Chuck Schumer is terrified Americans will see this career-ending video

The Midterm elections are less than 60 days away.

Republicans are within striking distance of winning a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

But Chuck Schumer is terrified Americans will see this career-ending video.

Crime is emerging as one of the major issues in the 2022 elections.

The murder rate for the first six months of 2022 is nearly 40 percent higher than in 2019.

In key Senate races, Democrats nominated a series of soft-on-crime and anti-police radicals.

One of these leftists is Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes.

Barnes is on video supporting the release of half of Wisconsin’s prison inmate population.

For years, Democrats falsely claimed that America had a mass incarceration problem.

That led to George Soros supporting the campaigns of a number of left-wing District Attorneys with the goal of imposing so-called “criminal justice reform.”

What that amounted to was eliminating cash bail, emptying prisons, and refusing to enforce the laws.

The danger of the Left’s soft-on-crime philosophy is apparent for all to see.

A violent gunman went on a shooting spree this week in Memphis, killing four and wounding three others.

The gunman live streamed his acts of madness on social media.

NPR reports:

A gunman who live streamed himself driving around Memphis shooting at people, killing four and wounding three others in seemingly random attacks, was finally arrested after crashing a stolen car, police said early Thursday.

The hours-long rampage had police warning people across the city to shelter in place, locking down a baseball stadium and university campuses and suspending public bus services as frightened residents wondered where the man might strike next.

Memphis Police Director Cerelyn “CJ” Davis said four people were killed and three others were wounded in seven shootings and at least two carjackings before Ezekiel Kelly was arrested without incident at around 9 p.m.

The suspect never should have been out on the streets, as he was released a year early from prison on a four-year sentence for aggravated assault.

Democrats like Mandela Barnes, who support revolving door prisons, put citizens at risk as violent criminals are now free to prey on the innocent.

And crime could be the Democrats’ biggest vulnerability this November.

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