Chuck Schumer got caught doing the one thing that will cost Democrats everything

Chuck Schumer is in a panic.

His carefully-laid plans for the 2020 election just got flushed down the rain.

And that’s because Chuck Schumer got caught doing the one thing that will cost Democrats everything.

Chuck Schumer recently took a visit to tour an illegal alien detention facility.

The top Senate Democrat wanted to rail about the supposed squalid conditions and pressure the Trump administration to release the illegal aliens currently being held.

But the move backfired.

Schumer was caught on tape giving illegal aliens the thumbs up sign and offering his support for their cause.

Breitbart reports:

Americans have no moral right to detain migrants caught at the U.S. border and must release them to Catholic Charities and other non-profit welcoming groups, says Democrat leader Sen. Chuck Schumer, who was caught on video offering a thumbs-up signal of support to illegal migrant men.

The thumbs-up signal of support was offered by Schumer during a July 19 visit to a holding center in McAllen, Texas, where he touted the Democrats’ plan for universal catch and release.

Many of the migrants at the center welcomed by Sen. Schumer are being trafficked by the cartels, which expect to profit once the migrants repay their smuggling debts with wages from U.S. jobs. The migrants get the jobs by being released from detention, and then accepting work with longer hours and lower wages than the hours and wages sought by the young Americans whom Schumer is expected to represent and champion.

Schumer urged officials at the center to quickly release the migrants, many of whom likely will seek jobs in New York state. “It is a policy decision to keep people here this long … You could if you chose … turn them over a center like we saw with Sister Norma,” Schumer told senior officials from the Department of Homeland Security.

Democrats are trying to fend off Donald Trump’s attacks that they support open borders.

Of course the reality is they do.

At the Democrat Presidential debate, every candidate indicated their support for giving free health care to illegal aliens, and virtually all of them supported decriminalizing illegal aliens.

Chuck Schumer offering to stand in solidarity with illegal alien invaders will only prove Donald Trump’s point.

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53 Responses

  1. I am in a panic because Trump wants us all back to Work the day after Easter that pagan holiday. The economy is much more important then people’s health. Maybe he thinks that only democrats will be killed. and Healthcare workers. I hope Barron and Ivanka get sick, and they get so sick, they have to be hospitalized. and they need a ventilator and none are available.

  2. MB says:

    Smart to let lesser criminals go ..seeing them steal In the stores without fear of being arrested….
    Having the military to aid the COVID-19 needs?
    What will happen after the COVID-19 is over and the felons under the camera with stealing?
    You will be posted, right?
    Military might will be used under the mayor, governor to send a loud “OK” to go and gather up the felons who were posted on the security cams…? There is always a 2 step plan in the back burner…isn’t that part of step 2?
    Do not think they will be scot free….do you?

  3. Evelyn J. Hunter says:

    Excellent point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Don Abrams says:

    Only Mary surratt was possibly innocent

  5. Phyllis says:

    If they want to release them, it should be on the other side of the border, not to groups in the US. They are here illegally. If Chuck and Nancy won’t have them in their homes, why should the rest of us have to deal with them?

  6. Linda Pottle says:

    What disturbs me more than the Thumbs up is this ……”… migrants caught at the U.S. border and must release them to Catholic Charities and other non-profit welcoming groups, says Democrat leader Sen. Chuck Schumer, …” With all the Pedophile Priests and leaders of humanitarian charities getting busted all over the place …Why would Chuckie Boy think this is a better place for the Children??? Hummmmmm

  7. Irene says:


  8. Patricia Overbey says:

    Amen the word here is not not about immigration we Americans [at least the sane ones] are not against immigration we are however against ILLEGAL immigration. I do not car hoiw they slice it is against the law to come here ILLEGALLY PERIOD .

  9. Quin says:

    One of the things Schumer is attempting of course is to get more illegal voters in NY, as well as elsewhere. If they can get enough illegals driver’s licenses, and enroll them in the motor-voter ranks, they may have a chance of tilting the election their way. Of course they are fighting tooth and nail in the swing states against any kind of voter vetting.

  10. Donald Trump is not detaining immigrants, as ar as I see, I have NEVER in any war, or any crime seen anyone being gtreated even a thousand times better than that. This should either Get Trump impeached, or us destroyed, real Quick. Trump, by the way, at least fpr now gets him off the hook. He gets you are destroyed, When he joins Putin, and Iran in trying to destoy Israe, which will be the Ezekiel 38/39 war. After God destroys the armies, the Rest of the USA in Russia will be violently Destroyed along with all of the allies fighting against Israel . A few innocent peoplewill survive, but the coutries will look like there is an earthquake.

  11. Pat says:

    He’s also encouraging breaking our immigration laws. He and the Dems are really panicking over the loss of possibly millions of illegal votes they need to retain the house, take over the Senate and the White House. Anyone who would vote for the Dems next year is an idiot.

  12. They get their wealth from government programs that have all free health and welfare, and in return for their hospality, they get voted in again and turn this country into a slum just like Venuswalar. Now those people are the people who are in need and Puerto Rico is just as bad and AOC want’s to drag our country down so those countries don’t look so bad being run into the ground.

  13. Borders says:

    Boy the democrat people will do anything to get their slaves back. These illegals work hard long hours for little pay and pay no taxes. They are often non English speaking ignorant people that won’t ever really assimilate to our society. But if you check the democrat household staff you will probably find illegals

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