Chuck Schumer just issued a threat to Trump that left him red with rage

Chuck Schumer is back at it.

The Democrat leader in the Senate is threatening the President.

And what he challenged Trump with left him red with rage.

Democrats in the Senate successfully filibustered a disaster relief bill to provide aide to distressed Americans because they claimed Trump and the GOP did not agree to enough welfare for Puerto Rico.

The Daily Caller reports:

Senate Democrats blocked a $13.5 billion bill for disaster relief from recent floods, hurricanes and wildfires on Monday, arguing that the more than $600 million provided to Puerto Rico was not nearly enough.

The disaster relief package combined aid for a variety of natural disasters the country experienced, including support to southern farmers, California towns hit by wildfires and mudslides and states such as Georgia, Florida and North Carolina that were hit by hurricanes. Moreover, the legislation would provide funding to rebuild military bases in Florida and North Carolina that were destroyed during the hurricanes.

Republican Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby amended the text to give Puerto Rico $610 million in nutrition assistance, however, Democrats argue Puerto Rico needs additional funds to bolster flood protection and repair the electrical grid, reported Bloomberg.

The disaster relief package was voted down by a vote of 44 to 49, falling short of the needed 60-vote supermajority to overcome the Democratic filibuster.

Democrats were outraged at $610 million included for food stamps for Puerto Rican residents as part of the recovery package from Hurricane Maria back in 2017.

Schumer and the Democrats think this helps them with Hispanic voters in 2020.

But they are allowing American citizens in the continental United States – as well as Puerto Rico – to suffer in order to score cheap political points.


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179 Responses

  1. Kara says:

    This mans logic is so crazy that it truly is the whole way the DEMS are treating 2020. When they get caught they always pivot to them being the victims so here they are and they will lose 2020 but blame Our President and the answer will be “If Hillary had won this would not be happening” how they can put so much trust in this woman, shows just what is wrong with the DEMS. It going to be a LONG 2020.

  2. TOM says:

    I would love to pun ch him so hard in the nose that his glasses hanging on his nose, would end up in the back of his head….

  3. Jack Handy says:

    To Ric B.
    Jack Handy April 5, 2019 at 8:19 pm
    To Ric(ky) B (boy) FYI :
    “snowflakes” REFER to
    AGE Group’ Lika, WHEN
    Born. Got that ?
    Ric B April 4, 2019 at 4:36 pm
    Republicans like to call liberals “snowflakes” as if they are weak, but what you really HATE are the ones like Schumer, Pelosi and others who are strong leaders and will stand up to Trump’s bullying and will kick his ass. More people are standing up to Trump everyday, including Republicans. Many I know don’t say it to others, but they are embarrassed by corrupt Donnie.

    • John Newsome says:

      The only one that is corrupt there sport is the democrats. Actually, snowflakes is just about right. Delicate in nature and melts at 32 degrees. Can’t stand the heat. How much has been paid to those who were sued for improper sexual conduct? You know the slush fund that is a quiet wink wink fund to keep things quiet? Doesn’t cost them a damn dime yet it cost tax[ayers every day! biden is one of those as well. nancy pelosi is nothing to write home about herself. Do you ever hear her talk? Hell, she sounds like she has her booze limit by 10 am and gets her facts wrong in spite of having a teleprompter in front of her face. Perhaps need to learn facts before you look down on others. Schumer is a joke as well. Bet that he won’t be reelected either. If pelosi is such a great leader then why is she having hell getting reins on the new comers?

    • William says:

      Jack Handy …. Sounds like you have about as much “INTEGRITY” as the DemoSheep. Also, you and the DemoSheep wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you beside the head. If it wasn’t for DemoSheep talking points; not a damn one of you could say a word without your shepherd giving you talking points. What a waste. Hopefully when AI (Artificial Intelligence for those of you on the left side), hopefully they can infuse all of you on the left with AI so you can talk intelligent.




    Mr. Schumer, when did Puerto “Rico become a STATE? WHEN DID THEY START PAYING TAXES? The folks in CONUS, HAVE BEEN PAYING TAXES, ALSSO PAYING YOUR SALARY!!!! I believe Puerto Rico is a COMMONWEALTH AND PROTECTORATE UNDER THE MONROE DOCTRINE! How dare you deny aid to CONUS States looking to rebuild after natural disasters. Have you forgotten who you represent?

