Chuck Schumer just betrayed Donald Trump in this awful way

Donald Trump is locked in a high-stakes battle with a hostile foreign power that could define his Presidency.

If Trump wins, it could mean big news for America.

But Chuck Schumer just betrayed Donald Trump in this awful way.

President Trump slapped 25 percent tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods as a way to force China back to the negotiating table after the Chinese backed away from an agreement they made that would have helped to level the trade imbalance between the two countries.

At first, Chuck Schumer expressed support for the President, telling Trump to “hang tough.”

But Schumer sensed an opportunity.

Democrats believe if the trade war grinds on China will try to tank the global economy with tariffs and retaliatory measures.

That will drag down the U.S. stock market and rob Trump of his strongest talking point – that he is presiding over a booming economy.

That’s why Schumer and the Democrats changed their tune.

Politico reports:

In interviews with a dozen House and Senate Democrats from the Midwest and in leadership, most lawmakers refused to back Trump’s offensive against China, particularly as he’s kept tariffs on U.S. allies.

Even those most willing to praise Trump on trade have been notably reserved.

“We should not be having a multifront war on tariffs,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Trump’s closest Democratic ally on the topic. “I would focus everything on China. And get the Europeans, Canadians and Mexicans to be on our side and focus on China. Because they are the great danger.”

Schumer has repeatedly urged Trump publicly and privately to “stay tough,” including in a meeting at the White House in April. Later Tuesday, the New York Democrat said he doesn’t “fully agree” with Trump’s approach of imposing tariffs on allies as well as China and warned the president from coming up with a “weak solution.”

Democrats were supportive of Trump’s trade measures until they smelled political opportunity.

Politics used to stop at the water’s edge.

But Democrats have thrown that bit of patriotism out the window in order to score cheap political points against Donald Trump.


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96 Responses

  1. Mama says:

    Well now, Several day ago Schumer said ‘support’ ETC
    Now he appears to speak ‘From the Other Side’
    of his mouth.
    This ‘issue’ Is MOOT.

  2. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Batty Betty you are as I say a retarded cockroach and be careful as someone might step on you.

  3. Mary Johnson says:

    Schumer has been and always will be a snake in the grass.

  4. Vince says:

    The “word” of a Democrat is WORTHLESS!

    These Dirt Bags are UnAmerican, AntiAmerican and Corrupt to the Core!

    We the People must get rid of the Party of Pond Scum!

    It is the Enemy of U.S.!

  5. Larry says:

    Schumer is asshole Idiot

  6. Carl says:

    Barack Obama spent eight years in office trying to bring about the New World Order.
    And China was at the center of that plan.
    So no one could believe when this revealed this jaw-dropping secret about the New World Order.
    Donald Trump campaigned for the presidency in part to get fair trade with China.
    Trump said the Chinese have ripped America off for decades in trade.
    To that effect, the President slapped 25 percent tariffs on 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese imports to force them to make concessions in trade negotiations.
    This was bigger than a single trade dispute
    Schumer trying to urge Trump on because people don’t like this. This is gonna hurt the economy. It’s gonna make things more expensive. The Democrats want Trump to screw up. Then, on CNBC, Steve Bannon appeared from the Brandenburg Gate in Germany. He proceeded to pretty much explain what this previous week about what Trump is doing and how it’s working, what the reasons for dealing with the Chinese are and why they have to be dealt with this way
    He detailed the 30-year history. The one thing that he didn’t do and this is key. Everything Bannon said was right on the money about what Trump is doing, how he’s doing it, what the net positive impact is gonna be. But the one thing that he didn’t explain was why this arrangement has been the way it is for 30 years. Why have we had this trade imbalance?
    Not just with the ChiComs, but with a lot of other nations around the world. Why has the United States permitted this unfairness? And understanding that is the key to understanding the Trump presidency. Essentially what Donald Trump is saying not just to the ChiComs but to the world: “We are no longer gonna apologize for being so rich and powerful. We’re not gonna apologizes for being a superpower, whether we’re the only one or not. We are not gonna let our pockets be picked just to show that we’re nice people or just to show that we don’t intend anybody any harm.
    Trump is facing tremendous pushback from the media, Democrats, and establishment Republicans. But the President is committed to putting America and the American worker first.
    POLL: Do you support Donald Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods?
    YES ———– 99%
    NO ———— 1%

  7. Philip Chapman says:

    this is why I will never vote democrat again they don’t care about americans and they lie lie lie……

  8. Tom says:

    They NEED to keep showing the video from a couple of years ago where Schumer with a smile on his face warned President Trump about the consequences he would face from the Intelligence groups. That video ALONE shows you Schumer was always a part of the rime.

