Chuck Schumer just asked Donald Trump to admit this massive defeat

Chuck Schumer and Donald Trump are locked in a fight that could determine the President’s 2020 re-election chances.

Democrats know, if they win this fight, President Trump’s 2020 re-election chances plummet.

And now Chuck Schumer just asked Donald Trump to admit this massive defeat.

Schumer and the Democrats believe if President Trump does not show progress on building the wall, then his base will not turn out in 2020.

Democrats convincing President George H.W. Bush to break his “read my lips” pledge on taxes before losing the 1992 election is the template they operate under.

Schumer is trying to recreate that by asking the President to withdraw his five billion dollars in funding requests for the border wall and instead use it to fund programs combating white supremacy and researching gun violence.

Politico reports:

— SCHUMER in a statement to Playbook: “The dual scourges of gun violence and violent white supremacist extremism in this country are a national security threat plain and simple, and it’s time the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress starting treating them as such. Now Republicans and this administration need to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to addressing gun violence and stopping the rise of domestic terrorism, especially stemming from white supremacy. Democrats are prepared to work in a bipartisan fashion to respond to Director Wray’s clarion call on a briefing call with Senate Democrats last week for additional resources to address this national security crisis on our own soil.”

Democrats believe they have President Trump and Republicans on the rope on issues surrounding guns and white supremacy because the shooter in El Paso targeted Mexicans and issued a racist manifesto before his act of madness.

The media will certainly echo Democrat Party talking points about how the wall doesn’t protect America and that white supremacy and guns are the true threats the government should worry about.

But following that advice will have disastrous consequences for the President.


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130 Responses

  1. Lyudmila says:

    Does the Democrats have at least a minimal chance of victory?

  2. Thomas says:

    If congress really wanted to reduce mass shootings and criminal power it would pass
    The sheep dog rule “ any one licensed to carry in their home state can carry any where
    Armed guards are not provided to protect the unarmed public ,vehicle to event to vehicle”

  3. ROBERTW says:


    • Roy Sutton says:

      Trump’s re-election does not hinge on the wall being built. Knowing how the Democrats are fighting him tooth and nail, he will be re-elected to give him a second term to finish all he can of what he started. His base will not abandon him because of Democrats struggle for power. Packing the Supreme Court will be a travesty to Justice and should not be tolerated by the American people.

    • Linda says:

      I agree. Get that darn Wall done. Protect the people of this country. Even the dancing demo’s who are the most out of touch people in this Country.
      No gun control laws or restrictions. The gun is not broken. Our mentally ill are broken.

  4. Allan Terry says:

    Despite the constant personal attacks, President Trump has made progress toward his MAGA goals. The Democrats , supported by the biased Leftist mainstream media, have spent the last year doing little more than investigating Trump and his administration–based upon fake news and outright lies. What positive things have Democrat members of Congress done this year to benefit U.S. citizens? They are trying to block construction of a border wall, which we need to keep criminals, illegal drugs, and illegal guns out. Instead, their solution to these problems is to gradually disarm law abiding citizens, keep borders open, destroy ICE, and raise taxes to pay for more “freebies” which attract more invaders. Keep it up, Pelosi, Schumer, and AOC. The “buyer’s remorse” grows daily among (former and current) registered Democrat voters who are angry. They see the hypocrisy and will return a GOP majority in Congress in November 2020.

  5. Richard Parker says:

    Schumer you will never beat President Trump. You got to be intelligent to do that and you’ve shown that you have none. You are what we as Americans call a do nothing person. All you do is run your mouth like most of your Democratic dumbasses do. Do you really think that you and the rest of your Dems. need a vacation? You have done nothing to deserve it. If you was worried about anything that matters you would be at work trying to resolve the issues at hand. But for some reason you and your cronies think taking a break in the middle of all this crap that the Dems got started is a good thing. Nope you’re wrong again. This is why the dumbass Dems will lose in 2020. You can’t get anything done with idiots in the House. Your job is useless to us Americans when the person that has does nothing. Do us all a favor and stay where you are and we will put someone there that can do a lot better job than you have ever done. You are stealing your paycheck like the rest of the Dems. And that sucks for the American people.

