Chuck Schumer got some bad news that left him shaking with rage

Chuck Schumer began the Trump administration declaring total war on the new President.

But the New York Democrat’s two year obstruction campaign just suffered its biggest setback yet.

And Chuck Schumer just got the bad news that left him shaking with rage.

Donald Trump and the Republican Senate put a premium on confirming the President’s judicial nominees.

That led to the President seeing a record 100 nominees confirmed to the bench in an effort to remake the court from a bastion of left-wing activism into a body that properly performs its duty to interpret the Constitution as the Founders originally intended.

Of the nation’s 12 Circuit Court of Appeals, Republicans already flipped one third to a conservative majority.

And with the President’s two latest nominees confirmed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals – which covers Chuck Schumer’s home state of New York – Trump is just one appointment away from moving that court from a liberal majority to a conservative one.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Senate confirmed Judge Joseph Bianco and Michael Park to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, putting President Donald Trump on the verge of flipping the panel to conservative control.

Bianco and Park are Trump’s second and third appointees to that panel. If Trump fills the remaining two vacancies on the 2nd Circuit, Republican appointees will control the court. The two were confirmed with separate votes Wednesday and Thursday.

The 2nd Circuit is the federal appeals court that covers Connecticut, New York and Vermont. Given its jurisdiction over Manhattan, the 2nd Circuit has a large and important docket of corporate and securities law cases
. . .
Both men represent Republican determination to move judicial nominees into key posts at a steady pace. New York Democratic Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand withheld so-called blue slips for Bianco and Park. Under past Senate convention, the Senate Judiciary Committee would not convene a confirmation hearing until senators return an opinion on a judicial nominee selected for a court in their state.

Schumer pulled out all the stops to block these two qualified nominees.

He even tried to “blue slip” them.

That outdated practice allowed Senators from the home state of a nominee to block them by placing a “blue slip” hold on them.

In practice what this allowed was for liberal Senators to block conservative nominees.

Republicans did away with this loophole and by year’s end could see Chuck Schumer’s home state federal court field a majority of conservative justices.


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133 Responses

  1. Schumer needs to have a major heart attack, an keep his sorry butt at home.

  2. marshall r says:

    The DEMOCRAT PARTY is the DEMONS that were kicked out of HELL because SATAN wouldn,t have them. they,re trying to start their own HELL HERE ON EARTH .KILLERY CLINTON , MAD MAXINE, NADLER PELOSI ARE AS EVIL OR MORE EVIL THAN THE DEVIL HIMSELF.

    • Alberta says:

      Actually they weren’t kicked out but were created here on Earth when the angels came to earth and started having sex with humans Genesis 6 and animals as well that’s why God had to have written into the law for humans not to have sex with animals as well.

      • Mama says:

        yeppur. & ‘Called Descent’ Rather
        than ‘fallen’. U got ‘it’ Alberta ___
        ‘mama Know’ ( Too much).

    • Mama says:

      What Is news 0n ‘fallen’ Nadler ???

  3. eli says:

    Now let’s go after the 9th Circuit Court who keeps us from getting our wall. Obama put these slugs in and let us get rid of them now.

    • Mama says:

      Absolutely YES ! ‘WE’ Supporting POTUS & Good
      ppl In Senate WILL KEEP
      ‘Chipping AWAY at the 0ld Block’, so to say.
      It is > MEMORIAL DAY0bama Denied ‘Fly0vers’ For 8 yr !!!!
      God Bless ALL/ God Bless USA .

      • Mama says:

        post words deleted. I SAID: It is
        >MEMORIAL DAY. & Remember.<<<
        Enjoy W/ THNX. Good eats /roasting & grilling.
        Good Folks. Good Conversation . W/ Some Good
        drink lol. MI had a huge "JET FLYOVER' in my Area
        at 1pm Sat. Awesome ,Thunderous. Bone shaking.
        Did You get a 'Fly0ver' In your Area ??? Hope So.

  4. Eli says:

    Next let’s work on the 9th District Court that Obama put these slugs in and who keep us from getting the wall.

    • marshall r says:

      we need to make OBUMMER have a DNA TEST done to determine who his father & mother really are & are they legal citizens of the USA. IF HE CAN,T PROVE THAT HE IS A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . THEN THE COURT APPOINTEES THAT BUMMER PUT IN ARE NOT LEGAL JUDGES.