    • William J Vital says:

      Of the money they have been given so far, a huge portion of it was lost through waste, fraud, and abuse. They let food and supplies rot, instead of getting it to their residents, and very few buildings have been repaired. The Democraps have made out REAL WELL buy not the residents.

  6. Margaret says:

    Schumer should resign. He is doing nothing to help America.

    • David/Burbank, CA says:

      president trump shoud sign an executive order to withhold congressional pay until they start doing their job and cancel all of their future vacations!

      • SALLY RAIBOURN says:

        David, I agree with you 100%!!!! Get in their money like they get into ours until they go to work and support Trump as our President instead of acting like an 7 or 8 yr old!!! Grow up!!!!!

        • Steelie says:

          David/Sally. Wouldn’t ‘THAT’ Be a Forthcoming ‘Reality’. But Alas. Not SO . 0nly W/ a
          ‘Dictatorship’. (in 3rd World countries)
          & We Are NOT (yet). hmmm

    • The Real M says:

      Margaret, That was the nicest calmest comment about Schumer I have ever seen so, let me say I agree!


    • nan says:

      I so agree, Margaret. he says and does things along with the rest of the criminals in that party, that will never effect him/them. why should HE care? maybe if the decisions/comments he’s made DID EFFECT HIM/THEM, and unsavory neighbors moved in next to HIM/THEM, he’s change his tune. ‘we the people’ PAY for these AHs and THEY WORK FOR US! yet, WE HAVE NO CONTROL AT ALL. maybe we should all stop paying TAXES! then what? probably double standards …

  7. ed says:

    Schumer is totally EVIL & Anti American

  8. Thomas Goss says:

    I live and vote in up state New York and WISH THAT ASSHOLE SCHUMER WOULD JUST DROP DEAD.

  9. theolddog says:

    Left him “red with rage”, eh?

    Well done, Senator.

  10. DANIEL says:

    The demoncrats are the walking dead!!

  11. Al says:

    Comments are fine but think for a moment how much better it could be if each would vent out their frustration by calling their Representatives . By doing so we would become the majority to change things. Remember to remind them that they have their positions and are responsible to the people of America. The things that are happening today were caused by yesterdays, when politicians were and still are allowed to abuse the Rule of Law! Time for change, don’t wait for 2020 it may be too late!!

    • george says:

      have you ever called, it is a waste of time????????????

      • JOHN P CATALANO SR says:

        It’s high time for term limits for the House and Senate. Also to change their compensation. They cannot collect a dime until they are 65, and must be enrolled in medicare and social security

  12. What these satanic politicians do not understand is that what they do to hurt Americans now will always reflect on their families forever. Be careful nazi,commie, demoncraps, your term limits are about to end FOREVER and your families will live with embarrassment because of YOUR GREED AND HATE.

  13. Carl says:

    Schumer and Pelosi works for any country and its citizens that hates America and Puerto Rico is one of those countries. Puerto Ricans hate America so why don’t we just let go and let them fend for themselves.

  14. Bob says:

    Puerto Rico Has voted no to Statehood numerous times. Time to cut them loose, give them their independence. We have already provided 90 Billion Dollars to PR for the the last two hurricanes and we can’t provide 13.5 Billion for our own States?! or 5.7 Billion for the wall?! Schumer and the Dems have to go in 2020. Need super majority in Senate and the House back. The inmates are running the asylum.

  15. Wrenchman says:

    I would have never thought it possible to find someone more vile, filthy and corrupt than Harry Reid! Oh, but wait…. There’s Chuck Shummer! This man is so utterly loathsome and dirty I feel the need for a shower after listening to him speak.

  16. Rick says:

    democrats will lose in 2020

    • Valerie (Libutti) Eggers says:

      That may be too late.

    • Roger says:

      Some people said something similar in 2018 with the midterms, and claimed there would be a big red wave. Instead, the Democrats had their biggest victory since 1974. What you should be afraid of is that Trump has awakened the giant majority of Americans who did not vote in 2016 – – he has made SO many people angry – – Hispanics, Blacks, Democrats, independents, the young, women of All ages – – and the fact that Trump is the ONLY president not to get even a 50% approval level from the Gallup Poll – -that you know in truth that he will lose in 2020, and the Democrats will take over the Senate also.

