Chelsea Clinton got roasted after this outrageous tweet

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3 Responses

  1. karen zawack says:

    Constitution outranks Sharia Law. Even if the UN Islamic-in-chief (Obama) in 2008 stated that no one was allowed to say anything bad about Sharia Law or Islamics, which is under Sharia Law, doesn’t mean “lawlessness” is allowed. but then again the UN Lslamic-in-Chief, was honoring sharia law thru his drug trafficking, human trafficking, allowing lslamic idiots to murder Christian in the US.

    Hey Barry, time to unseal your background like they unsealed documents in Cosby case. See how really smart you really are and how you got all those social security numbers and double birth certificates. Is that for your evil twin that you will blame everything on? Or does michelle/michael have a problem figuring out what gender she is so she got 7 for her alter egos and you are one of them? Or are you DACA? That would be interesting.

  2. Sharia Law can not stand along side our Constitution. Sharia Law says there is no other God except Allah and our Constitution says we must believe in God not Allah.

  3. jonathan says:

    keep Christ in Christmas merry Christmas everybody i shop at all store that has merry Christmas go to church everybody may god bless everybody in the us

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