  5. Twykes says:

    There is nothing greater than a gracious winner
    There is nothing worse than a bad looser
    Go pres. trump

  6. Saved says:

    The word evil is in devil and Trump is both. Ask him to show you his 666 tattoo, he is so malignant and egotistical he might show you it with your face next to it.

    • marleen davis says:

      You got an “A” in Brainwashing I see, with an A- in delusional. Just remember on thing. When the indictments come down from the AG and all your Democrat Politicans get prosecuted and go to prison, remember that you posted this. Remember that the Conservatives saw your inane posting and called you on it and that you must then realize that you, in fact, were a follower who believed the lies and were, in fact brainwashed. So when that happens, which is coming soon, please get yourself some serious help because you will be so very upset and maybe at risk of going insane.

    • Mama says:

      To Saved. YOU NEED Be SAVED.
      & u probably will not return To Read.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      I always thought that the triple 6 brand was people who had it on their forehead accordimg to blblical scripture maybe you should examine the wallets and possessions of the Democrook party and you most likely find it on them. Unsaved.

  7. carol says:

    Every TRUE AMERICAN who loves OUR country will stand by OUR PRESIDENT to help him make AMERICA GREAT and to help him KEEP AMERICA great and fight at the ballot box in 2020 to get rid of the left America hate’rs out of office”’we can do it if we stand together and fight to reclaim our country back”’ time to say ”GOODBYE to schumer in 21020 time to retire”””””’ GOD BLESS AMERICA””””””””””

  8. marshall r says:


  9. Mama says:

    Keep Strong Mr. President w/ Support
    hopefully ‘bipartisan’ In Sovereign USA
    Too many yr DOJ ‘lacking’ & NOW EXPOSED
    Especially After the previous 2-3 yr.

  10. bob cosenza says:

    and schummer and pelosi we stuck up for you two the other day.someone said chuck/pelosi stink,and we said like ship they do.and someone said kamala and swelwell wasn,t fit to live with pigs.and we said they where.see dems you do have friends. go trump

  11. Bruce Kapito says:

    Everytime Trump wins, it’s a great day for America!

  12. marshall r says:

    How can you expect them to act any other way when they are all complete ASSES. that would be like expecting a rabbit to swing through the trees like monkeys.

  13. al says:

    Look what Sckummer has stolen from the taxpayers!

  14. marshall r says:

    if you put schummer in Pelosi,s mouth , it would be like hunting for a needle in a haystack. or like trying to find a flake of pepper in the desert. you could never find him.

  15. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Chuckie Cheese Schstupor should resign from office along with Nasty Pelosky and all the Demoncrook members in the senate and house as this country would be a better place without them.

  16. Darren says:

    Hopefully the liberals anti America agenda will come to an end soon.

  17. Mary Johnson says:

    It is time to put judges who will uphold the laws and the constitution instead of trying to make law and that is what these judges will do.

    • Mary Johnson, you are absolutely correct! Judges, especially on the 9th circuit are to uphold the laws, not “reinterpret”them!

    • William Levi Havtawiate says:

      chuckie slumpopo is a asshole looking for a place to drop his supposed knowledge, and his butthole babooie nanc ( pantsty ) plow ass is hoof and hoof together couldn’t find their ass if they had all their hands on them

    • Margaret says:

      The Constitution is The Law of the Land. Read it and you will see that 99% of the laws pushed upon us are null and void. If “We The People” would only force elected servants to uphold their Oaths to Protect “OUR Constitutional Rights” our country would be The Perfect Republic Union that it is intended to be for “ALL”.

  18. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Chuckie Cheese Stupor is a demented idiot and anyone who voted for that Butthole is a demented idiot also.

  19. CrazyHorse says:

    Chuckie-boy Schumer has been spoiled for too long. Cry as he will, it’s time to deflate his ego and reintroduce him to the role of a humble servant of the people. Or vote him out, better still.

  20. Richard Hullfish Sr. says:

    Sail away little Chuckie.

  21. Robert says:

    Seems like America is totally ready for a cleansing by the power of God Almighty. Let the show begin and the unrighteous find a hole to bury themselves in because for them there will be no tomorrow.

