Brett Kavanaugh just made a statement the Democrats didn’t want to hear

Democrats couldn’t find anything to kill Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination during Senate hearings.

So they launched an unprecedented smear campaign against him.

But Kavanaugh just issued a statement that was the last thing Democrats wanted to hear.

Democrats know there’s no meat to sexual assault allegations from over three decades ago.

That’s why Dianne Feinstein sat on Christine Blasey Ford’s letter for six weeks – until after Judge Kavanaugh’s public hearings were closed.

But they thought they could sling enough mud to get him to drop out of the running.

And Democrats were sorely disappointed.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh wrote a letter to leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

He rebuked the false allegations and said he would not be back down.

Judge Kavanaugh writes:

“These are smears, pure and simple. And they debase our public discourse. But they are also a threat to any man or woman who wishes to serve our country. Such grotesque and obvious character assassination–if allowed to succeed–will dissuade competent and good people of all political persuasions from service.

“As I told the Committee during my hearing, a federal judge must be independent, not swayed by public or political pressure. That is the kind of judge I will always be. I will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this proicess. The coordinated effort to destroy my good name will not drive me out. The vile threats of violence against my family will not drive me out. The last-minute character assassination will not succeed.”

Democrats are desperate.

They’ve relied on an activist Supreme Court to enact the worst of their schemes.

But President Trump has put that in jeopardy.

First it was Justice Neil Gorsuch.

And as long as Republicans in the Senate don’t cave into Democrats’ temper tantrum, Brett Kavanaugh will soon be sitting on the highest court.

Please vote in our poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments about this outrageous character assassination attempt.


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245 Responses

  1. It could be a very useful bit of details. I’m satisfied that you just distributed this handy information and facts about. Make sure you keep us up to date similar to this.. ‭(888) 236-6283‬ Many thanks for revealing.

  2. krymson says:

    I find how long liberals are willing to drag any accusation, with not one piece of supporting evidence, through the press to be most disconcerting. Just as there is no substantiating evidence in support of the so-called Trump/Russia collusion theory, the Kavanaugh accusations are completely bogus.

  3. Wayne says:

    Do we really want Democrates in-charge of anything. It’s a total disgrace and an embarrassment

  4. The only people in Democratic Party who are against the Kavanaugh are those who commit crimes

  5. All they have are accusations and no proof of anything; Even the former basketball player who alleges to have been a friend can not offer any proof of his claims. What has Kavanaugh’s character been for the last thirty five years?

  6. Ann says:

    The Democrats are out to destroy our country. They are hypocrites and viscous liars. PLEASE VOTE RED IN NOVEMBER. GOD HELP US!!

  7. Alan says:

    Judge Kavavaugh is innocent until proven guilty.
    His accusers are most likely paid by the Democrats and Soros to lie .
    WHY??? because Kavavaugh is not in “Anyone’s pocket and decides cases on merit .

  8. Mary Navratilova says:

    Time is up! Full Senate vote now! Confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate now! It’s time to move forward and confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate to the Supreme Court. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed immediately! I’m a woman and I don’t believe these women Ms. Christine Blasey Ford, Ms. Deborah Ramirez and Ms. Julie Swetnick. These ultra-leftist women will never vote for the Republican Party, so quit letting them lead you around. You can see that this is manipulation. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed now! Vote the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in Supreme court justice now! If the Republicans don’t confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I will stay home on Election Day!!!

  9. K says:

    The feeling I get when standing, hand over heart & listening to the National Anthem, that’s the same feeling I got when I listened to the Honorable Judge Kavanaugh when he poured his heart out in from of Congress, the Public & God. He spoke with such conviction. He didn’t need to do as Ford did & not only read her answers that she was clearly coached on & reminded of. That, my friends, that’s the difference between truth & lies.
    He completely obliterated any half-assed fairytale she tried hard to get us to belueve. Her emotions were a juvenile attempt at trying to rattle us to want to belueve us.
    I’ll tell you what… I was horribly & truthfully sexually assaulted. If I had to sit in a room and recount those events, I would be inconsolable, I wouldn’t be able to stop weeping long enough to describe those horrific events. I certainly would not be able to find a second to displays humor & laughter as she did throughout her BS testimony.

  10. Betty says:

    The Bible says that “Satan is a liar and Deceiver”. It also states that”Satan roams around seeking who he can destroy”. This whole thing against Bret Kavanaugh is straight from hell and the demondcrats are his tools. I pray that God will “blind and confuse” all persons saying and working evil against our President and Bret Kavanaugh and destroy their works against them, and bring them to their knees in repentance. Amen

  11. Douglas Wendel says:

    I was at church today and at the linger longer after church a lady there said that Dr. Ford made a deal where she did not have to testify under oath. Is that true? If it is true what is the point of having her testify?

    • JIM says:

      The way that Judge Kavanaugh has been treated is CRIMINAL!!! Ford has named a few of HER friends that she says were witnesses, and EVERY ONE OF THEM DENIED HAVING ANY KNOWLEDGE OF THE CHARGES MADE BY HER> There have been BOGUS charges made by a woman that very possibly was groped during her formative years, but NOT BY JUDGE KAVANAUGE! For those that would assume that because he lost his temper from time to time, he is not FIT to be a Supreme Court Justice, I would simply suggest that you place your parent in the position that Judge Kavanaugh has been placed,,,,CHARGED BY SOMEONE THAT HAS OFFERED UP WITNESSES, OF WHICH NONE HAVE STOOD UP BY HER SIDE AND WITNESSED AGAINST JUDGE KAVANAUGH, BUT ALL OF THEM HAVE DENIED EVER WITNESSING SUCH GARBAGE!!! WATCHING THE WAY THAT JUDGE KAVANAUGH HAS BEEN RAILROADED BY THE DEMOCRAPS, AND MS. FORD WITH HER ALLEGATIONS THAT CANNOT AND HAVE NOT BEEN VERIFIED BY ANYONE,,,,,!!! If she was ever molested I firmly believe that it wasNOT BY JUDGE KAVANAUGH! I THINK THAT THE FBI SHOULD ALSO INVESTIGATE DR. FORD,,,,,,,,,I HEARD THAT SHE WAS PARTYING WITH GEORGE SOROS>>>>>>THERE IS A PHOTO FLOATING AROUND THE INTERNET SHOWING HER STANDING WITH OLD GEORGE SOROS<<<<<<<<GO GET THEM< FBI!!!!!

