Chuck Schumer attacked Trump with these two words that will make you furious

Chuck Schumer just escalated the border wall fight.

Last week, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi visited the Oval Office where they were exposed in front of the TV cameras for blocking the border wall.

And Schumer used two words that revealed he’s out of arguments.

In an interview with Meet the Press, Schumer dipped to a new low.

While Pelosi and Schumer have refused to engage in a real debate, Schumer had the gall to declare the President’s reaction a “temper tantrum.”

He knows the American people want a border wall. That’s why Trump won in the first place.

Schumer is simply resorting to petty name-calling that the media will run with so he can avoid getting the job done.

NBC News reports:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Sunday said President Donald Trump is preventing a deal to avert a partial government shutdown because of a “temper tantrum” over his demand for more funding to build a border wall.

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” just five days before funding deadline to keep several key federal agencies open, Schumer, D-N.Y., said that he and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., are standing firm in their offers to Trump and that it’s up to the president to come to the table.

“We Democrats, Leader Pelosi and I, offered the president two options as to how to avoid the shutdown,” he said.

“We should not let a temper tantrum, threats, push us in the direction of doing something even our Republicans colleagues know is wrong.”

So far Pelosi and Schumer have refused to budge on border security.

Trump has even threatened to shut down the government if the House and Senate do not provide funding for the wall.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to claim we can have border security without the wall.

But how has that worked out?

This is the same party that was calling to abolish I.C.E. just a few months ago.

President Trump is refusing to yield.

The President is expected to receive a great deal of backlash over any government shutdown.

But he’s never backed down from a fight and it may be worthwhile if he gets the wall built.


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213 Responses

  1. Leanne Hildebrand says:

    Actually the American people DON’T want Trump’s stupid wall. It will be ineffective and incredibly expensive. Considering the U.S. history of ousting democratically elected governments, especially in Guatemala, in favor of right wing despots who catered to American economic interests, we certainly share in the misery of Central America that is driving the emigrants and asylum seekers to our borders.
    Considering most of us came from immigrants that arrived poor and looking for a better life, often fleeing discrimination and persecution, we should be more accomodating of others in similar situations. With our low unemployment rate and expanding economy we could easily provide work and a path to citizenship to these refugees.

    • The Real M says:

      Leanne Hildebrand, Well now aren’t you just the good little liberal!
      If you would, in the future, quote polls other than the liberal polls that are conducted in blue states and areas and are always left leaning. Also, it is common knowledge that DJT supporters don’t share the truth with polls simply because they don’t know if Antifa or other mean bullying liberals may be listening and conservatives don’t want to deal with the ugliness! It is difficult to impossible to get accurate poll numbers. The 2016 Presidential election is proof, HRC was supposed to win by a landslide.
      We don’t need to hear the bleeding heart liberal notions about we are a country of immigrants. Yes, we are but there is a right way to do things. It is simply and absolutely not fair for these people to push ahead of all the people who have applied to LEGALLY immigrate to America. The ones who are coming in illegally are criminals and should be treated as such. What ever happened to doing things the right way? There are many more things on this subject but I am wasting my time with you.
      Your syrupy sticky wording gives self respecting conservatives the heebie jeebies and we fully understand it is your way of talking down to people who are obviously more intelligent than you!

      • Ronsch says:

        Fortune Magazine is conservative and their poll said 59% of Americans don’t want the wall. Quinnipiac is a highly regarded nonpartisan pollster and they say 63% don’t want it. The Pew Research Center says 61% don’t want it.

        If you believe that believe that most Americans want the wall, you are living in fantasyland, where it appears to me that most Trump supporters live.

        • The Real M says:

          Ronsch, I guess my reply to Leanne Hildebrand was too long or maybe it had too many words for you to comprehend and retain. I said, it is common knowledge that conservatives don’t poll truthfully because they don’t know if Antifa or other mean nasty liberals are hearing them and don’t want to deal with the liberal ugliness. It should be obvious from the polls during the 2016 Presidential election that HRC was supposed to win in a landslide, conservatives don’t poll truthfully. Right?
          Conservatives just may live in a fantasy land, at least we recognize the difference between truth and the BS you try to make us believe. We are certainly a lot better adjusted, stable and happy people than you liberals and, a lot more intelligent to boot!

          • Ronsch says:

            Clinton got 3 million votes more than Trump. As far as intelligence is concerned, research shows liberals are more intelligent than conservatives, All you really need is that conservatives like to watch Fox News.

            I read a lot of liberal as well as conservative websites, and my own admittedly anecdotal evidence is that there’s no comparison, contributors to liberal websites are far more intelligent than those who contribute to conservative websites.

            I cruise conservative websites because it is fun to point out the problems in their thinking, for example, the conservative myth that Americans want the wall. If you really believe that conservatives under-report on surveys out of fear, you’re saying something about conservatives that I don’t believe, that they’re cowards.

          • The Real M says:

            Ronsch, Oh, how you do go on. Yes, you are the typical liberal. You all suffer from a ego and superiority complex as big as the Pacific Ocean and don’t have enough brains to fill a thimble.
            You make it sound as if you have to take an IQ test to contribute to either party so researchers can determine which party is most intelligent! You are a crock full to the top of BS. You are so full of yourself what are you doing on a conservative blog? If you are on here to try and impress people maybe your complex is not superiority but rather inferior.
            You don’t pay attention very well. I did not say conservatives are cowards, one are your thought and words. Conservatives are the bravest people in the world. You will see if and when you get in one of our faces. You see, we have good breeding and don’t like to make public displays of ourselves like you rude crude low class liberals.
            Now, go play with somebody else, I am tired of you and your lack of truth!

          • Randall M says:

            Ronsch. Do your homework. I have personally read multiple polls that said Clinton did not win the popular vote. All the votes were Illegal. Read that in a different poll.

          • Randall M says:

            Well, Real M. Ronschy falls into the category “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, You baffle them with Bulls##t”. Also all of his words makes me think it’s better keep your mouth shut and be thought the fool, than open it up and remove all doubt.

