the evidence fits your ideas, Gregory. The first one comes from the ABC/WaPo poll in Sept. 2019, the second from Fox News Poll:

      Biden…………55%…(plus 15%)……………….40%
      Sanders………52%…(plus 9%)………………..43%
      Warren………51%…(plus 7%)…………………44%
      Harris…………50%…(plus 7%)………………..43%
      Buttigieg…….47%…(plus 4%)…………………43%

      Fox News Poll, Sept 21, 2019
      “A Fox News poll released Thursday showed President Trump losing head-to-head matchups against four of the top Democratic presidential primary contenders,” reports The Hill.
      “The poll found Trump with 39 percent support among registered voters in head-to-head matchups against Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). The poll found Sanders beating Trump with 48 percent, Warren winning over Trump with 45 percent and Harris winning with 46 percent support.”

      • Freddie says:

        Well,Dr.J.D. Please explain the benefits of the democrat party,the party’s agenda,the party’s goals,the party’s stance on illegal immigration,gun control,freedom of speech,health care for all illegal aliens,the right of people with opposing views of the democrat/liberal party,to peacefully assemble and hold rally’s,without being subjected to harassment,beatings,insults,threats,etc.
        It does seem that the democrat party,has little tolerance for opposing viewpoints and different political ideologies and does attempt to stifle,differences of opinion.I’m just interested in what your thoughts are on some of the points I have raised and have concerns about! Would you care to comment?

  37. A minor quibble: The Democrats aren’t “hedging” their bets. That would mean that should they lose on the impeachment angle, some other tactic would win something for them. The Democrats are staking a great deal on impeachment — essentially their political future up through 2024 — with no fallback position should it prove disastrous for them.

  38. Will Penny says:

    I swear liberals , you must want your butts handed to yourselves so badly in the 2020 election , I knew we hadn’t seen your stupidest , but you SIMPLETONS are a Special kinda Stupid , oh well , just bend over and give yourselves a kiss , right square on your own Rear Ends , Damn Sneviling Brats , you’d best watch out what your wishing for ,. Keep it up and thou shall receive just that , Food For Thought

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