    • Betty says:

      The Bible says that “Satan is a liar and Deceiver”. It also states that”Satan roams around seeking who he can destroy”. This whole thing against Bret Kavanaugh is straight from hell and the demondcrats are his tools. I pray that God will “blind and confuse” all persons saying and working evil against our President and Bret Kavanaugh and destroy their works against them, and bring them to their knees in repentance. Amen

  12. Laurie Jenkins says:

    Why did it take Ford so long to step up? She was being rehearsed, coached, poor little baby girl, with a vile past of drunken sin. Open the books on her Trey!

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Why didn’t Ford step up when Kavanaugh was first elected judge in the DC area? He’s been an appeal judge for the past 12 years… I guess she wasn’t getting paid at that time.

  13. larry taylor says:


    • Irene Mills says:

      willie nelson FITS RIGHT IN with these lying demonrats! He OWE’S the IRS alot of money ! He needs a BATH, HAIRCUT & SHAVE!!! He LOOKS just like what he IS, TRASH!!!

    • CJ says:

      Yes, Willie Nelson rising to the need to be noticed yet again. Well, he may have to keep paying his taxes now. There is a new posy on the range.

    • Rich says:

      Larry Taylor, you are the perfect example of the uneducated morons that make up the far right. I’d venture a guess that you ilk bring down the average national IQ by at least 50 points and amongst run of the mill morons you’d be at the bottom of the heap. I’d love to learn what your high school english teacher might say after reading your incredibly stupid comment.

      • Judy says:

        I don’t consider myself a moron nor uneducated. I happened to agree with him. What the Democrats have done to this man is unbelievable. Before you start, I happen to be a registered Democrat but rest assured I will vote straight republican in November. I might add, a lot of my democratic friends will also.

        • Alberta says:

          Same here Judy, I’m a registered Democrat but reversing everything to Republician in November. My vote will follow yours!

      • Kris says:

        He’s RIGHT !!! I’ll say it FASTER !!! No Evidence “0” Confirm Justice Kavanaugh and END the Demonic Democrat tirade !!!

      • Don says:

        Look in a mirror for your ignorance. You have no room to call someone an uneducated moron, and I’ve worked with many with pedigrees who fit that description. Your arrogance is your first failing which I also have run into many times. You sound like a true PhD……..Piled Higher and Deeper.

    • Larry says:

      he can’t let go of the weed

  14. DeplorableLanie says:

    I have seen a great many comments that indicate people are disgusted by the actions of their Party. I have also seen quite a few, say that they are done with the Democratic Party and will be voting Republican in November. While I wholeheartedly agree with that action, I am not sure that is enough. I would ask all those who have either already left the party or are planning to leave to write a letter to your representative, the Party leaders, and the ranking members of the the Nominating Committee. What you say is up to you, but what I would ask you to make sure you tell them that they have reached a new low in dealing with Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. And that their actions are going to have ramifications lasting decades. Good, qualified candidates will not accept the call to public service because of this farce. And that while losing one vote may not be of consequence to them, losing thousands of votes should be. I would also ask that you let them know, that they have forgotten the people who they are supposed to represent. And instead have given themselves over to the special interest groups that they think can better fund their campaigns. Maybe, just maybe, if they get enough of these letters, they will realize that they are accountable to the people. Thank you for realizing that you are important, and deserve to have your voice represented!!

  15. Jersey Prophet says:

    Blasey-Ford is a FRAUD! She lied about her bona fides in the very first sentence of her testimony Thursday. She claimed to be a research psychologist. To use the word psychologist is ANY way as part of one’s professional job title, she must be licensed in her state. Ford is not a licensed psychologist in the State of California. A search through the Department of Consumer Affairs License Bureau, which provides a state-run database of all licensed psychologists in California, produced no results for any variation of spelling on Ford’s name.

    As this woman has perjured herself about her profession, she has defined herself as a liar. One cannot believe another word she claims about an event she alleges happened 36 years ago – one for which there isn’t a shred of evidence.

    A liar gets to lie about someone as thoroughly vetted as Judge Kavanaugh? Just shows that Blasey-Ford is a willing participant in an utter sham whose entire purpose is the character assassination of a good man and eminently qualified SCOTUS nominee.

    • Helen S. says:

      This Ford liar should be brought on charges, she lied about a wonderful gentleman, this crap she threw out there was nothing but a pack of unadulterated lies, she knows it, we ALL know it, put her BAD ASS in jail, teach her telling lies is absolutely wrong and is a sin , I’m very sure God wouldn’t approve of liars!

      • Anne says:

        While the Senate was bending over backwards yo make her trip from California as comfortable for her as possible considering her” deathly fear of flying , ” she was sitting on her butt in Delware a place zhe had no trouble flying to. She was given a 4 day delay to get there. She could have been there by taking a train from Delaware in a short time. Then all the , ” I am so terrified ” was not at all convincing and when caught as a person lying she displayed no such terror and then said she had no idea what was in her go fund me acc ount.

    • Anais says:

      Good for you for vetting her hope other read this

  16. dennis says:

    so thats the way it is , you’ve blocked my comment ! for what reason ! did i steep on your toes ? if thats the way its going to be ” NEVER SEND ME ANYMORE OF YOUR PROPAGANDA ……….. “

    • Helen S. says:

      This Ford liar should be brought on charges, she lied about a wonderful gentleman, this crap she threw out there was nothing but a pack of unadulterated lies, she knows it, we ALL know it, put her BAD ASS in jail, teach her telling lies is absolutely wrong and is a sin , I’m very sure God wouldn’t approve of liars!

  17. dennis says:

    where is my message that i just sent ?

  18. joe says:

    Why are the FBI or the Rep. Senate not investigating the Ford’s medical history or the “therapy” she received in 2012? The timeline: Kavanaugh’s name appears on a list of potential SC candidates. Later, Ford has “therapy.” Later she mentions Kavanaugh but cannot remember anything else. Sounds very suspicious????

    • Jersey Prophet says:

      She has been recruited by the radical Left as an “insurance policy,” should the Justice Committee appear to have deceided to vote Judge Kavanaugh out of committee onto the Senate floor.

      Her lawyer – a radical Never-Trumper leftist – is sponsored by Soros through his foundations. Blasey’s 1982 Holton Arms yearbook entries have been scrubbed from the Internet, but not before copies have been saved showing her to have been a party animal, bigot, snob and worst of all, an easy score.