          • Ronsch says:

            Wow, I didn’t call conservatives cowards, you did. I said they weren’t cowards, that they will truthfully answer surveys. You were the one that claimed they were cowards, that they wouldn’t answer surveys.

        • Denis says:

          Hey HILDEBRAND: When ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS are treated equal to or better than LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS, why ever be a legal American citizen? If you SPONSOR ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS, then you must honor the principle : “SPONSORS PAY!

          • Ronsch says:

            Trump’s Wall is a macguffin. It will not stop illegal immigration. Building the Wall is only for Trump and his followers to feel good but has nothing to do with any effective method for stopping illegal immigration. It is billions of dollars misspent.

        • Denis says:

          Hey Ronschie Boy: The wall is not a “MacGuffin”. Take Israel as an example. Not that long ago having daily bombings of people who blew themselves up taking with them thousands of innocent civilians was commonplace. Since the Israelis built their Wall such premeditated violence has ceased. 65 other countries have prospered likewise. They see fires being started. They find the reason. And then like INTELLIGENT people they fix the system to STOP THE PROBLEM. Why do you hate the USA so much that you want to FORCE on it one of the longstanding forms of SOVEREIGN SUICIDE which is “OPEN AND POROUS BORDERS”?

          • Ronsch says:

            INTELLIGENT people do some research to find out the most effective way to stop illegal immigration. It is NOT INTELLIGENT to just decide on one’s own that a Wall is going to do that. It ignores the huge variety of situations, including a thousand miles of river. There is no comparison with the wall in Isreal.

            “If you build a twenty foot wall, I will find someone with a twenty-one foot ladder.”

            So said Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota, in dismissing Donald Trump’s idea of a wall along the U.S./Mexican border. Ventura could have added that digging under the wall or using a boat to go around it are other ways to undermine its effectiveness. There are other concerns, including exorbitant cost, negative environmental impacts, and projecting an image of the United States as an unwelcoming fortress.

            Trump created a dream, a conservatives unicorn, that helped to get him elected. An INTELLIGENT solution would be the one that Pelosi and Schumer offered, forming a committee to investigate the best way to do it. They offered billions for that. He turned that down because he had to follow the conservative dream.

            BTW, there is no one for open borders. No Democrats are for open borders. Thinking that Democrats are for open borders is the same fantasy thinking that conservatives have about the Wall.

    • Denis says:

      Lamebrain Hildegard: What you SPONSOR, YOU pay for.

    • Randall M says:

      Yes, Leanne, It will be expensive. But what price for freedom? There are many, many wall between countries around the world . And they all have claims to the effectiveness of their walls. Heck, there is even a wall around the Vatican.

    • Amazement says:

      Why even waste one’s time with such an ignorant Liberals, If they do not want the wall then Move to Venezuela

  2. Geoff says:

    schumer is a very petty little punk

  3. Hawks. W//Eagles Fly says:

    Scroll ‘down’ jd. Way down. ___

  4. Bill Schmick says:


    • walked away liberal says:

      ‘THEY’ > WANT 1 World 0rder. Period.
      PLEASE, Understand 1 World 0rder.
      USA Goes DOWN, E’0NE Lose &
      Chaos Beyond Repair. At Least USA STANDS
      thru POTUS DJT ‘For Now’. BeThankful.

    • Ronsch says:

      It isn’t correct. The Democrats want effective border security, not billions for a wall that ultimately won’t work. In that meeting, all Pelosi wanted was for Trump to sit down with Congress and go over the data about what is working right now and what isn’t, and then pursue what is working.

      • The Real M says:

        Ronsch, Sooooo, you would have us believe Pelosi and Schumer do not want open borders when everything they do or say says “let them in, let them all in”. And, would you have us believe Pelosi and Schumer would work with DJT on anything, anything at all? A strong indicator is, if they wanted to work with DJT they would have a meeting with him and open it by saying, we want to share with you some ideas we have instead of getting in front of a mic and saying there will be no money for—whatever. They are shutting a door instead of opening one!
        Ronsch, do you believe? Because we sure as Hades don’t. Sad the place our Country is in but, here we are!

        • Ronsch says:

          It doesn’t serve the conservative cause to believe something that is not true. Did you actually see the Pelosi, Schumer, Trump discussion? If so, you would have seen Pelosi arguing for better border security, just not the wall. There are no Democrats calling for open borders. They want Trump to follow the law on asylum applicants and to stop separating children from their parents.

          • Denis says:

            Ronsch: You need an eye transplant! You are hallucinating when you see what isn’t there while refusing to see what is there.

          • The Real M says:

            Ronsch, I saw the Trump, Schumer, Pelosi, circus, every word of it as it unfolded. Unfortunately words from Pelosi mean nothing and Schumer same. I have watched and listened to them for years with their lies, half truths and double talk. They should do what I already put in my first comment. They should sit down with DJT and tell him what is on their mind. DJT is a dealer and we have seen him working deals with world leaders that nobody has been able to make before. He loves making deals. I knew the day I voted for him he was not perfect but I also felt he would work for all American people, not just conservatives and he has exceeded what I expected. It doesn’t matter whether he is liked personally, he is working his butt off to do exactly what he said he was going to do. It is not a perfect world and never will be no matter who the President is, the balance is very delicate and could easily go south if things don’t line up and remain so. America is the best nation on earth and we don’t want to lose it, but, we are in danger if things don’t change.

          • Randall M says:

            What I see is that the people ( especially those of us near at the southern boarders) want the wall. While Pelosi and Schumer are thumbing their noses at Trump, They are showing their middle finger to the American people.

