Chuck Schumer just admitted how far Democrats will go to impeach Trump

With Trump in the White House, and Republicans holding a strong majority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer has little power.

But he is working with his caucus to try to impeach Trump.

And he just admitted just how far Democrats will go to impeach him.

Democrats truly are obsessed with impeaching President Donald Trump.

They know that if they cannot somehow remove him before the 2020 election, that Trump will almost certainly win re-election.

So they are pushing forward with their efforts, with Adam Schiff leading the push through his Soviet-style impeachment court.

But all of this craziness has made getting anything else done virtually impossible.

And Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer just came out stating that the government may go through another shutdown due to the impeachment efforts.

Congress has to deal with passing spending legislation by November 22 in order to keep the government open.

Schumer revealed this news by claiming that Trump “may want to shut down the government again because of impeachment.”

Mediaite reports:

In addition to, well, everything else going on, Congress also has to deal with passing spending legislation to keep the government open before Nov. 21.

There’s been some question of how the impeachment inquiry would affect this. And now Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is expressing concern about how President Donald Trump himself will react:

“I believe, left to our own devices, Congress would work out an agreement to quickly fund the government. But I’m increasingly worried that President Trump may want to shut down the government again because of impeachment. An impeachment inquiry.”

“He always likes to create diversions,’ Schumer added. “I hope and pray he won’t want to cause another shutdown ’cause it might be a diversion away from impeachment.”

Schumer seems to be preparing the media for the narrative around a government shutdown, assuming it comes later this month.

He wants it to be President Trump’s fault, despite the fact that it is Democrats doing everything to create division in Congress.

They had Adam Schiff, a known liar and leaker, leading the impeachment efforts on Trump after all.

Trump is willing to work with Democrats.

But that is impossible when Democrats only want him to fail.

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183 Responses

  1. frank says:


  2. Tempie Almstead says:

    These people are evil haters of America….their plans are despicable!!!

  3. Shari says:


  4. thomas robinson says:

    The majority of Americans know you hold the purse string, and they will know when you refuse to fund America, that is the DEMOCROOKS FAULT.! they are not as stupid as you assholes make them out to be.

  5. Honest says:

    All Americans would be so much better off without the likes of Pelosi, Shiffty Shiff, and Schumer . How in the heck did these people EVER get elected with that low of an IQ? Shameful to say the least~ As an American veteran , I can honestly say, this is so embarrassing to have to put up with, let alone the cost to Americans ~ If I could, I would see that all costs should come out of Their pockets, and if they can’t afford it, borrow the money from ( on the take ) Bidden ~ Just saying ~

  6. Jeanne says:

    Pelosi is THE biggest moron. She is subverting justice and should be held for abuse of power, Cryin’ Chuck is as ridiculas. They are dead in the water. Pelosi you are all done! Career over! Buh bye!

  7. Leon Keller says:

    Seems to be a gee-howdy commie plot to bring down America.

  8. Don says:

    Demo nut cases will shut down the government and blame Trump because the demo-rats are too childish to the work, they are like a bunch of whimpering babies who need a good bare ass spanking/bottle and put to bed for good.

    Demos has no brains, no respect, and most of all NO HONOR

  9. Mama says:

    Whew. Got a LOT to Say. Thnx for Expressing___
    > Gov. “shutdown(s)” ARE WIDELY ‘Mis-Understood’
    by the citizenry & How it works. I SAY DO IT !
    It IS Good Leverage. &&& MOST PPL have a food ‘Stash’
    etc FOR a ‘Rainy Day’. ____