      Now it has been revealed she lies about her professional credentials. She calls herself a research psychologist but she is not allowed to do so unless registered and licensed in the State of CA. She is NOT licensed there.

      Like Pochahontas, a woman who’ll lie to advance her career and boost her status in the university cannot be trusted to present truthful testimony at a Senate hearing.

      It was all an act! If the Repubs on the Justice Committee had any spine, they would demand the FBI investigation look into testimony and charge her with perjury!

  19. The Redhawk says:

    SO what awoke Dr(??) Ford from her RIP VAN WINKLE like sleep after years??? 6S enate confirmations to work at the WH and JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS for JUDGE K ?????

    TRUMP winning the ELECTION and causing her MENTAL disorder to turn her an anti TRUMP DESPICABLE DUMBOCRAT willing to be PUBLICLY HUmiliated by DESPiCABE (D) party members with equal delusions and TDS ???

  20. Bob W says:

    Dr. Ford’s voice, her comments and her lack of memory make it appear that she is psychotic. Was she just dreaming because she wasn’t part of the in crowd at her country club so she had fantasies. Of course, it appears that she will walk away with half to a million dollars for her performance.

    • The Redhawk says:

      Ford=Schooled for over a month by the (D) senate kabucki THEATER Lawyers…. and CLOWNS like COREY hooker.. Daffu=y durbin nad KOMRDS while Dianne exposed her to PUBLIC humiliation and a deepening mental tRAUMA

    • Escha LaJo says:

      Yes she will walk away with a bunch of money after the Dirty-crates take their portion to use to keep tying to get money for the November election. They used her but her degrees did not help her brain

      • Rex Whitmer says:

        I’d suggest that the IRS investigate very thoroughly her tax statement for this year. She’s not a doctor! Rather she lectures on the subject at a college. She put on a really pathetic met too show before the Senate committee!! The Democrats overpaid her. She’s NOT a practicing doctor, rather a teaching doctor, who teaches the subject, not one who actually knows the workings. That five hundred thousand dollars looks pretty good to the IRS. She can’t even deduct her plane fare back to Washington! Her POOR ME performance was quite comical and fooled no one!

        • David says:

          We all know that the Democrats do not but lie lie lie look at Hillary Clinton I just found out she is A witch don’t believe me look it up on the line Chelsea her daughter hail Satan all the time it’s just the lies that we live in or not but lies lies lies straight from Satan

  21. Gerry says:

    I think the government should create an open season on libtard/demoSCUM acting like sub-humans and exterminate them. They are not only pathetic and pitiful but they are actually a danger to our National Security and our survival.

    • tony winters says:

      Where is Planned Parenthood when you really need them?

      • Lola Collins says:

        Planned parenthood has weighed in and supports Ford, who has LIED more than one time in her tetimony UNDER OATH. They are scared witless about Kavanaugh, who cannot single handedly cause ROE vs WADE to be removed. It takes NINE justice’s TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN!!!!!!!

        • Sharon says:

          Abortion is just a cover. Democrats are more concerned about his stance on your constitutional 2nd rights. Dig a little deeper and realize more gun control laws are unconstitutional and they are afraid that a conservative Supreme Court will uphold the laws.

        • Audrey Jane Budzynski says:

          WE all knew that. Someone in Congress must have tried to make that point that He can’t do anything about Roe vs Wade. But of course Diane Feinstein thought she should throw the wet towel anyhow. My Goodness Mrs, Feinstein you are one unlucky witch. You talked very softly during Court, but blasted everyone saying that you didn’t leak anything. The only thing leaking is your brain Diane Feinstein.

  22. Mikey says:

    What a pity. Now the democrats in the senate will have to do their jobs. If he had withdrawn his candidacy Kavanaugh would have given his enemies exactly what they wanted ie the opportunity to oppose him without the political price of voting against him. Now they will have to decide if they want listen to the people who hired them or risk a no vote on the record and the unemployment line.

  23. Terry says:

    Bork should be in the court. THAT’s when lies started.

  24. Gerald Dombrowski says:

    I just can’t understand why anyone would want to be in the democratic party today, if my republican party acted this way I’d become a liberal

    • Gerry says:

      I would just drop out of any kind of politics because I can never picture me acting as infantile and pathetic as the libtard/demoTRASH/rinos are acting

      • Angelo says:

        I believe the Democrats have finally shot themselves in both feet over their deceifull lies and treachery in attemptung to smear Kavanaugh in this shamefull unsubstantiated sexual scandal that clearly shows they will stoop to any despicable behavior to win regardless of who they destroy in the process I believe the American people will go to rhe polls in November and deal them a crushing defeat.THEY DESERVE IT.

    • David E Grebe says:


    • I’m a registered Democratic and I can’t believe my party is acting so hard ball. I’m 67 and I can’t tell you how embarrassed I am that they have tried to destroy such a good man, his family and a hard earned career. I’m not responsible for their actions, but Judge Kavanaugh, please accept my apology for the actions of the Democratic Senators we sent to Washington to do our business. They have shown me they do not want to openly work with the Republicans to represent all Americans. I am changing my party as of this 2018 mid-terms.

    • Cp123 says:

      I fell the same way. They are totally uncivilized. Act in mobs. Won’t vote for one dem in the midterms.

  25. Vernon says:

    Demonrats are so quick to believe any allegations against a Republican, but refuse to listen or believe any of the many women who come forward against a Demoncrat. We need the names of every politician who paid off any accuser with taxpayer dollars!!!!!!!!

    • Escha Lajo says:

      Start with Dianeeeedodoand work back to the blond bitch talking also all the demo- dumb duds. Really laughing going to bank. Need irs investigation on the take and make them pay up!!!

    • Yes and they need to investigte with the IRS and make them showTaxReturnes for the past76 years +. Then pay upback taxesNOW plus 50 percent interest. Then we could build the wall.deport the illigels make those that are able bodied fix the infrastructure finish pipeline get paid a fair price like the one on welfare but not more than I get on ss. And work hard no food stamps and no kid allotment.

  26. Laurie says:

    If these allegations against Judge Kavanaugh were true, Feinstein would not have waited until the last minute to bring them out. If these allegations against Judge Kavanaugh were true, the 6 FBI investigations would have produced the girls. This last minute stuff can only be political!
    And if you look at history, they have done it before to Bork, Clarance Thomas, and many others !

  27. James P Hutchins says:

    Go MAGA Red Wave coming liberals who are scumbags vote in November.