  6. barry1817 says:

    shouldn’t Schumer step aside, white supremicist, white privileged, old white guy that has done nothing that anyone in his district can name that benefited this country. What a walking pile of rotting fecal matter. Needs to be put in the reclamation center.



  8. Robert McFate says:

    If the DemonRATs think there is a need for more money to be thrown at another of their pet peeves why don’t they take it out of one of their pet projects like welfare?

  9. Bill says:

    President Trump would be a damned fool to accept any advice from someone like Schumer. He is telling the President to ignore his supporters and govern the way the Democrats want you to do. One thing old Schumer must realize is President Trump is NOT a damned fool.

    • Allan Terry says:

      “Compromise” to a Democrat politician means doing it their way. If they can’t get what they want, they will accept 51% for now and keep returning to settled issues year-after-year. The most obvious example is their “common sense” gun control legislation. Most of these laws have been tried at the state level and have been proven ineffective in stopping criminals.

  10. Frances Evans says:

    its not TRUMPS fault about the wall not being financed it you schummer and your cranky ole farts in congress who refuse to give what the people of America want SAFETY from criminals and then illegals who keep breaking our laws and you aid and abet them. if you love them so much then you get on the other side of the wall and govern over on the Mexican side because you sure in hell ain’t working for the American side we will vote for Trump wall or no wall as the really bad and the criminals we need to remove are in our CONGRESS! working against us and the President!!

  11. ILCon says:

    Chucky has the unmitigated gall to call gun violence and white supremacy “dual scourges”??? The only real “dual scourges” are the dems and their pals the MSM. All gun control legislation can do is make more victims as the criminals dont follow laws. Chuck and the dems should know that- they disregard laws all the time!

  12. Ernst says:

    I think there should be research done on the violent tendencies of Elizabeth Warren supporters per the shooter in Dayton, OH.

  13. Dayna says:

    We won’t blame President Trump if the wall isn’t built. The Dems are the reason it is not being built, and they have spent the last three years doing nothing but trying to take the president down. They are the ones who need to be impeached not the president. They are trying to destroy

  14. Jim says:

    El 2 face capo Schumer is a crying shame for us the Jews and Israel and a total Disgrace for the USA, hard to believe a Law Maker like him is protecting Law Breakers like the illegal aliens who are fugitives of the Law.
    Shame on you capo Schumer; you already forgot about the Holocaust by trying to Disarm Americans just like Hitler and Stalin did.

    TRUMP 2020

  15. John Decker says:

    If Chuckie is so adamant about getting his projects done, why doesn’t he run for President and do it himself? After all, he’s so popular with voters he’ll be a shoo in.

    • paulette says:

      thesse democrats are so upset that you are going to win they are doing and asking crazy things. of you. but you are not losing and you will continue to win until the fat lady sings and i am the fat lady. i am on the trump train and i want change so i amnot singiniuntil it is over. trump 2020……yeah. i would like to here how is with me. riding the trump train. 2020

  16. Jono says:

    It isn’t President Trump’s failure…. The combative dems put the kabosh on everything….. The dems should be held responsible for any wrongdoing by the illegal immigrants they ‘forced’ into our country!!!!!!!!

    • Truckman says:

      you got that right

    • Bob S says:

      The answer is simple, just vote out the democrats. Most of the gun violence is from the democrat side. I guess the democrats forget that there is real news out there we can watch and see for ourselves who these people are. The shooters are either Moslem or democrats. I think this election will be the biggest defeat the democrats have seen since Reagan.

  17. Joe Know says:

    Schumer needs to crawl back into the swamp & drown.

  18. Michael A. Gilliam says:

    The Wall not being built already is because of the democrats fighting Trump at every turn. Not only will his base vote for him in 2020 but after watching the democrats obstructionism on EVERY issue Trump will gain even MORE votes.