  22. Dustin says:

    CHUCKIE needs some serious psyc meds

    • Lora says:

      It’s not just Schumer, it’s the entire Democratic party, and some Republicans! They’ve forgotten what this country is supposed to be, and why our Constitution have us certain freedoms, rights and liberties that they are trying to abolish, which would ultimately make us slave to the government, with no more right to rebel against unjustices! We already see this happening, with lights crap being forced down our throats, as well as young children, and we’re not supposed to resist this nonsense!

      • gretchen says:


      • Alan Wright says:

        Well said Lora, well said indeed!

        BTW; My younger sister was named “Lora”. “Lora lea”! She’s gone now, but I think of her quite often.

        Take care.

        • Robert Jackson says:

          I too know about the loss of a sister. Mine died early but I still, like you, remember her. You will see her again as I will see my sis Jeanine.

      • William Levi Havtawiate says:

        YES YOU ARE CORRECT The democrapos need to fall in line either go with our TRULY ELECTED PRESIDENT THAT WAS LEGALLY Elected or get out the way for a President that is working for the betterment of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and the people , need to remove the assholes that don’t want to follow the constitution who want to change it for their own CRAP

      • Ann Marie says:

        Let the US constitution be the guide & not these liberal judges ! Mark Levin is so smart on this issue … we are being ruled liberal judges … Obama governed by executive action but Trump can’t even do away with Obummers executive actions. Go figure … this country is on the verge of third worldism just as Bob Grant predicted so many times !
        Get rid of jerks like Romney and the rest of the anti-trumpers !

    • Cliff says:

      Chuckie is a loser !

    • JANICE says:


      • marshall r says:

        PADDED ROOM HELL we need to hang the treasonious bastards as fast as we can form the hangman noose and put it around their necks. build a ledge off the arm of the statute of liberty & built the gallows & start with Obama & his husband , bill & hillery, Pelosi ,waters Feinstein schumer nader & on down the line.

        • Karen Martin says:

          I agree hang em! the entire gang involved ! We the People demand they be charge with high Treason punishable by Death! No Jail Time !They have already Taken to munch from Our Country and the People!

        • Blue says:

          Hell Yeah, Hang’em High!

  23. Jackie says:

    The Democrats are the ones bringing the caravans here to try and destroy our President And our country! If youall will notice, the Democrats stand for everything that is wrong! As a friend said to me recently is that the Democrats Senators, Congressmen, are owned by George Soros and a lot of Republicans are also owned by him suppsedly! They simply cannot turn down the large sum of money! They are bringing everyone they can to vote on the next elections and these people they are bringing in are not real USA citizens and they are not registered to vote! Have youall noticed that the Democratic party believes in breaking the law when it benefits them and their communist party! We must stand against them and their muslim elected official as they are in there to stir up trouble and this is also breaking the law, as it is against the law when they use another Bible rather than the Holy Bible, and the fact that they are from other countries and they are here to destroy our way of life!we all need to stand for our country, no matter what the Democrats and Pelosi say, as if their lips are moving, they are lying! Look at Adam Schiff and all the lies he has told for years and look at what Nadler wants to do to break our laws! They need to go,,,,

  24. Jay Erwin says:

    Very good Bill but you can’t transplant something you don’t have

  25. Pat says:

    Congress is a three ring circus everyone of them should be thrown out republicans and democrats the country runs better without congress

  26. Daniel L. McCullough says:

    The scum-of-the-earth that calls himself “bobwhiteAmericanpatriot” needs to take a cyanide shower himself.

  27. Daniel L. McCullough says:

    The scum-of-the-earth that calls himself “bobwhiteAmericanpatriot” needs to take a cyanide shower himself. Worthless bastards like him that make outrageous statements like he did and then hide behind a made up name aren’t worth the bullets that would put them out of their misery.

  28. bobwhiteAmericanpatriot says:

    Chuck Schumer & the rest of the Jews in Congress with the Democrat Muslim NAZI Party & their Jewish voters better get with the Donald Trump Republicans not the RINOs if they want to keep their heads on their shoulders and or don’t want to take cyanide showers.

    • John says:

      They don’t like the Jewish people. Sounds to me you don’t either. The people for Trump are not against any group of people . We are for all Americans of all races ,creeds and colors. Just not communist or democraps.

    • 35M says:

      Boy, you need to take your ideological retardation elsewhere. Stormfront, perhaps? It certainly isn’t welcome here.