  28. DANNY NEUBIG SR. says:


    • Madeline Koehler says:

      What about defamation of character. They think that they can do anything they want and get away with it. How about Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork. They pulled the same crooked scheme.

    • Beth Embrey says:

      Actually the women who LIE about this crap DESERVE nothing less than if it were true for the rapist. To be more clear: IF a rapist is guilty and would be sentenced to 20 years with no parole then the LIAR needs to receive the same 20 years with no parole. That would stop a lot of this BS.

    • David E Grebe says:


    • David E Grebe says:


  29. Jimmy Johnson says:

    I am so utterly proud of this man for taking a solid stand after he has been through hell and then some and then some more!!! Sitting in front of the entire country in tears after being blatantly lied about by this hired hit woman by the liberals as they have sunk to the lowest of lows there can possibly be in the history of the USA!! The Liberal party should be thrown OUT never to return as numerous ones have committed criminal acts and nothing was done! Waters is one of many!!! Confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS or the Republicans Will NOT recover from the backlash that will result from it!! As I have said throughout Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed in Christ’s name,AMEN!!!

  30. Donna says:

    This is all connected to the deep state. They have connected Ford to Peter Strotz. T his is all an inside job of the Deep State.

  31. N says:

    We learned that Ford cannot remember:
    – Time/date/location of party
    – Who drove her to party
    – Who was at party
    – Who pushed her into room
    – Who drove her from party
    – Date/who paid for her polygraph
    – Grandmother’s funeral date?
    But “100% sure” it was Kavanaugh 36 yrs ago!

    • Patricia says:

      Oh yes I see… ???? % corroborated evidence.
      Geesh….. if any of this was happening to the Leftist there would have an all out war in the streets!
      It’s supposed to be
      “ innocent until proven guilty”
      That is unless you’re a Republican
      Then it’s “ ???? % Guilty ALL the way!”
      Sad, Pathetic, triggered snowflakes.

      • Paula says:

        Democrats have pressured her to believe it was Kavanaugh even though she can’t remember any of the facts. How can she remember that she had 1 beer but nothing else.

    • julia says:

      How does that compute? DUH!!!!!

    • Breaker 19 says:

      Have you ever heard of someone getting someone to do a polygraph test on them to see if they are lying. Why did she do this. I read when her and her lawyer wrote a statement and gave it to the Polygraph operator and he asked her 2 questions, one was , “is all the statements true? That was a polygraph tes? I don’t think so.
      . She said she didn’t understand when the committee said the would come to Cal. for the hearing, That’s odd, all the other American people did.
      he said she didn’t want to come to Washington because she would have to fly, like she was afraid of flying. She flies all over the country and the world.
      Ther’s too many inconsistences in her actions to be credible. but everyone said they thought she was credible. She was just mistaken about Kavanaugh being involved. The fact that her and the Democrats put him and his family theough Hell with their accusations without one shed of evidence.
      If this happened to herby someone else, I feel sorry for her. If she is doing this for political purposes, she needs to be in jail for what she has don to Kavanaugh and his family. Some Democrats need to be in there with her.

      • Gail Finger says:

        Breaker 19, I agree with you 100%. I would just add 1 thing. When the “good” doctor testified under oath before the Judiciary Committee, she stated that the polygraph test took a long time. How could that be possible when only 2 simple questions were asked? Were there more questions which are not being released as they do not fit the story or fabrication Ford is spreading and would cast doubt on her recollections? Or, is it simply a lie that has been encouraged by demoncrat operatives? Why didn’t this type of allegation put forth by several women with corroboration when Bill Clinton was running for re-election? Surely the character of a President and leader of the free world would be higher on the scale than a Supreme Court Nominee. Could the answer be because of the Crooked Clinton Cartel? Just saying.

  32. Joe says:

    The Airhead Brigade is coming. Hear the screeching and screaming?

  33. buckwheat says:

    The damn demon crats that are against Judge Kavanaugh, I hope they all burn in Hell. They are truly
    evil vile people in my opinion. People that “We the people” do not need.

  34. Don says:


  35. Bonnie Norem says:

    Why aren’t these women on trial for perjury? Isn’t it time even Congress people that pull these stunts should be charged with lying. Time to get our country back in order. It seems that if a guy back in high school kissed a gal now they can bring it up as sexual harassment with no evidence. I am tired of using this, just like racism. This woman first used the excuse she was afraid to fly but yet came to the Women’s march with no problem. They want to keep stalling and make excuses. Why does she think she can demand everything? Why is she afraid to talk to anyone or even face Kavanaugh. If he did me wrong then I would want to be facing him to let him know. What a game player.

  36. I believe Judge Kavanaugh put it succinctly when he wrote…“These are smears, pure and simple. And they debase our public discourse. But they are also a threat to any man or woman who wishes to serve our country. Such grotesque and obvious character assassination–if allowed to succeed–will dissuade competent and good people of all political persuasions from service.”

  37. Nettie says:

    A lie is as bad a sin as any other, and to ruin someone’s good name for gain is pretty desperate, it’s not worth going to hell for, no matter how bad you want something. These women have stooped to a new low. I pray for these desperate souls. God will forgive if the are sincerely sorry.

    • von Potter says:



    • Helene says:

      I imagine, that’s not the first one she’s told, maybe many as far as we’re know, she just might make a habit of being a liar, sounds like!

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      No; a lie IS a sin; it’s 1 of the “big 10”. Remember that “thou shalt not bear false witness”? Well, false witness” is another way of saying “lie”! You might be excused for an accidental misrecall of a fact, but not a deliberate and intentional lie under oath, for the political expedient of destroying a political rival’s reputation, just to get your own way!

  38. Richard L says:

    In my 78 years, I’ve never seen such a travesty and miscarriage of justice. These current “batch” of such incompetent Democrats is beyond deplorable. What’s really “scary”….people keep voting for them to stay in office. This national personal attitude of me, me, me is destroying our country. It seems like every generation coming out of college gets dumber and dumber….and they know very little about the function of governing.

    • von Potter says:

      What is scary is that those females are trying to discredit Kavanaugh with their lies……….Am quite sure that SOROS gave them $$$ to have them LIE…..

      Makes me ashamed to be a female to think those dumb DEM/RINO/ LIBERAL broads would stoop that low…….But then they were probably on their knees kissing the BO rump for 8 years…

    • M Saeger says:

      I truly believe that the people who vote them in year and year do it blindly and do not have a clue as to what is really going. They do not watch news or follow politics at all. Maybe there should be some kink of civics test before you can vote?