    • Bob S says:

      You’re right, the democrats are killing themselves over this. We all know that democrat judges are blocking Trump at ever turn and we the voters know that Trump is working very hard to fix our border even with the obstruction from the left. Trump will win more votes than even Reagan did.

    • Allan Terry says:

      Very true. What I fear most is VOTER FRAUD that is highest in Democrat controlled cities. These hypocrites claim Donald Trump “stole the election” from Hillary Clinton in 2016, yet the oppose voter ID laws, clean-up of voter roles, and other needed process reforms.

  19. Karl Stecher says:

    So one deranged shooter in Texas, who hated the invasion of his state and the abject failure of such people as O’Rourke to not only stop the invasion, but side with the invaders, puts Republicans on the ropes??? And nothing about Trump?
    No, Democrats should be on the ropes for the Dayton shooter, admirer of Antifa, Warren, and Sanders. And a registered Democrat.
    BTW…the Texas shooter was a registered Democrat. How does that put Republicans on the ropes.
    And one reason we have so many invaders is that Schumer has been blocking funding for Trump’s wall since he came into office.

  20. F.Saavedra says:

    Schumer and the rest of his croonies are bad losers do they think we the people believe that racism ,idiots with guns just started cause of pres.Trump I say look in the mirror take your blame how many years have you and your pals been in politics Trump exposed you all for what U R(swamp) IN GOD WE TRUST

  21. Frank2525 says:

    Comment #3, Correction of first two. (My children are 65, 63, and 60) and my Security Clearances like all, started with (Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, Top Secret (SI), and my clearances were all canceled on 1 November 1976, when I retired. All military or civilian clearances should be cleared, and canceled, with a de-briefing, at end of each unit, or service. NO one should carry security clearance into retirement, for EGO purposes.

  22. I just read an article from Montana,a man, hit an 8 year old little girl in the head with a shovel, raped her and then killed her. To listen to Democrats the only killings that matter are the ones with a gun involved. There was no gun used in this death. And don’t wastes your time saying there wasn’t something seriously wrong in this person’s mind. President Trump said there is no treatment for mentally ill people. They shut down a place here in my state that did treat people with mental issues. Our president wants to stop people from coming into Our country that are criminals, drug dealers, mentally sick and have long lists of crimes they are wanted for in their own countries and all you can do is shred him for caring. You have been after him since he decided to run for president. I would love to see both parties pull together,start getting things done to the satisfaction of the people you were elected to serve. Not to poorly try to make yourselves look good…….it is not work.

  23. Frank2525 says:

    Comment #2 Gun Control. I learned to shoot single shot 22 caliber rifle at age 13, taught by father. Same day, father taught my 11 year old brother, with a different 22 caliber, in different woods on our farm. Left us both with few bullets to squirrel hunt. He went to work. Each of or killed squirrels, and moved on through life to own guns. Bought my first rifle in Romney WVa in hardware store for $8.00 and $1.00 for box of 20 bullets, for Belgium 1935 Military Stock Rifle in very good shape. Still own that rifle, have killed deer with it in WVa. and moved it with my other weapons through my military years. Wife and I traveled 44 of the 50 states in our 67 years of marriage, this month. (Children are 65, 63, 30) and none of us has ever shot anyone, or at anyone. Had urge to a few times, and on 4 occasions , just showing I had weapon , not threatening, the bad gays looked for someone else.
    ———There has always been a weapon in my vehicle or campers, as we traveled, but have not done any in last 20 years. No longer hung or fish, but belong to NRA, because I believe in SECOND AMENDMENT, AS GOD GIVEN RIGHT. I have never felt I needed someone else to tell me, if I should be afraid for myself, for my family, or for my possessions. And I will not budge from that. –
    I will be very blunt. Democrats and Leftist should not be doing what they do, to be so afraid that someone is going to kill or injure them. If they believe in gun control, and that laws will protect them, then give up the body guards, and living in walled areas of cities, and live like the rest of us COMMON , TAX PAYING , VOTERS DO.