    • Sarah says:

      Yes Tom, and as I watched the Senate debates live one late evening in the fall of 2017, when Chuck Schumer said “ we, the Senate and Congress as a whole have MORE power than The President”.
      I have not forgotten the smirk on his face either.

  9. mike dar says:

    This actually falls under a different political corruption scheme.. the one where Dems take credit for what Republicans accomplish… Trump already is fixing and reducing Trade agreements with Mexico and Canada… Schemer Schumer is going to take credit as if Dems wee involved with getting it done.
    Don’t be fooled, Schumer is just trying to get out ahead of the messaging coming from the White House. Schemer isn’t betraying anyone but Democrat voters.

    • robert cosenza says:

      chuckee the dispickable do nothing democrap snake,and all the do nothing democraps can try to take credit for anything trump accomplishes.and the really fake news can continue there anti-trump bs,for as long as they like but me and everyone we know,can tell the difference from what the do nothing democraps have accomplished{which is nothing]and the long list of trumps accomplishments{and its a long list,and that,s without any help from any of the do nothing democrap snakes}so let chuckie the backstabbing do nothing democrap,and all the do nothing democraps.continue there do nothing but bad mouth,and block everything trump trys.because everyone we know,knows the difference from a do nothing democrap snake.and the best president we ever had{trump}and for which everyone we know is voting again for trump 2020

  10. Barry Pechner says:

    Hate is a terrible thing whether justified or not! If it wasn’t for the fact that Republicans and Democrats live next door to one another today, we would be in the throws of civil war once again! We, as Americans pay dearly for our Congressional representatives to compromise on all issues but if they are unwilling to negotiate, why should they be paid at all? Try to get away with not doing your job and see how long you will remain on the payroll! Congress must do the job they were sent there to do!

  11. Ted says:

    I would say that ALL democrats are piles of sh*t, but I really don’t want to insult sh*t.

  12. Frank says:

    Schumer’s actions are not against the interest of the president, they against the interest of the citizens of the United States. Schumer & company are “N F G” and rotten to the core. They should all be behind bars and are trying to continue running the government like a crime syndicate.

  13. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Chuckie Cheese Schumer and company wasted millions of dollars thinking of sinister ways and falsehoods and made up stories for nearly three years to remove Trump from office which will never happen except through the ballot box. Instead of working with him to solve our country’s problems, him and his cronies on capital hill fought him every step of the way. Schumer and company should be sent the bill for this manure and not we taxpayers.

    • patricia overbey says:

      Love it “Chuckie cheese” Who wants all of China’s C**P anyway. It falls apart does not last they have multiple recalls. Back a few years ago they were even putting something in [I do not remember what it was] baby food, formula even cat & dog food. They were even putting it in their own people’s food.

  14. Pedro says:

    Their agenda is not Pro USA, if Trump presents an action that will benefit all Americans, the Democrats do not care, since they are only looking for Trump not to succeed. Screw the constituents. That is morally and ethically WRONG!!!

  15. michael lowenstein says:

    Chuckie Schumer, If you know as much as you proclaim as to what is correct for the United States, then join the other twenty-or-more kn ow-nothing unqualified democrats running for president in 2020. Your ideas can’t be any worse than theirs. and while at it, look up the meaning of sedition, “an attempt by other than physical means to overthrow a duly elected government.” This is what you have been supporting since the day Trump was elected. Get over it, or pay the price. (Jail comes to mind.)