          • walked away liberal says:

            Yes Ronsch, i watched/ & Heard Every Single Word.
            1st of all. pelosi/schumer Were unhappy W/0pen camera.
            You need quiet thought. Get away from msm. KNOW
            What 1 world 0rder & globalist mean to USA. It took me
            a while to ‘understand’ what is going on. Now I See.
            I hope you ‘get there’ like me & my associates.
            0pen Borders will to USA, be like Germany France Eu etc.
            Do you know what is going 0n 0ver there?. USA next. If we
            get like them, it’s over & You will Also be affected. By then,
            it will be too late to correct. 0ur President Is trying to Stop
            this 1 world order to USA. & you need to help. Thank you.

          • Randall M says:

            That Women only argued “for what we had last year” How did that work out? 400,000 Illegals across our boarders. Sucking our system dry!

          • JackHandy* says:

            To Denis. Ronsch NEED BOTH ‘eyes’ Dotted <. boom.
            Heardthat quote today, & thought it was rite 0n.
            "Dot Both 'eyes' . SEE Better After that. Might take
            a fewminutes to 'heal up' ..

      • snark says:

        You INCORRECT. > “It isn’t correct. The Democrats want effective border security, not billions for a wall that ultimately won’t work.” SEE DHS website. Sections of See thru
        American STEEL (jobs) IS WORKING In ‘Crucial Areas’. POTUS KNOWS ‘What’ IS Working.
        & ‘Stated’ So. Guess you ‘missed’ > ‘that’. Lots of ‘caravan KrAAp ‘news’ = Gone.
        Many Turned BACK to Mex
        IN ‘Crucial Areas’. Bone up your info, dude.

        • Ronsch says:

          From the transcript of the Pelosi/Schumer Trump meeting:

          THE PRESIDENT: Nancy. Nancy. We need border security. It’s very simple.
          HOUSE SPEAKER-DESIGNATE PELOSI: Of course we do.
          THE PRESIDENT: We need border security.

          • snark says:

            No Good, Ronsch. ie. Quoted Response from pelosi/schumer.__
            ‘Weak at Best’. & E’0ne KNOWS. THE REAL DEAL.___
            > DO YOU ??? BEGIN NOW – THINK. ___ re
            1 world 0rder. ‘WHAT’ ‘that’ Means.___

          • snark says:

            words deleted. aSAID: SAVEYOUR COUNTRY USA.
            (in short). ___

        • Don says:

          Baloney! Who says the wall won’t work! Not Israel, where a similar wall is highly effective. The Commies even knew a wall worked when they built one in Berlin.
          Rockets go over the wall in Israel and the airlift was a godsend for Berlin. But we’re not dealing with such things on our So Border

      • Randall M says:

        Don’t think it is correct? Find the interview with the head of broader patrol speak about the wall in El Paso, TX area and how effective it is. Do some homework. don’t just spew numbers from some poll you read.

        • Ronsch says:

          Then why doesn’t Trump, and what Republican allies he has left, sit down with the Democrats and go over all of this? Why does he just petulantly repeat his campaign slogan over and over instead of putting together a case for presentation to Congress? He is clueless, as are all of you, how legislation actually works. It works by people getting together and presenting data and facts to support their positions. Trump doesn’t know how to do this.

          • Denis says:

            You need to secure a brain with the capacity to remember all the times the democrats denied; stalled; lied; danced and dallied.

          • Randall M says:

            Trump has tried all logical positions with the Dem’s. Problem he (we) have is that the Dem’s are every thing NOT Trump! If it is his idea it must be wrong. Oppose Trump and his GREAT plans. That is there mantra. Wake up!

      • Terri Newman says:

        Ronsch, nasty nancys idea of border security is to cut the weeds and grass shorter so the illegals can’t hide and the agents can see them easier!stupid is as stupid does!

      • Denis says:

        Why do you have locks on your doors? Why not remove all locks and then advertise the removals so any ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADER can to nest inside your lock free properties at your personal perpetual expense. That’s INTELLIGENCE!

    • Yvette Hicks says:

      Mr. Schmick
      Why are you “yelling” at us. The majority of the people responding agree that the Border Wall is needed. Yes, as some have said above, we are a nation of immigrants, but are those who came here legally!!! Illegal aliens should be returned to their country of origin and FOLLOW the process to come to the United States of America through proper channels. A friend of mine that I’ve known for some time stated that her father brought his family to America and paid $10,000.00. I’m not sure when this was nor how many are in her family. SHE became a US Citizen back in 2005 and did this the proper way. We cannot continue to take millions upon millions of illegal aliens and GIVE them FREE healthcare, etc. We do not have a majority of people working in this country to support this because the baby boomers were the ones to have quite a few children that also worked as well as the parents so I believe there was some abundance of funds available to assist people wanting to come to this country. However, those same people (there are many right now) that have retired and are collecting Social Security, because they PUT into the system and did their 40 quarters that is necessary to receive Social Security. NO ILLEGAL ALIEN should ever receive the SS benefits. As far as I know, they do not pay taxes, nor contribute to FICA, so they should not be permitted to receive it.

  5. Paul says:

    Keep playing the old video tapes and commercials of all of these Democrats that were all in favor of border security, a wall, along with their statements opposing illegal immigration in years past, then ask the questions, were they lying then or are they lying now? What changed? The show a picture of Trump. that’s all that’s changed.

    • zee* says:

      Help me find links, to post, i accidently deleted a few.
      Here is one To Always Post Frequently. 59 sec – Right out
      of obamas Mouth.

    • Ronsch says:

      You’re mistaken. The Democrats are in favor of border security and have supported billions for it. Democrats are opposed to illegal immigration. I don’t know where your information is from but it is wrong. Democrats are in favor of treating asylum seekers according to the law. Trump is currently violating the law in his treatment of those seeking asylum. The Democrats are opposed to Trump’s wall because it is a campaign slogan not a proposal. The Democrats want a proposal to be worked out that looks at all of the issue involving how to ensure border security and to finance that proposal, but Trump has no idea how to do that. All he has is a campaign slogan.

      • Denis says:

        Ronchy: You are the poster child for “the Lie is Sacred” dictum!

