Chuck Schumer got caught doing the one thing that will cost Democrats everything

Chuck Schumer is in a panic.

His carefully-laid plans for the 2020 election just got flushed down the rain.

And that’s because Chuck Schumer got caught doing the one thing that will cost Democrats everything.

Chuck Schumer recently took a visit to tour an illegal alien detention facility.

The top Senate Democrat wanted to rail about the supposed squalid conditions and pressure the Trump administration to release the illegal aliens currently being held.

But the move backfired.

Schumer was caught on tape giving illegal aliens the thumbs up sign and offering his support for their cause.

Breitbart reports:

Americans have no moral right to detain migrants caught at the U.S. border and must release them to Catholic Charities and other non-profit welcoming groups, says Democrat leader Sen. Chuck Schumer, who was caught on video offering a thumbs-up signal of support to illegal migrant men.

The thumbs-up signal of support was offered by Schumer during a July 19 visit to a holding center in McAllen, Texas, where he touted the Democrats’ plan for universal catch and release.

Many of the migrants at the center welcomed by Sen. Schumer are being trafficked by the cartels, which expect to profit once the migrants repay their smuggling debts with wages from U.S. jobs. The migrants get the jobs by being released from detention, and then accepting work with longer hours and lower wages than the hours and wages sought by the young Americans whom Schumer is expected to represent and champion.

Schumer urged officials at the center to quickly release the migrants, many of whom likely will seek jobs in New York state. “It is a policy decision to keep people here this long … You could if you chose … turn them over a center like we saw with Sister Norma,” Schumer told senior officials from the Department of Homeland Security.

Democrats are trying to fend off Donald Trump’s attacks that they support open borders.

Of course the reality is they do.

At the Democrat Presidential debate, every candidate indicated their support for giving free health care to illegal aliens, and virtually all of them supported decriminalizing illegal aliens.

Chuck Schumer offering to stand in solidarity with illegal alien invaders will only prove Donald Trump’s point.

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53 Responses

  1. Marshall stewart says:

    this is an invasion, ACT OF WAR, The originations behind this should be brought to military justice, Money Confiscated.

  2. Phyllis says:

    Part of the reason is that corrupt, greedy liberals, have the liberal media, who won’t report anything that makes them look bad. Obama and his followers spent 8 years juggling the figures to make him look like he was actually doing something for America. Ex. Obama claimed he created 10,000,000 new good jobs during his 2 terms. The truth is 95% of those jobs were temporary (from 1 to 32 hrs per week) with no benefits of any kind. Jobs that come with benefits declined by 1,000,000 under Obama. They claimed 805,000 manufacturing jobs were created, but in fact their were 303,000 less manufacturing jobs under Obama. His administration would cherry pick numbers from the best year, and create their own numbers. In his last month in office he had a record high number of people out of work. There were 95.1 million Americans out of work. The last job report in Jan. 2017, said that unemployment increased by 14,573,000 or 18.9% since Obama took office. During his 8 years in office American wages fell to early 1990’s level. Black Americans were 40% worse off economically when Obama left office, than when he started. This is just one area of his failures, but to answer your question, he and his administration were very manipulative so unless people are looking closely they will only see what he wanted you to see. Unemployment is supposed to show people who lost good jobs, working full time and/or with benefits, and people who worked steady part time work, who lost jobs, but are actively looking for work. During the Obama terms, anyone who was unemployed, who had run out of unemployment funds, were dropped from the count. So if 6,000,000 had been collecting unemployment, for however long it was allowed, then it stopped, they were no longer counted as unemployed. That made his unemployment numbers lower than they really were. In Dec 2017 on his last jobs report he claimed his unemployment rate was 4.3%, but the Bureau of Labor statistics said unemployment rate was 9.2%. His administration did that with everything.

  3. jet campla says:

    Very well stated!!! It is the the Truth. Every Word of It!!!

  4. Larry says:

    Schumer is a lying idiot and does not have a moral fiber or thought in his body

  5. Jesse says:

    Schmuck knows he can get away with this since all the ILLEGALS will vote as their Democrapic handlers tell them to. The LIE they don’t vote has been proven WRONG by the number of ILLEGAL votes cast for Hitlery during the 2016 election and the Alabama Special election stolen from Moore.

  6. Joel Kruskie says:

    They should be executed just like Abe Lincoln did, although Abe holds the record for most executed at one time.
    And they were innocent!

  7. This guy just loves to sh*t in his own nest. How do his union supporters justify his existence as their representative, when he’s championing the great cause of the illegal workforce. Pay sweatshop wages to the poorest, the most illiterate, the most uneducated, and the most vulnerable. A real sweetheart of a guy championing the poor and downtrodden. Boy if this guy isn’t on a corporation’s lobby list, nobody is. How democrat of you.

  8. DiDi says:

    Why do the people in his party, not see the reality of what the result is of such bad policy for many years? They all can’t be so oblivious to the Truth.

  9. CLIFF says:


  10. Randy131 says:

    Obama inherited a recession, but in June of 2009 he proclaimed it over, and for the next 7 1/2 years straight the US economy was in Obama’s economic recovery.

