Chuck Schumer just asked the military to do this crazy thing to Donald Trump

Democrats are not handling their defeat on impeachment well.

From the top on down Democrats are losing their minds at an alarming rate.

And now Chuck Schumer just asked the military to do this crazy thing to Donald Trump.

During the impeachment witch hunt a group of bureaucrats staged a mutiny against President Trump.

They gossiped amongst themselves about the administration’s Ukraine policy and invented a fairy tale about a pressure campaign to enact a quid pro quo over releasing military aid only after the Ukrainian government agreed to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.

This all started with alleged whistleblower and CIA officer Eric Ciaramella filing a phony complaint about a July 25 phone call between President Trump and the new Ukrainian President.

In Ciaramella’s complaint, Ciaramella claimed all his knowledge of the July 25 call came from other officials that participated.
It quickly became clear that one of the rats that fed information to Ciaramella was National Security Council staffer Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman.

Vindman later testified before Congress that he was concerned about the President’s call because he thought investigation the Biden’s would cost Ukraine Democratic support in Congress.

After the impeachment hoax ended in defeat, President Trump removed Lt. Colonel Vindman from the National Security Council and returned him to the Pentagon – which had loaned him out to the NSC and where Vindman was due to return in a matter of months.
This was a perfectly understandable decision.

Vindman sat in on the July 25 call and snitched to Ciaramella.

Later on – when Vindman testified – he made it clear he disagreed with the President’s foreign policy.

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats thought they could make political hay out of his personnel decision.

Chuck Schumer wrote a letter to Defense Department Inspector General Glenn Fine demanding an investigation into retaliation against whistleblowers.

“Without the courage of whistleblowers and the role of Inspectors General, the American people may never have known how the President abused his power in the Ukraine scandal. It is incumbent on you that whistleblowers . . . are protected for doing what we hope and expect those who serve our country will do when called: tell the truth,” Schumer wrote.

Vindman betrayed the President by leaking to an Obama holdover at the CIA and then publically testifying on his objections to the President’s Ukraine policy.

The President has a right to a staff that is loyal and shares his vision.

Vindman did not check either of those boxes.

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115 Responses

  1. Marilyn says:

    I remember some years ago they were saying that if the people only knew how many communists were in D.C. we’d shake in our boots. Seems they were right!

  2. D.A.N. says:

    Dr. J. D., Alex Vindmann said he went to his brother for legal military advice on the phone call. He bypassed his chain of command. His brother did discuss it with him before he talked to Mr. Morrison. They both need busted to 2Lt and sent to Ft Greely. To count snowflakes at opposite ends of the base. If the counts match, send them back out again. If the counts don’t match, send them both back out again.

  3. Proud vet says:

    Communist Schumer is not the commander-in-chief of the military Trump is and Trump needs to do exactly to Schumer what he wanted the military to do to him on steroids

  4. Patriot says:

    As Trump is the commander in chief, vindman serves at the President’s pleasure. The President can PCS him anywhere he wants. Too bad it wasn’t to prison for traitorous acts.

  5. neo anderson says:

    I can’t wait till when a “whistle blower” rats out on of the high ranking democrats ….then watch them go on a rampage trying to make sure the whistle blower never sees the light of day again…Oh ! wait they already have Julian Assange….but they call him a traitor…mmm

  6. Mary says:

    The Democrats will do and try anything to try and get President Trump. To see the evil ways of the Democrats is very enlightening about how the devil works at their mind’s at least what’s left of their mind’s.

  7. The democrats are losing money, as well as their affiliates. It’s one big organization that has been brought to it’s knees, it’s starting to sound like a boring mafia movie.

  8. A S K says:

    There had better be executions for this coup against our president. The whole nation , the whole world is watching. Ethel Rosenberg was executed for much less .

  9. The Eradicator says:

    Joe Bob, One of my grandfather’s nickname was Joe Bob and your name is bringing back old childhood memories! This is the only time I have ever run across his name!

  10. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Unless Vindman is the whistle blower, he doesn’t get the whistle blower “protection”. And since he testified under oath that he wasn’t, he better not be!

  11. The Eradicator says:

    Would someone please check to see if Ms Chuckles Schumer really wears Victoria’s Secret matching thong panties and bra? I heard it through the grapevine!
    Yes, that is ridiculous but, not quite as ridiculous as Chuck Schumer is!
    It is hard to believe these Dems are not incarcerated in a mental hospital, locked up as a danger to themselves! They keep attacking out of the same old playbook using the same old tactics! There is not one original idea or thought in any of them!
    Lord help us all……………????????

  12. Joe Bob says:

    Dr. J D or is it Jackass Dickhead, and Sandy. I’d like to kick both your liberal asses. Scumbags like yourselves deserve to be run over by a drunk illegal alien better known as a democrat voter!

  13. Trump 20/20 Who’s with me ,i hope he cleans more of the swamp every day, screw Obama’s people!!!!

  14. Kat says:

    Just think Schumer is still in congress and will continue to cause problems. We the people must vote him out.
    Here’s another piece of stupid news. Vindman a liar, cheat , cant follow chain of command is being assigned to a college. Just what the Army needs to be teaching cadets…I dont think this is a smart move by the Army. If I was Trump the Army chief would be gone… vindman sent to a office to do nothing and then passed over for promotion and that would give him his walking papers. As it stands now he has enough time in grade to be considered for promotion.

  15. Sean Parnell, MSgt says:

    Both Vindman brothers should be court-martialed and dishonorably discharged. Standing orders exist prohibiting disclosure of information to unauthorized individuals. It is also a violation of the UCMJ to publiclydisagree with the Commander-in-Chief.
    LtCols Vindman have BOTH be guilty of these offenses. Additional charges should include Conduct Unbecoming an Officer, Conduct against good order and discipline, and Failure to observe the Chain of Command.

    Sean Parnell, MSgt, USAF, Ret.

  16. Jan13 says:

    What’s the matter, Chuck? Still need your moles to try to kick President Trump out of office? I’d like to see, hear what goes on in your office, I’m sure it’s a lot worse than anything President Trump has even thought of doing.
    I’m sorry to have to admit I reside in NYS, with you, Cuomo, and the cesspool NYC
    state reps in Albany dictating how us “hicks” have to live.

  17. Dr. J. D.. says:

    Senators Collins was quoted in interviews saying she thought Trump “had learned a lesson when getting impeached.” Trump’s attacks on Sondman, Vindman (and his brother that was not involved at all in any testimony etc.), like Trump petty vindictiveness against Sessions, Tillerson, and all the former generals on his staff shows not only does Trump not learn from people, but he thinks he is running a Banana Republic.

  18. SANDY says:


  19. Mac says:

    Looks like soros money is making its rounds ! And they all are jumping in the devils crip. That’s all I gave to say. They are selling their souls to the devil left and right. They will all pay

  20. LeGrand Britton Eadie says:

    Why do we have such traitors in our government?

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