  16. Jeanine says:

    we are ranchers, and our market has been down ever since Congress let Canada and Mexico tell us we are not allowed to label our meat as born and raised in the USA. It’s about time we had someone with the balls to stand up for AMERICA, and not some other county. The Betty’s and Joe the plumbers can whine and cry all they want, but we haven’t had a President who stood up for this country like President Trump does. He might not always go about things the right way, but he is determined to do what he campaigned on. What other politician can claim that? At least he is trying to get fair trade for us. To bad all the democrats know how to do is nothing. Wish I could collect a big fat paycheck for sitting on my butt doing nothing.

    • Carolyn Allen says:

      You forgot that they do nothing but bitch, whine and moan..They haven’t done anything to help Our Country after all the crap Obama did to harm Our Country..They just sat back and let him do it and still let him do it .Election day is coming and We the People will be voting you traitors out so prepare for retirement or the unemployment line.. LOSER’S..

    • patricia overbey says:

      Amen my thoughts exactly President is doing what he promised to do. That is everything the left tries to stop him on the wall immigration etc etc They can not get over the fact hillary lost 8 VERY LONG YEARS with Obama did a lot of damage to our Beloved America. Here is just a side story we live in a semi rural area of Pa on one of our routes [popular through fare a lot of traffic]you have to go around a sharp curve & the road either bares to the right or bares to the left. On the right hand side of the road this house with a large porch has a cloth large sign [believe me when I tell you the first time I saw it I almost went off the road] Michele Obama 2020. God help us.

  17. PJ says:

    I am no economist, but this China issue is simple and the application of common sense and intelligient thought cover this easily. In short, China has skewed the markets for years, committed to resolving issues with how they trade and work with other countries only to break their committments constantly and smile amd say “so sorry” and continue the same pattern over and over again. The ONLY way to handle them, and the only thing they understand, is strength and commitment to self. For the first time since the cold war ended (and before) we are finally standing firm, tall, tough and strong. Yes, there will be some pain and downside. But the benefit to the US will be enormous, if we stay the course and this will also benefit the general world economy as well. Only a complete idiot would argue this point or not be able to see this.

  18. Steve Gant Sr says:

    The Dems have done NOTHING to help this country. They are liars and cheats and have no interest in helping Americans. They are a bunch of poor losers who want to live behind their high walls and laugh at how they are trying to hurt true Americans. President Trump, keep up the GREAT job you are doing!!!!!!!!!

  19. The Real Joe the Plumber says:

    Trump has no clue about how tariffs affect our economy, it deeply hurts the farmers and all tariffs are paid for by American citizens if they want to buy the Chinese products. He also is clueless about environment, Iran, Yemen, hiring honorable and honest people, using the Attorney General for his own attorney while Barr should be America’s attorney and responding to all the subpoenas. He covers Trump’s ass while Trump kisses Putin’s ass. The corruption is beyond belief, all on the Republican side, they are amoral and immoral depending on the person.

    • David Allen says:

      is joe the moron one of those bot. amoral and immoral is depending on using a real word or slang, The rest of your wet-brain epiphany is far too ridiculous to comment on

    • Den says:

      Your an ass…The USMCA has 3-4xbetter benefits “For Farmers” due to the ACTUAL amount of agricultural trade we do with Mexico and Canada. Check your facts or stick to Plumbing !!!!!

    • Hay JOE Where have you been for the last 30 YRS or so, The Damacrats Like the Kennedys, Old Man JOE, John, Bobby Poor Monro both were Doing Her, Teddy the Drowner, Johnson Billy Boy, and BOBALOO, IMMORAL BS MISTER!

    • willard weems says:

      I hope you are a better plumber than evaluating someones knowledge about the US economy and how tarrifs work. The only thing you got right is if Americans buy chinese products! You act as if China is the only product producing country in the world! Still butt hurt from Trump winning the General Election in 2016. Well buckle up because he will most likely win again in 2020 and No, he does not kiss anyone’s Ass, that is why you guys on the left don’t like him!! Have a nice day, buttercup!!

    • Carolyn Allen says:

      Obama and Hillary kiss Russia ass..If you so remember Obama telling Putin on a open Mike I can do more when I am in the White House..Hillary likes their money and has taken it very freely over the years..Plus don’t forget Uranium One where she sold Our Countries Uranium and the Clinton’s reap the rewards..