      • Denis says:

        If the moronic; malevolent and Marxist myrmidons [like you] truly cared about “children”, why are you and they so obsessed with the premeditated and orchestrated murdering of 60 million and growing innocent; defenseless and voiceless “little one’s” babies while they reside naturally inside their mother’s wombs?

      • Beverly says:

        Boy, did Obama hypnotize you. What you said is not at all true. Whether it’s a wall, or barb-wire fence , Trump wants a wall to keep illegals out. They can come legally and get in line.THe children in cages are from OBAMA era. It shows the tape and it’s dated. Trump has done much, much more than OBAMA had ever accomplished. Obama is as corrupt as Hell-ERY as The QUEEN, herself. HRC has MANY, MANY ILLEGEAL covered up murders, suicides,. Uranium 1, Plutonium (Iraq) middle night delivery of $150 billion dollars. Illegal money$500,000. for 1/2 hr. speech. I don’t care who you are but NO ONE is worth $500,’000 to talk. HELL_ERY has so far committed over 25 Federal Crimes. I can list them all, if you’d like>? Trump wasn’t a political figure, he was/is a businessman.

  6. n9085 says:

    Little Chuckie Shumer is a two-bit Politician. I don’t understand what the people of New York see in this obstructionist !

  7. Angela Lockhart says:

    Very tired of Democrats opposing the will of American people! President Trump and Republicans shut the government down now!!!! It’s time to act!

    • Randall M says:

      Being a Liberal Left Democrat is a mental disorder.

    • Ronsch says:

      It’s not the Democrats opposing the will of the people. The Quinnipiac poll says 64% opposed to the wall, and Fortunate Magazine says 59%. Trump is who is opposing the will of the people.

      • Randall M says:

        YOU>>> Do not live on the Boarder! YOU… Do not have a clue! 350,000 to 400,000 snuck across our boarders in 2017 ALONE! There are an estimated 20 to 40 MILLION illegals in OUR country RIGHT NOW! 85% sucking our social welfare systems DRY! When you want what you paid into for you whole working life, will it still be there? No, it won’t! Not if we stay on our current path. Wake the f##k up and smell the coffee you dumb ass libtard!

        • Hammer* says:

          STAY STRONG Randall M.
          WE, who Do Not Live in Border World
          HAVE Your Back IN
          POWERFUL >’THOUGHT’/Prayers’.

          • Randall M says:

            Thank You, Hammer*. These ignorant libtard’s watching the world thru their rose colored glass, refusing to look at the facts, well they frustrate me.

          • Hammer* says:

            KEEP 0N. Yes, ‘frustrating’, However,
            KNOW the “POWER of THOUGHT’ . WE
            Patriots Stay Strong, & BACK POTUS, he IS
            Doing RIGHT ‘thang. >> POTUS IS PATRIOT << FOR
            Protecting Sovereign USA. No Matter 'what'
            the 'brainwashed' Say. MC dude. (merry christmas HNY)
            WE NEED 6 MORE Yrs of POTUS DJT for some sorta
            Stronghold. (0R usa lost to 1 world order thru pelosi./schmuck/
            schmeggee schumer 'putz'. 0u, i unloaded on that 1. boom`. lol
            ps. catch * code. ok? 0K__

      • Denis says:

        Yet another FIRE; READY; AIM – SHOOT FROM THE HIP hallucinogenic rant. You are to INTELLIGENCE what anorexia is to nutrition.

    • Ronsch says:

      The Fortune Magazine (a conservative magazine) poll and the Quinnipiac (nonpartisan) poll both show the majority of the people opposing the wall. The Democrats are supporting the will of the people. It is Trump opposes the will of the people.

  8. Charles Domm says:

    chuck, nancy,, you will regret your ignorance, We’re Talking About The Security and Protection of LEGAL AMERICANS !! Not chuck and nancys retirements and pensions.
    I know many from my state who happen to be preparing hardcore for the civil unrest which is building momentum exponentially across these United States Of America,, due to the disregard for our GOD Given Rights, our Constitution and our Bill Of Rights. ALL POLITICIANS WILL HAVE BLOOD OF INNOCENTS’ ON THERE SOULS FROM WILLFUL TREASONOUS HIGH CRIMES !! If They Support One Another, rather than Appose Those Who Openly Violate Their Oath Of Office, They ALL Deserve To Be HUNG !!


    It seems that nothing will satisfy the democrats short of putting thousands more on our welfare system. Many natural born American citizens cannot get help from the government. Why you ask? It is so those that come here illegally can go on welfare, WIC, food stampsetc while the men work and get paid under the table (boss’ fault for not screening and they should be fined) These illegals, being mostly catholic, follow pope’s orders, have babies till you’t and Americans will pay more and more so the illegals soon take over and the civil war is on. I, myself, do not want a civil war while we/our military, is off “protecting foreigners, but the bad guys will have their way here because Pelosi, /Shumer and Maxine love the tequilla and want a free line of it. The more illegals we have here the happier they are, BUT DON’T PUT THEM IN THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD.

  10. Robert Ewing says:

    If one more person dies by the hands of an illegal, I will hold Schumer and Pelosi personally responsible.

    • sam says:

      They could care less . They live behind gated communities where they are not affected by the criminals they want walking into the country everyday . Its got to affect them before anything will be done , let their families be affected and things will change . Voter ID would help get these people out of office .

    • Send chucky boy over to Israel and let him tear down the Israeli Wall!!!

  11. CraigMichael Vandertie says:

    Charge, detain, try, and find all the Democrats guilty of their obvious treason the complete betrayal of the principles of which our Constitutional Republic were/are founded on, sentence to death by Guillotine and publically televised.

  12. Ina Rooker says:

    If we could get rid of Pelosi and Schummer, I think we could see Trump doing great things for America. Can they be impeached? If so, let’s do it. They are a hinderance to the government of this country

    • Nancy says:

      All for impeaching them if possible. I would worry about the Republicans in the Senate having enough courage to find them guilty. I am not sure the Senate has many courageous Republicans that would be willing to find Pelosi and crying Chuck guilty.

