Chick-fil-A might be finished after this secret just went public

Democrat Party activists have tried to shut down Chick-fil-A for years.

Liberals hate the fast food chain because of the founders’ commitment to their Christian values.

But now Chick-fil-A might be finished after this secret just went public.

Chick-fil-A is once again under fire.

But this time it’s from Christians that accuse the fast food chain of selling out their supporters after Chick-fil-A announced it would no longer make charitable donations to Christian charities because of blowback from the radical homosexual lobby.

To make matters worse, it has come to light that Chick-fil-A also made a charitable donation to the left-wing hate group the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Breitbart reports:

In a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation, Chick-fil-A conceded that it made the donation to the left-wing extremist organization but pointed to Christian groups that it also gave to, including the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The statement does not say whether the company will halt any future SPLC donations, as it infamously announced regarding the Christian organizations after a disingenuous pressure campaign from far-left activists.

“The SPLC donation was made by a volunteer member of the Chick-fil-A Foundation Advisory Board,” a press representative for Chick-fil-A press said.

“Each volunteer advisor, in 2017, was offered the opportunity to recommend a grant recipient,” the statement continued. “The grants were given to a range of organizations, including Meals on Wheels, Atlanta Mission, the Holocaust Survivor Support Fund, Georgia Historical Society and brain health research at Emory University.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center routinely smears Christians and social conservatives as “hate groups” because they oppose abortion and the radical homosexual agenda.

Chick-fil-A filling their coffers with thousands in contributions sends a disturbing signal to its customer base that fast food chain is abandoning Christians and Biblical values.


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176 Responses

  1. Pierre says:

    Well stayed Hogan so very True..TRUMP2020 OR WE WILL LOOSE AMERICA..

  2. Pierre says:

    Yep,Agree Dennis ,That piece of Garbage..

  3. Pierre says:


  4. Pierre says:


  5. Jim Schafer says:

    I enjoy-ED Chic-Fil-A for quite a while; but since they have abandoned THEIR Christian values in their statement, I have had the need to abandon their food-services. I am going to miss the sandwiches that they prepared, but until they replace their statement-values of Christian integrity I will not be eating any of their products.

  6. Joe Conservative says:

    Dang, I kinda like their chicken sandwich, but the first episode when they were for us, I picked up a friend and we drove 100 miles to our nearest ChickFil-A just to support them; Never again after they’ve proved their hypocrites.

  7. John Singer says:

    It appears to me that this is just another sign of the end times approaching. Hate on both sides not to the glory of God but bowing to themselves. Jesus Christ is coming an He is coming soon. Repent keeping all senses on Him. 2023

  8. Gideon Rockwell says:

    Looks like the Chic Fil A executive board is worshiping at the alter of Mammon ratjher that stand with GOD and his Fundamentalist Christian Worshipers. I love the food but cannot support those that support the radical progressive SPLC.

  9. k says:

    Sad to see that a strong organization has lost some of its strength and clarity…..the insidious poison of the SPLC throughout the country is pathetic. Talk about discrimination ? they are a hateful, dishonest, sleazy group of disordered personalities that just “hate, hate, hate” . The mentally healthy will prevail and the evil SPLC center will not.

  10. Shelia says:

    How many times do you have to be reeducated from ignorance. God tells us hundreds of time TO judge the wicked from the rotten fruit out of their own mouths. Now bankrupt Chic fool a disobeyed God’s ergo the curse IS come upon them. Simple as that.

  11. Rosalee Canaday says:

    GOD IS FOREVER WATCHING!!! Chick-fil-a, just chose their god to worship, the $$$$$$!!
    You have to ask yourselves, Who Is Running, the company, now??????? Hobby Lobby, is the strong, backbone, business, for showing their faith. Always like to shop there, for the friendly employees, and the music thought the store.

  12. William Lockridge says:

    You know Tom, I’ve had enough of your dumbass. You’re nothing but a troll. The issue doesn’t matter, you’ll take the opposite side just to keep an argument going. For goodness sake, get a life. For your information God belongs throughout the universe. Yes, that’s right, It all belongs to him. You are the guest, not He. And, when you’re gone, he’ll still be here so good luck. Here’s a good idea, go lay down and sober up.

  13. Leon says:

    Southern Poverty Law Center is anther black racist hate group in need of a purge!

  14. William Lockridge says:

    Dude, if you’re going to embarrass yourself, at least do when you’re sober. I’m fairly sure, that you my friend, are not without sin. That being said could you have “cast the first stone”? Do you have a Bible and can you read it? Look it up, it’s written down. Also I’ve never seen the word “YOUVSEEBTHESR” oh and writing in all caps gives you zero credibility. When you see that red line under what you just typed, that’s spell check, you should probably avail yourself of it’s marvelous powers.

  15. William Lockridge says:

    Respectfully, A whole lot of words and not much content. Try thinking through what you’re going to say before you start flapping your gums, you’ll get more of the recognition that you crave that way.

  16. William Lockridge says:


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