      People just don’t disapprove of Trump’s TERRIBLE actions as president, they STRONGLY DISAPPROVE of his actions, and all his demented tweets and verbal abuse.

      • scooch says:

        Roger. LOOK FOR COMPLETE DISASTER in less
        than 5 yr. IF YOU et al PREFER Dems. In ‘High 0ffice’.
        YOU Are NOT Totally Financially Independent. YOU /’ilk
        Go Down as well. Dems WILL ‘eat you Alive’.
        ‘Scramble Time, dude. Good luck???

      • Patriot says:

        I feel that the good lord above allowed the Democrats to win the house so that the American people could see what loose cannons these idiots are. The only thing they could damage for two years is themselves. These democrats are utter morons. AOC makes Nancy Peelosi look foolish and what is worse for the queen is that it is from an even bigger fool.

        The Democrats only hurt the American people along with themselves. If the American voter puts them back in power then America as I knew it is destroyed. I cannot see us doing that. This is what happens when you have an important Branch of Government missing…The Tree Branch!

        • zee says:

          I Sure Hope So , Patriot.
          LET ppl SEE. But IFF Americans
          put ‘them’ Back in Powere, Well then, ‘America’
          IS Destroyed. & It Won’t Take Too Long.
          SAVE USA. ♥U.

  17. Kara says:

    Schumer is nothing more than a man who cries for no reason . Well after what the DEMS did to those suffering in the middle of the country he can count on no votes from all those in the middle of this country. Way to go Chuck but you know not one DEM running against President Trump will beat him. Good luck your going to need it.

  18. trapperwv1 says:

    The latinos need to understand the democrats are not their friends , they do not care about anybody except themselves staying in office and the illegals crossing the southern border. They have become the new communist and marxist wing of the government.

    • I Stand With President Trump says:

      Yes the Demonuts are Marxist wing and We Need to do something about it.

      Send e-mails and Faxes to the Demonuts letting them know how you feel. E-mail and fax the 12 RINOS that Voted against the Wall. I told them all they did was guarantee their exit next election!!!! I also referred to them as RINOS. I know they Hate that !!



    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      The actions of the Democrats prove they care nothing for the American citizens… Puerto Rico received millions of dollars when a hurricane hit the island, yet the country is still in disarray… Why? Where did the money go? Evidently it didn’t go to the needed repairs in Puerto Rico… it must have gone into the mayor’s and others pocketbooks….. Also, Puerto Rico is a US territory not a state….. maybe it’s time we sell Puerto Rico to another country and take the funds and pay down the deficit….. I can’t believe (yes I can) that the Democrats would do such a think for those midwestern states.. down with Dems in 2020.

  19. Estell says:

    They just lost a lot of California votes. They should have passed it and then asked for more for Puerto Rico. No help for anybody is only going to lose more votes for them.

  20. John J says:

    The anti American demo vomits are at it again!

    • Irene says:

      Schumer is just a democrat Bully like some more democrats are trying to BULLY US.

      • Ric B says:

        Republicans like to call liberals “snowflakes” as if they are weak, but what you really HATE are the ones like Schumer, Pelosi and others who are strong leaders and will stand up to Trump’s bullying and will kick his ass. More people are standing up to Trump everyday, including Republicans. Many I know don’t say it to others, but they are embarrassed by corrupt Donnie.

  21. Caroline says:

    Puerto Rico was so badly managed…no building specifications, no bldg control like people built wherever they wanted. No control on electrical …like electrical bldg in 1930 was more robust than what Puerto Rico had…don’t know what the second class citizens called politicians did year by year. Nothing worthwhile.

  22. Pj says:

    IF I remember correctly, the officials in Puerto Rico mishandled the funds given to them & also

    left food given to them to distribute to the people but instead allowed it to rot in their


    • doris prycodzien says:

      pj, Just more of the overlooked, unaccountedfor spending of American tax payer dollars by/from ‘chump change screw you Chuckit Scheemer and his group’ . Makes me disgusted that this screwball is supposed to be a true, loyal Jewish Boy representing fellow Jews seeking the best for our fellowmen but disregarding us in order to satisfy his personal egotistical/money seeking goals.

      • william says:

        As far as I’m concerned with Puerto rico is that a company from Montana was sent there to help rebuild the electrical grid.. After 2 weeks on the job they were chased out off the island because of there politics.. Plus the wedding of chelese .. A lot of people sent money to the clitons for the relief..

