Chelsea Clinton just launched a new attack on Trump

Hillary Clinton has been blaming everyone but herself for losing in 2016.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Clinton insults President Trump every chance she can get.

But her latest attack may have crossed the line.

Chelsea Clinton was promoting her feminist children’s book She Persisted Around the World.

Speaking to The Guardian, Clinton said Trump “degrades what it means to be an American.”

USA Today reports:

The Trump administration is laden with “cruelty and incompetence and corruption,” and President Trump’s actions degrade America, Chelsea Clinton said in an interview with a British media outlet.

“I’ve been to multiple protests since the election,” she said. “If I lived in Britain I would show up to protest, because I don’t agree with what he’s doing to degrade what it means to be an American.”

Clinton said she believes that many of Trump’s appointees were not qualified for their jobs.

“Not only do I want an administration that isn’t venal, corrupt and focused on making life harder for millions of Americans, I also want a competent administration,” she said. “So for me, the larger question is the collision of cruelty and incompetence and corruption that we see across the administration.”

Chelsea Clinton is trying to set herself up to run for office.

The media would love nothing more, so they would do everything in their power to put another Clinton in the White House.

If she were to run she would have to answer to the American people for her calling Trump anti-American and defending MS-13 gang members in the same week.

What are your thoughts on a potential Chelsea Clinton presidential campaign? Let us know in the comments below!


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207 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    Chelsea is as bad as her mother.

  2. Linda says:

    Shouldn’t she be home taking care of her kids,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Bill says:

    Most people are remembered for their life accomplishments, but unfortunately you and your parents will be remembered for your atrocities. So sad but true and lasting forever.

  4. Just like killery , she needs to go see the Wizard to see if she can get a new brain …..

    • Bill says:

      Why are we still having to deal with this demon seed of the clintons.? Time to get rid of this worthless waste of DNA and insignificant liberal phony.

      • Valentina says:

        Wow you are great. I couldn’t have said it better. Clinton are all the filthy scum of the earth. I would have been ashamed to have their blood

  5. Nunyer Binnis says:

    No more Snausages for Chelsea. She should be in a room at the White Kennel. (For commie dogs only)

  6. John Rountree says:

    I used to consider Amy Carter unattractive but she was in kindergarden; Chelsea is in gggggraduate school.

  7. Nick says:

    Does anyone know who is the father? I think she looks like Wade Hubble
    a person that worked with Hillary Clinton in the Rose Law office . If I could
    get Jerry Springer to find out, he could ask “Who your daddy, and after
    DNA test, we might hear “Slick Willy,. You are not the father” when it comes
    to Chelsea, “Wade you are the father”!!!! But Slick Willy loves????you,I
    think? Tell Mama hi..

  8. Thomas says:

    I can only assume she feels to qualify for government positions you have to be able to do a Monica for the male and an Huma Abedin for the women. Those seem to be the type that were in her parents White House. Oh lets not forget Cokey the coker and the destruction team after they left office. Don’t forget the Vince Foster’s left over from Hillary that commit suicide then wrap themselves in carpet and drive and dump themselves in park. I could go on but I do not have that much time.

  9. Wilton Long says:

    No little girl it’s the CLINTONS who were the mean ones driving company’s out of the USA it was TRUMP that brought them back, it was the CLINTONS who killed AMERICANS by not sending help. Just to protect your donations from the MUSLIM SCUM . CUNT go back to school and learn some real history . If she runs for an office who will she blame for losing , her mom used all the good ones

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      This site needs an up/down vote option! You’d definitely get an “up” for this. Her father started it with NAFTA and her mother and O continued it , as she would surely have done had she won the office. Chelsea has NOT falling far from that tree. I do not, however, agree with calling her vulgar names.

      • A Seeker says:

        YEs, they are BASE PEOPLE! Baseness never solved any problems, but promotes Anger! That was what the Clintons and the DNC did and are still doing right now! Look, what is going on with all those INVESTIGATIONS ~~ base people needed to cover up their BASENESS by trying to MISS LEADING THE NATION!!!

  10. Brad says:

    ????????You Clinton! And your mother! And your father! All you forked tongue lying devil’s!

    • I can’t see how she can even show her face. I would be so ashamed of my family I would hide but then she is following in their footsteps. Corrupt just like they are, If she wan’t to run for office I WILL NEVER vote for this twit !! Do you think she even looks at what they have really done? I now see where they have committed the worst crime ever. M……….

    • brenda says:


    • Michael says:

      You know being born into a democrat family does limit your perspective on how to live in this world. If you want someone else to pay your bills you stay a democrat, but if you want to be honest with yourself you buck it up, work hard and then you will understand what life is all about. But buck tooth, eating corn through a fence never leaned that lesson. Now every time she opens her mouth everyone is laughing at her.