  29. Timothy Toroian says:

    I have a good memory. I recall when Schumer was first elected to the Senate reading in TIME magazine that he said he had a passion to legislate. Not do good for the people or the country, but to legislate!! That’s politiacalese for “screwing people”. it also represents a despot-to-be.

  30. Kara Wright says:

    Schumer is a total failure and needs to spend his last days in political office looking to his future out of office and find a job but even better just file for retirement. The country would survive a long time with Schumer gone. He is a failure no matter how hard he tries. And maybe he will stop the tears. GOOD LUCK CHUCK.

    • irish19 says:

      NY is a failedState thanks to democratic tyranny. All the insane people live in the City . They should be their own state and leave the rest of us alone.

  31. Blue says:

    democrats Suck! President Trump 2020!!

    • ROBERT J ANGELO says:

      you are way too kind. they more than suck. TRUMP again. Go America…..

    • loni says:

      Has anyone heard what’s being done about voting cheating being ended by supposedly EVERY VOTER MUST HAVE PICTURE ID ?

      • Irish19 says:

        No. Should be happening but it won’t. Too many democratic controlled cities for that to happen. Hell I need ID to get a library card yet voters shouldn’t have proper ID? Really?

  32. Ted says:

    Schmucky Tumor is a prime example of what can happen as a result of not wearing a condom during anal sex.

    • marshall r says:


      • Steve says:

        They are run by the Obama and Hillary cartel. Look at the facts. Hillary still has Chucky and Shiff an Nadler and Pelosi in her pocket. And the entire DNC. And the only way is to cut the head of the ???? and get the house and Senate back in order. And by the American people that’s what our president and these Right wings our doing. God is on our side. There gonna be accountable and it’s coming soon.. get our government back

  33. Bill says:

    Take those stupid clown glasses off.

  34. Robert Higginbotham says:

    Considering how liberal judges have not only exceeded their authority but ignored the U. S. Constitution. It is time the judicial was brought into balance as defined by Article III and any other limiting comments of the Constitution. The article allows them to hold their office during “good behavior”. I don’t see making their own laws and exceeding their authority being good behavior and those that have done so should be removed from the bench.

  35. Bill says:

    Chucky is perpetually shaking with rage. He needs anger control classes …….and a brain transplant.

    • hayward stewart says:

      I hope he keeps having those rage fits ! maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll have a stroke and won’t be able to talk. I’d love to see him drooling out the sides of his mouth as his nurse say’s…It’s time to take your medicine Mr. SMUCK.

      • Will says:

        hey , that`s what he is like now , maybe if he had a stroke it would kill him then they could stuff him , and place him in the hall of shame . or up piglosi`s skirt , which ever one is bigger

    • irish19 says:

      Must be a dem thing. Pelosi, madmax, Schiff head, nadler, AOC all of them need some real strong meds. They rage and rant and shake and just make asses of themselves.

  36. Ted says:

    Schmuck Humor is as much of an ass as every other dumbocrat politician wannabe. They all have their heads stuck up each others’ asses. The dumbocrat party has become a magnet for the lowest form of scum in the entire history of our Country. They are treasonous sore losers and should be tried in a court of law for their treasonous actions and when found guilty, put to death!

    • david says:

      Amen to that! Tyrannical Treasonous no good for nothing but death and you are so right. Hanging comes to mind and a good spot for that would be the White House lawn to show the Great People of the United States of America that we are a Republic and not a Democracy that thinks the Constitution is something to be spat upon. Treason IS punishable by death!

      • John Hull says:

        The White House Lawn is the perfect setting for a mass neck stretching from Oblowzo on down for the crime of Treason. This should be National Televised at Midnight July 3rd you pick the year) . Maybe even putting the fag light show on for the event would be a nice touch! What think you?

  37. Shelly Massey says:

    I am so tired of the dems thinking they are holier than everyone else and don’t even believe in Christianity. Go Trump. MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN AS INTENDED. USA should be our most important concern for now at least.

  38. Mark says:

    Keep rubbing Trumps successes in Chuckies face until he gets sooo upset he has a stroke which leaves him unable speak

    • 2004done says:

      He’s both of my senators (chucky and kiristen-chuck Jr.) so I’m thinking something more aggressive might be in order.

      • hayward stewart says:

        You can’t shoot him,but you can damn well pour a bucket of piss out the window on him ,next big speech he gives on the street.