  39. Roy Lucas says:

    It may come as a surprise to people like Ms. Feinstein but not all men are rapists. There are men who don’t even engage in any form of sexual activity until they are married. There are men who treat women with respect and dignity.

  40. Eyeball says:

    Feinstein (Fraudstein) must be CENSURED for this political theater! She is an enemy of The People and The Nation! This is not a joke, or “business as usual” and must NOT be allowed to become so. This circus must be taken seriously by the Senate, and she MUST BE Censured.

  41. He is demonstrating real courage and fortitude. If he were to withdraw his name from nomination many would claim it as an admission of guilt. Others would see it as a sign of weakness. And the shame would forever follow him and his family. He is right to stand up to defend his integrity and his honor.

  42. Mott says:

    Pick a date and vote, If the Dem’s don’t want to fine with me. They have had their chance. Judge Kavanaugh has done everything and more to show he rates the bench! Vote and get it done!

    • Confused says:

      The should be Thrusday with or without statements. Enough is enough. This woman and senator Finestein should pay all the money back do to the crime that happened 35-40 years. This is only a delay for confirmation of the judge. The FBI should start an investigation into the people who covered up a crime, like the senator and the woman. These woman are damaging peoples reputation for life. These women are the criminals for the cover up of a crime

  43. Warren Hahn says:

    I watched Kavanaugh and his wife in the interview with Martha. He looked beat up mentally and tired. But determined to proceed on if not for the job but for his family and reputation. After this is all over there should be an investigation and if there is no real basis for the allegations then there should people going to jail or/and getting sued. I was a democrat all my life but in 2007 I realized how much the party so I switched and after watching the hearings and democrats mouthing off now and the smear campaign I can say it has turned into a cesspool of filth, I am a man and will not keep my mouth shut.

    • Charles says:

      Way to go Warren I changed when I returned from Viet-Nam in 1967, I realized with people like LBJ the democratic party was on the down hill plunge, and the Clintons just took it farther and coupled with the people like Al Sharpton being the champion for all that has color just took it deeper into the Swamp!

      • Irene says:

        That’s exactly the same time when I -too- realized that the democrats had been poisoned with leftist ideas, and I turned to Republican. DJems are now nothing by demoRATS, and rats only deserve to go on a poison-diet.

    • Roxy says:

      I agree Warren. I was a Democrate once. A few years back when I saw how they were slowly turning into the Communist party, I changed. They want to control every aspect of your life. Heck, you even get fined for using a plastic straw in CA. If they don’t like something, you can’t like it. People will learn once they succeed in taking all our Constitutional rights away.

    • Alex says:

      Good for you and we agree. I can’t imagine ever telling anyone even my husband to SHUT UP. I value his opinion and most of the time we agree. We talk things out and they work. TERRIBLE for Hawaii’s intrusion on our free speech. Children certainly have been given a poor understanding to communications with the Democrats in office. The last 5 have been obnoxious.

  44. Bob says:

    I am thankful that such a good man is willing to listen to himself be so horribly besmirched and not back down. That takes teal backbone! HANG IN THERE judge! I’m with you!!!

    • ROGER P KELSEY says:

      These falsehoods just give Kavanaugh a forum to further display to the American people his moral fiber. Blue wave be damned.

  45. Dennis says:

    We need a good and honest judge like Judge Kavanaugh to sit on the Supreme Court bench and give this country back to the Constitution and laws of the land instead of political sway. I believe we even need one more like Judge Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court to insure our country will be one the correct track for years to come.

      it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  46. Gary says:

    The dumbocratsarg in a panic mode and trying anything and everything they ca. of course in the end they will just make themselves look like the trash they really are and hurt a whole bunch of honest politicians in the process. Not only that they will make all of the population legally able to vote suspicious of anything and everything the dumbocrats will ever say. If they want a future they need to shut up and stop now

  47. Gary says:

    The dumbocratsarg in a panic mode and trying anything and everything they ca. of course in the end they will just make themselves look like the trash they really are and hurt a whole bunch of honest politicians in the process. Not only that they will make all of the population legally able to vote suspicious of anything and everything the dumbocrats will ever say. If they want a future they need to shut up and stop now

  48. Donald B says:

    Yes President Donald J. Trump We Need 4 more just like Brett Kavanaugh to Ensure a Full Constitutional Supreme Court.MAGA By Restoring Our Republic!

  49. Paul says:

    President zTrump is one of our best presidents. He is a man of honor and integrity and is doing all he can to clean up this nation. The satanic democrats and the deep state are doing all they can to destroy his work and to defeat a Judge Kavanaugh in his being selected as a member of theSupreme Court. I believe they will not succeed. The Holy Bible States your sins will be found out. Those drones are so evil and will be destined to fall.

  50. Audrey M. Pokela says:

    We need to remain strong, with the examples we are seeing in Judge Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump. Give them all the strongest support during this trying time.

    • dandy says:


  51. joseph g says:

    This nonsense should make everyone understand that you must not support any democrat. Not one of those scumbags have spoken out in disgust about the way the democrats are conducting themselves. I guess reaching across the aisle is only for republicans when demonocraps are in power. Make sure you vote in November to make sure the scumbags do not take over the house or senate!

  52. Quixtop says:

    The Kavanaugh confirmation obstructionists are not all democrats. There is a great number of republicans and we only know some of them as RINOs. Being a Trump hater is the effect of something else they have very much in common. Their life style, their health, their job, their business, their all around feeling of comfort and safety is owed to government. Directly or indirectly they depend and draw on the trough they created in that bureaucracy. They’re not inclined to have some adherent to the law legitimize enforcement. That would be Kavanaugh, Trump’s emissary to law and order. Democrat or Republican, reluctant to confirm Kavanaugh is a deep State bureaucrat, elitist wannabe, NWO hypocrite.

    • truthistruth says:

      The Fox poll shows that the independents are NOT siding with you but see this hearing as biased, want it delayed to hear all the evidence, and right now think Kavanaugh should not be confirmed. Independents make up over 40% of the electorate, and actually determine a lot of election results because both R &D people fairly much vote on party lines. Women are expecially clear they do not want Kavanaugh as a SC judge and that the Republicans made and are making a BIG mistake on this one.

      And all of this is BEFORE testimony on Ford, or the second or third accuser tells their story. The GOP hope is that it would boil down to “he said versus what she said” – – but now it is K against what THEY are saying. And hey, more might even come forward any day now.