    • Farnco says:


      You are the off-spring of a RAPIST, abuser who had oral sex with a young girl your age
      in the OVAL OFFICE!
      A mother who BRUTALIZED more women than ATTILA THE HUN!

      Your mother lied and Lied!
      Your mother, Slick Willie’s Wench had the Clinton Machine, the Obama Machine,
      the DEMI Machine, the False MEDIA and even some Renegade Republicans!
      She had Obama’s DOJ and the the FBI!
      She had $12,000,000 False Russian Dossier!!!!!!

      HOW DID YOUR MOTHER LOSE????????????????????????
      America is sick of your bull crap

  11. OMG just what we need another corrupt Clinton in the White House. She will end up just like her sad old mama defeated by Trump again. She sure takes after her mama but her daddy is another thing don’t know much about him but Bill is not her daddy and she knows it. Sounds like both Clinton’s are at deaths door. Maybe they will join McCain.

  12. Glenn says:

    Now isn’t Chelsea just what we need : another CLINTON whore trying to get into the White House. If she wants to criticize anyone she has plenty of fodder to chew on in her own daddy and mom. Who is more corrupt and murderous than slick willie and murdering mom? God save us from the

  13. Allen says:

    Who cares what a twit thinks or says. She is as screwed up as her monther

  14. A Simpson says:

    Chelsea who? Like all democRATs Her IQ matches he shoe size 12 !!

  15. Don King says:

    Aw, give Chelsea a break. She looks just like her mother and she has to live with and contend with that for the rest of her life.

  16. George Engel says:

    She is just more Democrat SCUM

  17. Carlotta says:

    Like they say, the apple doesn’t fall from the tree…..she is her Mother’s daughter and she is just as evil

  18. zee says:

    Someone said : STFU chelsea. Actually,
    a whole buncha ppl Said: STFU, chelsea.

    • MARYANN33 says:

      And I say it again..This spawn of the devil, ugly and born that way has nothing to say to anyone..She is nothing but a terrible spoiled brat living on stolen money and we will not put up with that ugly mouth of hers…Ugly mouth in every way. Lock up Chelsea too…
      She was tied into that corrupt company.

  19. Jon says:

    This UGLY ,UGLY PERSON is learning to be a liar and thief just like her parents and she throws insults around like she is perfect and she is not so she should stop whale she is ahead.

    • Sheldon Nadler says:

      Chelsea has learned a lot from her mother. Lie, cheat, and steal what you can when you can and as soon as you can. From Chelsea’s father she has learned how to give great blow jobs and get paid for it!

  20. Jim says:

    This nasty skanky leftwing scumbag needs to STFU. Period.
    Her parents BOTH should have been executed , long ago.
    Her head would look better on a pike than attached to her (future “cankles 2) body.
    Her parents and their cronies, sycophants, enablers and minions, including her MAKE USA worse.

    • Hydro says:

      For someone who has never had a Real job in her life. Calling President Trump un- American , needs to look in the mirror. Very sorry she was born a Clinton. But a Clinton she is and her retiring proves the old adage that an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Her mom is responsible for the deaths in Benghazi as her mom was using a shame for an embacy as a place to funnel weapons to the same groups that killed Americans in Iraq. Her father is a rapist and a liar. How with these examples could anyone expect any intelligence to spew from her retoric .

    • MARYANN33 says:

      Execute all three now please…

  21. Rodger Shull says:

    No body ask her opinion, so she needs to JSTFU. No body really cares what she has to say, she like her bitch mommie an fake pervie daddy, are confidence people, they say what someone wants to hear an they get them in their clutch, and then SCREW them an then blame it on someone else, I,am very tired of her BULL S$$T , and the fact we have tospend taxpayer money to protect her, via the secert service , which she has so much dispised, Cut her out of the protection an see if she keeps her mouth shut.

    • zee says:

      Yep. &&&
      ‘some celluloid blobs’
      have ‘no shame’.

    • zee says:

      Rodger. what you say here is what no one else has basically said.
      (but we know.)
      > “are confidence people, they say what someone wants to hear an they get them in their clutch, and then SCREW them an then blame it on someone else, ” etc. Yes, Absolutely.

  22. cang dong says:

    Chelsea wll be failed for several reasons if she’ll run for the Office such as:
    – She doesn’t CROOKED enough like her Mother
    – She is just another Little girl without any Political experience.
    – He Family reputation was so stained with many scandals of BOTH parents.
    On other hand she may has better chance if she run in Iran or Africa.

  23. This fat pig came from a crime family and married into a crime family.

  24. bernie says:

    another cheap bitch heard from..

