Byron Donalds shut down Al Sharpton over this horrible fight

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Florida Congressman Byron Donalds is one of the most dependable conservatives in Washington, D.C. and is on the shortlist to be Donald Trump’s running mate.

He also showed he isn’t afraid to take on the leftist media.

And Byron Donalds shut down Al Sharpton over this horrible fight.

Donalds confronts Al Sharpton

Democrats in the media see polls like the most recent CBS/YouGov survey that show former President Donald Trump winning 18 percent of the black vote and are freaking out.

Al Sharpton was among the Democrats who falsely claimed Representative Byron Donalds (R-FL) said black Americans had it better under Jim Crow as a way to drive a wedge between Trump and black voters.

Donalds went on Sharpton’s show to set the record straight.

“My response is that it’s very interesting how people can just lie and mischaracterize what I said,” Donalds told Sharpton.

Donalds said all he pointed out was the fact that there was a mother and father in the house before Democrat politicians like President Lyndon Johnson destroyed the black family unit through welfare programs.

“I never said or insinuated anything about Jim Crow being better. Just was talking about the marriage rates of black families in America during that time period. It’s an empirical fact,” Donald added.

What Donalds actually said was that “during Jim Crow, the Black family was together. During Jim Crow, more Black people were not just conservative, Black people always have been conservative-minded, but more Black people voted conservatively. And then [the now-defunct Department of Health, Education, and Welfare], Lyndon Johnson, and you go down that road and now we are where we are.”

Sharpton tried to gaslight viewers

Even in the face of Donalds presenting the truth, Sharpton still stuck to the Democrat talking point that Donalds tried to whitewash Jim Crow.

“I mean to in any way infer that the families, black families were better in Jim Crow, I mean, I’ve said things that I later said I shouldn’t have said,” Sharpton shot back.

“Can’t you own that even sanitizing Jim Crow, even if that wasn’t your intention, was to say that’s my intention, I’m sorry for using those words?” Sharpton asked.

Donalds refused to accept the premise of a flawed question.

“Well, first of all, I never sanitized Jim Crow. I was just talking about the era in which black marriage rates were higher than they were during the Great Society and every other point in American history,” Donalds replied.

Sharpton tried to act like he was his buddy because Donalds was born in New York City.

“I mean, look, look, you and I have mutual friends. People say you’re a straight shooter. We may disagree on politics. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt,” Sharpton declared. 

“But look, you were born in Brooklyn, you went down into the South, went to Florida state, you have an interracial marriage, you’re the Congressman of a district that’s not a black district. I mean, how can you even live with yourself acting like Jim Crow was a good era or better era for blacks? What happened to you?” Sharpton wondered.

Donald Trump is not only leading in the polls, he looks like he will win the popular vote.

If he does so, it will be because he assembled a new coalition of voters.

Black voters – and specifically black men – are fed up with Democrats like President Joe Biden playing the race card every four years to win their votes and not delivering on any policies to improve their lives.

When Donald Trump was President, Americans saw low inflation and a secure border.

The comparison to Joe Biden’s four years in office works in Trump’s favor.

And members of the media are losing their minds in response.

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