  39. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Chuckie Cheese Schumer should go sit on his thumb and twirl on and tell all of the members of his commiecrat party to do the same.

    • Fred says:

      Mr. Sullivan, Sir, good,one, but, I prefer saying to Mr. Schoemer, what The Fonze, from Happy Day’s ALWAYS WOULD SAY, GO SET ON IT, BUT IN THE CORNER, WITH SOME CHEWED GUM STUCK TO HIS NOSE! Now on toward the 9th Circuit, GO AFTER Mrs. Pilosi’s Region!!

      • Steveur says:

        Fred, the 9th Circuit gave President Trump a win, as a result of newly appointed Trump Judge. The 9th gave to Trump his request to keep asylum seekers in Mexico once they have been registered, they will have to wait in Mexico and not released into the US to disappear and never show up for their hearings. That was a unheard of win given by the 9th, with not much said by the leftist Media, Fake News.

        • James Samuel Scaggs says:

          I have to wonder (this is just me thinking)with the 9th upholding a Trump imagration policy if they know something about the real pulse of the nation and where the 2020 election is headed ?

    • STAN STUART says:


      • Magda Q says:

        Amen! Agreed

      • John Hull says:

        Anyone who purposefully kills a Cop should not ever be released from prison. They should immediately receive the same disregard that the fallen Police Officer endured. This is indeed a National Disgrace! May God bless our men and women in Blue!!

  40. Mama says:

    Important Article ‘snippet’.
    > >> IFF ( & PRay ,To Accomplished) Trump fills the remaining two vacancies on the 2nd Circuit, Republican appointees will control the court. The two were confirmed with separate votes Wednesday and Thursday.

    >>> V. Important>>>The 2nd Circuit is the federal appeals court that covers Connecticut, New York and Vermont. Given its jurisdiction over Manhattan, <<< Know ‘this’. PUT THOUGHTS ‘in the Rite Place’. WE Can
    DO THIS> Save 0ur Country From ‘Further Abuse ‘ & ‘take down’.
    not kidding. folks, V. SERIOUS.

  41. Ed Fogderud says:

    President Trump’s our best President ever. He’ll win re-election to his second term by a landslide.

  42. Carl says:

    Kept it going President Trump you just need one more, and it would be another victory for America. Schumer go ride your jackass into the sunset and don’t return.

    • Andy Wood says:

      No don’t ride the jackals stick his head up the backside of the jackals and say giddy up

    • ward says:

      The dem’s logo of an ass is shumer & the house of dem asses led by Pelosi to the demise they created and deserve ! No end to the stench of bo’s libturds filled cesspool until they are acid bathed & totally eradicated from earth … !

  43. Joann Holmes says:

    There will not be enough mental institutions to hold all of the dems in 2020 when President Donald J. Trump wins re-election by a land slide . Go Trump 2020!!!!

    • Lee Martinsen says:

      Trump will win in 2020, but ALL Conservatives have to get out and vote. The EVIL left wing lunatics will do anything they can think of, including massive voter fraud, to win.

  44. Bill says:

    Now flip the 9th district court and life will become good, we can get rid of Sanctuary cities and start removing illegals and stop them from coming in.

  45. Emma says:

    Go to u tube .
    Type in “Obama said he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii” .
    This is a video.
    This makes everything he has done, caused, mandated, etc., Null & Void.
    Also explains sealed records.
    He is still an illegal alien as he never was an American citizen & still isn’t.
    Pelosi verified him I believe.
    They all need to hang
    ???????????? Trump ???? ???????? MAGA ????????❤️

    • gouchr says:

      Knew this from the campaign trail.. Even micheal had to laugh @ the stupidity of the dumbascraps..

    • Nellie says:

      We need Obama’s records, No school records, no birth certificate, Does Obama get a kick back from Obamacare? Trump shouldn’t show any taxes until Obama’s, Pelosi, Feinstein, Walter, Harris and Brown show theirs.
      Trump 2020
      God Bless Our Country.
      Close the borders
      Build the wall
      Vett all refugees and Illegals
      Instead of food stamps. Set up a food bank in areas. United Mine worker’s Union set up for the people who loss jobs. It was a volunteer program. You received a voucher for what you needed. Like shopping at Costco. I was a volunteer. Everyone could go get FOOD. Voucher for how many in family. It was open every day. They took donations or bought overstock food from all food company.