  25. srw says:

    Chelsea lives in a multi million apt in NY paid for with funds from the Clinton Charity Foundation.$$$$$$$ As is the home next to her folks house in upper NY state. She travels on someone elses dime. Has never accomplished one thing in her life. When she was growing up in the WH she threw a fit that the military drivers that carted her around COULD NOT be dresses in their military dress. She hated the military. Out at some function when she was in Hi School or college she was using 4 letter discriptions of the Secret Service, Police, Military. An older person told her she must not talk like that … her answer was WHY NOT. THAT IS WHAT HER PARENTS CALLED THEM. A family that will do anything. Stop at nothing. To get what they want they march to the head of the class.

  26. William Brummett says:

    trump is the commy bought and payed for and you all are a bunch of sick people and need to see a head doctor but i think there is no cure for your stupidity.

  27. Jakester says:

    I have noticed a new trend with the left , they finally realized that Americans don’t want to listen to them any more so they have taken to traveling all over the world and complain to the people of other countries. Chelsea , Hillary, Hussein , Kerry, but wait a minute ,, Groping Joe, where is he,,, well maybe he just got smart enough to keep his mouth shut and his hands to himself !!

    • Raymond Martucci says:

      Apparently Chelsea has no clue what’s to be American or a human being so she needs to practice what she says. The only thing that Chelsea and Hillary is good for is ass kissing to get people to like them and then they steal. People who favor them must love being ripped off

    • And the BEST of THAT, them traveling around the world to do their SH*T talk, is that they are doing it in countries who DON’T respect women at all, or where women have NO rights….!!! Takes a lot of NON-brain and nerve………

  28. Robert Taylor says:

    I wonder what this person did that makes the media so ready to write about her? They ignore people with actual facts and cater to this drivil. She did use a word that exactly describes her family. She probably herd someone say it about Mom or it was suggested by the reporter.
    showing or motivated by susceptibility to bribery.
    “why should these venal politicians care how they are rated?”
    synonyms: corrupt, corruptible, bribable, open to bribery;

  29. dobber 1029 says:

    chelsea, like her parents is an irrelevant piece of dog crap…period . I read another article that said she was a ” philanthropist” where did she ever work or how could she ever earn enough money (other than stealing it from the clinton foundation” ) they need to get a family compound in a federal prison somewhere….

  30. From all the comments, Chelsi should have kept her mouth shut, I wonder how her foot tasted after that rant. Hey Chelsi, your daddy HATED the MILITARY, he lied consistently to the American people, destroyed the military and set this country back a 100 years. Daddy and mommy are nothing more than con artist that took the American people for a ride and cost us dearly. So do AMERICA ‘S PEOPLE a favor, go home, bake some cookies and shut up, like mommy like daughter. President Trump is rebuilding that which your daddy and obummer destroyed in this soon again to be the GREATEST NATION in the world.

  31. Margaret Heller says:

    Where did Chelsea get her talking points? Mama-san? She (Hillary) cannot see the forest because of the trees. Big H keeps throwing out the same old fish to the Dems, hoping beyond hope that they will continue to believe and support her. Hillary can’t recognize that even her minions, who would walk thru fire for her (to keep their well-paying jobs, although women in her posse are only paid 80% of what she pays men). Hear that, Chelsea. Your mother has been relegated to the dust bin of history and both of you are oblivious.

  32. walter says:

    don’t go away mad just GO AWAY

    • Nancy says:

      Sounds like Chelsea is describing the BO REGIME to a T. Funny how the most evil and corrupt blames the best and most honest Administration this country has seen since Reagan for being corrupt. A skunk always smells his stink first.

    • brenda says:

      SORRY CHELSEA CLINTON but it is your mother and father with their crimes of murder and child trafficking and crimes of treason against america and president trump ,that has degraded the white-house and america

      • Michael says:

        You remember when that piece of crap Slick Willy let the communists in Los Alamos…Lee and that othet guy..I camt remember his name…but security ran them out with top secret documents they said they gpt rid of outdide the compound…then Slick Willy ordered controled burms out side the compund that damn near burned Los Alamos to the ground…covering up his treason

  33. Gloria Wedemeyer says:

    she needs to crawl back in the hole with her mother.

  34. Hugh Turner says:

    one word for the whole bunch. This twat her daddy. ,her momma, the ape Muslim and his husband,Comy, Mc Cabe, Clapped all the Rinos. Puklosi and her bunch.


  35. john says:

    Slimy, useless and not news worthy, ignore the slut and maybe we can make it go away!

  36. Ginger says:

    Chelsea and her mother Hillary continue to make the name Clinton less and less relevant. They both need to go into the woods and never come out. Notice how Bill stays out of it. I think he’s done with Hillary and her delusions. So, Chelsea it is, right Hill. Sad. I’m just so grateful that President Trump won and not that corrupt, delusional Hillary.

  37. Ernesto says:

    AMERICA!! I will just say ….. what do you expect from a UNTRAINED HORSE, AN UNTRAINED DOG, A PEANUT EATING MONKEY, AND MONKEY FACE!!

