Chuck Schumer found out his Supreme Court plans are doomed in a fiery way you won’t believe

Democrats are scrambling to stop the confirmation of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

As Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer will be leading the brunt of this fight.

But Schumer found out his Supreme Court plans are doomed in a fiery way you won’t believe.

With Washington, D.C. being such a cesspool of liberalism, it is the ideal place for any Democrat to make major announcements.

That is what Chuck Schumer expected when he held a speech on Capitol Hill about his plans to stop Republicans from confirming a replacement for Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.

His speech was being broadcast live on television, when he stated, “We Democrats are fighting as hard as we can to protect Americans.”

Before he could finish his next sentence, he was cut off by a heckler in the crowd.

“And we need Americans,” Schumer began, before being cut off.

“You ain’t doing s***,” the heckler yelled. “Stop lying to the people. Stop lying to the people.”

Schumer tried to save himself by responding to another man who yelled “Jesus saves. Jesus saves. Jesus loves you guys,” by saying “thank you.”

This outburst completely ruined the point he was trying to make, and instead became the story.

It is unclear if the heckler is on the Right or the Left.

Many on the Left feel that Schumer is not doing enough, which would make it reasonable to think that the heckler may not have been a right-winger.

Schumer continued with his briefing, blasting Republicans for attempting to confirm a Justice before the election, a complete shift in opinion from 2016, when he attempted to ram through Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland.

In that case, they didn’t have the support to win the vote.

But currently, Republicans appear to have all the support they need for a speedy confirmation.

With a 53 person majority, they are able to easily win a vote, even if 3 Republicans choose to side with Democrats.

But even then, it is unlikely that many Republicans will switch over.

The Republican most expected to jump ship and support the Democrats, Sen. Mitt Romney has publicly stated that he will support Trump’s nominee.

Schumer’s speech was foreshadowing for what is to come.

He will attempt a fight, and quickly embarrass himself under the weight of a solid Republican majority.

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