      • realism says:

        this is looking more and more like the Bill Cosby trial. The first women were not believed that Cosby gave women drugs and molested them, then more and more came forward until it became almost impossible to blame the victims. Very similar accusations from the women, that that some males, including K and Mark Judge got females drunk and/or on drugs and molested them.

        • Bob says:

          That’s the sad part that few seem to see – It’s very much like the anti-Cosby BS campaign \ trial \ conviction. I said it then, and still believe that the Cosby circus was MOTIVATED by 2 groups working in tandem.

          1. The gaggle of women, who had months to compare, fine tune, and perfect their stories (who ultimately will want his money). and …

          2. Certain politically motivated individuals, who needed him discredited, and vilified, because of his message to the Africian-Americans (especially men) in the US. He had become politically outspoken (very pro-law-enforcement, pro-family, pro-work-ethic, pro-self-sufficiency, and very anti-welfare, anti-generational dependence on government program monies\services.

          And those statements he spoke about, wrote, and posted, in the couple of years before his “accusers” started coming out of the wood-work, HAD to be silenced! They preached against the leftist dogma (of the government, by the government, for the government, the swamp, and the vermin therein).

          And, lets remember, at that time, his reputation intact, Bill Cosby was beloved, and respected by millions! So he had to be silenced, lest the left loose their power base (those dependent on them for …. most everything)!!!

          And it worked! It worked very, very, well! So, once you’ve proven the method … apply it to anyone you want to get rid of or silence: To name a recent few:

          Charley Rose, Bill O’Reily, Roy Moore, Matt Lauer, etc, etc, etc, and now Bret Kavanaugh!

          And the beauty of the method is, you usually don’t have to prove ditily-squat! Just round up some accuser’s (finding one may suffice, since accuser’s seem to breed accuser’s), and accuse, accuse, accuse … and poof … problem solved, the swamp is saved … it’s back to business as usual.

          Is it possible, I mean possible that something unsavory did occur, involving one or more of these individuals, at some time in their past(s)? Sure, almost ANYTHING is POSSIBLE! And, it’s most definitely ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to prove a negative (i.e. “I didn’t do X”), especially years after the supposed event.

          But … for the most part, the results speak for themselves! The accusation was enough, to start the ball rolling, to achieve the various goals of the smear-campaign, and to ruin the lives of many of these individuals.

          Never a presumption of innocence from the liberal media, NEVER! And no benefit -of-the-doubt, or presumption of innocence from our leftist law-makers, or ranting, rabid, feminist groups. Nope Mob-rules apply only! Very sad.

          But, beware, you next in line, if these tactics are allowed to continue to pass for justice, and our American way! You may not be able to safely exit this slippery-slope!

      • Angela62 says:

        I am a woman and most women I know are totally appalled by this circus of desperate Democrats who are so desperate to not have Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court judge. Who whether man or woman wants an accusation to be the same as quilty? Not I and not many others. I thought we were presumed innocent until proven quilty. It is truly pathetic what has happened to our Country. If accusations are all that matters then why not let everyone do so and forget a trial. Furthermore there is no Federal law broken here so why do we need another FBI investigation on Kavanaugh? The Democrats with all their hate and name calling in my opinion are also making a huge mistake by being so transparent in their true motive for delaying the vote. Every man on this planet should be gravely concerned that a woman can accuse him, ruin him and his achievements based on solely an accusation.

      • Mary says:

        Polls show more women are for Kavanaugh for SC than men..

      • D.P. Allen says:

        This comment is looking very much like that made by someone who gets “news” entirely from CNN/MSNBC, etc. The ‘sources” that don’t tell the truth behind the “coincidences” and obvious theatrics and timing meant to do one thing and one thing only. Delay the confirmation long enough that it has to be started all over AFTER the midterms.

        Keep in mind that Dr. Ford doesn’t remember any of the important points that could even make this a situation that could be investigated. ALL of the “witnesses” have come out and said that they 1. never attended any party like that and 2. have no idea what she is talking about. (liberal MSM hasn’t bothered to mention those little facts to their viewers!) The “second” accuser has already backtracked and proven through her own words that she doesn’t even remember if Judge Kavanaugh actually was involved in HER situation. She “remembered” after many days of speaking with an attorney. (another one of those attorneys who have been seen before representing other proven fake claims) That sure sounds to my old law enforcement trained mind to be what is called “coaching”.

        Coaching is when a lawyer (or other person) tells a person exactly what to say, rather than letting the person answer questions honestly. That is what it appears both women are having done. Remember that words without evidence are only words. Neither of these women can find collaborating statements from any other people.

        Being called guilty by the MSM and some politicians for political reasons does NOT make a person guilty. EVIDENCE IS REQUIRED IN THIS COUNTRY! What is being played out in the MSM is against the Constitution of the U.S. and needs to 1. be stopped and 2. charges leveled against those violating the laws under the Constitution.

    • Mary says:

      Will vote for sure!

  53. Ernesto says:

    The Democrats have turned into a cult, a cult of illiterate, sewer crap, racist, radicals, this cult should be destroyed and done away with!! They have turned into a cult of terrorist, instigating hate and destruction, and should not be allowed to survive in this country!!
    Democrats have turned into a mental disorder, insane lunatic cult that should be under psychiatric care!! A PRISON WITH PADDED WALLS!!

    • Henrye says:

      I agree with Ernesto entirely, but would like to add a couple of extras.
      First – Wouldn’t it be fairly easy for a government agency to check the airlines to see if Ms Ford lowered herself into taking a cramped 747 anytime in the last 10, 20, or even 36 years in spite of her fear of small spaces.
      Next – Don’t all witnesses in a case like this have to testify under oath, and if so, how many years are her and any others lie during it spend in prison?

    • T says:

      wow, are you superb and projection. This applies mostly to Trumpettes, who are far more likely to be illiterate and racists. So be careful, the cult you may try to eliminate may be your own!

      • Lola Collins says:

        There you go………..using the RACE ATTACK. That is getting old. Guess you didn’t know your obama used the same tactics from when he was in the senate of Illinois. He made race relations in this country as bad as during the race riots; possibly worse, coming from a president who is half black and half white. I beleive he hates both of his halves. He hung around with communists, marxists, terroritists (including one American terrorist). You also might want to be careful , and study up on your RACE ISSUES.

      • D.P. Allen says:

        Hmm. The one who can’t write a comment without using improper grammar, or have it actually make sense calling those who write literate comments illiterates? Do you even know what “races” those you are calling racist are?