  38. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Hang EVERYONE named Clinton, just to be sure.

  39. Leon says:

    Chelsea needs to really backtrack and look very closely at her Dad’s record. He wasn’t the greatest president we ever had and he damn sure DID AND DOES NOT HAVE ANY MORALS!

  40. zee says:

    >WHO TF does she ‘think’ she is___

  41. a fool says:

    Chelsea, you are definitely spoken out of TERMS! You have no BRAIN CELLS! Have you any Dignity? Obviously NOT! Remember: “What goes about comes about!” You will receive your PAY BACK in the FULLNESS OF TIME! Shame on you! Would you like having other people speak of you as you do to others? You sounded like a 100% +1 MORON! “As ye sow so shall ye reap!”

  42. Gwyllm says:

    A Clinton calling ANYONE ‘cruel’, ‘incompetent’ and ‘corrupt’ is like a BLACK HOLE calling a KETTLE ‘black’!

  43. Greg says:

    If she had a brain she would be a rattle.

  44. Marc Jeric says:

    That Clinton daughter is a far-left low-IQ bloviating gasbag; did you expect anything different?

    • Talking about cruel and corrupt. The Clinton’s have at least 70 murders to their name and also talking corrupt, how about the 2 million paid for her wedding came right from The Clinton Foundation.

      • Nancy says:

        That money was raised for the victims of the Haitian hurricane! Haiti got 2% and the Clintons got the rest! Chelsea had a 15 million dollar wedding on the compassionate and generous donors of this country who, more than likely were Conservative.

  45. Mike says:

    Chelsea, talking about degrading, your father used Monica Lewinsky as a “human humidor”. I wouldn’t call that something to be proud of. How about you? Did he ever use you for “storing” his cigars? I wouldn’t put it past him.

  46. John Campbell says:

    As the saying goes, the fruit does not fall far from the tree! A spiteful outburst spewing out lies and perversion of the truth just like her mother and father. Hopefully, the American people will let her know in no uncertain terms that she is not wanted.

  47. Marie says:

    Just put her in jail with her mother! She should just fade away.

  48. Namiko Donals says:

    Chelsea: Shame on you! I thought you were smarter than your parents!

    • Pat Prybil says:

      Why would you think that. She’s just as guilty as they are with all the pay-for-play at the Clinton Foundation. How do you think she’s able to afford her multi-million dollar condo.

  49. Mark says:

    Chelsea you are talking about being competent. Your mother the Greek Hillary was not very competent bye storing top secret information on a private server. She was not very competent by selling our uranium to Russia. She was not very competent by allowing the people to be killed in Benghazi. She was not very competent by lying about Landing under sniper fire. To this day she is not very competent by being unable to admit that her defeat for president was her fault. She is not very competent by blaming everyone but herself for her defeat. Your daddy was not very competent for having sexual relationships with people in his cabinet. And you are not very competent by opening your mouth and talking about things that you have no idea what you’re saying. You and your mother and father should all go back into the woods and stay there.

  50. Nick says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!!The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, Gowdy, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  51. Susan Horton says:

    I am so embarrassed by all the Clinton’s. It started with Bill’s womanizing. Hillary’s whining and stupid remarks, “what happened?”. Then their demon spawn takes her opinions to Europe to continue the WHINE TOUR. There is not enough cheese and crackers in the universe to go with all that whining!

  52. Paul Lamothe says:

    Nothing but a brain dead Douchbag like her Mother. Every statement she made wasn’t about Trump is was about her mother and that POS. Obama

  53. Dolinda Balch says:

    Chelsea, you have a very ,very large problem. Your mother is as crooked as they come. One lie after another and very happy to sell America down the drain for her own coppers. Sorry but the American people wanted Donald Trump to be the President and Thank God he is the President of the USA and doing a great job.

  54. Jan13 says:

    Well Chelsea, at least President Trump is for the American people, and I don’t think he ever joined a communist or moslem organization, bet your parents can’t say the same thing.
    Do us all a favor, take a long walk in the woods and keep going.
    Saw an eye opening documentary ,” enemies within. “ scary to think it’s possibly real.

  55. Lloyd says:

    Another black vote hunter………

    • Bill says:

      Why is this waste of DNA and ‘damon seed’ still being shoved down the American peiooples throats? So sick and tired of this BS from this wotrthless ‘suck up’ and ‘demon seed’ of the clinton crime family, ENOUGH,, or as my late Italian grandmother used to say ” basta cosi de queste merde” English: Enough of this S**T!

  56. David Atherton says:

    Just like her mom a big bitchhhhh

  57. Warren says:

    And this Schifosa thinks her Parents and obama were Qualified for their Jobs????
    What about all the Muslims that were placed in Key Government Positions????

    • Sargeant Preston says:

      Methinks Chelsey is cut from “the same bolt of cloth” as mommy is. She is a legend in her own mind. Horrible Hillary was worse than Trump will ever be.

