Chuck Schumer attacked Trump with these two words that will make you furious

Chuck Schumer just escalated the border wall fight.

Last week, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi visited the Oval Office where they were exposed in front of the TV cameras for blocking the border wall.

And Schumer used two words that revealed he’s out of arguments.

In an interview with Meet the Press, Schumer dipped to a new low.

While Pelosi and Schumer have refused to engage in a real debate, Schumer had the gall to declare the President’s reaction a “temper tantrum.”

He knows the American people want a border wall. That’s why Trump won in the first place.

Schumer is simply resorting to petty name-calling that the media will run with so he can avoid getting the job done.

NBC News reports:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Sunday said President Donald Trump is preventing a deal to avert a partial government shutdown because of a “temper tantrum” over his demand for more funding to build a border wall.

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” just five days before funding deadline to keep several key federal agencies open, Schumer, D-N.Y., said that he and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., are standing firm in their offers to Trump and that it’s up to the president to come to the table.

“We Democrats, Leader Pelosi and I, offered the president two options as to how to avoid the shutdown,” he said.

“We should not let a temper tantrum, threats, push us in the direction of doing something even our Republicans colleagues know is wrong.”

So far Pelosi and Schumer have refused to budge on border security.

Trump has even threatened to shut down the government if the House and Senate do not provide funding for the wall.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to claim we can have border security without the wall.

But how has that worked out?

This is the same party that was calling to abolish I.C.E. just a few months ago.

President Trump is refusing to yield.

The President is expected to receive a great deal of backlash over any government shutdown.

But he’s never backed down from a fight and it may be worthwhile if he gets the wall built.

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213 Responses

  1. Denis says:

    Yet another FIRE; READY; AIM – SHOOT FROM THE HIP hallucinogenic rant. You are to INTELLIGENCE what anorexia is to nutrition.

  2. Denis says:

    Why do you have locks on your doors? Why not remove all locks and then advertise the removals so any ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADER can to nest inside your lock free properties at your personal perpetual expense. That’s INTELLIGENCE!

  3. Ronsch says:

    INTELLIGENT people do some research to find out the most effective way to stop illegal immigration. It is NOT INTELLIGENT to just decide on one’s own that a Wall is going to do that. It ignores the huge variety of situations, including a thousand miles of river. There is no comparison with the wall in Isreal.

    “If you build a twenty foot wall, I will find someone with a twenty-one foot ladder.”

    So said Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota, in dismissing Donald Trump’s idea of a wall along the U.S./Mexican border. Ventura could have added that digging under the wall or using a boat to go around it are other ways to undermine its effectiveness. There are other concerns, including exorbitant cost, negative environmental impacts, and projecting an image of the United States as an unwelcoming fortress.

    Trump created a dream, a conservatives unicorn, that helped to get him elected. An INTELLIGENT solution would be the one that Pelosi and Schumer offered, forming a committee to investigate the best way to do it. They offered billions for that. He turned that down because he had to follow the conservative dream.

    BTW, there is no one for open borders. No Democrats are for open borders. Thinking that Democrats are for open borders is the same fantasy thinking that conservatives have about the Wall.

  4. Denis says:

    Hey Ronschie Boy: The wall is not a “MacGuffin”. Take Israel as an example. Not that long ago having daily bombings of people who blew themselves up taking with them thousands of innocent civilians was commonplace. Since the Israelis built their Wall such premeditated violence has ceased. 65 other countries have prospered likewise. They see fires being started. They find the reason. And then like INTELLIGENT people they fix the system to STOP THE PROBLEM. Why do you hate the USA so much that you want to FORCE on it one of the longstanding forms of SOVEREIGN SUICIDE which is “OPEN AND POROUS BORDERS”?

  5. Ronsch says:

    Trump’s Wall is a macguffin. It will not stop illegal immigration. Building the Wall is only for Trump and his followers to feel good but has nothing to do with any effective method for stopping illegal immigration. It is billions of dollars misspent.

  6. Denis says:

    Hey HILDEBRAND: When ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS are treated equal to or better than LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS, why ever be a legal American citizen? If you SPONSOR ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS, then you must honor the principle : “SPONSORS PAY!

  7. Amazement says:

    Why even waste one’s time with such an ignorant Liberals, If they do not want the wall then Move to Venezuela

  8. Beverly says:

    Boy, did Obama hypnotize you. What you said is not at all true. Whether it’s a wall, or barb-wire fence , Trump wants a wall to keep illegals out. They can come legally and get in line.THe children in cages are from OBAMA era. It shows the tape and it’s dated. Trump has done much, much more than OBAMA had ever accomplished. Obama is as corrupt as Hell-ERY as The QUEEN, herself. HRC has MANY, MANY ILLEGEAL covered up murders, suicides,. Uranium 1, Plutonium (Iraq) middle night delivery of $150 billion dollars. Illegal money$500,000. for 1/2 hr. speech. I don’t care who you are but NO ONE is worth $500,’000 to talk. HELL_ERY has so far committed over 25 Federal Crimes. I can list them all, if you’d like>? Trump wasn’t a political figure, he was/is a businessman.

  9. Yvette Hicks says:

    Mr. Schmick
    Why are you “yelling” at us. The majority of the people responding agree that the Border Wall is needed. Yes, as some have said above, we are a nation of immigrants, but are those who came here legally!!! Illegal aliens should be returned to their country of origin and FOLLOW the process to come to the United States of America through proper channels. A friend of mine that I’ve known for some time stated that her father brought his family to America and paid $10,000.00. I’m not sure when this was nor how many are in her family. SHE became a US Citizen back in 2005 and did this the proper way. We cannot continue to take millions upon millions of illegal aliens and GIVE them FREE healthcare, etc. We do not have a majority of people working in this country to support this because the baby boomers were the ones to have quite a few children that also worked as well as the parents so I believe there was some abundance of funds available to assist people wanting to come to this country. However, those same people (there are many right now) that have retired and are collecting Social Security, because they PUT into the system and did their 40 quarters that is necessary to receive Social Security. NO ILLEGAL ALIEN should ever receive the SS benefits. As far as I know, they do not pay taxes, nor contribute to FICA, so they should not be permitted to receive it.

  10. Randall M says:

    Yes, Leanne, It will be expensive. But what price for freedom? There are many, many wall between countries around the world . And they all have claims to the effectiveness of their walls. Heck, there is even a wall around the Vatican.

  11. Denis says:

    Lamebrain Hildegard: What you SPONSOR, YOU pay for.

  12. Ronsch says:

    Wow, I didn’t call conservatives cowards, you did. I said they weren’t cowards, that they will truthfully answer surveys. You were the one that claimed they were cowards, that they wouldn’t answer surveys.

  13. Randall M says:

    Well, Real M. Ronschy falls into the category “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, You baffle them with Bulls##t”. Also all of his words makes me think it’s better keep your mouth shut and be thought the fool, than open it up and remove all doubt.

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