Chelsea Handler just stepped in it with this tweet about guns

Chelsea Handler is a late-night “comedian” who famously cried after Trump’s 2016 victory.

She’s rushed to politicize tragedies and even blamed Republicans for the Texas church shooting.

But she really stepped in it with her latest anti-gun Twitter hissy fit.

Chelsea Handler has joined the radical Leftists calling for a ban on all semi-automatic firearms.

After a Second Amendment supporter called out Chelsea Handler on Twitter for being ignorant of the Constitution, Handler revealed just out-of-touch she truly is.

Handler responded: “My armed guards aren’t killing children and don’t have semi-automatic weapons.”

The ignorance in her tweet is blinding.

First, she takes a page from anti-gun Parkland victim David Hogg’s book by saying that law-abiding Second Amendment supporters are child killers.

Then she claims that her guards don’t have semi-automatic weapons (which is highly likely that they actually do), proving that she doesn’t understand what a semi-automatic firearm is.

To top all of this off, as a Hollywood celebrity, Handler has armed guards – which most Americans cannot afford.

So because she’s wealthy enough to afford armed guards, it’s acceptable for her to be safe, but Americans who can’t afford to hire armed security guards shouldn’t be able to protect themselves?

Limousine liberals love nothing more than to tell regular Americans how to live their lives.

It’s truly astounding how removed these Hollywood celebrities are from God-fearing Americans.


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69 Responses

  1. Rickey Caldwell says:

    This is why we do not need women in charge of a damn thing.

  2. Mikey says:

    The guards are not carrying semi automatic weapons and their boss is not carrying brains.

  3. Hey Handler my money says your armed guards are not carrying single shot firearms, your ignorance is blinding.

  4. Hey Hand,er my money says your armed guards are not carrying single shot firearms, your ignorance is blinding.

  5. SEABEETOM says:

    Who the hell is Chelsea Handler????? What did she ever do too improve the Environment?? How big is her carbon foot print??? Do you body guards carry revolvers or semi automatics??? If you do not know the difference keep your big mouth SHUT.

  6. ROBERT J says:

    Think about this, “What is a semi-automatic gun?” My definition is “One that all you do is pull the trigger and it fires!” Most hand guns meet this definition. So I will bet her guards are carrying SEMI-AUTOMATIC guns!!!!

  7. Stan L says:

    “Late night comedians?” A segment of the viewing public is that group of Americans who believe in the exhortations of a Kimmel, a Handler, whomever has been inserted into a vast TV wasteland. They are not funny people, they are today’s version of the element who came before them, called “Shock-Jocks.” There once were real comedic night show hosts. The names Johnny Carson, Red Skelton, Flip Wilson, Jackie Gleason, Lucille Ball,and many more, who didn’t depend upon insults, foul language, and political propaganda. They knew how to get laughs at no expense to anyone. Today, a late night type spends his time vilifying the President, as if Mr. Late Night “comedian” is a master of clean humor, when he would not know how to treat clean humor. Today, it is all about politics, with no time off! That’s because such “comedians” are lost souls if it ever comes to exhibiting class, when they would rather deal in “crass.” It is practically unbelievable that folks who work for a living, and are expected to act alive and alert the next work-day, would waste their time hoping for real,decent, humor….while they end-up settling for nothing like humor. But, who knows the difference these days, anyway?

  8. old biker says:

    Not sure who Chelsea Handler is but she sounds like a BLOND BIMBO.

  9. Bob Hunt says:

    I think Chelsea Handler isn’t just ignorant of guns, she is just plain ignorant! I don’t know what it is with these supposed comedians??

  10. Rodger Shull says:

    she is a HAS BEEN LOSER, that is why she is on very late night tv, she is a potty mouth hag, she can keep company with the other HAS BEEN LOSERS, jim cary, kathy griffin, kimmel, cobert,lemmon, and many many many more,

  11. Alan says:

    Just another know nothing with a television camera and a mike. She is no where near worth the attention her idiotic comments seem to garner.

  12. Terry says:

    “Handler responded: “My armed guards aren’t killing children and don’t have semi-automatic weapons.””

    This shows her COMPLETE IGNORANCE on the matter last I heard there are no ARMED GUARDS carrying muskets.

    Those SEMI AUTOMATIC pistols carried by nearly every CIVILIAN security GUARD COMPANY are in fact one of the ASSAULT WEAPONS they are going after the BARREL LENGTH and HANDLE SHAPE does not change its rate of fire all semi-automatic weapons have the SAME TECHNOLOGY inside them that allows them to fire one shot per trigger pull (no matter how long it is held down) without having to RELOAD as if it was a SINGLE SHOT weapon like a musket.

