Chuck Schumer had one word of advice for Dr. Fauci that had Trump up in arms

Recently, Rush Limbaugh accused Dr. Anthony Fauci of being a Hillary Clinton sympathizer.

Dr. Fauci’s constant apocalyptic predictions fed the impression he is working against the Trump administration from the inside.

And now Chuck Schumer had one word of advice for Dr. Fauci that had Trump up in arms.

On Tuesday, Dr. Fauci was set to testify alongside other administration health experts before a Senate committee.

This would be the first time in weeks that Congress got a chance to question the doctors leading the administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The night before Dr. Fauci’s testimony, Chuck Schumer appeared on MSNBC and urged Dr. Fauci to “go for it” and blast the administration’s response to the pandemic.

“Dr. Fauci will have the opportunity to testify for the first time with Donald Trump not lurking over his shoulder. You know what I say to Dr. Fauci? Go for it. Tell us the truth. America needs to hear the truth and President Trump, your boss, needs to hear the truth.”

The following morning Schumer’s comments did not appear to be a coincidence.

Dr. Fauci previewed his testimony to The New York Times where Dr. Fauci intended to tell Congress that opening up the country too quickly would lead to “needless suffering and death.”

To some Trump supporters, it looked like Dr. Fauci and Schumer coordinated their messages to make sure President Trump faced interlocking fields of incoming fire from partisans in Congress and “experts” outside the government.

Democrats want to spin the President’s response to coronavirus pandemic as negatively as possible.

And Dr. Fauci is aiding and abetting Democrats in this plan.

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