  13. Thomas Goss says:

    I live and vote in up state New York and wish that Schumer would shut the hell up and DROP DEAD.

  14. O. Possum says:

    If anyone is truly concerned about “petty name calling”, then why on earth would they have ever supported Trump. Besides that, Schumer’s words were a description of behavior, not name calling. For actual name calling, I would refer you to any of Trump’s speeches over the last 3 years.

    • Denis says:

      Calling error and evil by their right names is long overdo. Bravo to Trump. Make the malevolent
      “uncomfortable”. Make them FEAR being malevolent.

      • O. Possum says:

        Then what would be the appropriate name to call someone who started a “charity” ( The Trump Foundation) and then used that charity to buy portraits of himself?

        • Denis says:

          The answer is THE CLINTON FOUNDATION and the DUMBOCRAT party!

          Your powers of cogent and correct discernment and comparison either never really existed or they atrophied into incoherence and delusion.

          • The Real M says:

            Denis, Do you know what “possums” primary diet is? Well let me share with you, in case you don’t. Possum eat dead animal carcass’, had rather have dead rotten flesh than anything else. So, with O. Possum’s diet, could we expect anything else other than the “rot” he spews all over? He and his kind are the scavengers and bottom feeders of America! BLEAH!

          • Denis says:

            To Real M [as in Marxist Myrmidon] you are so lost in lies you should live with the Possum’s. Your two favorite foods are “Filet of Fetus” and “Embryonic Stem Cell Egg Salad. You brag about butchering babies and get all moist with the selling of butchered baby body parts like a heartless heathen.

          • The Real M says:

            Denis, Whoa buddy, Where did that come from. We are on the same side! Go back and read my Possum comment again. You made a big mistake, read again, read again, read again!

          • Steelie* says:

            RealM. Looks like Denis ‘mis-understood’. & Wow,
            what a comm re “Filets & Egg Salad. ” But, Denis
            basically Tell ‘graphic’ Truth on that one. Damn.
            > Anyway, ‘Real possums’ are Good, Cleaning up Carion.
            This 0ne here, IS Failing ‘duty’.

        • Steel Magnolia says:

          0.Possum.Please refer Yourself et al TO
          1) Clinton Foundation
          2) CGI Clinton Global Initiative.
          > IF T Foundation ‘sleazed’ Then, a Correction
          Is In Need. INDEED. ALONG W/ #1/ #2 .
          > Let’s Be FAIR Here, Would you agree?

      • Denis says:

        To Real M: Thank you for your correction. My initial reading of your response seemed to point directly at President Trump. Now, I realize that it was meant for the Penthouse Bolshevik Obama.
        Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between friend and foe within postings. My apologies.

        • The Real M says:

          Denis, No problem, buddy! I was also digging O. Possum, he is such a freakin’ liberal and makes stupid comments .

          • Denis says:

            Thank you for thanking me! God bless you and all fearless Americans who possess God given wisdom; character; and conviction!

        • Steelie* says:

          KUDOS Denis ! Takes a Real MAN person to Apologize.
          Apologies Are Worth More Than ‘gold’. ‘G’ BLESS.
          MC/ HNY 2019. #SAVEUSA w/ POTUS/PATRIOTS.
          ps. Denis. I DO KNOW what you say re ‘pph’ & babie ‘stuff’.
          Look SENOMYX.

        • The Real M says:

          Steelie, See his comment here. I let him know and it’s all good. We’re all in a hurry and and our eyes trick us. I know mine do.

    • Colonialgirl says:

      Been a liberal indoctrinated snowflake long?
      Bet you voted OBAMA twice and for the hag Hillary too.
      A sure sign of a lack of intelligence.

    • Betty says:

      Actually, if you were truthful , you would understand that Schumer Is the one throwing the temper tantrum NOT Trump! He seems to be the only person who has a handle on the real world and what is truly happening to put OUR Country at high risk! We do not need anymore crazy, lazy, leeches in this Country! We have too many true American Citizens that need AND deserve help and assistance to let everyone in the whole world in to eat up our hard earned dollars ! We DO NOT WANT OR NEED ANY MORE IMMIGRANTS OR ILLEGALS in our Country at this time! Find someone else to keep you up and take care of you! We are closed for business at this time!

      • The Real M says:

        Betty, Now that is good, clear thinking. I like it!

        P.S. You are a far cry from that crazy liberal paid troll named Betty!

        Yes, you are a breath of fresh air!

      • zee* says:

        Rite 0n, Betty.
        > Betty #1 0r Betty #2 ?
        Doesn’t matter. We luv U.
        MC/HNY 2019. yowza.

        • zee* says:

          boom. GOOD comm’s here. yowza.

          • Randall M says:

            Hey zee*, I have not been able to post on RR for Quite a few days, now. I suspect the same w/ Dan T. Maybe he has not found PP yet?
            Randall M (formerly Randy Miller)

          • JackHandy* says:

            hmmm. re no post RR. i wondered re Dan T. well,
            clean cache, start over.
            > Try test message. Try new ‘surname’.( w/hint)
            so ‘We’ Know. I have
            many, for those that picked up ‘code’. * & otherwise.
            Have many friends lol Steelie, Jack/ Hawks/Eagles/
            Poobah(rare entrance). Scooch* Capish. have said too much Already.
            & Hammer* @ RealM. LOL. it’s ok, RanM*

        • The Real M says:

          zee, I don’t like crazy liberal paid troll Betty! I know who she is! I am not going to be nice to her.
          I like conservative Betty and will be nice to her!

  15. Rhesa Cook says:

    We should bring them all in and have them live with schummer, polosi, the Indian,
    & all the other democrats that want them living over here. They can feed them, cloth them, take them to the doctor, pay for the babies they have and everything else.

  16. Kara47 says:

    Another politician lying: Empty Threat: Trump won’t shutdown government over Border Wall
    White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in an interview Tuesday on Fox that President Donald Trump is backing away from his pledge to shut down the government over border wall funding,

    • Ladypyro says:

      WHEN President Trump shuts the government down. He really needs to stop all of congressman’s pay as well. Then we’d finally see some action one way or the other.

