Chuck Schumer cried tears after this Supreme Court decision came down

The Supreme Court is handing down its landmark decisions of the current term.

Americans are shocked at the rulings they are hearing.

And Chuck Schumer cried tears after this Supreme Court decision came down.

On Thursday, Chief Justice John Roberts stabbed conservatives in the back by joining the court’s four liberals to block Donald Trump rescinding Barack Obama’s illegal executive amnesty program.

No one was happier than pro-open borders zealot Chuck Schumer.

Schumer admitted in a Senate floor speech that he “cried tears of joy” after Roberts betrayal.

“I cried tears of joy a few minutes ago when I heard the decision of the Supreme Court on DACA. These wonderful DACA kids and their families have a huge burden lifted off of their shoulders. They don’t have to worry about being deported. They can do their jobs, and I believe . . . someday soon they will be American citizens,” Schumer stated.

Schumer rubbed conservatives’ faces in the defeat by boasting about how Roberts also sold out conservatives in a case granting transgenders and homosexuals special rights.

“Wow. What a decision. And let me say this. In this very difficult time, the Supreme Court provided a bright ray of sunshine this week. With the decision on Monday preventing discrimination in employment against the LGBTQ community, and now with this DACA decision,” Schumer added.

Most Americans were expecting the court to uphold President Trump’s decision to rescind DACA.

The logic was simple.

President Obama enacted DACA by executive memorandum and President Trump rescinded DACA through the same procedure.

But John Roberts decided in his decision that powers Obama exercised couldn’t also be used by President Trump.

And that led to Schumer’s celebration.

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