Chuck Schumer got hit with a rude awakening that could end his career

Chuck Schumer has no idea what is about to hit him.

The top Senate Democrat is facing the biggest challenge to his power.

And Chuck Schumer got hit with this rude awakening that could end his career.

Once Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez entered Congress, it was only a matter of time before she sought higher office.

The only question was, would she set her sights on the Senate or bide her time and run for President once she reached the age of 35?

That question has been answered.

Word is beginning to leak out that Ocasio-Cortez could challenge Chuck Schumer in a 2022 Democrat primary.

Axios reports:

Top Democrats tell “Axios on HBO” they expect Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may eventually primary one of the two New York senators — Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in 2022, or Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in 2024.

Why it matters: AOC has instantly become one of the party’s most coveted endorsers (up there with Clintons and Obamas) — and has recently made common cause with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a pairing that could take off.

A Harris poll for “Axios on HBO” shows socialism is soaring in popularity, especially with women ages 18 to 54 (55%) and younger Americans.

Ocasio-Cortez running against Chuck Schumer could be the highest-profile Senate primary in American history.

The freshman Congresswoman would bring an unmatched social media and fundraising profile to the race.

And it would be the most serious challenge faced by Schumer since he won election to the Senate in 1998 when he ousted a Republican incumbent.

Republicans would love nothing more than to see a Democrat civil war between the far-Left represented by Schumer and the socialists and communists represented by Ocasio-Cortez break out.

That would destabilize the Democrat Party and drag them so far to the Left ahead of the 2022 midterms that the party might as well be trying to represent Cuba or Venezuela.


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49 Responses

  1. Carl J Bujan says:

    If it wasn’t for the idiot voters that voted for Shyster Schumer’s his political career won’t have even started.

  2. Mary Johnson says:

    Chuck Schumer should not be there but if left up to AOC he will remain. She will not last because she has not got a clue.

  3. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Why not? Sanity has never been a Democrat prerequisite.

  4. Richard says:

    Trump 2020. We beat you once. We will beat you again all you dumb asses out there.

  5. John Redman says:

    SHE’ll be primaried and MY fond hope is that she goes down ther.

  6. Carl J Bujan says:

    Shyster Schumer’s career should have never started all he does is work for illegal aliens and has forgotten the Americans that voted for him.

    • Steven says:

      He’s the typical NY demoncrat politician. Lie, lie and LIE some more. The only reason he’s alive is because God said”Thou shall not kill.”
      I used to think the dem’s logo showed a pair of donkeys, but I was wrong. They are a couple of jackasses. How fitting!

  7. Greg says:

    Why in the hell would ANYONE want to align themself with this mindless twit? I have NO love for Chucky. He is a consummate liberal and he survives on psychobabble, but if he is primaried by this lunatic windbag, the United States is in BIG TROUBLE. Who VOTED for this half stack bar back anyway? Why in the hell would ANYBODY actually seek the endorsement of this moron?!

  8. frances says:

    they will cancel each other out, come the primaries and no matter what, I hope all the residents of NY will watch them closely in the coming months and years as they have both have gone over the edge of insanity, and the voters will see the light and leave the dark side!!

  9. John Decker says:

    If AOC takes out Chuckie and gets to run the Democrap Party it will be a gift from God. If this has been brokered by Trump, he is truly the Second Coming. I just laughed so hard I almost peed myself.

    • A Seeker says:

      The Entire DNC Party has gone MAD by HC’s not got whatever she wanted in 2016 for the WH in 2017! That Hatred has never parted from the Party! Anger begets greater Anger! Look at their Mad faces! Not one of them is with any form of HUMAN GRACE~NICENESS! It is VERY Sad to see that the greed for power is ruing so many souls!

  10. Is there anyone who doesn’t believe “The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization” should not be completely DESTROYED ?

    • ward says:

      Every damned dem supporter of bo’s treason for 8 years & now 2 more years of asinine deceit by more brainless libtards is a crime of treason against the U.S.A. ! Treason is the crime & execution is the Justice !

    • Jo Scott says:

      Totally agree. AOC and Schumer fighting for congress would be a great thing to see. Would love to see the back of them both.

  11. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The reason why Chuckie Cheese Shstupor and AOC are in office, is because of the stupid ignorant voters that are in their districts which should have never been allowed to vote in the first place.

    • Scott27 says:

      If we did away with ignorant voters, we would not have your Dear Leader in the White House.

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        If they did away with all of the democrats and you this country would be a better place for all of us.

