Chuck Schumer just asked Donald Trump to admit this massive defeat

Chuck Schumer and Donald Trump are locked in a fight that could determine the President’s 2020 re-election chances.

Democrats know, if they win this fight, President Trump’s 2020 re-election chances plummet.

And now Chuck Schumer just asked Donald Trump to admit this massive defeat.

Schumer and the Democrats believe if President Trump does not show progress on building the wall, then his base will not turn out in 2020.

Democrats convincing President George H.W. Bush to break his “read my lips” pledge on taxes before losing the 1992 election is the template they operate under.

Schumer is trying to recreate that by asking the President to withdraw his five billion dollars in funding requests for the border wall and instead use it to fund programs combating white supremacy and researching gun violence.

Politico reports:

— SCHUMER in a statement to Playbook: “The dual scourges of gun violence and violent white supremacist extremism in this country are a national security threat plain and simple, and it’s time the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress starting treating them as such. Now Republicans and this administration need to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to addressing gun violence and stopping the rise of domestic terrorism, especially stemming from white supremacy. Democrats are prepared to work in a bipartisan fashion to respond to Director Wray’s clarion call on a briefing call with Senate Democrats last week for additional resources to address this national security crisis on our own soil.”

Democrats believe they have President Trump and Republicans on the rope on issues surrounding guns and white supremacy because the shooter in El Paso targeted Mexicans and issued a racist manifesto before his act of madness.

The media will certainly echo Democrat Party talking points about how the wall doesn’t protect America and that white supremacy and guns are the true threats the government should worry about.

But following that advice will have disastrous consequences for the President.

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132 Responses

  1. Roy Sutton says:

    Schumer is trying to bait him. They’re trying to goad him into abandoning the things most Americans want, that is, secure our border and leave the 2nd Amendment alone. Schumer has to be pretty stupid to even think Trump would fall for that kind of BS.

  2. Phyllis says:

    Yes! The massive mistake is the liberals refusing to fund the wall and refusing to help the President stop, illegal invaders. They are making themselves look like the Anti American fools they are. The American people want and need that wall, but they do not want or need gun control.

  3. Lyudmila says:

    Does the Democrats have at least a minimal chance of victory?

  4. Thomas says:

    If congress really wanted to reduce mass shootings and criminal power it would pass
    The sheep dog rule “ any one licensed to carry in their home state can carry any where
    Armed guards are not provided to protect the unarmed public ,vehicle to event to vehicle”

  5. Linda says:

    I agree. Get that darn Wall done. Protect the people of this country. Even the dancing demo’s who are the most out of touch people in this Country.
    No gun control laws or restrictions. The gun is not broken. Our mentally ill are broken.

  6. Roy Sutton says:

    Trump’s re-election does not hinge on the wall being built. Knowing how the Democrats are fighting him tooth and nail, he will be re-elected to give him a second term to finish all he can of what he started. His base will not abandon him because of Democrats struggle for power. Packing the Supreme Court will be a travesty to Justice and should not be tolerated by the American people.

  7. ROBERTW says:


  8. Allan Terry says:

    Very true. What I fear most is VOTER FRAUD that is highest in Democrat controlled cities. These hypocrites claim Donald Trump “stole the election” from Hillary Clinton in 2016, yet the oppose voter ID laws, clean-up of voter roles, and other needed process reforms.

  9. Allan Terry says:

    “Compromise” to a Democrat politician means doing it their way. If they can’t get what they want, they will accept 51% for now and keep returning to settled issues year-after-year. The most obvious example is their “common sense” gun control legislation. Most of these laws have been tried at the state level and have been proven ineffective in stopping criminals.

  10. Allan Terry says:

    Despite the constant personal attacks, President Trump has made progress toward his MAGA goals. The Democrats , supported by the biased Leftist mainstream media, have spent the last year doing little more than investigating Trump and his administration–based upon fake news and outright lies. What positive things have Democrat members of Congress done this year to benefit U.S. citizens? They are trying to block construction of a border wall, which we need to keep criminals, illegal drugs, and illegal guns out. Instead, their solution to these problems is to gradually disarm law abiding citizens, keep borders open, destroy ICE, and raise taxes to pay for more “freebies” which attract more invaders. Keep it up, Pelosi, Schumer, and AOC. The “buyer’s remorse” grows daily among (former and current) registered Democrat voters who are angry. They see the hypocrisy and will return a GOP majority in Congress in November 2020.

  11. Richard Parker says:

    Schumer you will never beat President Trump. You got to be intelligent to do that and you’ve shown that you have none. You are what we as Americans call a do nothing person. All you do is run your mouth like most of your Democratic dumbasses do. Do you really think that you and the rest of your Dems. need a vacation? You have done nothing to deserve it. If you was worried about anything that matters you would be at work trying to resolve the issues at hand. But for some reason you and your cronies think taking a break in the middle of all this crap that the Dems got started is a good thing. Nope you’re wrong again. This is why the dumbass Dems will lose in 2020. You can’t get anything done with idiots in the House. Your job is useless to us Americans when the person that has does nothing. Do us all a favor and stay where you are and we will put someone there that can do a lot better job than you have ever done. You are stealing your paycheck like the rest of the Dems. And that sucks for the American people.

  12. barry1817 says:

    shouldn’t Schumer step aside, white supremicist, white privileged, old white guy that has done nothing that anyone in his district can name that benefited this country. What a walking pile of rotting fecal matter. Needs to be put in the reclamation center.

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