Brett Kavanaugh was horrified by the awful trick the Democrats are about to pull

Democrats save their nastiest fights for judicial nominations.

Their underhanded tactics stooped to a new low last year during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

And now Brett Kavanaugh was horrified by the awful trick the Democrats are about to pull.

The latest front in the judicial confirmation wars is Steven Menashi’s nomination to sit on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Liberal activists, Rachel Maddow, and fake news CNN all colluded on a smear campaign to destroy Menashi’s nomination.

The Daily Caller reports:

CNN published a review of opinion columns Menashi wrote as a college student and young professional Thursday, highlighting pieces critical of campus feminism, gay-rights organizations, and Islamic societies. Writing for an American Enterprise Institute publication in 2000, Menashi accused college administrators of hypocrisy for opposing the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy for gay soldiers while supporting separate campus housing for LGBT students.

In another column during the same period, Menashi said “Take Back the Night” marches, which promote awareness about sexual misconduct, are wrong to implicate men generally in rape or other forms of assault.

The Alliance for Justice (AFJ), a liberal advocacy group, connected that rhetoric to Menashi’s recent work as a top lawyer at the Department of Education (DOE), where he helped craft new rules for adjudicating campus sexual assault allegations. Those guidelines guarantee a presumption of innocence for the accused, and require that both parties have full access to the evidence. DOE’s reforms were invariably applauded for strengthening due process or derided as patriarchal.

Democrats are cranking up the smears because the Second Circuit Court of Appeals is one appellate court Trump can flip from Democrat-controlled to a Republican majority.

If Democrats can pick off Trump nominees and keep these seats open until after the next Presidential Election, they are gambling they will win the elections and their nominees will be the ones who get to fill these judicial vacancies.

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38 Responses

  1. Daniel L Verdier says:

    thank you, the courts all courts are supposed to be based on a rule of law as it’s already written i.e. the constitution and bill of rights

  2. Daniel L Verdier says:

    question : when did he commit this treasonous act ? 2nd did you see him do it?3rd what was this treasonous act? your being ridiculously absurd

  3. Kalia says:

    *virulent applause commence*

  4. sandra eastridge says:

    you’re right about that

  5. Ernst says:

    Steven Menashi seems to have a reasonable conservative background. His opinions are those held by a majority of the US. He should be confirmed.

  6. Ernst says:

    So Steven Menashi has opinions! Are only leftist opinions allowed on the bench? None of the opinions mentioned above seem extreme, unless one is a committed radical leftist. If only Democrats chose jurists, we would have a Communist country oppressing us. Steven Menashi seems good to me.

  7. James A Langham says:

    Horrified, you mean TERRIFIED?? What is he afraid of? Obviously he doesn’t want anything to come out concerning his background.

  8. snooky6677 says:

    With all the hatred going on in this world today I would not be a bit surprised if somebody turned around and blew up all the news stations before the 2020 election there are a lot of sick people out there and there are a lot of sick people that will do stupid things as to this article on judges Ken Max came up with a great idea it shouldn’t be Democrats or Republican judges it should be someone who is qualified regardless of their political views.

  9. Terry says:

    I have this image of all these people sitting around, stirring a culdrum, you know, a big black witches kettle,
    stirring and stirring….all the while mumbling on how, oh how to get rid of Trump! ‘Tis there last resort; witches brew!!! Haha haha ????

  10. The Real M says:

    mary brumley, I don’t feel sorry for Maddow! She is an evil serpent of satan and her plan is to prevent conservatives from having a voice or playing a part of what is happening in America. She and her network, as well as the rest of the MSM, are a wing of the Democrat party. They are in no way fair in their reporting anything conservative unless it is negative. She and the rest of MSM are nothing more than a propaganda machine for the Democrat party…….and you can take that to the bank!
    (No offense to you, Maddow is such a bad “thing”, I cannot say anything nice about her!)

  11. mary brumley says:

    Alan Wright, but…,but…, YOU are on this site, so you must be a nasty child! LOL

  12. mary brumley says:

    Roger, #MAGA #KAG!

  13. mary brumley says:

    William, that’s why the Dims have their heads up their butts. It gets their heads a little closer to what they want to lick!

  14. mary brumley says:

    Shelba, Maddow is such a Nothing Person that we should actually feel sorry for her. I think she is a less than a human. Reptile describes her better.

  15. mary brumley says:

    Rivahmitch, YES! When The Sane Patriotic People finally are up to their eyeballs with the Left, we will rise up!

  16. Pamela says:

    Mike, You are the one that sucks.

  17. The Real M says:

    Wicked Woman,
    Linda, Oh HELL yes, by all means, unsubscribe, please! We have all the liberal crackheads we need on this site………..

  18. Wicked Woman says:

    LINDA…the easiest way to explain it is as follows: remove yourself from the email list by “unsubscribing.” You’ll be doing all of us a favor. Thank you kindly.

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