Chaos broke out on the set of Fox News when one giant argument erupted

Fox News viewers were in for a shock on Wednesday.

One of the network’s most popular shows flew off the rails.

And chaos broke out on the set of Fox News when one giant argument erupted.

Fox & Friends co hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade traded barbs over Doocy’s support for Joe Biden’s socialist welfare spending proposals and proposed tax increases on small business owners.

Kilmeade made the case ahead of Biden’s joint address to Congress that Biden’s proposed trillions in new spending and tax increases amounted to “a total distribution of wealth.”

“We’re going to have free community college, free for people that go but it’s going to cost half of America that money. Free pre-K and you have the spending bill on top of that,” Kilmeade added that Biden proposed a complete “restructuring of our government. It is now a basically a slowly but surely socialized economic system that we have.”

That did not sit well with Doocy, who cited public opinion polls from corporate-controlled media outlets claiming Biden’s socialist agenda was wildly popular.

“Here’s the thing. All the things he is going to talk about tonight are very popular. Universal free pre-k is popular. Free college is popular. Family leave is popular. Tax cuts are popular. Things like that,” Doocy retorted. “And when they talk about raising taxes on the wealthy people, a majority of people in this country are okay with that.”

Critics contend that what Doocy forgot to mention is that issue polling is either done by groups who want to show their pet policies in the most favorable light possible or by corporate-controlled media and universities – both of which are liberal institutions and ask questions in the most generous light possible to elicit the most favorable response possible from the public.

This is not the first time Doocy defended Joe Biden citing corporate-controlled media public opinion polls.

Doocy applauded Joe Biden’s historically mediocre approval ratings by claiming they were a significant achievement considering polls showed Americans were as divided as ever.

Viewers expect fair coverage of Joe Biden on Fox News.

But if they want cheerleading they can turn to CNN or MSNBC.

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