    • patricia overbey says:

      stick to your plumbing. Joe

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Hey Joe the false “plumber”, we cannot sustain the nearly one way trade with communist China in which they impose huge tariffs on our imports to them and we have none on their’s. This is unastainable and cannot be continued to the point that China will eventually own us and put us into debt that we will never get out of . I’m sure that there will be suffering on our side which cannot be helped but we eventually will come out as winners with a one to one fair trade agreement which is as it should be or no trade with them at all stupid.

  20. Stegonaut says:

    Schumer almost rhymes with Chamberlain, especially in the political sense.

    • William 05 15 says:

      I know exactly what you mean.. Chamberlain should’ve been shot for what he did to the crown during the war.. He was a limp wristed brit.

  21. Helene says:

    Mr President please don’t trust any Democrats, they are all liars and want to destroy you and American. Hilary sold out the country to the Islam and all the high leaders with Obama stolen trillions to support our enemy the ISLAM the Iranian ave IRANIAN trillions to produce Nuclear.Never trust them. They want to destroy us not to cooperate as they said. All liars and deceit

  22. Earl says:

    Once again the DumbocRATS are trying to “GET” President Trump, no matter what it does to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. The DumbocRATS are willing to throw the AMERICAN PEOPLE UNDER THE BUS. IS THIS THE TYPE OF PEOPLE RUNNING OUR COUNTRY? VOTE FOR AMERICA, VOTE BRIGHT VERY BRIGHT RED.

  23. helene says:

    don’t back down, they need our market to sell all their products we are the only country buy so much and we have money. They cannot find any market as our market and our people have money. S o they are so scare to loose our market .They used very cheap labor and the Chinese people have to work at any kind of cheap labor. under to make a living , you don’t know how the life of people under Communist regime,. all countries want to get into our market at any price.. We are the biggest market in the world , and have money.

  24. Betty says:

    Another four years of CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump is the Worst News ever for Americans from New England to California.

    • NavyPO says:

      I am a very old man and Donald Trump is one of the best best Presidents in my lifetime. You must “work” for the Government!

      • stella Honeycutt says:

        NavyPO. I am 83 years old and have voted both way. JFK was a good President. Ron Reagan was a Good President. The only one I did not agree with was Obama. His move on Iran and their policies were not the thing to do and that is my personal Opinion.

        • ron kessinger says:

          Navy AMS 2, 83 yo. Hornet, Bon Homme Richard. Bombed 30,000 civilians in Sumatra for : “SHELL OIL” Didn’t know this at the time. But thats what we do with our military. 800 bases around the globe. We invade their country, they come here. Nature seeks a balance. Electronic warfare, on the menu. I liked the Navy.

    • jack Irvin says:

      Typical liberal, most intelligent thing you do is make up names

    • Leroy says:

      Spoken like a true liberal

    • Bob says:

      Says the fool

    • Steven says:

      Betty. You’re such a TOOL. First understand ECONOMICS and then understand FINANCE before you shoot off your mouth. This country has been used and abused for years by other countries and you continue to support them regardless of how unfair it is to us.

      • Connie says:

        Betty you must like men like obamination….spineless, weak and hate America . I can’t even feel sorry for you cause you’re pathetic

    • Daniel Brofford says:

      Hey sweaty Betty if you think that after the tax cut, the biggest cut in regulations in our countries history that has helped the economy so much, that Trump is crazy then we know what you are. The highest stock market ever, the lowest unemployment for minorities and women EVER, GDP over 4% in a lot of the quarters and over 3% for the year when Obama could never achieve 2% and said that was the new normal and the jobs were never coming back, what did Trump have a magic wand he said. They thought Hillary was going to win so we would never know about the illegal things they did. I know you people thought that Trump was going to be arrested but now that you know that’s not going to happen I’ll let you in on a lil secret. The democrats are going to start being arrested probably next month in June. Watch for Comey, Brennan& clapper to be arrested followed by some of the Congress people. Adam Schiff, fat boy Nadler, Pelosi, and some babes you won’t even recognize but you will know they are one of your people because CNN & MSNBC will be crying about it until the FCC shuts those channels down lol. It’s going to be a great summer in the year of 2019.