    • Will says:

      The problem is these a** holes know they deserve to be dead that`s why they are so afraid , and to be honesy if I screwed as many people over as they have I would be too. Gutless cowards — if they were not so crooked maybe they wouldn`t have to be so afraid .

  24. Deplorable Lanie says:

    The Democrats must think that President Trump is an idiot! Because that is what he would have to be to withdraw the $5 billion from the wall to “investigate white supremacists and gun violence “! We need that wall and quite a bit of crime and gun violence would stop.

    • Marta says:

      That’s exactly right !!!!
      Schumer, that POS snake is nothing but another Marxist, along with Pelosi, Gillibrand, Warren , Harris, Sanders, Biden and the rest of them !!!!
      All they want is POWER, so they would have full control over the American people and” fundamentally
      transform America” into a dictatorship like Cuba, China, Venezuela !!!!
      Hussein Obama was hoping to have Hillary continue his “ work” of destroying the country and we, the deplorable, dare to put a stop on their plan

      • Gideon Rockwell says:

        Your close. In case you haven’t heard, because few networks are talking about it, the Dems have been in Venezuela, Mexico, Guatemala and only God knows where else down south meeting with government heads. Why are they so bent on getting all these outsiders in country??? To displace the Conservatives as a major voting block. They are the 21st Century Bolsheviks. Their parents and grandparents and maybe great grandparents were the American Marxists that supported the Russian Marxists in the October 1917 Revolution and maintained ties to the Soviet Union throughout it’s history. Their endgame is what their elders always dreamed of, a Western Hemisphere Soviet Union.

      • LHGB says:


  25. Gideon Rockwell says:

    The Republicans and Democrats have this Charlie Brown and Lucy with the Football thing going on. For years there would be a battle waged over a particular legislation and the Republicans no good and well they are being led into a political trap yet they walk right into it. Just like Charlie knows he shouldn’t trust Lucy yet there he goes and just as he kicks at the ball Lucy yanks it away and Charlie busts his tail.That is where they are now. Gun Rights is the third rail of Constitutional Rights. We who follow the law, do all that is right and good, are tired of being punished for the acts of vile evil individuals by our elected officials. Remember when in the 1990s the Dems had both houses and the White House . They passed the Semi-Auto/Magazine capacity law and next election lost both houses for over 20 years. If any gun control is passed and the President sign it, it will be Trump’s read my lips moment and the Republicans can write off winning both Houses and the White House in 2020. Spend the money on the Wall and fight gun control tooth and nail. Schmucky Schumer is a weasel don’t trust him.

  26. SORAYA says:


  27. EDWARD W KISTNER says:

    chuckie scummer should do himself and the country a favor, and commit suicide…he is as retarded as his fat, disgusting relavative amy schumer.

    • Michael Lopez says:

      In order to provide safety to all American’s our southern boarder should have been secured right after 911.
      Homeland security should’ve already had the border secure.

    • Marta says:

      I agree!!!!
      A retard, a snake, loser, good for nothing who lives a fancy life, everything paid by our hard work !!!
      Shameless thug !!!!

  28. Frank2525 says:

    Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, and their Democrat Peers are fools. There is not White Supremacy, except in their talking points. I started work on farm as a child, and at 13, and 14, worked on Ohio Highway that in process of those years to be hardened, raised, due to dam built in 1935, and lake was rising. Cost Plus job, and lot of manual labor night and day, and I paid income tax those years. Graduated 1947, and worked 4 years, and Korean conflict caused my military service, which lasted nest 26 year (1950 to 1976) retiring as Master Sergeant, USAF. Entered service as HS graduate, retired with over 124 college credit hours in separate disciplines, in Administration, Management, Security, Supply Supply Officer as TSgt of $12.0 Million Account, Avionics, Master Instructor, Taught Foreign and Domestic personnel, of all ranks. Briefed Senior Officials of progress of my work areas, where I had full authority, and responsibility, reporting to Pentagon, Communications Service, Air Defense Service, and Authority to contact other countries and Major Commands, during my Satellite Communications Pioneer, and installing TACSATCOM Terminal for Presidential Support in Hawaii. I had Security Clearance for 24 of my 26 years service, at Top Secret, SI (Special Investigation).
    ——-After retiring in 1976, I became closely involved with State and Federal Politicians, meeting Governors, and Legislators 1991 to just few years ago, when age and health, slowed me down. I took any job offered, and looked for new ideas, all my life. I had no white privileges, but earned every step that I improved. Thank God military recognized my aptitudes and used me, and trusted me to produce. I believe in the Apprentice system, with each individual being what their aptitudes, desires, labor, and work will produce. Regardless of race, color, or religion. NO WHITE PRIVILAGE. . I