    Apparently she is so ignorant on the issue that she fails to understand that without the second amendment those ARMED GUARDS would not exist as they are not MILITARY and the constitution only recognizes two categories when it comes to law CIVILIAN and MILITARY and ALL CIVILIANS are supposed to be following the same laws so if the DISARM private citizens yet EXEMPT ones that work for the CIVILIAN GOVERNMENT from the ban they have violated more than just the second amendment by making a law that is only taking the right away from SELECT civilians based on their jobs.

    I guess she bought into the BRAINWASHING PROPAGANDA that somehow her BODY GUARDS that NORMAL CIVILIANS do not have are going to be exempt from their TOTAL BAN on CIVILIANS protecting themselves or others by EXERCISING their RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.

    IF not for the SECOND AMENDMENT not even our civilian POLICE officers would be allowed to be armed just as OTHER NATIONS with such bans.

    Since unlike them we have a BAN ON MILITARY enforcing CIVILIAN laws that means the ARMED CRIMINALS that have not been affected by ANY OF THE EXISTING RESTRICTIONS will be the only armed civilians and no longer in FEAR of facing armed victims they will become as emboldened as the ones in Australia, Germany, England, Canada etc. have since those nations BOUGHT THE LIE that criminals would become UNARMED if only their LAW ABIDING VICTIMS were disarmed.

  13. Fat sam says:

    She doesn’t, know guns and she thinks nasty is funny

  14. cc says:

    why is this even in the “news”?? Who cares??

    • Terry says:

      It shows the ignorance of the ANTI GUN groups as she like them think THEY will still have armed CIVILIAN protectors if they DISARM all Civilians.

      It shows her ignorance about guns in general as she seems to think her body guards are carrying single shot guns like muskets as their are only three categories when it comes this single shot (have to actually reload after each shot), Semi- Auto (fires one shot per trigger pull but reloads itself for the next shot), Full-Auto (fires as long as the trigger is held down and ammo is available) this is also one of the actual REQUIREMENTS for it to be legally classified as an assault weapon if it is not FULL AUTO capable it can not be an assault weapon by the LEGAL definition.

      Politicians and media ignoring the actual definition and labeling ALL semi autos assault weapons does not CHANGE the law or the real facts about what defines an assault weapon.

      It also shows that she thinks the MILLIONS of US citizens that legally own SEMI-AUTOMATIC hunting/target riffles are out mass murdering children and that they only want the guns so they can continue to do so. instead of the REALITY that most of the criminals who carried out these atrocities did not LEGALLY POSSES the guns they used that they VIOLATED numerous existing restrictions already passed on the FALSE PROMISE that it would prevent the next school shooting etc.

      Remember in a GUN FREE ZONE there is no LEGALLY possessed gun it is already the 100% ban they are now seeking nationwide on the grounds that it only FAILED to work because guns still exist. As if they will cease to exist by expanding the zone to be NATION WIDE like other nations have done to comply with the UN and their desire to make it so that NO CIVILIAN CAN PRESENT ARMED RESISTANCE.

  15. Phil says:

    90% of the Liberal A-holes out there have little or no knowledge of guns. They think the repeal of the Second Amendment is going to make everything better. The end result will be the carnage they think they will avoid. When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have them.

  16. Jen says:

    Handler is nothing but a useful whore to the leftists. She’s irrelevant.

  17. “My armed guards… don’t have semi automatic weapons.”

    That just goes to show how stupid this woman really is. What do you think they carry? A baseball bat or are they just happy to see you?

  18. Henry says:

    I bet her guards do carry semi-autos. I bet the stupid B***h thinks only rifles are semi-auto. I don’t believe they carry revolvers.

  19. Jerry George says:

    typical of the brainwashed section of society, not class for there is no class among them, that their mommies and daddies feel they have some magical power over the rest of us whom the consider servants! This is similar to the time prior to our independence from England. Yes, to those illiterates like her and Chelsea, we fought a war to gain our freedom actually with GUNS! WE, THE PEOPLE, created and signed the Declaration of Independence which contained in it the First and Second amendments. The First allowed for even this fool to speak publicly with her ignorance! The Second was to GUARNTEE we were afforded the RIGHT TO UNENCUMBEREDLY BARE ARMS to protect us from people like her and ” DAVID HOGG, CNN PUPPET BOY and Hitler Child”, from being taken over by a tyrannical government and have our freedoms provided by the Constituition taken away! GUNS DON’T KILL! It is the action of the person or Child that pulls the trigger, for whatever the reason, that KILLS!!!