        • I Stand with President Trump says:

          * A lot of people sent money to the Clintons for the Relief * and All the Clinton’s did was pocket the money.
          They need to be investigated for Fraud and The Russia garbage !!
          They and Obummer are in each others pockets !!

          PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020

          GET THE WALL UP NOW !!!!

    • David Woodruff says:

      Pelosi wasn’t getting a big enough cut for her pocket from the Cal. relief! She is so well known for her taking graft from all she can put the bite on.

  23. marleen davis says:

    Our Potus Needs to SHUT DOWN CONGRESS FOR THEIR EGREGIOUS B.S. IN not supporting Americans and trying to send our taxpayer money to Puerto Rico instead of to our citizens in need. SHUT THEM DOWN, SHUT DOWN CONGRESS. IF YOU CANNOT, THEN SHUT DOWN THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT UNTIL CONGRESS STOPS THIS RIDICULOUS MIS-BEHAVIOR! The citizens are sick and tired of their games and want it stopped. Stop their paychecks and the money for their staff. Stop them, Stop them, Stop Congress! NOW NOW NOW.

    • theolddog says:

      Then Donnie Deferments can fulfill your greatest wet dream – to rule by decree just like his idols Vlad, Kin, Xi, and Dutarte do.

    • James Day says:

      Ms. Davis, you are positively correct in all of your statements in your comment above. I too, am one of the people who is sick of their games and tired of their actions in their coup against our great leader. I believe that the Military Tribunals that I have heard of would begin as soon as possible and straighten this mess out forever. Mr. President, please hear us, your base, and do what you must do.

  24. Mama says:

    It IS Totally Beyond me, how Any0ne Can 0r
    Would Identify themselves w/ Dems.
    How many work-a-day ppl Are Aware
    of this ‘stuff’ ???

  25. Larry Gaines says:

    Schumer thinks he is big and he is not. Puerto Rico does not deserve more money cause they never take care of the people and country. The money goes to the crooked politicians.

    • Megan says:

      The biggest problem is they expect us to pay for people who never had electricity to begin with because they lived so far out in the sticks. They never had polls put in but want it now because to them it’s free while we pay for it. Their politicians should have done better with the money they got. I lost everything in the hurricane in September and FEMA just barely gave me money for material. Can’t get any help to do the work because of no money living on disability and a broken shoulder but they want more money. Hell no.

    • David Rose says:

      With dims getting their kick back.

    • You can say the SAME about the Central American Governments, most of ALL monies goes into the politicians POCKETS…….!!!!!

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      I agree with you Mr. Gaines.

  26. since when is it ok to issue a threat to the potus schumer needs to be investigated.

    • tim says:

      LOL. Let’s look at the truth of who’s at fault for this kind of behavior and disrespect for the law. The Republican party is the very reason. They can only be two reasons why once you break it all down to the top two. The Republicans Just don’t care enough about this country to stop them from destroying it, or they are plain scared to death. The Left just disrespects conservatives on a daily basis now so much that it has become the normal. Bitch slapped, punched in the face, humiliated to the lowest level in public places. And i could go on & on but you already know. They do as they please, in ya face showing you that they are above the law and dare you to try it cause they will put your butt in prison . Anyone with a IQ over 65 knows the left is not just gonna stop with their agenda. It’s only going to get worst. What are they gonna have to do to get the right to say ok that’s it. The 2nd amendment in the constitution gives the right for its citizens to have a firearm and only list one reason why. And that’s to stop a Tyranny government and if the democrats are not a Tyranny corrupt government then they will never be one. March to washington demand the democratic party in the house and senate step down now or they will be took down if they fail to do so within 45 min. start civil war with vengeance with no chance of a white flag waving will slow us down much less let them concede to defeat unless its to hang by the neck till death for treason. And will not stop until America has freed itself of the threat of being destroyed from within by a group of terrorist who call themselves Democrats. Adolf Hitler’s party was a leftist party.

      • Lola says:

        Blathering NONSENSE. Hitler’s party were right-wing fascists, like the neo-Nazis in America that say Trump is one of them. The right wing are much more likely to be domestic terrorists than even Muslims in America.