  29. gisela says:


  30. Gregory Harnett says:

    Forget fools like Shumer. He can’t even represent his own people, why should anyone give a damn about what he says. Hey Chuckie, what legislation have you proposed that even has the slightest chance of becoming law? NOTHING!
    Mr. President …. do an executive order and place $5 billion into Cancer and Heart Disease research. Then, take the money from the defense department slotted to assist other nations and build the damn wall.

  31. mlhtd51 says:

    I Have Never In My Life Seen a POTUS Harassed and Bashed Like Trump. Demonrats Have Stooped to the Lowest Tricks in History. Yes, Trump has Not Built a Wall and I Don’t Like What He Is Doing On Gun Control, But I Will Still VOTE for Trump Because I Don’t Like Anything the Demonrats are Proposing.

    • Will says:

      What choice do we have ???? I am like you I don`t want them screwing around with my 2nd amendment . Build that ,, wall and throw Scummer over it .There is NO WHITE SUPREMASY .

  32. Gregory Sullivan says:

    As Gerald Ford said at the ’92’ Republican Convention and i quote “A government that gives you anything you want is also big enough to take everything that you have”.

  33. Frank says:

    I’ve never known Schummer, but I think I’ve stepped on a few of his close relatives in the dog park a time or two. I really hope I live to see the day that he and Nadler and all the others of their ilk are thrown out of office and jailed as most certainly deserve to be. We may not like everything that President Trump does, but he is definitely a man of honor, unlike all the noisy democrat rabble.

    • Marta says:

      You are 100% right, Frank !!!!
      We too hope to live the day when all these thugs, Schumer, Nadler, Pelosi, Spartacus, Biden, Warren,
      Gillibrand, Harris, and all the rest of those marxists will be prosecuted for trying to destroy our country, our way of life, our Constitution !!!!
      Trump 2020 !!!!!

  34. Emma says:

    It would seem this RED FLAG LAW is being pushed hard & POTUS TRUMP SEEMS TO BE ON BOARD WITH IT


    If POTUS signs this he will NOT BE
    RE ELECTED IN 2020

    Just another unconstitutional encroachment on our 2A RIGHTS.
    Contact POTUS TRUMP 🇺🇸💓 🇺🇸,
    your congressmen, reps etc.

    • FRANCES says:

      the red flag law already exists tune in to senator crenshaws interviews about it and learn about what it entails before you jump off the Trump train!!

  35. jerry says:

    guns may kill, but only in the hands of idiots and people bent on killing people. I can leave guns,knives,clubs,brass knuckles, and such stuff on my table and they will just collect dust, until some idiot gets their hands on them. Lets get the wall built. Need to address the people problem before guns!

  36. They are bullying you President Trump! Do not give in to them. You have us deplorables on your side! 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

  37. Lyudmila says:

    Funny, this stupid little Schumer with his stupid white or any other superiority is trying to turn this huge ship called TRUMP towards the swamp. But we do not want to go back into the swamp. Trump, we want change! America is with you – Trump,

  38. chief1937 says:

    Mr. president don’t let democrats talk you out of building your/our wall and secure our border it’s just another trick to get you to stop fulfilling your campaign promises.

  39. Jim says:

    Trump is trash and so are his supporters

    • Lora says:

      Wow! Judgmental asshole!