    • Rosa Bibb says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks

    • Terry says:

      Actually the constitution only SPELLS out what our rights are in order to restrict the government from taking them away it does not grant the right and unconstitutionally repealing the amendment would not take away the right.

      The bill of rights were placed in the constitution to PROTECT CIVILIANS from the government therefore it is ludicrous to think the founders gave the government the power to REVOKE the bill of rights or any part of them at their whim simply by voting it away regardless of how many they brainwash into thinking it will somehow FORCE CRIMINALS already breaking existing gun laws to suddenly OBEY the law. Even in CANADA, CHINA, and CALIFORNIA they have arrested people for SELLING GUNS THEY MADE AT HOME despite total bans in most of those nations. Showing that criminals will not be disarmed by ANY LAW past, present, or FUTURE.

      The founders of this nation which was around 240ish people made it clear the only way to REMOVE parts of the original constitution is a constitutional convention where the entire thing is rewritten.

      When reading the DOCUMENTS the founders exchanged as they created the constitution it is clear that they only expected it to be amended to EXPAND the rights of the people not TAKE AWAY any existing right or EXPAND the power of government.

  20. Tom Martin says:

    The woman is trash and only trash would listen to her.

  21. Dave says:

    On and on she drones in her self-important, ego centric blather. What is fascinating is how blind to the fact how vapid liberal celebrities are. They simply believe they are superior because they have fawning toadies sucking up to them. Other than these pop ups of some stupid statement she utters, I pay zero attention to whatever flies out of her vile mouth. Simply, most of these celebrities are idiots!

  22. Merion says:

    Please, don’t confuse these ignorant liberals with the facts.

  23. Ann Shaver says:

    Chelsea Handler is an idiot and she needs to shut up.

  24. J Ford says:

    Does this young lady realize that most of the weapons used in crime aren’t bought at local gunshops. Most of them are bought and sold the same as drugs . ILLEGALLY through criminal networks and foreign countries. Doing away with the right to bear arms only
    provides criminals to use their weapons . You can’t eliminate crimes when the only person who has weapons are the criminal. I will however concede that people who own auto and semi automatic weapons should be carefully screened and have to go through a more
    stringent background check only then will this problem be resolved.!

  25. Douglas Guy says:

    Much smarter people WROTE the Constitution than those trying to DESTROY it now. The 2nd is there to PROTECT US from OUR own government!????

  26. Joanna says:

    As usual another one of her drunken stoopers..

  27. bo b says:

    ARMED GUARDS to protect her!!! another left wing elitist….. what more do you need to know?

  28. wes chasteen says:

    What the hell is a Chealsea Handler, never heard of her or whatever it is . If she never opened her/its mouth noone would know how stupid she realy is or how ignorant the whatevers that watch her are!!

  29. Godfrey Buquet says:

    Ms. Handler, I and many more like me served and protected people like you and then I went into law enforcement and served another 38 years and 9 months. That protected people like you. Just because we protected you doesn’t mean that you have our permission to put us down so blow your nose away from us. We are really not interested in what you think, nor what you preach. You’re just blowing in the wind.

  30. Susan says:

    I swear Handler has got to be the biggest hypocrite on the planet by tweeting that her armed guards don’t have semi automatic weapons while gun grabbing and trying to get rid of our second amendment rights!!!! Lol I think her Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting the best of her this moron is so ignorant she doesn’t even see the hypocracy in her tweet!!! Lol ???? ????????????
    Go away Handler you are nothing more than an old has been don’t know why you even need armed guards who wants to bother you!

    • Tony Rowell says:

      Handler if you do not like our constitution,, you are more than welcome to move your liberal butt out of my country,,,, now GET

  31. GK says:

    It’s Hollywood baby…….enough said.

  32. ernaldo says:

    Handler is just a stupidKunt that takes her orders from the goose stepping, anti American leftists…..Chelsea darling, stupid…WE don’t kill kids either, every mass shooting has been committed by DEMOTARDS, like you, ditz!