  58. I have said this before and I will say it again, I do not think that the Democrats don’t want to except the fact that President Trump wiped the Democrats off the map during the last election and if Trump decides to run again he has my vote as well. He has done nothing wrong but try to make this country grate again and he is doing it.

  59. truckman says:

    she is nothing but a spoilt little brained bitch that needs to be ignored the only reason the media pays attention is because of her nasty daddy and slutty mama named clinton who has never cared about anything but themselfs

  60. Who cares what chelsea launches or even thinks if she is capable of having an orginial thought.

  61. Howard Cannon says:

    I can’t believe that even the Democrats want another Clinton on the ballot!

  62. Donl says:

    Dem/Com political hooker.

  63. Bruce Walters says:

    Horse face Chelsea is a Clinton, period. She is as corrupt as her mother, and as plastic as her “father”

  64. Ann says:

    She is a real piece of work. Like her ridiculous mother, the sooner we get rid of
    all the Clintons the U.S. & the rest of the world will be better off.

  65. Richard Hennessy says:

    Who is CC that anyone would pay any attention to what she thinks?

    • Carlos says:

      the little cuhnt seems to conveniently leave out the fact much of her dad’s cabinet couldn’t even get security clearance because of their backgrounds!

    • Ray Anton says:

      Imagine Chelsea, daughter of the Corrupt one, collecting an incredibly high salary as top executive of The Clinton Foundation, a Ponzi scheme which should be investigated by the DofJ, travelling the world first class with donations her Secretary of State mother and maybe father Slick Willie were getting in classic pay for play deals!! She was following her corrupt parents into a life of scamming!! Wait for her to announce her Congressional run!!

      • Bill says:

        This first class SNAKE and ASSWIPE couldn’t run a high class whore house, ’nuff said, move on to thiings more important!

  66. says:

    grow up-education did not improve your character-your mother is not well help her first-what a disappointment you are

  67. Robert the Wallace says:

    Chelsea–much like her ” Legends In Their Own MINDS ” parents, is a ” Mind Without A Single Thought ” dolt/dullard, who hasn’t grasped the cold hard undisputable fact that her mother and father are Crooks,heinous
    and salacious Malefactors! Sad to say, she is an Exact clone of her mother–and only GOD would be able to help us if she ever became POTUS! !

    • Barbara Cook says:

      Hi Robert the Wallace, You are so correct on that statement. Chelsea is just repeating everything her parents has told her. You are also correct about Hillary blaming everybody but herself. Hillary thinks that she didn’t do anything wrong during her campaign. By calling candidate Trumps supporters ” A basketful of deplorables, ” she needs to look in the mirror.

  68. Barbara Cook says:

    We don’t need another Clinton in the White House. She doesn’t know what she is talking about, besides, Mama and Daddy gave her everything on a silver platter. Chelsea Clinton doesn’t know what it is like to go to work every day. Mama and Daddy spoiled this rotten brat. Chelsea just needs to stay home and take care of her child or children. Whichever she has. She needs to ask her parents about all of the sexual harassment that her father did to women working in his Administration, and she needs to ask them about all of the corruption they caused during their time in the White House. She needs to leave President Donald J Trump and his administration along.

    • Moma says:

      What can you expect from another piece of trash. She learned from the worst trash in the world, her mother and father. It is easy to judge when you have everything and all you have has been stolen from the American people.

  69. Calvin Locke says:

    Liberals all suffer from the recently discovered disease Assfault! It is when human excrement fails to pass and is sent to the brain which clouds judgement and causes frequent outbursts of diarrhea mouth resulting in statements like these!

  70. mike says:

    She’s confused. She was referring to her momma and papa. Oh yeal Chelsea, who ordered the hit on Seth Rich.

    • Hydro says:

      There have been many who have turned up dead – the only thing they had in common – they were about to testify against one of the Clinton’s. How does someone get shot twice in the back in what is called a robbery and nothing was taken – how does someone who is left handed commit suicide with the right hand. The Clintons had the DOJ, FBI and any other department they needed to eliminate any prosecution for anything. But wait for it – wait for it – there is one judge they won’t be able to bypass. When they meet Him – their journey to reside with their mentor satan will be realized.

  71. Ellen Dale says:

    Chelsea you only need to look to your mother and father for “cruelty, corruption and injustice”…..Not President Trump….

    • Judy says:

      Amen to that. That entitled little idiot needs to stay home and care for her children. The last thing this country needs is another Clinton.

