Chuck Schumer just asked the military to do this crazy thing to Donald Trump

Democrats are not handling their defeat on impeachment well.

From the top on down Democrats are losing their minds at an alarming rate.

And now Chuck Schumer just asked the military to do this crazy thing to Donald Trump.

During the impeachment witch hunt a group of bureaucrats staged a mutiny against President Trump.

They gossiped amongst themselves about the administration’s Ukraine policy and invented a fairy tale about a pressure campaign to enact a quid pro quo over releasing military aid only after the Ukrainian government agreed to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.

This all started with alleged whistleblower and CIA officer Eric Ciaramella filing a phony complaint about a July 25 phone call between President Trump and the new Ukrainian President.

In Ciaramella’s complaint, Ciaramella claimed all his knowledge of the July 25 call came from other officials that participated.
It quickly became clear that one of the rats that fed information to Ciaramella was National Security Council staffer Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman.

Vindman later testified before Congress that he was concerned about the President’s call because he thought investigation the Biden’s would cost Ukraine Democratic support in Congress.

After the impeachment hoax ended in defeat, President Trump removed Lt. Colonel Vindman from the National Security Council and returned him to the Pentagon – which had loaned him out to the NSC and where Vindman was due to return in a matter of months.
This was a perfectly understandable decision.

Vindman sat in on the July 25 call and snitched to Ciaramella.

Later on – when Vindman testified – he made it clear he disagreed with the President’s foreign policy.

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats thought they could make political hay out of his personnel decision.

Chuck Schumer wrote a letter to Defense Department Inspector General Glenn Fine demanding an investigation into retaliation against whistleblowers.

“Without the courage of whistleblowers and the role of Inspectors General, the American people may never have known how the President abused his power in the Ukraine scandal. It is incumbent on you that whistleblowers . . . are protected for doing what we hope and expect those who serve our country will do when called: tell the truth,” Schumer wrote.

Vindman betrayed the President by leaking to an Obama holdover at the CIA and then publically testifying on his objections to the President’s Ukraine policy.

The President has a right to a staff that is loyal and shares his vision.

Vindman did not check either of those boxes.

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115 Responses

  1. I have had enough of this slow-talking parrots beak with glasses.

  2. GHD says:

    All you ever do, Trumpers, is to throw mud at anyone who disagrees with your CULT LEADER, so that makes at least 60 people who have left government service since Trump (largest turnover on any American president), and all those people who risked their careers standing up against law violations. To withhold aid to Ukraine, was a law violation according to the GAO. To use the money to get dirt on Bidens for Trump was Bribery/’extortion. To obstruct justice, like Trump and his people did to hide the information where no one can see it, is a law violation called obstruction of justice. You right wingnuts went crazy because Clinton lied about an affair, and yet only make excuses when Trump violates law after law. Hypocrites!

  3. Jon Lee says:

    Upchuck Tumor should be tarred and feathered hosswhipped strung up and shot

  4. John Colwell says:

    Enough of Schumer and Pelosi Throw em both in jail and throw the key away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  6. Braveryder says:

    To Bill who commented on Feb. 12
    Thank you for your poignant comment. I agreed with you totally.

  7. P Lightfoot says:

    Vindman should be charged with leaking government secret information to the public through an unknown source and charged accordingly

  8. P Lightfoot says:

    Vindman should be charged with leaking government secret information to the public through an unknown source and charged accordingly

  9. P Lightfoot says:

    Vindman should be charged with leaking government secret information to the public through an unknown source and charged accordingly

  10. Oscar Laprucas says:

    Mister Vindman should be court martial led for insubordination !!!!

  11. BobL. says:

    Schroomer is as crooked as a dog with four hind legs and a spiral tail. He needs to go polish his head.

  12. Barbara Cook says:

    We need to elect these corrupt and crooked Democrats out of office this Presidential Election and during the mid-terms when it is time for the mid-terms.

    Pelosi and Schumer and Shiffty Shiff should also be elected out of office, because, they are going to continue to attack President Donald J Trump and his whole administration once President Trump get’s re-elected back into the White House this November’s Presidential Election. We need new candidate’s in the Government that will work with President trump and his whole administration for the next 4 more year’s. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. bob jones says:

    i don’t know how an idiot like vindman got his position to start with. chuck schemur is a waste of tax payers money.

  14. Scott27 says:

    Welcome to the world’s newest banana republic. We can’t have anyone telling the American people the truth, now can we?

  15. Donald Cook says:

    Chuck needs to be Investigated for everything . He is a disgrace to America and to the Democrats, although the Democrats are a disgrace to America also. It is time to clean the Swamp. Vote Trump 2020 and Republic forever.

  16. Randy Humphries says:

    Vindman should be dishonorably discharged for insubordination! Conspiring against the commander in chief is not what a stand up officer does.

  17. Bill says:

    Anything that causes the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, etc. any displeasure gives me much pleasure watching them squirm. For more than three years I have observed how the Democratic party leadership has tried to deep six everything President Trump has tried to do. It comes down to one thing. The Democrats are in a tizzy because President Trump isn’t running the country like they tell him to. Ain’t life wonderful?

  18. jc says:

    POTUS only asked for an investigation not a conviction. If there is nothing to find, what IS THE PROBLEM. The problem is that there is a problem with the bidens and everyone knows it. the DEMOS are trying to cover it up.

  19. Robert Loges says:

    Schumer must be eliminated…permanently. I’m tired of his treasonous behavior along with Pelosi, Shiff and Jerry Nadler. Time for true patriots to rise up and trample these degenerates under their feet. Enough is enough patriots.

  20. jj says:

    Vindman isn’t what they are making him out to be read this

    this is what this jerk is all about

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