    • chief1937 says:

      And you know this just how Jim? And as a side point how many of his supporters do you know that you are calling trash? It would seem that word trash would fit you pretty nicely as that is what you are talking. Get a life and join the real world. TRump2020

    • John P. Centonze says:

      Perhaps we’d rather one person (you) consider us trash than have everyone know that we are complete fools like you.

      Oh yes, I consider you to also be a wimp for not giving your full name.

    • Marta says:

      And you are a big idiot, a brainwashed loser !!!!!

    • Marta says:

      This response is for Jim, the biggest idiot and loser ever existed

    • mbr722 says:

      Thanks very much for telling me I’m trash. So…if I’m trash what are you, Jim? White trash?

    • lc says:

      Tuff Guy — Let’s see who gets trashed in 2020!

    • BARNEY says:

      I may be trash but you are a ROOSTER SUCKER !!!

    • Will T says:

      LMAO, you hateful fools never have been able to project without making yourselves apparent.

    • Alan Gooch says:

      Your a dick head jim

    • MARK says:

      Another asshole that will go postal soon, and they will try and blame Trump again.
      Just go drink some grape kool aid, and do everyone that HAS a brain a favor.

    • joe says:

      Says a gutter dweller.

    • Jim H. says:

      When you say that next, call yourself Trump when speaking to yourself in the mirror. It’s Democrats like you, Obama, Hitlery, that would have this country back in bondage of the slave days. A Totalitarian regime as Hitler did. Totalitarian, in that anyone with a mind of their own will be exterminated!
      As a Constitutionalist Democrat (CONSTITUTIONALIST), I will stand by Trump before I will ever vote Democrat again. Why do you think Bill and Hitlery are called the “Clinton Cartel”. Vince Foster, drug and human trafficking, Traitors to the US Constitution, promoting violence, illegal immigration, high taxation, murder. I have been watching and expecting this for 50 years.
      Has anyone noticed the mysterious circumstances of the sudden deaths of two witnesses against the Clintons? Pay close attention. If any Democrat of their ilk is elected, America will slip back a couple of centuries.

      TRUMP MAGA 2020!!!

    • FRANCES says:

      sad little man!

  40. Lyudmila says:

    Funny, this stupid little Sumer with his stupid white or any other superiority is trying to turn this huge ship called TRUMP towards the swamp. But we do not want to go back into the swamp. Trump, we want change! America is with you – Trump,

  41. daniel says:

    all you democracts just go put urself under a rock and dont ever come out trump is going to win in 2020.Least we have a President that actually cares for the people so stick ur white supremist accusing ass an shut up.nancy,chuck,nadler,illahn,aoc,and the squad your a bunch of idiots that dont care about the American people.You just care about those illegal aliens that came in our country without permission.Keep up the good work ICE I support you so does have the country

  42. Carbine Williams says:

    I keep praying that some Liberal nut cake takes out most of the Democratic leadership in both houses saving us the trouble after they start a Civil War

  43. Jonathan Conover says:

    No wall. I plan on escaping to Mexico should Trump be reelected. I am getting too old to tunnel beneath a beautiful wall.

  44. John P. Centonze says:

    Schumer is such an ass.
    It’s time to look up the meaning of “schumer” in German again. This also applies to his substantially less than talented cousin, Amy Schumer!

  45. Anne says:

    These DAMF DEMS don’t know what they’re talking about. TRUMP will NOT rescind his request.

  46. trebor says:

    Why would they want to take my guns from me? My guns are in the cabinet doing nothing. If I am the threat it comes for me. My guns do not kill people, they won’t kill people without somebody using them. A madman is a mad man with or without a gun. Taking guns does not solve that problem.

  47. Cg says:

    Weapons don’t kill by choice.Criminals shoot people regardless of color or religion.Schumer is a poor excuse of a elected soon to lose!

  48. Anna says:

    Sumer – the full idiot, what Jew will support party of anti-semites!