  72. Ron Peterson says:

    PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP & V P. MIKE PENCE In 2020… Hillary Rodham Clinton – aka – BenGahzi MURDERER… And all, I mean all DEPLORABLE, DISGRACEFUL, HYPOCRITE DEM-O-RATS in PRISON for LIFE…

  73. Bruce says:

    Little miss “entitlement has’nt a clue what a real American is. her parents speak myriads of what she was taught and she would do well to take the lo road and shut the Hell up

  74. Ron Peterson says:

    This lazy twit really doesn’t know who her real daddy is… If I had a ugly dog that looks like that ! I would shave its BUTT put a pair of Sunglasses on it and teach it how to walk backwards… That’s how BUTT UGLY
    she really is !!!

  75. Marc says:


    • James says:

      I think that before she throws stones at President Trump, she should recognize exactly who her parents are; Her “daddy” is an IMPEACHED former president that RAPED many women, cheated the people of Haiti out of the donated money that was meant to rebuild after a terrible storm, and STILL have not recovered in their home reconstruction, cuz Slick Willy and Crooked Hilly accepted the donations to the CLINTON FOUNDATION, and KEPT IT!!!!! Then we Have CROOKED HILLY who was INEPT as a New York Senator, took on the job of Secretary of State (PAYBACK FROM THE BIG ZERO FOR STEPPING ASIDE AND LETTING HIM RUN FOR PRESIDENT) where she was so INEPT that she deserted BENGHAZI resulting in the deaths of 4 (FOUR) Americans that were serving there. She also ILLEGALLY used a PRIVATE SERVER, and SENT CONFIDENTIAL EMAILS, which would be immediate imprisonment for anyone else,,,,HAD EIGHT BLACKBERRY UNITS SMASHED WITH A HAMMER SO THE INFORMATION COULD NOT BE RETRIEVED, DESTROYED MORE THAN 30,000 EMAILS (AFTER THEY WERE DEMANDED BY THE CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE) LIED TO THE CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE ABOUT SENDING CONFIDENTIAL EMAILS ON A PUBLIC SERVER. AND THEN SHE WAS “EXCUSED FROM PROSECUTION” BECAUSE CROOKED COMEY CHANGED THE WORDING IN THE CHARGES SO SHE COULD NOT BE IMPRISONED FOR LYING>>>>THIS DUE TO A MEETING OF “SLICK WILLY” AND LORRETTA LYNCH ON THE TARMAC WHERE THEY ONLY DISCUSSED “GRANDCHILDREN, AND THEIR GOLF GAMES! LETS SEE NOW,,,,,HAVE I LEFT ANYTHING OUT??? YES, BUT THIS WILL DO FOR NOW. I ENCOURAGE ANYONE ELSE TO ADD TO WHAT I HAVE STATED ABOVE.

      • True Believer says:

        Yep, for the icing on the cake, sold 20% of our Uranium to the Russians, paid for a dossier on Trump tor a fisa warrant so they could spy on the Trump campaign, and along with collusion with Obama, had actual spies planted in the Trump campaign and afterward (illegals voting and still couldn’t win thank the Good Lord up above). Never in my 80 years here on this earth, would I have ever thought this possible in our America the Beautiful.

      • Barbara Cook says:

        Hi James, I believe you said everything perfectly. There might be something else that can be added, unfortunately, right now, I can’t think of them right now. The Clinton’s think their better than anyone else. The Clinton’s and the OBAMA’S, along with all of the other crooked Democrats and Obama’s Administration, they all need to be prosecuted and sent to prison.

      • Johne Simpson says:

        I was going to say she also gave away 20% of America’s uranium to the Russians.I do believe collusion and treason are the names for these crimes

      • Stephen says:

        Let’s not forget all the timely “suicides” and murders connected to this despicable group of thugs. I believe it was close to 60 and counting.

      • cliff says:

        Don’t forget all those “mysterious deaths” that always seemed to occur when someone “knew too much” about the crooked “clintoons” and their dirty dealings. The “list is too long to type.

    • John says:

      Like Mother – Like Father- Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. All talk- no substance. She is most likely thinking- Hey, a political career seems to be the way to make a lot of money w/o doing much of anything, but opening my mouth.

      • Barbara Cook says:

        Hi John, I agree with you 300% about Chelsea being like her Father and Mother. It is true, ” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! “

  76. Thomas says:

    Her family and her all belong in prison. Ask anyone from HAITI.

  77. Sanjose Mike says:

    She says Trump Administration is filled with “cruelty, incompetence and corruption?”

    This is the typical attack of liberals: They call us names. That’s the only argument they have left, literally.

    I also see this when liberals attack Jordan Peterson. All they can do is call him names and scream at him.

    This is not the kind of attitude that wins elections. All the leftists have to pedal is hate.