  10. Wondering Woman says:

    Let’s take a stab at the true meaning behind Schumer’s words. Is he really worried that Trump will shut down the government down? HELL NO!
    He is only starting his lies, slander, propaganda & innuendos early to project the blame for what the deep state establishment congresional members plot really is! They haven’t been able to damage his success in improving our economy – so let’s force him to shut the government down! Really think that will work. do you? How well did that work for you the last time?
    The major thing it did for We the People was show us that we could get by with 1/2 or less of the present number of federal employees without interfering with our day to day life
    These traitors have followed the new world orders to a tee with their fighting to keep the border wide open for all the caravans of new world order recruits of invading illegal immigrants to be used as a weapon of war in a George Soros favorite style of destroying a nation by crashing their economy. Believe these caravans began shortly after traitors Rosenstein & Mueller lost their blocking & spying positions inside the DOJ, didn’t they?
    When they saw Trump was succeeding in winning on thr southern borfer & the 2 major traitors had lost their spying & blocking positions in the DOJ & no longer in a position to prevent indictments for deep state establishment & new world order hirelings from making it out of the DOJ (which was really the reason the fishing expedition kept dragging on) the 2 traitors passed the torch of TREASON into the HOUSE & that 400+ page report they left behind laid out the plans (probably a lot of clandestine personal messages passed also) as to how to proceed with an attempted frame up impeachment since Rosenstein & Mueller knew there was no way they would get by with King of the frame ups trying it. Does anyone believe that befuddled Robert Mueller &/or Rosenstein wrote that voluminous400+ page report, when he didn’t even know who or what FUSION GPS was, when the democrat deep state establishment made the mistake of forcing him to testify in public in their congressional hearings? LOL Apparently Rod Rosenstein hadn’t passed the word onto deep state democrats that Muellers Traitors Guilty Conscious Derangement Syndrome had made him a very bad risk. Don’t see how he could have developed such severe Alzheimers between the time he ?wrote that voluminous 400+ page report & testifying for the democrats 3 ring circus, which did nothing except show that Robert Mueller was definitely not in charge of that so called special counsel Trump/Russian Investigation, which was really a continuation of the treason that began TO STOP TRUMP even before he announed he was running & has now moved its headquarters to the HOUSE & still ongoing to STOP TRUMP with this totally unconstitutional farce of impeachment.
    Scrambling rats are really rattled & making more mistakes, as they are still working hand in hand with the new world order on the southern border & now added wasting more treasury funds to crash our economy & finidng it ain’t gonna be easy with TRUMP AT THE HELM – even though they still have the instructions and help from all of the same ones who were in the initial STOP TRUMP efforts that failed to work.
    One thing they did learn from calling Mueller to testify is: NEVER LET THE REPUBLICANS ASK YOUR WITNESSES ANY QUESTIONS! That is why we have the deep state establishment traitors operating severely kangaroo hearings behind CLOSED DOORS! Their circus still has the same director/s headed by headed by the central hub of the new world order’s “shadow government”, aka the CIA, which probably has plenty of spys inside the CIA but as many or more ex agents who are no longer on the federal payroll – but still just as anxious to protect all of their rear ends from being indicted & prosecuted, because they fear the noise of those dominos falling if one gets through. They must have a written manual they have to follow because their corrupt tactics are almost exactly the same as those used against the western ranchers in corrupt federal kangaroo courts which remained under radar until the Bundy & Hammond families dared to resist the corruption & we the people learned about what was going on.
    What did federal employees learn from the shut down? The furloughed emp;loyees learned they got a few weeks of extra paid vacation from the federal shutdown & the ones who had to work through the shut down probably felt some resentment that unnecessary federal employees got all that pay during the shutdown for not working & they got nothing!
    What else did we the people learn from the shutdown? Thanks to the deep state establishment congressional members we learned how little time our congressional members spend representing their constituents & how much more time they spend representing the invading illegal aliens, even the violent criminal ones among them & also realized how long this has been the way it is.
    This should tell every sane AMERICAN just how unnecessary our Congress is to our well being & the running of our government. Memories of Pelosi telling Congress “Come On! pass this bill so we can find out what is in it” knowing that none of them had time to read it since it had been introduced & congressional members obediently obey this deep state establishment congresswomn’s advice & passed a bill none of them knew what was in it, which should also tell any sane person who read it that none of the congressional members had written this voluminous health care bill that had more pages than our Bible & included lots of stuff that had nothing to do with health care – but lots to do gaining more control in health care & many other areas of our lives & was obviously written by someone in the one world global government, aka the new world order & handed to Pelosi to get introduced & passed without anyone knowing what was in it.

    Therefore fellow Americans. may I suggest we eliminate the federal government congressional members (6 figure salaries X the number of congressional members +the salaries of staff & other expenses, will go a long way in paying off national debt they incurred through their love of spending other peoples’ money much faster).
    It would also eliminate the p;roblem of congressional members listening to the lobbyist & being corrupted by bribes & possibly a few other means of their being distracted by other means of amassing wealth like insider trading, etc.
    In this day of instantaneous e mail & telephone communications, why couldn’t our local legislators get out in the field & report to our governors at weekly or monthly intervals & the governors make a trip to Washington, DC meetings with our President at regular intervals? Why coulldn’t those bills presented to the citizens on line for every bill that is introduced put the bill directly up to the people on the internet & let the people vote for or against that bill.
    This would definitely make the voice of WE the PEOPLE heard better than it has been by a deaf CONGRESS that appears to have a problem with hearing – though haven’t noticed hearing aids in any of their ears. LOL
    Local congressional members holding regular town house meetings in their constituents areas weekly would also get more citizens involved into the oversight of what our governmenta, local, state & federala is doing & we could soon decide what federal & local departments could be totally abolished or merged with another one. With rapid internet it would p;robably move faster than the 3 ring circuses we often observe now!
    With local librairies having computers users can use (or anyone without a computer probably has a computer savvy relative or friend who would be happy to help them make their voice heard.

