Chuck Schumer got hit with a rude awakening that could end his career

Chuck Schumer has no idea what is about to hit him.

The top Senate Democrat is facing the biggest challenge to his power.

And Chuck Schumer got hit with this rude awakening that could end his career.

Once Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez entered Congress, it was only a matter of time before she sought higher office.

The only question was, would she set her sights on the Senate or bide her time and run for President once she reached the age of 35?

That question has been answered.

Word is beginning to leak out that Ocasio-Cortez could challenge Chuck Schumer in a 2022 Democrat primary.

Axios reports:

Top Democrats tell “Axios on HBO” they expect Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may eventually primary one of the two New York senators — Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in 2022, or Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in 2024.

Why it matters: AOC has instantly become one of the party’s most coveted endorsers (up there with Clintons and Obamas) — and has recently made common cause with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a pairing that could take off.

A Harris poll for “Axios on HBO” shows socialism is soaring in popularity, especially with women ages 18 to 54 (55%) and younger Americans.

Ocasio-Cortez running against Chuck Schumer could be the highest-profile Senate primary in American history.

The freshman Congresswoman would bring an unmatched social media and fundraising profile to the race.

And it would be the most serious challenge faced by Schumer since he won election to the Senate in 1998 when he ousted a Republican incumbent.

Republicans would love nothing more than to see a Democrat civil war between the far-Left represented by Schumer and the socialists and communists represented by Ocasio-Cortez break out.

That would destabilize the Democrat Party and drag them so far to the Left ahead of the 2022 midterms that the party might as well be trying to represent Cuba or Venezuela.


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49 Responses

  1. Steve Dolyniuk says:

    She is utter nonsense, even worse than many Democrats, & that says a lot for her.

  2. Steve Dolyniuk says:

    She isn’t !

  3. Scott, I believe. Gregory is a conservative—NOT A DEMOCRAT. Therefore your comment is misguided and ignorant.

  4. Steven says:

    He’s the typical NY demoncrat politician. Lie, lie and LIE some more. The only reason he’s alive is because God said”Thou shall not kill.”
    I used to think the dem’s logo showed a pair of donkeys, but I was wrong. They are a couple of jackasses. How fitting!

  5. Carl J Bujan says:

    If it wasn’t for the idiot voters that voted for Shyster Schumer’s his political career won’t have even started.

  6. Pamela says:

    Gregory Sullivan, I agree with your comment.

  7. Mary Johnson says:

    Chuck Schumer should not be there but if left up to AOC he will remain. She will not last because she has not got a clue.

  8. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Why not? Sanity has never been a Democrat prerequisite.

  9. Livv says:

    The communists are: Bernie s., Aoc &. Her mentors – Barry & Hillary, Brennan & from another site – apparently there are *80 something in Congress. This can be verified by asking Google though they don’t give names. I think that rather worrying about whether or not you like a politician is less important than their ability to state what they plan to accomplish & then noting if they follow through on most of their promises. In that regard, Donald Trump is amazing. Despite the 24/7 harrassment from all sides, constant efforts to obstruct anything he wants to do, he has gotten done most of the things he said he would do + more. The fence is coming along & he is doing everything humanly possible to stem the flow of immigrants, but anyone would have to admit that never before in history have we had the number of people trying to get through our southern border as we do now & they are from all over the globe. These immigrants (95%) are very different many are criminals & ms13 gang members, most are angry & aggressive & they are coming for what they can get not because they love this country. In the past most were Mexican & they came here to have a better life & many of them were hard working & had ambition to better themselves what’s happening now doesn’t compare & the situation is frightening & has become an extreme emergency situation that threatens our sovereignty. Guess who’s behind it.

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