    Sorry….it takes more than HATE to run a country. Interestingly, I find the same attitude among Palestinians. The Clinton’s have honed down corruption to an “art.” Vito Corleone would be “proud” of them, if he existed.

    sanjosemike (no longer in CA)


  79. Webb Hubbell’s untalented and grasping daughter should stay in England. The British are experienced in tolerating foolish and malicious comments on public issues by aristocratic dimwits who have no claim to the attention of others except that they are the offspring of those with titles. This silver-spooner whose only accomplishment to date is getting a six-figure salary (for a while) to interview a gecko is the one who put the “twit” in Twitter. She should focus on baking cakes with files in them that she can deliver to mater when the bloodstained bisexual battleaxe is finally doing her falling and fitting in a correctional institution.

  80. James Johnson says:

    Chelsea is one to be talking about corrupt when her whole family is NOTHING but CORRUPT and always have been. I’m sure she is as well!!! She is an idiot to talk about the president with the parents she has. A rapist’s and a murderer as well as meny other things!!!

  81. VOID ALL CLINTON’S AND THEIR CLONEY’S ETC.!!????????????????????????????

  82. Thomas says:

    I guess in order not to degrade America you need to take advantage of an intern, sell our natural resources to the Russians, do favors for kickbacks (they call the donations), lie all the time, cheat on your opponents, cover up many failures and crimes, get drunk if you lose and never admit that ahything is your fault. Chelsea Clinton you need to keep your mouth shut.

  83. Old Sarge says:

    Look who’s talking.

  84. Roger Culwell says:

    just another donkey breying

  85. True Believer says:

    Would you let any of your children or grandchildren even come near to her book. I wonder if she covers lesbianism, or raping young girls, or pimping your children to either the Pizza Parlor in DC or that wonderful island that she and hubby visit. Anyway, she should be preparing for prison or moving to a country that has no extradition. I guess she is not allowed to listen to the REAL news. By the way, don’t forget she is married to Soro’s nephew so when she does run (hopefully in 2020) there will be plenty of money behind her. Can you imagine. Mrs. Demon on the loose controlled by Mr. and Mrs. Satan.

  86. Chastran says:

    Wait! Is Chelsea prego in the above photo?? If so, her hubby has a very high gag complex…

  87. It looks like Chelsea is a chip off the old rotten tree stump. Just like her mom and dad….rotten to the core.

  88. lbufy says:

    Chelsea is just like her mother a no good POS!!!!!
    She is a communist who has no clue what it means to be a patriot….

  89. Joseph says:

    She is an ignorant wench just like her mother! She is becoming sleazy like her daddy! Guess the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree! None of her statements make any sense, maybe she is related to Maxine Waters and Pelosi too!

  90. Frankieboy says:

    Hey everyone ! Do you know what Massachusetts and the Clinton’s have in common ??? Here’s the answer, they both have an ugly Chelsea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Sheldon Nadler says:

    Chelsea Clinton is just like her mother only a younger version of the Hillary douchbag!

  92. Will S says:

    Sad. Schizophrenia is such a horrible disease. Apparently passed down genetically.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Chelsea isn’t displaying evidence of schizophrenia; if she was it might be excusable. Please don’t toss that around until you understand that it’s a degenerative brain disease whose victims don’t get a choice in it, and it does have familial if not genetic components to it, but still isn’t a choice! Chelsea is just your garden variety leftist narcissist, like her mother and nothing more.

  93. lynn babcock says:

    Like like l hateful, evil mother, like daugter!

  94. Antonius A. Haksteeg says:

    The three Clintons are the worst the USA ever produced. Murderers en liars is all they master they should all be put in jail

    • Michael says:

      Absolutely…my tally is at 109 people who had the goods on the Clintons…who “mysteriously” met there maker before they could dpill the beans

    • Nancy says:

      I agree if you are talking the worst eligible POTUS and First Family. I would put BO and his REGIME right up there as well as the worst, ineligible POTUS and First Family this country has ever had at the helm, both of these evil, corrupt, “Seeds of Satan” nearly destroyed this country until the American people had enough and came out in droves to vote for our great POTUS, President Trump. These idiots rantings fall on deaf ears, the only people who listen are the Clinton and BO pals, who are all far from Patriotic Americans. The more these Commies rant, the angrier Patriotic Americans become, and we will make damn good and sure both BO and Clintons are sitting in jail for Treason and crimes against our country.

  95. Danny Noble says:

    Horseface Chelsea, the once heir-apparent of the dying American Communist Party, says Trump degrades what it means to be an American? That piece of filth? I would not piss on her if her heart was on fire. She has zero credibility to anyone with a functioning brain (leaves out democrats).

    Like Hogg, she will just help us get more voter turnout for our side.

    • Nancy says:

      I agree, with every rant, the majority of Americans get angrier and will turn out in droves for the mid term elections. Like the Marxist Media campaigning for Killary, they will wonder “What the Hell Happened!” They forget the majority of Americans who put God, Country and Family first despise this last Regime and the Clintons, and when they spew their rants, they are literally helping President Trump and Republicans for a RED WAVE come election day! I remember how the MEDIA was STUNNED the day after the election of Trump. They just don’t have a clue, the only people who listen to their lies ad propaganda are liberals themselves.

