Chuck Schumer just asked the military to do this crazy thing to Donald Trump

Democrats are not handling their defeat on impeachment well.

From the top on down Democrats are losing their minds at an alarming rate.

And now Chuck Schumer just asked the military to do this crazy thing to Donald Trump.

During the impeachment witch hunt a group of bureaucrats staged a mutiny against President Trump.

They gossiped amongst themselves about the administration’s Ukraine policy and invented a fairy tale about a pressure campaign to enact a quid pro quo over releasing military aid only after the Ukrainian government agreed to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.

This all started with alleged whistleblower and CIA officer Eric Ciaramella filing a phony complaint about a July 25 phone call between President Trump and the new Ukrainian President.

In Ciaramella’s complaint, Ciaramella claimed all his knowledge of the July 25 call came from other officials that participated.
It quickly became clear that one of the rats that fed information to Ciaramella was National Security Council staffer Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman.

Vindman later testified before Congress that he was concerned about the President’s call because he thought investigation the Biden’s would cost Ukraine Democratic support in Congress.

After the impeachment hoax ended in defeat, President Trump removed Lt. Colonel Vindman from the National Security Council and returned him to the Pentagon – which had loaned him out to the NSC and where Vindman was due to return in a matter of months.
This was a perfectly understandable decision.

Vindman sat in on the July 25 call and snitched to Ciaramella.

Later on – when Vindman testified – he made it clear he disagreed with the President’s foreign policy.

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats thought they could make political hay out of his personnel decision.

Chuck Schumer wrote a letter to Defense Department Inspector General Glenn Fine demanding an investigation into retaliation against whistleblowers.

“Without the courage of whistleblowers and the role of Inspectors General, the American people may never have known how the President abused his power in the Ukraine scandal. It is incumbent on you that whistleblowers . . . are protected for doing what we hope and expect those who serve our country will do when called: tell the truth,” Schumer wrote.

Vindman betrayed the President by leaking to an Obama holdover at the CIA and then publically testifying on his objections to the President’s Ukraine policy.

The President has a right to a staff that is loyal and shares his vision.

Vindman did not check either of those boxes.

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108 Responses

  1. Herm says:

    Even a PFC knows that you do not have to agree with your superiors orders, but you do have to obey them and not go around shooting your mouth off that you know better than they do!

  2. Varmint says:

    Yes this punk A$$ traitor that tried to frame our President should be stripped of all military benifits and kicked into the street and damn sure not in the pentagon!

  3. Bill says:

    I trust Chuck Schumer about as far as I can throw that ass that is his party’s logo. Which, as you might guess, is not one inch. In fact, the way old Chuckie drops his eyeglasses to the end of his nose and pontificates on everything makes it appear he is acting as his party’s symbol would. He has an opinion on every subject and I can’t find anything he has ever been right about. His mantra is if Trump backs anything, he opposes it regardless of how a proposal would help the country. Schumer acts more like a fussy old maid than a senior U.S. Senator.

  4. Philip smon says:

    When you interview Hook Nose charley, what would you expect from a moron Jew like him.

  5. 11B10Grunt says:

    ALL demoRACIST(including voters) are POS SCUM and ALL MUST BE ERADICATED ..ASAP!!

  6. Michel Carchano says:

    Treason is punishable by DEATH I always wanted to watch a firing squad.

  7. Lyudmila says:

    And did Chuck Schumer think, why do we need a military lieutenant colonel who once betrayed his commander in chief? Can soldiers entrust their life to him if they need to go into battle? because once betrayed – can betray again.

  8. AKRabbitt says:

    I truly believe that POTUS Has EVERY RIGHT to call on this Coward to be called out and Crucified. He leaked, disobeyed Direct Orders, and has been labeled by his Superiors as a know Leaker. He should be stripped of rank, Dishonorably Discharged and put into GITMO, as the TRAITOR HE IS!

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