BUSTED: You have to see what Jen Psaki will admit in court

The Biden administration is sweating bullets.

They are getting their day in court.

And you have to see what Jen Psaki will admit in court.

In October, a federal judge ruled that the Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana could depose a number of Biden administration officials – including former Press Secretary Jen Psaki – as a part of a lawsuit against the regime for pressuring social media companies to censor conservative critics of his COVID vaccine mandates.

“After finding documentation of a collusive relationship between the Biden administration and social media companies to censor free speech, we immediately filed a motion to get these officials under oath,” Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt declared in the wake of the ruling. “It is high time we shine a light on this censorship enterprise and force these officials to come clean to the American people, and this ruling will allow us to do just that. We’ll keep pressing for the truth.”

Psaki filed a motion to block the deposition, but Judge Doughty rejected the appeal and her deposition will proceed.

Fox News reports:

A federal judge ruled Monday that former White House press secretary Jen Psaki must comply with a subpoena and offer deposition in a lawsuit that claims the Biden administration colluded with Big Tech to censor speech.

Judge Terry Doughty of the Western District of Louisiana on Monday rejected a motion by attorneys for Psaki to block a court-ordered deposition, and said there is public interest in “determining whether First Amendment free speech rights have been suppressed.”

Monday’s order follows a ruling from U.S. Magistrate Judge Ivan Davis, who on Friday transferred the case back to Louisiana after Psaki attempted to fight the deposition in a Virginia court where she lives and would be deposed. Biden’s Justice Department supported her effort.

The government cannot pressure private companies to take action that it is otherwise prevented from engaging in.

In this case, private companies are currently free to censor speech on their platforms.

But the First Amendment prevents the government from taking down online speech.

However, this landmark lawsuit already uncovered emails from the Biden administration to social media companies like Twitter and Facebook demanding accounts of users questioning the COVID vaccine be taken down.

Twitter and Facebook complied with these demands.

That is illegal.

And now Jen Psaki will have to testify under oath as to what she knows about this scheme to censor Joe Biden’s critics.

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