    How long does it take for an economy to become normal and grow as it should, causing people’s incomes to increase, their wages to increase, and provide jobs for the over 17 million unemployed Americans that Obama had dropped from the “US Workforce” because they failed to find a job in 52 weeks and longer, never adding a single one of those dropped unemployed Americans back into the “US Workforce” until after President Trump was inaugurated?

    During Obama’s Presidency the American people’s wealth declined, their incomes declined, they were never given any significant raises that were not offset by the lowering of other American’s wages, and over 17 million Americans who had jobs when Obama became President, lost them, and couldn’t find a replacement job for 8 years, until President Trump was inaugurated.

    Obama’s “US Workforce” participation dropped to an over 40 year low, as Obama kept dropping unemployed Americans every single month he was President, right up to and including his last month in office, because those 17 million unemployed Americans couldn’t find a job during Obama’s 7 1/2 straight years of a supposed economic recovery, but only found jobs and were added back into the “US Workforce” after President Trump was inaugurated.

    So why was Obama’s economy so bad for the American people? Because of all the illegal immigrants that he kept “Catching & Releasing”, that took the jobs that unemployed Americans needed, at a much lower wage, which kept the wages down in the USA, causing no wage increases, which also kept the American people’s income down, as they used their saved wealth to stay alive, since they had no jobs, which also caused the American people’s wealth to decline.

    Why did the economy improve so much after President Trump was inaugurated, and unemployment went down to historically record lows, and people dropped from the “US Workforce” under Obama were now finally being added back into the “US Workforce”, all in President Trumps first year in office. The only thing that President Trump did to achieve all this in his first year in office was to repeal all of Obama’s economic killing policies, agendas, regulations, mandates and rules, as well as cutting illegal immigration by 70% of what it was under Obama’s Presidency. That’s it, that is all that was done, getting rid of bad economic policies and agendas of Obama’s and the Democrats’, and stopping a huge part of the illegal immigration that had been coming into the USA, so the American people had jobs available for them, that under Obama’s Presidency was taken by his “caught and released” illegal immigrants.

    That is all it took to create a real strong and growing US economy, where unemployed Americans that Obama had dropped from the “US Workforce” for 8 years, could finally find jobs, and when they did, then wages started also going up because most Americans have been put back to work, and we now have more open jobs than we have people seeking them.

    This has caused a problem with the Democrats, because of all of President Trump’s achievements and successes for the American people, the Democrats are scared that the American people will re-elect President Trump, and the only way they can figure to stop his re-election, is to return the US economy to how it was under Obama and the Democrats, which means that the illegal immigrants once again had to increase their invasion to how it was under Obama, which the Democrats have now achieved incentives in our asylum laws and by preventing President Trump from securing our southern borders and refusing to fund the projects to do this, as well as not funding the facilities needed to keep from having to go back to Obama’s and the Democrats’ “Catch & Release” policy.

    So all the suffering the American people are having to go through, such as illegal immigrant drug smuggling, illegal immigrant sex trafficking, and illegal immigrants taking American jobs and lowering the wage rate around the USA, is being caused by Democrats who now refuse to do what they said needed to be done the entire time that Obama was President, but Obama never wanted to do it, to stop the illegal immigrant invasion into the USA, and this today is all just so the Democrats can have a chance to stop President Trump from being re-elected. PERIOD !!!

  11. Karen says:


  12. Randall clark says:

    Schumer has to be one of the biggest, unhinged, dem D-HEADS, in the history of the party!!!

  13. Zaw Soe says:

    Chicken Shoemur is the worst in the office in history. He should go and Kiss African Borat Hussein Ass. These Demorats are nothing but Delusional and Crazy,Hate,Racists,to all pathetic party groups don’t belong in the U.S.A.

  14. Steve says:

    Schumer is one of the worst , under his pal soros , that has vowed to destroy America , He is constantly doing acts of sedition & high treason , intent on ruining America . Belongs in GITMO with the REST OF THE TERRORISTS !

  15. Al says:

    Great Idea but it won’t fly!!! Trying to get something like this on the debate would be like having beat the odds and winning the lottery twice in a row!!

  16. Allan. Terry says:

    In simple terms, Dems want to take your money, guns, and property. Being so much smarter than us, they will decide where tax revenues are spent.

  17. John says:

    You are right they want to bring them over an promise them everything an the use them just as they were used in there country an feel that Americans here would have no choice but to live in the same way to stay alive an for them to live as the ones in control over in these countrys.they can’t wait to destroy this country cause they are scared that the people here has waken up an realized what’s going on here an ready to do something about it an Trump is leading the way an that’s why they hate him an want him out of office.

  18. Will Penny says:

    Chucky the smuck , this guy is a Treasonous Prick , Chucky , the day we get to see you Dangling from the Short End of a Good Rope , will be a great day in American History ,. What a Sorry excuse for a man you are , Up yours Chuck with a barbed wire cluster and a good hard twist at the end to make it stick !!

  19. HomeOftheBrave says:

    Right on John! I’d add that Pelosi’s idea that border issues would be addressed by ‘mowing’ along the border, should be taken up. Have her purchase property right on the border, give her (at least) 8 illegals to live with her, and have Nancy lead them in the mowing!

  20. Will T says:

    He looks kinda like Chucky, after he got melted.

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