    • Carl Smith says:

      The so called Government Shutdown is a Red Herring–It’s actually a PAID vacation that is paid AFTER the vacation.

  17. JC says:

    Schumjer and Pelosi are a disgrace to our nation. Our borders are more important than their winning an election or seat. Poor New York for having such a jackass for their senator!

  18. Karin says:

    One more time, and that is it. I have responded with a comment numerous times on this page and they never show up. Why bother to have this “LEave a reply” if you do not intend on reporting them.

  19. Karin says:

    Hey Chucky Baby. Do you really think that the people who pay your salary and make you wealthy are going to be dissuaded by some stupid statement you use? Really? We spent over 30 years with you people in office and the only thing you did was Take from What We Were ORDERED to pay so you could have your wealthy goldflake cake and eat it too. Get a life. Why don’t you all ask ALL Real Americans what we truly think.

    • Carl Smith says:

      This is a sidebar to WHY the Founders included the Electoral College in the Constitution. Group Think has the same effect as major population centers DECIDING the election of the POTUS. 90+% of ALL so called Journalist reside in two major Cities NYC & DC. Since they all water from the same bottle of Scotch they have the mentality of a Professional Football Team. Here is the Playbook as issued by the DCCC, Now get out there and WIN at ALL Costs. Actually SOME football participants exhibit more intelligence than 90% of the media.

  20. Richard Daugherty says:

    The CIA at work.

  21. Gene Hollon says:

    SKAGGS made a comment. I responded in a supportive manner.

  22. buckwheat says:

    Schumer and Pelosi are nothing other than no good for anything demon crats that should have been removed from office long ago.. I am glad that I do not live in California or New York, two states that are bankrupted

  23. SD of AZ says:

    What I would like to know is why is there 10 million in the budget for latin america and not a dime for the wall. Shut em down. And to the judge napol traitor, Trump is alive and well with his base that is getting bigger with the dem wits not funding the building for the damn wall!

  24. MARION SKAGGS says:

    Schumero called what President Trump said was a ” Temper Tantrum ” Hell, this two bit New York Pip Squeak hasn’t seen President Trump get mad – YET ! ! Watch out Old Man Schumer, you and Old Woman , Peeeeeelosi , just got his Mad Motor started – YOU AIN”T SEEN NOTHING YET ! ! TSgt., USAF Vietnam Vet., & Systems Analyst, Retired.

  25. Gail says:

    Congress (especially republicans) always does what the people don’t want .They squander any and all leverage . They are the do nothing party and its hard to stand behind any of them . But it will be a cold day in hell before I ever vote for a vile wicked democrat moron . Democrats are hell bent “On destroying “this country and are trying to tell people out loud “ “You mean nothing “ . I for one want to Loudly Proclaim we need real men in both houses. I am a woman and so far all I have seen (only a few do their jobs ) out of the woman serving in both houses make me want to really take them “Out Behind The Shed” .

  26. ARJAY says:

    President Trump will not get the wall. The reTHUGlicans will not let him have the funding.

    They didn’t give it to him in his 1st year when they had the majority, he’s not going to get it now.

  27. Dave churbuck says:

    You will do well to learn how to make it on your own, all you can depend on is that the corrupt government
    will make your life worse.
    keep your self respect and Never vote for someone to rule you.
    The government will continue to exist even if no one voted, Remember it started with No votes.
    IF, your vote could change anything , they would not let you vote.
    They will never give up control of the government to the people, Would you ?
    You would be better of with no government and learn to sort out living with each other, But you see
    the people are not capable of that, so you have a government that cannot possibly work either.
    Life is hard, especially for the animals in the woods, but they figured it out , Study them and you will
    find the answers.

    • Denis says:

      Well said! This REPUBLIC [not democracy] was founded on the Declaration of Independence FROM coercive big government [the British Empire] not the Declaration of Dependence on coercive big government [Washington, DC}. Why then go we find ourselves governed by a toxic totalitarian government that makes the British coercion’s look amateurish by comparison.

      The answer is stunning. The founders failed. What we call a Constitution was never really a Constitution to begin with because the word Constitution MEANS CERTITUDE. Certitude means TRUST. Trust means love. Without trust love can’t exist. The US Constitution lacks two fundamental certitudes; CLARITY and COMPLETENESS. It is like an erector set with missing parts failing not just because of the missing parts being absent by failing also because even with providing the missing parts it allows all kinds of BAD weather into the edifice. It doesn’t even mention the most basic quality necessary for perpetual prosperity…the kind of people it lets in. It fails to even approach the kinds of BELIEFS & BEHAVIORS of citizens vital to “creating a more perfect union”.

  28. Mork Jungle says:

    Shutdown the government. Let it be known its because of the democraps. Build the wall. We cant allow illegals to come in and vote democrap. Enough of the democraps. I have been a democrat my whole life and I will never become a democrap. I WALKED AWAY FROM THE INSANITY OF THW DEMOCRAPS.

    Chucky Scummer and Nancy Piglosi, you are NOT representing the will of the people. Retire, especially you Nancy Piglosi. You have lost your mind in your old age. Get out.

  29. bagster53 says:

    trump should have ended the conversation , by asking pelosi and shummer how many illegals are they going to let move into their homes , seeing how yous prefer illegals over americans

  30. Mork Jungle says:

    Shutdown the government. Let it be known its because of the democraps. Build the wall. We cant allow illegals to come in and vote democrap. Enough of the democraps. I have been a democrat my whole life and I will never become a democrap. I WALKED AWAY FROM THE INSANITY OF THW DEMOCRAPS.

  31. Sissy says:

    Schumer is as ugly as his personality. He looks drunk most of the time. He mocked Trump for saying he’d shut down the government 20 times well he said it at least 30 times what does he think Trump is a 5 year old ? I bet if Trump decided he didn’t want to build the wall old smug face Schumer and nasty Nancy and the rest of the lefturds would WANT THE WALL THEN. They make me sick.