    May I suggest the White House immediately start working on using the empty Congress area to communicate cirectly with the people on bills & questions. May I further suggest you start the questions with Killing Obamacare completely & make them Yes – No & maybe an Otheer for intelligent anwers to be shared. Suggest the second question be abolishing the departmernt of education & returning the education to the states with the stipulation they work out a factual curriculum based on scientific truths & get rid of the common core curriculum crap indoctrination & return to educating immediately even if it requires returning to primitive RUN DICK RUN of my early school days & phonetic spelling while they work out the curriculum. Our educational system has gone downhill since they ended phonetic spelling. Third question for we the people to answer is abolishing the IRS that has so damned rules, regulations & loop holes that even the people who work they don’t know them & replacle it with that one little potcard we would have to mail in once a year that we have heard is possible to have for the average individual & may I also suggest that postcard be worded in a manner that doesn’t assume every American is a tax cheat & worded in a twisted manner in an effort to trip them up. No excuse for all making those darned forms so difficult that even a college graduate has trouble understanding them!

  11. ih8reps says:

    Once again you need to be smart enough to operate a smart phone you’d be much happier with a DUMB PHONE you should be able to handle one of those.

  12. ih8reps says:

    It’s called a smart phone for a reason what you need is a DUMB PHONE you should be able to handle that.

  13. ih8reps says:

    Since you have such a strong desire to see an all red house move to Russia cause that’s what an all red house looks like COMMUNISM.

  14. JN says:

    Mama, I live in Nevada, it’s been getting witches tit cold here,too. I do hope to make it a rally!!!!

  15. Mama says:

    POTUS in Monro, LA. WED pm. BE THERE !!!
    (W/a front row seat) haha.

  16. Mama says:

    JH, Get to a ‘Rally’ AnyWay you Can !!! We have
    1 YR for ‘rallies’. Then POTUS DJT 4 MORE!!!
    Then, i’m scared ___ ou.
    > Where your small town ???
    > Mine in MI 9am !!!OMG, Unreal ___
    FREEZING KOLD 6am. whew.
    > HahaHaaa your “feck” word ____
    & “FECKLESS” ‘they are’ ___
    >2nd 1 had 10,000 or so. I was pretty close, but
    Not like the 1st. Getting 0UT of the ‘parking Lot’
    Took hours. sheesh.

  17. Culper Ring says:

    There was a time when Black Americans knew it was a lie, like back in 1890s, but if they spoke up and insisted upon voting for the Republican Party, then the White “Knights” would show up at their farms, burn down the houses, raze the crops, ruin the livestock and murder anybody who got in the way including United States Marshals, and there was nothing that could be done to reverse the damage.

    There is no telling how many former chattel slaves of United States citizens wound up sleeping outdoors right at the courthouse steps awaiting adjudication of crimes against them. It is easy to see how they wound up living in urban areas, where all the civil service bureaucrats work.

    Eventually the labor unions drew poor people of all colors into their fold and did whatever they could to prevent anybody from joining the capitalist “class”, basically afflicting easiest of targets (Americans not of Caucasian descent along with poor immigrants of Caucasian descent) most egregiously.

  18. Elaine says:

    Black Americans have bought into the lie that the Democrats are for them. Tell me, what have the Democrats done for you except keep you down? Planned Parenthood was created to kill black babies. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Democrats do not want Black America to get a head in life. It was the Republicans that have always been there to help Black America. You don’t need to be on food stamps. You have so much potential and it is time you stepped into your potential and became all that God created you to be. Get off the Racial Train and Make your self Great!!!! We are rooting for You! God made you special!!!!

  19. Elaine says:

    President Trump is the best thing that ever happened for Christians! Obviously you are reading a different Bible. God Is against abortion, Dems are for abortion. God says a man that does not work should not eat. You are all about hand outs to keep people down in stead of a hand up so that people work and feed their families. The reason the Dems want all of our History burned up and torn down is because the truth is the Democratic Party is the Party for slaves and Planned Parent Hood was started to abort Black Babies. You my friend have no clue about Jesus. It isn’t the Republicans that are out there spreading hate and not allowing free speech. I feel very sorry for you that you are so clouded by hate and cannot even see Truth. One more thing, God Loves Israel. He said those that Bless Israel He will Bless and Those that Curse Israel He will Curse. That is a Fact!!! You may want to start dealing in facts and not the lies that you are propagated.

  20. JH says:

    Omg!!! That is so awesome, he flew into our small town, the airport was bursting at the seems, I so would have went, but was out of state. What a momentous occasion, I would have gotten chills and might have teared up, that right there is something these brain dead goofy fecks can not take away. I hope to someday meet him, or at the very least see one of his rallies. I’m so proud of our POTUS. Trump 2020 KAG.

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