China fired six shots at the United States that could start World War III

Donald Trump was elected to put America First and take on China.

So far, President Trump has lived up to his promise.

But China responded and their navy fired six shots that could lead to World War III.

China has been feeling the heat from Donald Trump’s tariffs.

Trump slapped China with 25 percent tariffs on hundreds of millions of dollars in goods to correct a decade long trade imbalance.

China appears to be losing the trade war as the government backed down on threats to impose retaliatory tariffs on crude oil.

But China is finding other ways to flex their muscles.

Chinese naval vessels fired six warning shots at a U.S. fighter plane flying over islands in the South China Sea.

The Daily Sun reports:

The Chinese government sent six warnings to a US Naval plane and commanded it to “leave immediately” after it flew over a contested part of the South China Sea.

A group of American journalists were aboard the P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance plane when multiple tense warnings were issued by the Chinese military telling them they were in their airspace.

“Leave immediately and keep out to avoid any misunderstanding” a voice said.

But the US plane refused, according to CNN who had reporters on the plane.

Crew responded with: “I am a sovereign immune United States naval aircraft conducting lawful military activities beyond the national airspace of any coastal state.

China is not used to an American President who stands up to them.

Past American Presidents rolled over so big business could “open markets” in China.

But it came at the expense of the American worker.

That all changed the day Donald Trump was elected.

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