    • Lunchladie says:

      I agree!!!! And they can’t handle someone who stands up for what they believe in and is trying to do what is best for our country. I invite ANY of these political underachievers to spent a day or two at the border. Well not Pelosi because California already looks like a third world country in areas.

  32. Shut it down if necessary! There are agencies that could be closed down and no one would ever notice. We may even find that we can get along quite without them. That should scare the democrats.

  33. Sissy says:

    Schumer is as ugly as his personality. He looks drunk most of the time. He mocked Trump for saying he’d shut down the government 20 times well he’s said temper trampler at least 30 times what does he think Trump is a 5 year old ? I bet if Trump decided he didn’t want to build the wall old smug face Schumer and nasty Nancy and the rest of the lefturds would WANT THE WALL THEN. They make me sick.

  34. Secora says:

    Shut it down they don’t do anything anyway we won’t miss it one bit.

  35. Eric Granberg says:

    All the horrible things that so called President Trump and his deplorable supporters call other people, other Americans, and you have the gall to whine about pointing out that Trump threw a temper tantrum?

    • Lunchladie says:

      WOW that goes both ways and usually the left are the ones that start the name calling when they are at a lose for facts. And the deplorables are FED UP with politicians giving a back seat to legal citizens and showering illegals with benefits – giving them more than a working person can afford.

    • Doug says:

      Eric Granbery, your as funny as your comment. You must be another one of those upset dems…..hahahahahaha

    • The Real M says:

      Eric Granberg, You obviously don’t know what a tantrum looks like! No kids, huh? hmmmm…….

  36. Obstruction, unhinged, what else can you expect for a heard of JACK ASS’S, I am sure they will get worse in their thinking if they are even capable of thinking.

  37. up-Chuck is the poster child for temper tantrums and for a simian who continually changes his political posture depending on which way the wind blows…in 2012 he was all for border security, so what happened? This obstructionist needs to pull his oversized ego out of tight arse and respect what the American people overwhelming want-BORDER SECURITY. He is supposed to represent the people after all.

  38. Melody says:

    In the words of Die Hard, the FBI got it right he told the utility worker. Shut it Down, shut it down now!

  39. Scott says:

    Schumer’s only mistake was that he was not clear enough: the Temper Tantrum was the result of the serious mental illness that our President has.

    • Capn Jack says:

      Mental Illness? Hardy, that would be a condition of a majority of the Democrats.

    • Get a brain! Do you really want loose your rights as a citizen, do you really want to ignore the Laws of this sovereign country? State one good reason why this hoard of immigrants should be allowed illegal access into this country and what good it does at this point. Are these immigrants more important then the citizen who try to contribute to our well being everyday? Think for a “CHANGE”. I am all for immigration, but I am also totally apposed to someone coming in using illegal tactics for any reason. You nor I have any idea who, what or how bad this hoard is and I am not willing to ignore it.

    • Terri newman says:

      chuck the schmuck’s only mistake was living after he was hatched !

    • Lunchladie says:

      So you are an armchair psychiatrist. The president is perusing the safety and well being of our country. Maybe you need to take a trip to our southern border.

  40. Ronsch says:

    Trump did have a temper tantrum. After the meeting he had with Pelosi and Schumer, he strode across the room and tossed documents on a table onto the floor and stomped out of the room. He definitely had a temper tantrum. Trump is clueless about how legislation happens and think all he has to do is make threats and expect to get is way. He doesn’t know that you make a case for something with arguments based on data. That method is foreign to him. He doesn’t even like reading. He has no way of putting together an argument based on data.

  41. Gary says:

    It is unfortunate that all of the Congressional Demorats are suffering for a medical condition call “SHORT TERM MEMORY FAILURE” . Do they actually believe that the people cannot remember them saying all the complete opposite when the “MASTER LIAR AND FAKE” was president????

  42. Buddy says:

    We have so many that are a disgrace to Congress and this country. There are people struggling to meet day to day needs. Health problems consume so many. People trying to keep their heat on in the middle of winter. These over paid morons think their job is to destroy Trump and the country. Pathetic.

  43. Robby Dunbar says:

    The swamp vote for republicans to get redd of Obama Care 8 yrs ago still have it vote for republicans to get a Wall not getting it
    I Will not vote for another lie……….

    • Anthony says:

      President Trump is now a swamp creature – – -he said he would stand up for the wall and take responsibility for the shutdown, and now the behind-the-scenes news is that he is ready to fold. It also appears that “a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation ” including how Trump used $100,000 to settle a lawsuit involving his business at Mar-O-Lago. I will not vote for another lie!

      • Dave churbuck says:

        Never vote for anyone, When you vote, you give up your self respect and agree to live under
        who you voted for as a slave to do their bidding.
        You are on your own and you have to use your wits to survive with a corrupt government
        that will only get worse.
        see also,

    • Lunchladie says:

      NO he didn’t the swamp is trying to consume him. And a judge just ruled Obamacare unconstitutional and the president began last year by removing the penalty associate with Obamacare . It is coming but it will be slow since everyone is consumed by what people will do for healthcare. That would be the same thing they did before. And the premiums should go down because the insurance companies will not have a captive audience for their goods.

    • Glenn says:

      Not a clue. Go take your meds 🙂

  44. Don says:

    Especially if we could stop paying these clowns. If they can’t do a proper job why should we continue paying them???

  45. Jon Exner says:

    Now is the time for President Trump to step up and show this is not a temper tantrum, and that he is the man of his word as the has claimed.
    President Trump already signed a spending bill to avoid a shut down and said he would not do it again. So, was that just talk or IS he a man of his word? Veto this trash spending bill and let the chips fall where they might.
    President Trump has two years to fulfill his campaign promises, most of the items that he has been accomplished has been by Executive Orders, but just like he voided obama’s Executive Orders the next President can void President Trumps Executive Orders.
    It is time to put up or shut up Mr. President.

