Chuck Schumer laid down one demand that made Donald Trump nervous

America is struggling with how to reopen the economy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrats are doing everything in their power to sabotage this effort and extend the shutdowns indefinitely.

Now Chuck Schumer laid down one demand that made Donald Trump nervous.

Congress is already negotiating a fourth round of coronavirus relief funding.

Democrats lost on during the first three rounds of relief on including left-wing wish list items like a “cheat by mail” scheme to allow massive voter fraud thought mail in voting.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer appeared on left-wing comedian Stephen Colbert’s Late Show on CBS and stated that “cheat by mail” would be a major Democrat demand in the next round of coronavirus funding.

“There are a lot of things we should have in it. […] One, we’ve got to make our — make sure our elections in November are fair and safe and free. A lot of people won’t want to go to the polls.

We ought to have mail ballots for everyone, but we ought to allow people who want to go to the polls to be there. And we ought to make sure some of these barriers — you know, the state of Alabama, as I understand it, to vote by mail — by absentee mail, you need a notary public to certify. Why is that done? To prevent minorities and poor people from voting. So, we should do that,” Schumer told Colbert.

Democrats are already insisting Republicans approve one trillion dollars in bailout money for blue states to pay their public employee union pension costs.

And now Chuck Schumer is trying to corner the Republicans into accepting a voter fraud scheme that could rig the 2020 election with a “cheat by mail” scheme that conservatives believe is an open invitation to voter fraud by end running around voter ID laws.

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75 Responses

  1. Pat says:

    Sure that’s the only way they can win. No voter ID then really none of will get our voices heard because they would already win the day the mail out ballot were mailed out. No to say it hurts everyone but the white person is appalling at least. So sure we all approve you democrats doing this. So what next not even hold elections at all we can just have one choice that is democrat. Sure why not. Really we the people are who decides who is their elected officials not the democrats. We pay them to work for us so high time we fire a bunch of them. They do nothing but makes themselves and their friends richer while we all sit in poverty. No stupid person is willing to go along with this ignorance. Play all the games you want democrats because we all see what you are doing and have done for us, NOTHING.

  2. Sarah says:

    Chuckie Schumer does not have rights to DEMAND anything! Being half of 2 pregnancies of a 16 yr old girl, plus 2 abortions of the 16 yr old girl, plus paying for the funeral of a 16 yr old girl, plus his wife paying the deceased 16 yr old girl mother off to ” forget it all”! O Chickievis from BROOKLYN and they do it that way!

  3. Alan says:

    Keep it up dems .u might think u can control the Republicans. But u have to deal with “we the people “u will not turn america into communist china..

  4. Edmond X Ramirez says:

    Nothing makes President Trump nervous! He’s attacked from every direction and just strikes back – it’s the old you throw a rock, and I’ll throw a boulder – that’s not nerves, that’s being the best president America has had in years.

  5. Rivahmitch says:

    Stevio.. We’re on the same page, bro! (USMC, Nam 68-69)

  6. Phyllis says:

    Mail-in ballots is just another way the demonRats will steal the election if this isn’t stopped immediately! It CANNOT be allowed, folks! Will Penny, Stevo, if I knew where you were, I’d be right with you to fight because it’s looking like we are going to have to one of these days not too long from now, sadly. Here in CA, ballot harvesting and fraud are rampant, and being a first-time voter at 64 years old (will be 65 by November), I’m terrified my vote will be stolen and won’t be counted properly (straight Republican, of course)! I’m going to my local polling station to vote, hopefully the one I went to in the primary on March 3 as it’s right around the corner from our house and can walk there, nice! I swear, if those demonRats win, it will be because they stole the election and there will be a fight right after, I’m sure. We’re not going to stand for that, not this time, not ever! Right??? Blessings, Love, Health and Peace to us all, folks, we truly need it now.

  7. Bob says:

    Vote fraud is the only way democommiecrats can win and they know it. Our founders set voting so it would be legal and fair but the New World Order traitors constantly look for ways to cheat their way to totalitarianism.

  8. steveo says:

    thanks will penny!two tours in nam and i’m locked and loaded!peace my brother! but if it’s war they want instead we’re ready!

  9. Will Penny says:

    Stevo , Stand Fast brotha ,. The Trump Train Cometh and HELL’S coming with it , to collect from all the communist liberals , for selling their souls to the Old Devil !! GOD BLESS AMERICA N OUR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP

  10. Bob says:

    James Roberts, you’re full of crap about voter fraud. I have evidence right here at home

  11. marjorie rokita says:

    I worked in East St. Louis Illinois and saw tremendous voter fraud over many years. Votes were bought by the preceint committee men, voter would say they couldn’t read or see then committee man could watch them vote and pay when they got outside. It was so massive a handful of people couldn’t stop it, upper politicians were in on it.

  12. Peter Giger says:

    Democrats are making people sick. Duh???

  13. John says:

    vote by mail is the only way the demarcates think they can win. To hell with the demarcates. Vote the right way

  14. James H Roberts says:

    There should be no barriers to cast your vote, that is our constitutional right and obligation!!! It’s wrong to put up ways making it hard to vote, make it easer!!
    There’s very little evidence of any voter fraud whatsoever, only much of foreign interference!! We all need to be alert and watchful!!

  15. Stevo says:

    Good one will penny a penny for your thoughts?

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