    • Roger says:

      Build the wall, build it tough, build it high!
      Don’t worry about what the traitors think!
      Think about the hard working Americans that are working their asses off to support the free loaders and illegals!
      I am sick and tired of our government stealing money from the people that work and giving it to the people that won’t work and the illegals and it must stop and anyone that doesn’t feel the same way is just plain dumb!
      When any person in this country publicly brags that they have been living on welfare for 20 years and there have been many is not investigated there is something seriously wrong somewhere, there is no reason for anyone in the United States to be on welfare for 20 years except laziness!

  49. David Muench says:

    The integrant are Democrats are the ones who need to admit defeat here as they lost the 2016 election an when you have morons like Nader stating he wants to have illegals have access to be able to obtain a fire arm and even another democrat who is running for President that he wants all law enforce agency to only have non leather weapons . This is all pure non nonsense pure and simple.

  50. Charles says:

    It is ironic that California screams the loudest about gun control, but it is Hollywood that is making the movies, right and left, of fantasy action people, shooting up the world. And it is Silicon Valley making the chips and computer games, of characters shooting the world up, as well. These things, cause curiosity in children, and spawns mentally ill people, to pick guns, and hurt people. Firearm safety classes, including marksmanship, should be in the curriculum of every school.

    • djvd says:

      You are exactly right. Hollywood is also the ones who parade around half naked then the yell out at the “me too” movements.

    • Will T says:

      Many years ago when I was in school, they had a hunter’s safety course that was pretty comprehensive. They should start teaching something like that again.

  51. Stan says:

    Hey chuck and nan wait till we retake the house back SAY BYE BYE assholes

  52. Severa Hill says:

    Schumer the BORDER WALL is coming along beautifully almost finished. Trump 2020.

  53. White Beard says:

    All those issues are relevant and need attention, from the wall to right and left wing radical, violent groups and some means to check the backgrounds of those who should not be buying guns. I am NOT talking of gun ownership or registering our guns (like mine)) – – I am talking about those with serious mental health issues, felons and jihadists. That should be computerized and easily accessed. It makes sense that all people who apply to buy a gun in the future should have passed a simple license test, taught by police and/or military – – and other gun experts, on proper safety standards in the home. Leaving a loaded gun where kids can get them is just plain stupid and dangerous and kills too many kids a year.

    • Dr. J. D. says:

      I don’t usually agree with all conservative positions, but have to agree with some of yours, White Beard. We can and will deal with several issues at the same time, including security, infrastructure etc.. Proper gun safety would be no more than a written test, like driver’s licenses, and the same as what RESPONSIBLE gun owners practice right now – – and were properly taught by their families. Gun stores can also train people in gun safety and generally do, so that a test would be easy to pass. There is no need to register all guns – – – but we can all use more safety in the handling of them.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        And, by the way, gun safety courses would supply many jobs to our retiring military, who are taught about guns and safety. We should try out best to give veterans a priority in civilian jobs, and always work to get them better medical care.

    • reconviper1 says:

      The number of people killed by accident with a gun per year is minuscule. Did you know that more people are murdered in the United States every year with hammers than guns. That is from the F.B.I’s own statistics. Do we need training classes on how to use and store hammers? I have owned, loaded for, and handled guns for over 40 years and do not need the government telling me how to handle or store my guns. What happens to you during a home invasion if the government mandates that you lock your guns away and keep them unloaded? If people are negligent them prosecute them but you can not mandate away a person’s right to keep their weapons in a utilitarian fashion.

  54. Martin says:

    Schmucky Chucky really should pay more attention. If he did, he would realize that President Trump is NOT going to fall for a lame-ass head fake by a libtard Democrap idiot like him… They play checkers, badly – meanwhile, the Donald is playing 3-D Chess, very well…

  55. Severa says:

    Tell Chuck Schumer to go jump in the Swamp and join his friend in the Dems party. He does nothing to help Americans with our taxes we pay. He just shoots his mouth off. He is worthless and the ones who need to admit that they are lost cause are the Democrats. What they are spitting out their mouths is a recipe to break America. Stop these fools for once and forever. TRUMP 2020.

