Chuck Schumer just pulled one trick that will come back to bite Democrats in November

The Democrats are looking at polling numbers that show their majorities are in massive danger.

But leadership has a plan.

And Chuck Schumer just pulled one trick that will come back to bite Democrats in November.

After the leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade failed to move the political needle in the Democrats’ favor, Chuck Schumer hatched a new scheme.

Following an evil madman murdering 19 innocent school children in Uvalde, Texas, Schumer moved to gun control.

Using his position as Senate Majority Leader, Schumer scheduled two votes on extremist gun grabs that Nancy Pelosi rammed through the House of Representatives.

The legislation would expand a national gun registration database pushing the lie told by the anti-Second Amendment Left that there is a “gun show loophole.”

The New York Times reports:

Within hours of the shooting in Uvalde, Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York and the majority leader, moved to clear the way to force votes in coming days on legislation that would strengthen background checks for gun purchasers, pushing to revive measures with broad appeal that Republicans have blocked in the past.

The pair of bills would expand criminal background checks to would-be gun buyers on the internet and at gun shows and lengthen the waiting period for gun buyers flagged by the instant background check system to allow more time for the F.B.I. to investigate. The measures, passed by the House in 2019 and again last year, have languished in the Senate amid Republican opposition. Even as they publicly mourned the massacre that killed 19 children and two adults on Tuesday, Republican senators gave little indication that their positions had changed.

The killer bought his rifles from a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer at a gun show just a few days after his 18th birthday and underwent a background check at the time of the purchase.

Schumer thinks these votes will put Republicans on the spot for voting against gun control in the wake of a tragedy.

But Democrats tried this scheme in 2013 after Sandy Hook, when Barack Obama conspired with Senators Pat Toomey and Joe Manchin to push a national gun registration database.

After the bill failed to garner enough votes to advance, voters punished Democrats the following November, as Republicans picked up nine Senate seats.

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