Chuck Schumer is about to snap after he heard this Democrats’ big ultimatum

Chuck Schumer thought he had all his ducks lined up in a row.

But then one Senator drew a red line.

And Chuck Schumer is about to snap after he heard this Democrats’ big ultimatum.

Democrats need West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s vote to pass a $3.5 trillion bill through reconciliation that the Left believes will transform America into a socialist nation.

But Manchin hemmed and hawed on the price, eventually saying he would only support $1.5 trillion in new socialist spending.

But when Democrats thought they had the parameters of an agreement roughly in place, Manchin made a new demand.

Manchin demanded any reconciliation package include the Hyde Amendment – which prevents taxpayer money from directly funding abortion.

“We’re not taking the Hyde Amendment off. Hyde’s going to be on,” Manchin told the National Review.

Manchin said without the Hyde language Democrats could not count on his vote.

“It has to be. It has to be. That’s dead on arrival if that’s gone,” Manchin continued.

That is a problem for Chuck Schumer because Democrats are now so radical on abortion that the Hyde Amendment language is a major red line for their far-left members.

And they want the reconciliation package to directly provide taxpayer funding for abortion on demand.

The Hill reported:

Some Democrats are pushing to include a Medicaid-like program in the reconciliation package in which the federal government would step in and provide coverage in the 12 GOP-led states that have so far declined to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

The Democrats’ proposal does not include language reflecting the Hyde Amendment.

Chuck Schumer has no margin for error in the Senate.

And in this fight Schumer and the Democrats may have to pick if they are more committed to socialism or direct taxpayer funding of abortion.

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