  56. Chuck says:

    Democrats are vile and evil. They know every dirty trick in the book because they wrote the book. They want to take Trump down. If they do, and if Trump is stupid enough to cave, we deserve what we get because we the people weren’t bold enough to fight.

  57. Dewey Bowser says:

    Can you imagine if you were dumb enough and evil enough to vote for a Democrat? Just sayin

  58. Joseph Castonguay says:

    Mr.President tell chuckie to pound sand.

  59. ANG DROSS says:

    one nasty looking eyeglass tip of the nose wearing imbecile, moronic democrat , swamp dwelling fool

  60. jonmac says:

    STAND YOUR (OUR) GROUND and don’t listen to anything the Liberals are saying…..they SCREWED US ONCE WITH GEORGE BUSH SR. so don’t listen to them…..In fact keep HIGH LIGHTING your BUILD THE WALL PROMISE to AMERICA…….

  61. Mack says:

    We will back Trump no matter what. Schumer is a pos. Needs to shove off. We will keep our guns and vote trump 2020. The wall would be a Lot further along if not for the democrats we know dems are to blame for all the problems this country has

  62. Frank says:

    Chuck the Schmuck is wrong. Trump’s base and the rest of America know that Schmucky & Nasty Pelosi and the asshole democrats are blocking the wall and everything else they can think of. It’s more likely that the Democrats will be tossed like the garbage they are and Trump will win an overwhelming majority to get his agenda done. Time to get rid of some RINOs also.

  63. Will Penny says:

    What Chucky the traitor really needs , is his worthless butt kicked from here to Iran , that’s where the Raghead Lover belongs , , hit the road Chucky the Camel Sucker , wishful thinking I know !!

  64. T. Bell says:


  65. Gregory Sullivan says:

    This Trump bashathon will continue to the 2020 election and the Democrats are too stupid to reulise that they’re doing this at their own peril.

    • mary brumley says:

      Gregory Sullivan, since the Dims have no platform to run on except freebies, I think they feel they HAVE to do something disruptive not matter how stupid it is.

  66. Will T says:

    ‘White supremacist’ is their new race card, and with their track record, will be just as overused, worn out and ignored by the next election. Trump should tell them where they can shove their conspiracy theories, the wall actually is little by little getting built despite all their obstruction and lies.

  67. Timothy Toroian says:

    If Chuck Schumer knew how dumb I think he is he would remain silent. I also thinj all Jews in this country who favor gun control are weird.

  68. Steve says:

    Trump should have schumer arrested for high treason for working for America’s enemies , namely soros , the U.N. , the NWO , & years of supporting obama in turn supporting ISIS & Iran ! All the while stealing trillions of American taxpayer funds to do it all – against America !

  69. Dale says:

    Trump2020 all the way he will win in big way

  70. DC says:

    Such a mindless request from Schumer and the care about no one and nothing radical Democrats. They are campaigning on : No wall, No Fence, Totally Open Borders, Eliminating ICE and Homeland Security,…. AND, providing FREE healthcare, Social Security, free everything for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS…. NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS… How about we take some of the HUGE COST for doing that, and INSTEAD, WE USE THAT MONEY TO DO THE NECESSARY RESEARCH Schumer wants as a POLITICAL PLOY from our PRESIDENT so he can’t build the wall… Mr. PRESIDENT, please tell Schumer and the rest of the Democrats to SHOVE IT!

  71. James Howard says:

    Conservative manual for converting leftist brain-fog cases.

    TIPPING POINTS: How to Topple the Lefts House of Cards. LIZ WHEELER of OAN.

  72. Tom says:

    Total is another BS article. Gun violence is everyone’s problem starting with good parenting. We in Society are ignoring the people that display mental issues by purely medicating them . White Supremacy is a Democratic made up issue that they are pushing . Ilegal Immigration draining out treasury is much bigger than the .00001 % White Supremist that may exist. Let us go to the inner citties where there are shootings month after month and flush out these gangs and remove them from Society. That is where we should start.

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