  46. John Centonze says:

    Okay Chuckles, tell me why the wall is wrong.

  47. Rex says:

    Anyone willing to donate $80 to the wall?

  48. Crying Chuck says this about the President, but what about the previous comment about “all of this over a petty campaign promise???”

  49. LARRY BRULE says:


  50. JAMES G. MOTHES says:

    FChuck ia a human POS who has done nothing but spend his entire life making life miserable for the GOP!!! He and Nutty Nancy should be ejected from Congress along with Mouthy Maxine and others like them. The next two years will be a great waste of tax payers money with nothing being accomplished in the House but gridlock. Can not wait until 2020!!

  51. Bill says:

    Yea Schumer and Pelosi offered Trump two options; NO WALL and NO MONEY.Now you know why the Dems mascot is a donkey. Stubborn as a mule!

  52. CHERI says:

    I agree. Chuck is a scumbag and should not be in office

  53. Patrick Henry says:

    Chuck Schumer is NOW right up there with the following individuals …..(1) Benedict Arnold, (2) John Wilkes Booth (3) Lee Harvey Oswald….Everyone of these men including Schumer HATES America that they would do what ever they could, to DESTROY this Nation!!!!

  54. ALITA says:


  55. Denis says:

    Why don’t these sovereign saboteurs [like Schumer and Pelosi] who have designed the ruination of the USA and who act as Penthouse Bolsheviks and myrmidonic Marxists leading and lying to their Dolt Ridden Dumbocrat Dragoons lead by example.

    Why don’t they remove all locks on all doors etc. AND publish their home addresses WHILE publicly and repeatedly announcing that any and all ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS – especially those who have been previously deported and who have been previously found guilty of raping; pillaging; plundering and spreading contagious diseases – are invited to nest in their homes in perpetuity without any taxpayer support unless and until these ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS leave or die.

    Rather than FORCING LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and CITIZENS to pay for them ? How can any sane person act as if ILLEGAL is the same as; equal to; or in this case better than LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and CITIZENS?
    What kind of a “gutless and gullible” government would DARE such a suicidal act?
    When “charity ” is taken without permission, it ceases to be charity and becomes theft! When “charity” is coerced, it ceases to be charity and becomes enslavement!

  56. The Real M says:

    100% of poll on this said we would support a shutdown of government if wall not funded. Sounds like the American people want the wall in spite of what liberals try to make us believe with their liberal polls.
    FUND AND BUILD THE WALL! President Trump, if you need help pitching a fit we will all help you!

    • Dr. J. D. says:

      No, real M, this is not a legitimate poll – – – because it is situational and NOT “representative” AT ALL. It would be just as skewed (not misspelled) the other way IF it was taken at a liberal website.

      If you wish a true representative poll, taken by professionals who have being in the business over 75 years, look at the Gallup Poll which shows 57% of Americans are against the wall. You know, with the Internet, it makes it easier to “fact check” those false data sets fairly easily.

      Besides, Trump has already backed down on his pledge to have a government shutdown – – and is seeking a way to “save face.”

      • The Real M says:

        JD, We all know you don’t know your butt from a hole in the ground so, stick your head in a hole and hope it is the one in the ground. Clue, you will know right away if it is the hole in the ground or your butt, by the smell.
        You try so hard to portray someone who is an authority but, as I have told you before you are nothing but a peon with your phony liberal polls!
        You are just another liberal working as hard as possible to destroy America! You will not find anyone here you will convert with your liberal propaganda! But, feel to waste your time you boring jerk!

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          Just look it up, the Real fool M, and see if what I said is true or not. You call my poll phony but yours is not even a real poll at all – – Gallup is considered one of the best. I am amazed at the immaturity of your posts – – did you get a high school degree or drop out sooner? There is not just one poll that shows America people do not support the money on a wasteful wall.

          • Hawks. W//Eagles Fly says:

            Stand Down for a ‘few minutes’ &&& THINK, jd.
            > Real Parrots are Beautiful. but ‘stacked’.

          • The Real M says:

            JD, You phony jerk. I will stack my degrees up against yours and a easy win for me! If you only knew who you are dealing with you would not believe it! That’s a promise!
            Know why I made the comment about this little poll on here? I made a bet as to whether it would draw you into a response. I knew with your arrogance and elitist ego you could not help yourself and you didn’t let me down!
            You are such a clueless dweeb! And, boring!

          • zee* says:

            lol. Rite M. ‘easy bait’. ___

      • scooch says:

        i know Professionals that Are Evile.

      • Hawk says:

        Yet ANOTHER Poll> Reports 0ver 85% ‘R’ Women
        SUPPORT DJT. Above ‘men ‘support. Interesting.
        > Many polls to check, Beyond fastidious msm.
        > WHO ? Determines a Legit poll ?
        Do we have a ‘pro’ on this site ?
        >Fast newsjd. DJT Does NOT NEED to “save face”.
        > Check Current. boom___

    • Lunchladie says:

      I am with you on that one!

  57. Rodney says:

    Upcheck and Pukelosi had no intention of a debate on the wall or immigration. All they had left was to call names and make scurrilous accusations. They were also very upset that the press was allowed to stay and record every word. If this meeting had gone behind closed doors, we would be hearing a completely different story today.

  58. James P Hutchins says:

    Screw crying chuck and nasty nancy and screw the liberals and democrats all them care about illegals not The American People.

  59. Mike says:

    This is the United States were talking about here. What part of not securing our border does anybody not understand? Who would want people coming in by the thousands. I don’t get it. The Democrats are playing with a Civil War here If they’re not careful.People are talking about this being races .what. Transforming another country’s population into ours ,are you trying to tell me that’s correct. How is that going to help our country other than put it in debt.So the white population have no say in this?

  60. Sandee Anderson says:

    I’m a little more classy than old Chuck resorting to name calling. Come on Chuck and Nancy get with the program.

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