Chuck Schumer found out the giant mess he was in when he saw the results of this new poll

Democrats were blindsided.

They were not expecting this news.

And Chuck Schumer found out the giant mess he was in when he saw the results of this new poll.

Democrats are trying to cobble together the votes in the Senate to eliminate the filibuster to pass so-called “voting rights” legislation.

In reality, Republicans argue this bill would rig elections in the Democrats’ favor by mandating mail-in voting and ballot harvesting in 50 states while weakening the ability to enforce voter ID laws.

Democrats can’t put together the votes to ram this legislation through Congress because despite the party spin, imposing pandemic-era voting procedures on steroids across the entire country is unpopular.

A new poll from Echelon Insights shows 47 percent of Americans support going back to pre-pandemic voting methods as opposed just 41 percent who back the expanded mail-in voting schemes states implemented in the name of the coronavirus.

Echelon’s poll also showed strong public support for GOP election integrity measures such as enhanced voter ID laws, more access for poll watchers, and banning ballot harvesting.

Democrats want to pass this purely as a political power grab.

But the polling data shows that the American people support strong safeguards against voter fraud.

And that’s why Democrats from red states like West Virginia’s Joe Manchin opposed this legislation.

And despite the media’s claims that a Republican filibuster killed this bill, the real truth of the matter is the Democrats don’t even have 50 votes in their own party to pass a federal takeover of election procedures.

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