  27. Frank says:

    We call him “Chuck the Schmuck” because of his vast humanitarian values. We applaud Chuckie’s generosity but apparently since Puerto Ricans are LEGAL citizens of the United States, they are not worthy.. He only extends his kindness to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. I hope you have to stand on a bread line someday “Chuck” or can we call you “Schmuck”?

  28. Donna says:

    The democrats are intentionally withholding money needed for American families in their own states for political fodder. Have you noticed that these hypocrits are really old? They are too old to be making important decisions that effect the American people’s lives everyday. Please push for age limits and term limits. After two terms they think they are gods who must be obeyed. They have become evil to their very core and need to be changed like diapers need to be changed. After awhile they all stink.

  29. Buddy H. says:

    I just can’t believe anyone with half a brain would vote Democrat after all the crap they and the Obama’s pulled. Oh yeah, that’s right. Democrats don’t have half a brain.

  30. sept mcdade says:

    It does not tale much to put Trump into a rage. He is very prone to having childish temper tantrums

  31. James Hay says:

    This Is Even More Reason Why The Democrats Should Not Be Entrusted With Political Power In The Future And Those Like Schumer,Pelosi And The Rest Of The Enemy Combatants Who Are Embedded In Our Congress Should Be Immediately Removed And Prosecuted For An Wide Array Of Serious Violations Of Federal Law Including Treason And Punished Accordingly. These People Are An Direct Threat To This Country And An Direct Threat To The American People Which Desperately Needs To Be Eliminated At all Cost Immediately.

    • Janet says:

      Schumer and his democRATs need to have there pay check cut out. They haven’t ever worked for the American people. They waste our tax money everyday and line there pockets with our money! Liars and cheats!!
      Scum of the earth is every democRAT!

      • William Vital says:

        How about the new Muslim Democraps that just got elected to the HoR?? Will they succeed in making people believe that the Muslim terrorists should be in Congress?

    • sept mcdade says:

      Right0wing fascism has not yet taken over our government.
      It is not going to be allowed to happen, no matter how much you want it to.

  32. libra campbell says:

    Makes you wonder –just how much moola did all of those lobbyists aka bagmen deliver to the dems all partying in PR over the holiday break while Trump stayed in Wash DC waiting for congress to do their job to end the govt. shutdown. Face it–The current Congress of the USA hates the USA and the American people. It is like Ground hog Day–where every day is a repetition.. As long as Trump is trying to help and do good for the USA–the demomarxists will thwart him–do nothing in the way of needed immigration legislation to stop this invasion from S. America. They want the USA over run with the trash from s. of the border to the point the USA can no longer help Itself and we become a 3rd world sh**hole. Nancy and Chuck Hate all of us and want only the destruction of our homeland. WAKE UP.

  33. Dan the Man says:

    I want to see a public accounting for all the monies and assistance given to Puerto Rico in the last 2 years. I think the Army Corps of Engineers needs to get involved in the infrastructure rebuilding of Puerto Rico to make sure the monies is used properly and not for the DemocRats pockets as I suspect has been happening. They claimed supplies weren’t being delivered but they found them rotting away at out of the way warehouses that the government owns and/or uses….

    • The Real M says:

      Dan the Man, Puerto Rico has been financially bankrupt and corrupt for as many years as I can remember. The reason they are still a U.S. Territory instead of a state is because their finances are so bad and they owe so much money we can’t afford to absorb their debt, period! Their officials are so corrupt and criminal, we could allocate tons of money daily and it would be like pouring water through a sieve and nobody has EVER been held accountable!
      We have people who live on our southern border begging and pleading for us to build the wall and the liberals are too stupid to see what is going on. These are good people who just want their families to be safe and our Country to be secure. Folks, something is bad wrong with this flippin’ picture!
      Re: The supplies we sent after the hurricane, the officials took what they wanted for themselves, their families and friends and left the rest laying in the sun and rain to rot. That was not done because they had no way to distribute it all over the island, it was done so the Governor could complain that President Trump was not sending supplies to help the people. Of course the damn Governor is a liberal DJT hater! The criminals responsible should have been taken out and put before a firing squad. Adults and children went without food and water and some more than likely died! It was a shame and disgrace!