        • Scott27 says:

          Just so I understand clearly, Gregory… you support mocking the disabled; you support murderous dictators over our own war heroes; you support consistent lying and alternative facts over truth; ; you support welfare for farmers over trade markets; you support active involvement of sworn enemies in our elections; you support ignoring the Constitution upon which this nation was founded….. need I say more. These are all obdurate realities you apparently support. Nice.

          • Eva12 says:

            Scott27, stop watching the fake media. You are totally incorrect on President Trump, our legally elected potus. Such a relief after the gay, illegal, Muslim a Kenyan who was a squatter in the WH for 8 looong years. Trump did not lock the disabled, that was misrepresented. He does not support murderous dictators, he is trying to get along with other nations, especially by not paying them our money. Welfare for farmers, well, especially This year with many having no crops. How about ending ethanol subsidies? That never should have been done, by your famous leader. Listen, Russia was not working with Trump and his team, but with Hillary, got it? Ignoring our Constitution? The reason he has selected the judges he has was to correct the mess done by BHO and company. Ignoring the Constitution? How about BHO who did not qualify to run for POTUS due to not being a Natural Born citizen, as required. Please, do not say, his mom was a US citizen, as that proves you have done NO RESEARCH ! BTW, Kamala Harris, Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and millions more who may be a US citizen but not a NBC are also not eligible to serve as POTUS or VP. Need you say more, no. Go read and research what it means to be a NBC because you have no clue. You have a lot of research to do. Please do so before responding. I have done my research!

          • Gregory Sullivan says:

            I don’t support the party of welfare queens and the party that allows illegal aliens that come here and sponge off of us all and giving the homeless and American citizens the middle finger salute in order to get more votes from them along with dead people to win elections which is the only way they can win them ie making more and more citizens poor with food stamps and welfare and promising them continual aid which is a total disincentive to get them to find work and fend for themselves

          • Gregory Sullivan says:

            Scoty 27:
            Like that disgraceful commercial put out by the DNC showing a Republican pushing granny off of a cliff in a wheelchair. How hard up can anyone get to get votes? Your buddy Comrade Obama did absolutely nothing for our veterans and most if not all of them are voting for Trump’s reelection if he didn’t do anyting to help them? Mr Obama only got a tiny handful of votes from them.

          • Will says:

            Great example of why CNN and MSNBC are circling the drain, Scottie! When Trump gets reelected (the house Dems, with their brain eating hatred , are assuring it), and the propaganda wing of the DNC is no more, we might have to institutionalize all you useful idiots to keep you from hurting yourselves or others.

          • Karen says:

            You sir have got the wrong party. It is the democrats that do all on your lists. Chuckie boy needs to be primaried out then Gop take his seat. Seems like the only way to get rid of these idiots is for them to die!

          • Scott, I believe. Gregory is a conservative—NOT A DEMOCRAT. Therefore your comment is misguided and ignorant.

        • Pamela says:

          Gregory Sullivan, I agree with your comment.

      • Eva12 says:

        Scott27, I am curious as to your level of education. Donald Trump was not my 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice for POTUS, but by the time that November 2016 arrived, there was certainly no other choice. Surely you do not long for Hillary!? If so, you are very dumb, stupid, naive or ??¿¿¿¿??? If you like the Clinton’s, you have no clue of their history, from Hillary’s arrival in Arkansas. There is so muchn crime, including many, many premature deaths of associates. Do you do absolutely zero research? Do you pay attention to any media besides CNN and MSNBC? FOX isn’t perfect but is the best we currently have available. Ignorant voters? The Democrats have put 4 Muslims in office! Plus Schumer, Nadler, AOC, Kamala Harris (not a Natural Born citizen, not eligible to serve as POTUS or VP), and at least 150 more who should not be in Congress. Let’s not leave out Hank (Guam’ s gonna tip over) Johnson, D-GA, E. Cummings, Bennie Thompson, Nancy Pelosi, Shelia Jackson-Lee, Al Green, Howdy Doody Washington, D-FL, crazy Maxine Waters, Debbie Waserman Schutes, and so many more. That Omar, Minnesota, needs to lose her US citizenship and be deported, along with her husband-brother, If is it brother-husband? And extended family. That Detroit muslim who used her dads address for her own, kick her put, as did AOC, kick, her out, also. Need to get rid of all these anti-American, devils. Yes, Our Dear Leader, in the WH, (and, legally, so), who is doing a fantastic job, better than I expected! Best in my lifetime, well, Reagan was also outstanding. I go back to following presidential elections to 1952, Ike’s 1st term, probably longer than you have been alive. You seriously need to do real research. Your education is lacking, big time.