        It has gotten to a point that any time I hear the term “racist”, I automatically assume that the person writing the accusation has zero facts, or knowledge of the subject being discussed and thus falls back on the old Obama standby. That to liberals is supposed to be the ward that wins any argument for them, even though it only makes them look more stupid than they did before they tried to pen “witty” remarks.

        Of course, I don’t know anything as I am one of those “illiterate (A Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering from M.I.T. I guess doesn’t mean anything) racists.”

        I do admit to being very prejudiced…against stupid people who need to use name calling because they don’t have the intelligence, nor facts to argue rationally!

      • D.P. Allen says:

        Hmm. The one who can’t write a comment without using improper grammar, or have it actually make sense calling those who write literate comments illiterates? Do you even know what “races” those you are calling racist are?

        It has gotten to a point that any time I hear the term “racist”, I automatically assume that the person writing the accusation has zero facts, or knowledge of the subject being discussed and thus falls back on the old Obama standby. That to liberals is supposed to be the word that wins any argument for them, even though it only makes them look more stupid than they did before they tried to pen “witty” remarks.

        Of course, I don’t know anything as I am one of those “illiterate (A Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering from M.I.T. I guess doesn’t mean anything) racists.” I am actually PROUD to be one of the “Deplorables”.

        I do admit to being very prejudiced…against stupid people who need to use name calling because they don’t have the intelligence, nor facts to argue rationally!

    • D.P. Allen says:

      In other words, they are exactly what they accuse Conservatives of being. Of course that accusation against Conservatives has the same amount of evidence to support it as Dr. Ford’s claims….NONE!

      A very common Democrat ploy is to say that the other party is doing what is actually being done by the Democrats. That way, when the Republicans respond with facts proving that the Democrats are the actual guilty ones, the Democrats can say that it is simply a revenge tactic by the Republicans. They have been operating that way for decades, just as they have been using fake accusations to mud sling when they have nothing else they can use for those same decades.

  54. Banshee 803 says:

    The Progressive Democrats as they call themselves are NOTHING but Obama Worshiping New World Order Statist, U.N. advocating swamp swine who will say or do ANYTHING to subvert further the Constitution and Rule of Law to implement by 2030 the Agenda 21 plans of the United Nations which would end this country as we knew it and enslave all of us until we could revolt and throw them all out several hundred years from now. These people are in a single word: TRAITORS, to the country and to the OATHS they swore to defend and uphold the Constitution AGAINST all enemies, foreign and domestic and NOT TO BECOME SUCH! And, while I can only speak for myself as an HONORABLY serving and lifetime disabled by it Vietnam veteran and 1968 Tet Offensive survivor, I did NOT so serve then to watch these scurrilous swamp swine work so assiduously to subvert our freedoms and choices and to give our country away to those inimical to us, They may deny it all they want but, if you are older than 50 or so, you went to public schools BEFORE they allowed Unionization of Police, Fire Nurses , TEACHERS and worst of all Federal Employees in 1969; you are Capable and were taught to ALWAYS ask questions and NEVER to accept what others told you without question. The reverse is true since and it has caused us to slide into the Hedonistic , morally bereft and unconscionable valueless society we have become since! Our Congress at large has NO INTEGRITY; they NEVER compromise for the benefit of we, the people whose welfare and security are the ONLY reason any of them were elected and we need to remove all who will NOT serve us. and establish strictly enforced TERM LIMITS by the 2020 election. The 8 years of Obama were without doubt the WORST in American History and the most debt creating and freedom and choice losing period we’ve ever seen. It must end; NOW! Keep it in mind and VOTE accordingly for sanity, security and adherence to the Constitutional principles upon which THIS country was founded. We WILL return to a secure and prosperous economy and position of World LEADERSHIP if we do so. Otherwise, we are lost to the dregs of Which Biden called us in error when it should have been directed at himself and all Leftist lunatics as their sorry performance levels and attacks on all things American prove them to be more than dregs; but truly; THE ENEMY WITHIN, and totally Despicable!

  55. The way I look at this is an ugly 85 year old battle ax Diane Fienstein a member of the New World Order’s Trilateral Commission created by David Rockefeller and Zignew Brzezinski should be publicly exposed to the public for her Unconstitutional scheming; and membership in an anti-American organization. Oh and don’t forget Charles New World Order Schumer is listed in the New World Order Membership Magazine the Council on Foreign Relations where he was a member in 2002-2004; Why does he keep that information secret?

    • Lola Collins says:

      Steven, the Triateral Commission is supposed to be secret, but how is it that we know about it anyway. There’s another group which is similar (can’t remember the name right now), but it consists of about the same people. They say a sitting PRESIDENT cannot belong to these groups, but they are ALLOWED to attend a meeting. There are some well known people who belong to the groups. They say they are very ”protective” of the locations of their meetings, and are guarded closely….but we still manage to know!!

  56. Earl R Deshong says:

    They need to vote him in stop the Dems. have some backbone

    • truthistruth says:

      Earl, polls conducted by Fox News indicates that the American people, by a large margin, want the trial delayed to hear all the evidence. The poll indicates that 20% more men and 30% more women want the trial delayed and there is a 11% more people that do not think Kavanaugh should be confirmed. Your opinion to push it through is in the minority and will come back on you IF it is tried.

      This is with a Fox Poll, so even hardheaded Repubs. should not deny it. Americans are becoming aware that something smells very badly with this Brett Kavanaugh, and for a lifetime appointment, they would rather pick someone else like Neil Gorsuch, who never did have any of these issues EVER come up, before or since.

      • Salvo Sally says:

        They weren’t quite so desperate with Gorsuch, but a second conservative in the Supreme Court will really tilt the Democratic applecart so badly, it may never find its wheels again. Wait until Ginsburg leaves – there will be a civil war waged by the Dems, for sure.

        • dandy says:

          the demorats will wheel poor ginsburg in on any votes
          on a gurney to keep her alive just like they did to mccain on the
          WHAT A CROCK

      • Bob says:

        What “smells” here is this oft-used tactic of the left (the accusation:

        And the beauty of the democrate \ leftist method is, you usually don’t have to prove ditily-squat! Just round up some accuser’s (finding one may suffice, since accuser’s seem to breed accuser’s), and accuse, accuse, accuse … and poof … problem solved, you’ve delayed the vote, the swamp is saved … it’s back to business as usual.

