CBS finally made an infuriating admission about Joe Biden

Democrats and their Fake News Media allies always go into full blown propaganda mode before elections.

Sometimes they’ll begin letting the truth trickle out once all the votes are cast.

And CBS finally made one infuriating admission about Joe Biden.

The corporate-controlled media and Big Tech colluded to suppress The New York Post’s Pulitzer-worthy reporting on Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” scandal.

Most corporate-controlled media outlets flat-out refused to even mention the scandal, while both Twitter and Facebook throttled the story on their platforms.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone admitted that his company “slowed the dissemination” of the story, and Twitter flat-out blocked the story from being shared, even via private direct message.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s excuse was that the story violated the company’s “hacked materials policy,” which is bogus because former President Donald Trump’s tax returns were spread far and wide on the platform despite being illegally obtained.

Plus, if Twitter believed that Hunter Biden’s laptop was hacked, that would suggest the story was true.

But that’s not what the Democrat Media Complex wanted people to believe.

Instead, self-proclaimed “journalists” and dozens of so-called “experts” in the intelligence community were magically in lockstep, claiming it was “Russian disinformation” almost instantaneously.

The “Russian disinformation” narrative, of course, turned out to be false, and the FBI admitted after the 2020 election that Hunter Biden was indeed under federal investigation for potential financial fraud.

And an eye-popping two years later, CBS is finally admitting that the laptop story is true.

“As Republicans take control of the House, Hunter Biden, the president’s son will be a target for investigations and that means data from a laptop purported to belong to Biden could be crucial to the investigatory process,” CBS News’ Tony Dokoupil said. “CBS News has obtained its data, not through a third party or political operative, but directly from the source who told us they provided it to the FBI under subpoena… We commissioned an independent forensic review to determine its authenticity.”

It’s quite embarrassing that the independent forensic review took two years when people knew long ago the story was true.

There have literally already been entire books written about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

This is how the corporate-controlled press operates.

CBS didn’t just wait until after the 2020 election, the network waited until after the 2022 Midterms to finally admit the truth everyone else already knew.

The contents of Hunter’s laptop suggest all types of heinous personal behavior, but there are also potential financial crimes linked directly to President Biden.

But the so-called “mainstream” media buried it.

Now that Biden is no longer useful to Democrats, expect the knives to be out for him.

Prior to the Midterm elections, when it looked like a “Red Wave” was potentially on the horizon, there were already articles coming out about how President Biden should not run in 2024.

The fact that CBS is just now admitting the Hunter Biden laptop is real would seem to indicate Democrats are done with Joe Biden.

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