  33. Ben says:

    When are these Left-Wing Nuts going to understand that

  34. Bob says:

    No Chelsea. If you want all semi autos banned then your bodyguards must give up their guns!!!! What a liberal Hypocrite you are. Go hide under a rock and take your lesbo partner with you. Hollywood wants to ban all guns then uses guns, violence, murder in every movie made…you people make me sick!!!! Too bad your IQ is the same as the speed limit in a school zone. Beware of liberals posing as Americans

    • Anne says:

      She gives new meaning to the word, ” Bimbo ” However to call her one she would have to advance a quantam leap in intelligence.. She will do or say anything to appear relevent to her lefty buddies.

  35. John says:

    She is the kind of skank who should be butchered by crazies like the Manson crowd, then see how fast she would want to be saved by a gun carrier.

    • PAUL says:

      I would not waste a bullet to protect someone like her. They are all nut cases who know nothing about guns. Her bodyguards must be laughing at her behind her back. LOL LOL.

  36. Jon says:

    I would almost bet that her body guards carry semi automatics, tell her to ask her body guards what they carry then tell her to bone up on her information on weapons then we can have debate about .

  37. Aaron Tipton says:

    WOW…. So I guess it’s a good thing that her bodyguards don’t kill kids. Not sure if anyone can use that on a resume as a skill or accomplishment…. “Never killed a minor” …. great (insert slow golf clap here). As for the arms they have…. would she be talking about appendages or is she being walked around by guys toting muskets. I would venture to guess that a bolt action rifle could be a major pain in the ass to employ in a possible VIP protection detail. Why is it that libtards are able to bash the President, attempt to take our guns and say if your a white male who loves America that somehow you are sub human racist, but god for bid we didn’t like Obumer durring the last Presidency…… we were racist bags of chite. The disconnect here is just profound and I don’t get it .

  38. Beverly says:

    How about just ignoring all these idiot “Hollywierds”
    & just continue on boycotting these unimpressive
    disregards. These playdoll creatures are really of
    NO significance to human life. Human life does not exist on having a bunch of dumboz ( as not to insult the elephant with big ears) pretending to be funny, pretending to be heros while they’re out on the streets searching for mischievious permiscuous female tramps, or some so called space heros going to space & destroying space with such earthly violence. They’re all just pretend creatures!!

    • Hydro says:

      You are correct in ignoring Holli-woose – if we quit subsidizing their movies, all the awards such as the Emies and the Oscars – without patrons to support their efforts – the stars would become suicidal.

  39. J.L. Mount-Larrivee says:

    She needs a “mouth gag” — she seems to have no brain at all and is a total waste. She should NOT be allowed out in public for any reason. Does she really think that ANY of us care what she “claims to think” or that her hair-brained opinion can or would make any difference at all?

  40. nunya says:

    I bet they carry a semi automatic hand gun you stupid biach

  41. Shannon says:

    There is literally a video out there of Chelsea Handler getting urinated on off of a yacht and she is just smiling away. She is a freak and obviously a twit who doesnt know jack about guns. She needs to pour herself a big tall glass of shut the F up. No one with armed guards has a right to say word one about repealing the 2nd Amendment. Hollyweird….Hypocrisy at its finest.

  42. Jmac147 says:

    Old Ho’s never die they just lose their shows.

  43. Al says:

    Dumbazz liberal/dems

  44. Bob Hunt says:

    Anyone with no more common sense than this twit definitely needs at least one keeper!

  45. Gosh, I just love stories about people I never heard of!

  46. Geegg says:

    Chelsea handler is a wanna be comedian. She swore she’d move to canada because of trump. Did she? NO. FIRE HER BODyguards. She’s not important enough to need them. Failure!

  47. TexRancher says:

    Ask her to give up her armed guards! Same for any liberal politician! Ask her to give up her 1st Amendment rights which she takes pride in abusing!

  48. Jan13 says:

    Must be old, I never heard of her.

  49. Rick says:

    Why do Morons need body guards? Most I know would just walk on by and smile
    as they pass and say “hey isn’t that the jerk from TV” Funny those guys with her
    are just as ugly. Have a nice day!

  50. BILLY miller says:

    Chelsea Handler is good to look at, but poor old Chelsea sure is a dumb bitch. how many trains has she pulled?

  51. Greg Olmstead says:

    Chelsea can blow it out her ass. She’s a discusting piece of crap who doesn’t know God. She’s a ???? lover. FREAK

  52. Tim Toroian says:

    If her bodyguards don’t carry semi-autos they are the dumbest bodyguards ever. Let’s tell her that if the 2nd goes we will try to overturn the 1st so we can shut her the HELL up.

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