      • DrSkippy1 says:

        I found two comments among the Kenyan Parliament official proceedings transcript database that confirm that Kenya claims Obama as their native son. The evidence is there and Obama should be prosecuted for fraud. He and those who vetted and empowered him should be prosecuted for conspiracy to overthrow Constitutional governance of this nation. Do not let them off the hook; this must be deep and decisive; people need to see criminals doing hard time for this.

        • Magda Q says:

          Everything he did was strategically done to destroy the US. It is not hard to u/s that no one would give their enemy ???? to enable their nuclear arsenal against the US except Obama!

        • John Hull says:

          I need to see criminals being HUNG for this. Not only Oblowzo but everyone involved!
          Ted Kennedy will have to look up from Hell to witness the event.

    • The Real Joe the Plumber says:

      Emmy. your crazy lies make you ready for the insane asylum

  46. God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump, an American HERO. MAGA

  47. Gideon Rockwell says:

    Schmucky Schumer the poster boy for term limits in Congress. I remember several years back a rumor was running around the Hill that the R.N.C. and New York Republican Party were searching for a sharp young Conservative, who had a high probability of taking Schmucky’s seat in the Senate. Schmucky had a screaming meltdown in front of T.V. Cameras and said they had no right to do that, that is his seat. That is a prime example of why we need term limits. People primarily Democrats hold those seats for so long they think they own the seat. This is exactly what the Founders fought to avoid when they established Congress, the establishment of an American Aristocracy.

  48. John T. Kos says:


    • Linda H says:

      John, I am proud to be in that basket of deplorables. He is the only President that I have ever been proud of since Reagan.

  49. Elizabeth Cintron says:

    Thumbs up for the president.

  50. Mary Johnson says:

    It has long since been time to stop being a cog in the wheel and get the people President Trump has been trying to get into place in place. Judges who will imply the law and not try to make law.

  51. Estell says:

    At last cases will be held fairly and the law will be the final say.

  52. Nancy says:

    Because of all his efforts to restore America to her former glory, may President Trump continue to be the man that our God of All Creation has appointed him to be. In the name of Jesus may all Americans who love America stand in support of Trump with prayer.

  53. Steven says:

    Shumer and the Democratic party is under the Clintons and Obama’s mafia

  54. Michael Christopher Scott says:

    Good news article of the week, I guess!

  55. Nell says:

    he got his feelings hurt!! He will find his blankie & go suck his thumb!!

  56. Jack says:

    God bless Donald Trump and God bless America! Build the wall and drain the swamp! Amen! Go Trump Train! 2020

  57. Mike Hainsworth says:

    Keep winning Mr President!

  58. Karin says:

    HooRAY!!!! for our side.

  59. JHW says:

    They want war with Trump, Lets give it to them.

    • ward says:

      The whole damned dem party have become the U.S.A.’s #1 enemy after 8 years of bo’s treasonous 78 law violations and defying at east 10 constitutional amendments ! There is a stench of treason that put dems in bo’s cesspool with all his libturd cronies that are also criminals of treasonous violations against the U.S. ! treason is the crime and execution is the justice ! Hang ’em all high in public view as examples for treason !

      • Don says:

        What you’re saying about the dem party is not very nice! Why did you stop?

        • Linda H says:

          Don, It might not have been nice but it is true.

        • Severa says:

          Don it might not be very nice but the Dems have been very ugly and have no limits of hate, hate, hate. So the Dems have it coming to them it goes with sowing and reaping. They have asked for it. We the American people are sick and tired of their corrupt ways.

      • Kep says:

        The Democratic Party is now the new Amerikan Communist Party. LIBERALS ARE COMMUNISTS AND TERRORISTS AND ARE NOT AMERICANS. ALL should be eradicated from America.

  60. Jesse says:

    I bet Schmuck was as mad as Feinstein and Pelousy when Teump did not ask for or accept their opinions on who he should put on the Courts covering their Areas. Trump might even make that LIBERAL LOONY EMBARRASSMENT the Ninth Circuit into an actually real court not that kangaroo mess LIBERALS have turned it into.

  61. Steff says:

    Give sobbing Schumer back his pacifier. He is whining again. Probably needs his pullover changed. He is nothing more than a corrupt blowhard who has not done anything for this country instead he has and is trying to destroy it. Maybe his constituents will not vote him back into office….I pray that they do not.

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