Chuck Schumer got some bad news that left him shaking with rage

Chuck Schumer began the Trump administration declaring total war on the new President.

But the New York Democrat’s two year obstruction campaign just suffered its biggest setback yet.

And Chuck Schumer just got the bad news that left him shaking with rage.

Donald Trump and the Republican Senate put a premium on confirming the President’s judicial nominees.

That led to the President seeing a record 100 nominees confirmed to the bench in an effort to remake the court from a bastion of left-wing activism into a body that properly performs its duty to interpret the Constitution as the Founders originally intended.

Of the nation’s 12 Circuit Court of Appeals, Republicans already flipped one third to a conservative majority.

And with the President’s two latest nominees confirmed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals – which covers Chuck Schumer’s home state of New York – Trump is just one appointment away from moving that court from a liberal majority to a conservative one.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Senate confirmed Judge Joseph Bianco and Michael Park to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, putting President Donald Trump on the verge of flipping the panel to conservative control.

Bianco and Park are Trump’s second and third appointees to that panel. If Trump fills the remaining two vacancies on the 2nd Circuit, Republican appointees will control the court. The two were confirmed with separate votes Wednesday and Thursday.

The 2nd Circuit is the federal appeals court that covers Connecticut, New York and Vermont. Given its jurisdiction over Manhattan, the 2nd Circuit has a large and important docket of corporate and securities law cases
. . .
Both men represent Republican determination to move judicial nominees into key posts at a steady pace. New York Democratic Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand withheld so-called blue slips for Bianco and Park. Under past Senate convention, the Senate Judiciary Committee would not convene a confirmation hearing until senators return an opinion on a judicial nominee selected for a court in their state.

Schumer pulled out all the stops to block these two qualified nominees.

He even tried to “blue slip” them.

That outdated practice allowed Senators from the home state of a nominee to block them by placing a “blue slip” hold on them.

In practice what this allowed was for liberal Senators to block conservative nominees.

Republicans did away with this loophole and by year’s end could see Chuck Schumer’s home state federal court field a majority of conservative justices.

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133 Responses

  1. marshall r says:

    we need to make OBUMMER have a DNA TEST done to determine who his father & mother really are & are they legal citizens of the USA. IF HE CAN,T PROVE THAT HE IS A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . THEN THE COURT APPOINTEES THAT BUMMER PUT IN ARE NOT LEGAL JUDGES.

  2. Schumer needs to have a major heart attack, an keep his sorry butt at home.

  3. Mama says:

    What Is news 0n ‘fallen’ Nadler ???

  4. Mama says:

    yeppur. & ‘Called Descent’ Rather
    than ‘fallen’. U got ‘it’ Alberta ___
    ‘mama Know’ ( Too much).

  5. Alberta says:

    Actually they weren’t kicked out but were created here on Earth when the angels came to earth and started having sex with humans Genesis 6 and animals as well that’s why God had to have written into the law for humans not to have sex with animals as well.

  6. marshall r says:

    The DEMOCRAT PARTY is the DEMONS that were kicked out of HELL because SATAN wouldn,t have them. they,re trying to start their own HELL HERE ON EARTH .KILLERY CLINTON , MAD MAXINE, NADLER PELOSI ARE AS EVIL OR MORE EVIL THAN THE DEVIL HIMSELF.

  7. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I always thought that the triple 6 brand was people who had it on their forehead accordimg to blblical scripture maybe you should examine the wallets and possessions of the Democrook party and you most likely find it on them. Unsaved.

  8. Mama says:

    To Saved. YOU NEED Be SAVED.
    & u probably will not return To Read.

  9. Mama says:


  10. Mama says:

    post words deleted. I SAID: It is
    >MEMORIAL DAY. & Remember.<<<
    Enjoy W/ THNX. Good eats /roasting & grilling.
    Good Folks. Good Conversation . W/ Some Good
    drink lol. MI had a huge "JET FLYOVER' in my Area
    at 1pm Sat. Awesome ,Thunderous. Bone shaking.
    Did You get a 'Fly0ver' In your Area ??? Hope So.

  11. Mama says:

    Absolutely YES ! ‘WE’ Supporting POTUS & Good
    ppl In Senate WILL KEEP
    ‘Chipping AWAY at the 0ld Block’, so to say.
    It is > MEMORIAL DAY0bama Denied ‘Fly0vers’ For 8 yr !!!!
    God Bless ALL/ God Bless USA .

  12. eli says:

    Now let’s go after the 9th Circuit Court who keeps us from getting our wall. Obama put these slugs in and let us get rid of them now.

  13. Eli says:

    Next let’s work on the 9th District Court that Obama put these slugs in and who keep us from getting the wall.

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