  34. Denise says:

    I live in El Paso Tx and monies need to be allocated for a SAFE BORDER BEFORE CONGRESS RECEIVES ANOTHER PAY CHECK OR GET TO LEAVE D. C. FOR ANY REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Denise says:

    That should get these people during the job we sent them to Washington to do…

  36. Alex says:

    Chucky Chummer -chum boy- should give up his day job and marry Nancy pelotsofcrap!

    • Aleccs says:

      Chucky Chummer- smell my fortz! Chucky, you look, act, and don’t think ever! You are a FORTZ! Enjoy! Your miserable stink you have created at the dumbocraps makes you and your dumbocraps smell just like a FORTZ! As a smelly fortz, you have contaminated the whole dumbocrap party! Now, it’s time for you to get removed from your party for good! When are you leaving already, fortzass!

  37. Michael Groves says:

    This is just the Democrats wasting more tax money. Just like the Russian investigations. Democrats are pros at spending others money. I’d like to see the list of money’s paid to those sexually assaulted by politicians. Something tells me there are a lot of Democrats on it. Including old Chuck Schumer.

    • Gene says:

      How many Republicans voted for this?

      • Wynette says:

        Interesting. There are 100 Senators; but it looks like only 93 voted if the Count was 49 to 44. So 7 Senators didn’t vote. After the 2018 elections there was a new total of 53 Republicans and 47 Democrats, making up the total 100 Senators (as each State has 2 Senators). So if the Democrats won with 49 votes, then that means all 47 Democrats plus at least 2 Republicans voted with Democrats; to reach the 49 votes. So why would Mitch McConnell let the vote even happen, if there were 7 Republican Senators not participating? As far as which 2 Republicans voted with the Dems, my guess is the usual RINOs left in the Senate… Susan Collins & Lisa Murkowski.

  38. MaryAnn says:

    Subject: Fwd: LAW

    Copy/past of §2385:
    “”Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdiv
    ision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or
    Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or
    Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof

    Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.
    If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.
    No individual possesses the awesome force of elected, appointed, or employed office of the USA and Constitution, or any thing thereunder. It’s what allegiance is all bout… the same allegiance being betrayed to overthrow government and not defend against those enemies!

  39. Jesse says:

    This is just Democraps buying the Puerto Rican Vote.

    • daddy boy's mama girl says:

      is it not obvious the dems were in bed with the puerto ricans with some devious illegal attempt had scamming the american people out of money to go to puerto rico when the dems all partied down there??? when will people open their eyes?? there is NOTHING they do that is innocent… EVERYTHING they do has a purpose to HELP THEM in some way!! I told those around me when they kept showing the dems partying in Puerto Rico… JUST WAIT … IT WONT BE BUT A FEW MONTHS AND THE DEMS WILL BE SENDING MORE MONEY TO THEM!!! and BINGO!! I guessed it!

    • The Real M says:

      Jesse, BINGO! That is where AOC’s family is from and I think Schmuck Chuck just wants to be sure Puerto Rico’s loyalty “remains” with the Democrat party!

      • daddy boy's mama girl says:

        I am sure when the dems were all down in puerto rico partying it up during the govt shut down there were MANY promises given and MANY deals made to ensure the dems have all the votes from there! there is NOWAY they would have just chosen that destination for a getaway!! there are so many nicer places…. there was REASONS they chose there!! and dont be fooled that they were GIVEN THE TRIP … those dirty dems still chose the location… just thought they were undercover by using it as a gift to go there… NOPE!! get wise!

  40. Naturalist says:

    These useless Treasonous Seditious demons should just be charged with Treason Sedition and Anti-American activities and all taken to the public square in DC (District of Corruption) and introduced to a guillotine. A trial is a waste of money as their Guilt has already been proven.. Everyone in their right mind know that they are guilty.

  41. Dennis Jones says:

    I am serious about running for Congress. My mother-in-law said I am not smart enough. I told her I know that, but I am smarter than all the Democrats combined. She said your right.
    Schumer is a living, breathing idiot. Remember those who votes for a guy like Schumer. They have to be worse than Chuckie Cheese.

  42. Earl says:

    Mr Schumer is one of lousiest man I no of along with his female friend Pelosi since that are both worthless pieces of junk that should be tried for treason and when found guilty sentence to death by a firing squad. If you think threating me as you do others will bother me you are badly mistaken.

    • Drew Winzer says:

      Of course not. Why would U? When No feelings, No compassion, ..
      “Sticks & Stones” syndrome. Immune to Threats.
      Know vs No.