  96. Ken Aberdean says:

    If President Trump spits at her, they’ll have to search for her with submarines.

  97. JLM says:

    The perpetual ugly duckling offspring of a white trash father and a somewhat nouveau riche turncoat mother seems to be describing her own parents, not Trump.

  98. Jon Smith says:


  99. miller says:

    Chelsea Hubble needs to take care of her senile mother.

  100. Dave Miedema says:

    And I’m supposed to take the Dumb Blonde of the Democrap Party seriously? It’s more likely that Obama will become a Republican.

  101. Mike H says:

    I can only hope that the Clintons and the Obamas will eventually be exposed. For the amount of corruption they have caused in this country. The Democrats know it they just will not admit it. This is big money were talking about here so don’t hold your breath.

  102. Michael says:

    Another, lieing, cheating, stealing, Clinton with a big mouth on the horizon….She was raised by a criminal element…Slick Willy and Crooked Hillary…As long as the little “C” stays out of polotics I guess I can stand it…the only good thing I can see out of this is Mommy Dearest must be getting a little worried her crime family is falling apart…and little “C” is getting worried, and lashing out

  103. Kathryn says:

    This young spoiled stuck-up woman who has lived in unrealistic surroundings and has done NOTHING for our society should really count her blessings and STOP criticizing the President-he did defeat your mother! You should also be wary re: investigation of your Clinton Fund-that promised money to Haiti-but never gpt there? You were in charge-I believe-as President!

  104. Margaret Heller says:

    Stay home and raise your kids, Chelsea, or they will end up like you: used for photo-ops from the time you were born.

  105. JW says:

    This scuzbucket needs to shut her pie hole and go back in to the shadows with her rapist daddy Billie Bob and her witch mother Broomhildebeast. Just keep bilking those foriegn “donors” you and your “family” have been fooling for years. No intelligent American is buying your sleezy rhetoric. Your family is NOT just like the Kennedys and we don’t need another generation of your sleezy band. I just hope the people of New York are smart enough to not vote for this pig when she tries to run for office.

    • jug says:

      Billy Bob is no way her father!
      She is the daughter of Webb Hubble and HRC!

      Bill is and always has bee sterile.
      He has publicly admitted such!

      Compare her ” before plastic surgery” with pictures of Webb Hubble and it’s impossible to miss!

  106. Ronald says:

    Chelsea….did you ever ask your dad about all the women he has degraded and used up. Blow jobs in the Oval Office is not one of the original Bill of Rights. Go away please.

  107. John says:

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and Chelsea proves that with her insane rhetoric.

  108. Margaret Heller says:

    Chelsea Clinton is shilling for her criminal mother who will end up in jail with Bubba. Maybe Chelsea, too. After all, her wedding was paid out of the Clinton Foundation’s charitable receipts along with her ridiculous salary and penthouse. Go ahead, Chelsea: Run for office and be defeated like your mother. I hope when you are defeated we don’t have to hear you whining for two years afterwards. Can you run from office in prison?

  109. charlotte says:

    She needs to shut the h*ll up and go away. We DO NOT ever need another Clinton Politician
    in our Country!!

  110. Mike H says:

    Her mother is one of the most corrupt politicians we’ve had in the last 50 years. I think her daughter could be even worse if she is let loose.

    • Dolores says:

      Hillary is so determined to be president that she will do anything to get nominated again. I pray this never happens. Chelsea is as bad as her mother. Hillary is corrupt and a liar and the people knew this and that’s why they never voted for her. Get over it Hillary and go take up knitting or something and stay out of politics

  111. Earl Spencer says:

    Chelsea who? Her only claim to fame is that she is the offspring of two DumboRATS. Personally I do not care what she thinks or does.

  112. Joanna says:

    Chelsea you have it wrong its not President Trump degrading America its your mother Hillary…. With all her scandal’s surrounding her…… Grow up Chelsea before your children do!!!! Your looking like a damn fool!!!!

  113. drscot says:

    Chelsea only THINKS she’s out of reach in a Clinton Foundation probe. She may have been the doofus, but she was still a player. Teflon only runs so deep!

  114. William Richards says:

    As you can see the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. It’s difficult to miss the Clintons when they just refuse to go away.

  115. An apple don’t fall from a tree, seems she’s going to be as pathetic as her mom! But she comes from a family that their entire life has been nothing but LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, AND KILL , and she’s a LOSER also!

    • cliff says:

      Rodney Stewart,
      I could not have said it better myself. She’s not only a LOSER, but to me a RABID COMMUNIST, “disguised” as a “democrat”. (the “party” that is LONG dead)

    • Gerald Ladd says:

      I agree with you Rodney. This idiot couldn’t run a lawn mower, much less a country.

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