      • Steve Dolyniuk says:

        She isn’t !

    • Eileen Ross says:

      With respect, I disagree. The real reason that Schmuck Scheister and the Cartoon are in office is because they were placed there by the Big Boys in Brussels (the rich Jewish bankers) who are in back of the New World Order, and are issuing the orders in the US. The puppet politicians are doing their bidding, and we have operatives all over our country. Hence, the ruination of each state, one by one.

      • Scott27 says:

        Oh, Eileen…. let me guess, you got all that information from your cousin’s best friend who got it via her hairdresser who heard another guy salon customer talking about it.

        • 2004done says:

          Scott27: No it was Politco trying to raise awareness of how great communism kills proletariat, but they’ll never beat the 120 million of earlier Russia because NY only has 15 or 16 million residents total

      • ward says:

        The real attack is by the islamic asses of bo’s 8 years regime that are wannabe dictators … !

        • Scott27 says:

          But wait a sec, ward… I thought your Dear Leader had completely eradicated ISIS, so why are you still talking about it?

  12. Scott27 says:

    Every day on this site, either all hell is breaking lose over some trivial nonsense; or someone’s career is over; or someone’s devastated and crying over being crushed; or someone is facing devastation they never expected…. yada-yada-yada. All of it, of course, is alternative facts and pure BS. I’m not a fan of AOC, but I’ll say this for her.. she doesn’t deal in utter nonsense as is found here.

  13. Colleen La Rose says:

    Don’t matter which one of those lunatics win …any win for them is a loss for Americans

  14. John says:

    You deleted my post!!maybe you are leftists.

  15. david says:

    To coin an old phrase ‘the communists are coming, the communists are coming’.

    • Scott27 says:

      Yep, you’re right david… and they are holding hands and skipping with Dear Leader Drumpf while all the folks on this site clap and cheer.

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        Don’t you mean your idols Comrade Barack O and Comrade Hillary ?

      • Tom says:

        Scott27, If you don’t like this site , leave, I don’t think anyone will miss your drab sarcastic comments.

        • Hey Tom, Snott27 doesn’t like much of anything. His problem. But it would be great if “it ” would give Venezuela, Cuba or any Communist location a try. Just for 1 year. Let me know how it works for ya.

      • Livv says:

        The communists are: Bernie s., Aoc &. Her mentors – Barry & Hillary, Brennan & from another site – apparently there are *80 something in Congress. This can be verified by asking Google though they don’t give names. I think that rather worrying about whether or not you like a politician is less important than their ability to state what they plan to accomplish & then noting if they follow through on most of their promises. In that regard, Donald Trump is amazing. Despite the 24/7 harrassment from all sides, constant efforts to obstruct anything he wants to do, he has gotten done most of the things he said he would do + more. The fence is coming along & he is doing everything humanly possible to stem the flow of immigrants, but anyone would have to admit that never before in history have we had the number of people trying to get through our southern border as we do now & they are from all over the globe. These immigrants (95%) are very different many are criminals & ms13 gang members, most are angry & aggressive & they are coming for what they can get not because they love this country. In the past most were Mexican & they came here to have a better life & many of them were hard working & had ambition to better themselves what’s happening now doesn’t compare & the situation is frightening & has become an extreme emergency situation that threatens our sovereignty. Guess who’s behind it.

  16. William says:

    I personally despise Chuck Schumer, but AOC is a complete Idiot. Just when you think the Democrats couldn’t top the ignorance and stupidity in their party …. WRONG! Looks like the whole damn Party is beginning to want handouts and so do a majority of their voters. As I stated earlier, I don’t like Schumer, but allowing all these losers running for all these seats in government is not an option.

    • Granny says:

      You are so right. Evidently the Democratic Party is the dumbocratic party. We need to make sure this crap stops.

    • SGT Preston says:

      Absolutely right. The patients are running the asylum, apparently.

    • Jjo says:

      None of the people in the dem running should be n politics

    • Ray says:

      William totally agree Schumer is a complete jackass but how anyone could vote for Ocasio again for anything is mind boggling. This girl is a complete idiot I think her own district is starting to realize that. Hopefully after her term is up this will be the last we see of her. I have never seen anyone as clueless as her that keeps putting her foot in her mouth. You listen to her talk and just shake your head and ask how did this moron get elected?

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