  43. Felipe says:

    Trump! Hammer that pencil neck fruitcake! Take his security clearance!

  44. Michael McIntee says:

    Chucky, Chucky, Chucky !!!! Why are you still alive???? Tell you what, my BOY !!!! The time is fast approaching when you will turn to sh*t dust, a rotten result of your missing brain. You do know that your punishment will be eternal, right? It will not be in a prison cell or one of our famous Federal Country club facilities that are another Federal waste. You are mad at Mr. Trump because he started putting the brakes on your money train. That is fact and you can shove whatever is left of the rest of your miserable life right up there hard where the sun don’t shine. Do you understand??? Maybe not, but I can tell you no one feels a bit sorry for your soon coming time of doom, that is another fact. I know you don’t deal in facts, but you will reap the worst disaster ever known to man on this earth. Good riddance you piece of sh*t !!!!

  45. Cecil says:

    change it to none for PR and use nuke option

  46. ann says:

    Chuckie-boy needs to get off his butt and do something good for New York, which is soon to follow Buffalo and stop bothering PRESIDENT TRUMP who is fixing Democraps past disasters. Pelosi’s Puppet or Ocasio’s Puppet???? Haha!

  47. Barbara says:

    Larry I like your answer. He better resign before someone makes him resign– the dirt bag. Here we have ranchers and farmers that got hit hard and this sick mealy mouth piece of a so called human being is not going to help. – Well lets start with the Tribunal and start with the chucky schumer, and more then ly pelosi must be in on this also and lets send them to gitmo were they belong. Kissinger once said that when gov controls the food they can control the people. — If you haven’t figured it out yet where they are trying to head us then the Blue party is doing their best to get us there. Every move they make is for a reason people. —-wake up and start fighting them big time.

  48. Truckman says:

    the democrats are showing there disregard for the American citizens first with our wall or whatever you want to call it now as far as puerto rico I can understand that being we have sent a forution over there and they still don,t have power and other stuff done and no record of where the money went now as far as FL. Ga. and Ala. they have had minimum of help and it looks like democrats don,t care if we get help and I hope people will remember how they failed to protect the American People

    • BEBar says:

      I saw this article: Congress appropriated at least $136.1 billion in disaster relief funds, according to an analysis from the Center for Puerto Rican Studies. While the money goes to an array of local and federal agencies, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Housing and Urban Development are two of the most crucial agencies in the recovery process. No one knows where the money went??

    • Robert says:

      Ask HILLARY and the Clinton Foundation! “FLUSH the TOILET!”

  49. Dave says:

    These SOBs that are threatening and demanding need to be knocked down a few pegs!

  50. Calvin says:

    The democrats have become the representatives of everyone BUT Americans…..what a joke.

  51. Calvin says:

    These people are completely unhinged. Schumer can find endless money for a country who just got more help than OUR last two hurricane hit areas combined already and spent a lot of that on things other than hurricane relief….yet they say they can’t spare any money to secure our southern border….they make me sick.And furious. They are a complete embaressment.

  52. Daniel Mount says:

    The President needs to fund Social Security first before funding any Welfare. For one thing, welfare should be stopped and these useless feeders should be put to work. For the most of these Useless feeders, there is nothing wrong with them that they can’t be put to work. The Elderly that worked their entire lives and paid into Social Security should not be put out into the streets because of the Government that has stolen a lot of the Social Security money to pay for something that has nothing to do with Social Security at all is Criminal.

  53. Jon says:

    It’s time! Replace all the Democrats every 4 years. Their bank accounts can not be more than their income. Also the Republicans. Those 12 that went against trump should be replaced right away. IIove most of these post about Little Chucky. I too would love to remove his glasses and shove them up his ass so far that he would never need to ware glasses again! What a POS!

  54. Ted says:

    Get rid of Schumer& Durbin two of the biggest assholes on earth And let the PotoRicans get of their ass and work !

    • Norvert says:

      Agree. Tired of politians who blame others for their failures. Hope Democrats lose in 2020 for their negative political motives as a results makes real Amecans suffered.

  55. Larry says:

    Chuck Schumer better resign right

    • Pat says:

      Agree. He should have quit years ago. One worthless evil and dumb idiot

      • Norvert says:

        Agree. Tired of politians who blame others for their failures. Hope Democrats lose in 2020 for their negative political motives as a results makes real Amecans suffered.