    • david James allen says:

      Sure your right, 3.6 unemployment, strongest economy in decades, highway and infrastructure, urban renew projects across the country. Cities considered loss Gary,IN, Toledo OH. Detroit, MI. Mineral Wells, WV. etc. etc. because “Their Jobs were lost to technology” (barrack o.) are coming back strong, not only are the Companies moving back form “technology” where that is? New ones are starting up. Even after 8 yrs. of the Obama Nation the percentage of Americans on gov. assistance reached 34% So for 64% (and probably half of the 34%) of Americans President Donald (that graduated from Wharton Business after Harvard, & Fordham top of his classes) can only serve for another four years is bad news, So Betty for you to label someone with the Scholastic and Business Achievements as well as becoming President of The United States of America as CRAZY and D for DUMB you must have of hell of a life achievement story to tell about yourself.

    • Connie says:

      If that’s how you feel betty, go to another country and see if you get away with saying things against the leaders like you so about our President. Enjoy!

    • Jimmie Chesser says:

      If u don’t like it feel free to move betty we had to put with Obama’s crimes you either put up with trump trying to recover us from his sorry self serving as s. And basically hi being our country as s away thing u could do betty is move.

    • patricia overbey says:

      Betty honey get your head out of the sand.

    • patricia overbey says:

      Betty honey get your head out of the dand.

    • Ted rigger says:

      You can call him crazy all you want, but for him, we would be living in Venezuela Norte! You and Joe the plumb are not very smart at least not smart enough to see the forest for the trees. MAGA. God bless Trump. God Bless America.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Betty you are as I said before a retarded cockroach Trump-hating a-hole but what I have said just might be insulting to all cockroaches so I owe them an apology.

  25. W/minimal elaborations: vote out all incumbents, including, for the first time”my guy”!! ( or gal)!

  26. Hugh Lake. Jr says:

    Short and sweet I no longer going to be a Democrat. They lie, they cheat the American taxpayers. Here it is President Donald Trump again President Donald Trump 20/20

  27. jack says:

    The Donald and his team know what they’re doin’. Shmucker & peelousy are in the clouds.

  28. Richard says:

    The Demorats are out for one thing and one thing only, and that is being in power. They most definitely do not have the best interest of America in my mind. Just look at the policies they are introducing it is obvious what they are up to. A RINO is also just a DEMORAT in sheep’s clothing and we cannot trust them. Remember John McCaine RINO deluxe. President Trump most definitely has the countries best interest at heart. He does not need the job or the money but he is doing the job. Speaks volumes about him. I support the President now and in 2020. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Thank you President Trump.

  29. H Lee says:

    Trump knows what a POS schumer is. Trump would not trust schumer in any shape, form, or reason. schumer is a poisonous snake and will bite whenever anything /anybody is close enough.

    • John T O'Brien says:

      couldn’t agree more

    • David Dench says:

      Amen H Lee I can’t believe that these people are actually blowing off their jobs to continue to sabotage the administration at every turn. They are openly committing treason and they don’t give a damn who sees it. These rodents deserve to be shot dead

  30. Eldon Hamm says:

    Schumer is a liar a crook a jerk and a no good sob

  31. elgavilansegoviano says:

    Chuck Schumer is a RAT, you cannot trust him for Nothing!!,…

  32. Mike says:

    With democrats and most republican globalist, it’s all about political advantages.
    It has nothing to do with the sovereignty of America.
    Remember, just like you can always trust a communist to be a communist, you can trust democrats to be a democrat!!
    RINOS are no different.
    What they fear more than anything is the American people being educated and wise to their tactics of lining their own pockets.

    • Alan Wright says:

      Very well stated, “Mike”, very well indeed!

    • patricia overbey says:

      Excellent Congress needs term limits then maybe they will serve “We the People” as they were voted into do. All of Congress. God bless President Trump. Trump 2020.

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