  56. Frank says:

    Why not just give up on Puerto Rico and have them feed themselves, some will die of course, but according to liberals life is cheap.
    I don’t want to support lazy assess

  57. William says:

    I guess the following quote/statement is true of the DemoSheep Party. IF YOU DON’T STAND FOR SOMETHING …. YOU WILL STAND FOR NOTHING !! Over the years I have often wondered why a Party would choose and ASS for their Party LOGO/SYMBOL. After the last 10 years, I UNDERSTAND.



  59. Ed Orr says:

    This communist bastard should be arrested for treason then punished appropriately. Up yours Chucky BOY. I would LOVE to go just one round with you without gloves of course and I am over 70 years of age. BUT since you are a gutless little creep you would not show up for the fight…. maybe call in as “present”?

  60. Joe says:

    Scumer can KMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Rep. Chuckie Schumer lies by omission by not telling you his buddies in the British Empire, The City of London bankers, and the Bush criminal military HAARPed up those hurricanes to destroy the Caribbean region 3 times. This is a fact. Look at the U.S. Weather Satellite feeds and you can watch it for your self.

  62. James G. Mothes says:

    Would so much like to remove his glasses and stuff them up his ass where his head should be!!!!

  63. Pat says:

    Your making your own Bed ,When you loose in 2020 Keep your lying mouths shut ,Is nobody’s fault but your own. GO PRESIDENT TRUMP !

    • Norvert says:

      Agree. Rep Schumer and his hateful comrades in Democratic Party should get their head out of the dark where the sun never shine and take care of real U. S. citizens and legal residents. We the people of U. S. of A are getting tired of these fools political rhetoric and hatred toward our lawfully elected President Trump.

      • Lola says:

        Norvert – – – Puerto Rico is American and these people are citizens! Trump was lawfully elected with the help of Russia, and lost the popular vote by 3 million people!

  64. Patsy says:

    Your making your own Bed ,When you loose in 2020 Keep your lying mouths shut ,Is nobody’s fault but your own. GO PRESIDENT TRUMP !

    • Greta says:

      Chuchie and his little gay boy voice needs to go back where he came from. Please give us term limits, these geezers make us sick.

  65. dodgerday says:

    Sen. Scummer is true to his name….he is nothing more than scum- a real POS- a slimy douche bag!

  66. Nathan Paris says:

    Here again! Why is it, The United States tax-payers, YOU&ME, responsible for Puerto Rico’s welfare? We are a giving nation, but not to a point of spoiling other areas of the world to do nothing for themselves and don’t feel the need to because WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES will flip the bill for it! Non-sense. Get to work!

    • Howard T. Lewis III says:

      Truth is, a division of the U.S. took part in the HAARP attack on Puerto Rico which caused the storm damage. Watch the U.S. Weather Satellite feeds from the days the hurricane took shape. No brainer.

  67. Rodney says:

    The governance in Puerto Rico is so corrupt, none of any amount of money would ever be used to help the citizens. Don’t fool yourself or us Upchuck. This was nothing more then another political maneuver.

  68. Rodney Orr says:

    One of the states that was hit by wildfires, was wiped off the face of the map, and that was in California, and this messed up state is a blue one, so really they don’t care about anything at all, except that will put money back in their own pockets!!!!!!!!

  69. Hugh Turner says:

    I was going to say the should visit and see the corruption cown there. , but then remembered they did during the shutdown to get on theirs knees for the rich donors. The reason the power grid is years of corruption with no updates. It was still 1950 technolgy

  70. FedUp says:

    The Demoncrats have declared war on Americans!! If Puerto Rico can not stand on its own, it is past time for them to learn. Welfare NEVER truly helps anyone. It encourages them to be lazy & live off the backs of others. Demoncrats are NOT ever going to help this great President & the American people. Demoncrats want everyone dependent on them. My parents taught me to stand & help myself.

    Lord help us to know what we as Americans should be doing. Lord by whatever means break the will of the demoncrats. We elect the “creeps” & all they do is destroy people & this country. Lord help us help our President. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

  71. JHW says:

    These are red Trump states. They have nothing to lose by doing this. These pricks don’t care about AMERICA FIRST. BUILD THE WALL.

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