  57. Susan Dix says:

    ANY accusations should not be over 5 years ago. It is too long ago after that.
    If it takes longer than 5 years to bring it out, throw it out, immediately.
    ALL accusations should have some form of documentation other than a
    letter. How about a police report, medical report, pictures of injuries sustained
    in the “attack”, credible witnesses who don’t change their stories or recant, perhaps
    a credible psychological evaluation, attention to details, place, time, date, etc.
    It has become the norm for the #metoo crowd to ruin innocent men without proof.
    Sorry, but even though I am a woman, I just do not believe every accusation that comes out.
    Have proof or don’t accuse. It is not right. Put up or shut up, forever. There are many
    women who grew up and survived their encounters with octopus dates with roaming
    hands. We did not whine over it. We told them to quit it, and most times they did. It usually
    it is up to the woman to put a stop to it. At a wild party you have an option to call somebody
    for a ride home. A girl could call her parents who would be there right away.
    The burden of proof should always be on the accuser. If you drop a charge like that on a
    man, you need to be prepared to PROVE it beyond a reasonable doubt. EVERY man has a
    right to defend his reputation. That is how our laws work to protect the innocent.
    Charges that are decades old shouldn’t even be heard. Local law enforcement agencies
    need to investigate local incidents, not the FBI. It is not credible because Judge Kavanaugh
    has been vetted by the FBI 6 times already. I imagine they were quiet thorough vettings.

    • Fred says:

      Everyone knows it’s all pure b.s. This kind of infantile democrat communist crap should get every Patriotic American, Conservative, and Trump Supporter out to vote the democrats out of office NNovember 6th. We’ve raised a recOrd 247 million dollars and counting just for the midterms.Hopefully this translates into a massive vote for all Republicans everywhere. I think that is more money than the democ RATS have raised.

    • Porky says:

      Why is there no comment from “any” family member about this supposed rape”attempted rape” which supposedly occurred to a “child”,their child,someone ,anyone close to her who saw the mental state of the accuser documented by her medical/mental record,treatment,her move to California to embrace surfing,her issues that began when she was a child,a young woman and now,here she is accusing a man of sexual abuse with NO ONE to confirm ANYTHING ever happened 36 years ago!
      Is there no statute of limitations on non-violent crime which these unproven charges surely are as if in fact there was physical abuse would there not be a Dr,a hospital to corroborate such an event?
      Observe stage 4 cancer metastasizing in America as there is NO law,No consequence,NO “checks and balances” ,no accountability for those who violate our laws,G-D’S laws !
      History,Centuries of history tell us what happens when tyranny rears it’s ugly head and we are up to our ass in tyranny right here,right now.

    • Bob says:

      Thank-you for your well thought-out, well written opinion. So rare in these cases. You’re 100% correct, and the left already know all this, and they simply DO…NOT…CARE!!!

      They want to DELAY, and ultimately STOP this nomination, or ANY nomination for SCOTUS, by THIS, or any other republican POTUS!

      Then they want to regain the POWER of both houses of congress. And, I believe, they will continue to obstruct this administration until they can get another Obamaist elected, or get President Trump impeached, or both.

      Seriously, that’s simply all they want … they are compelled to do this … to PROTECT THE SWAMP, and it’s many inhabitant’s.

      Which, by the way, I believe, is why you only hear “token” objections (or no objections at all) to these tactics from most of the supposed conservatives of the republican member of our houses of Congress!

      They too, dwell in this long-established, murky swamp!!!

      Support our elected President – MAGA! Seems like a good idea to me!

  58. K says:

    I can hardly wait for God to unleash his supreme power & dish out due justice – he is in control.
    This whole thing is such a blatant example of how low the left will go to get their way.
    Sexual assault is never ok, never. It’s amusing to a degree that this is so typical of the left to go on a “sex assault” campaign anytime they want to hit hard. Ironically, one of their fav Presidents is a rapist AND sexual predator. Somehow they see nothing wrong with their double standard. One guy we KNOW raped & assaulted continues to be praised -vs- a man accused. No comparison yet they’ve already convicted this guy. It’s beyond ridiculous and an obvious lie by the accusers.

    • Fred says:

      Absolutely correct!

    • Ric B says:

      What a classic post to show your tremendous cultist bias. You decree a Democrat automatically guilty WITHOUT EVIDENCE, and at the same time declare the Republican automatically innocent. What a hypocrite you are. You fault the left as using low tactics, and don;t even look at yourself for being so judgmental and coming to a conclusion before any of the THREE accusers have their say.

  59. jerry says:

    You think all these democrats were little angles when they were supposed to be growing up, you need to think again! I bet they were worse than anything they and George Soros can dream up! VOTE NOW AND GET KAVANAUGH on the bench!
    I guess George is taking care of most of them, they should be able to have more drinking parties.

    • Dora says:

      Lets not forget the Demo Rats are” pedorats” Remember Bill Clinton flying in Epstein F–k one jet to have sex with sex slaves young girls.

  60. Snooky6677 says:

    Watch Tom Folton on judicial watch he just announced about calling your State Senator if you feel Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed or not. I’d give the phone# but I might get in trouble.

  61. Richard Hennessy says:

    Not only should the Senate confirm the nominee, it should do it NOW. This circus without substance has gone on far too long already. Democrats want to tell us that the accuser didn’t tell anyone about this alleged incident at the time? Not a best friend? No one? Really?

    • Dora says:

      I agree Richard, but the Republicans have been nuetered they don’t have any cojones they should tell the Demo Rats enough is enough and confirm Kavanaugh.

  62. Aquina Bradford says:

    Look, folks — We may never know if Kavanaugh ever did anything wrong, or why Jeff Sessions is disloyal and refuses to do his job, or why America’s mainstream media (except for FOX) has become just as “fake news” as the “tabloids”. All I know for SURE is this: Our POTUS needs this extra Judge’s (Kavanaugh) vote in the Supreme Court for his Agenda, not only to preserve our Constitutuion but also to preserve America at her very greatest and her very best, and here’s the MOST important thing to remember: Donald Trump is the ONE and ONLY “gift” and the “last chance” this country will EVER have to get back on her feet! If our incredible President doesn’t complete SIX MORE YEARS, Mike Pence (who has neither the drive, the ability, the independence or, frankly, the “b—s” to fight the Deep State) will most probably NOT be elected, and this country will finally be RUN by Communists for the next century. And Communists – once they’re IN control – do NOT LET GO. Please — EVERYBODY who wants to to keep our great country No. #1 and on her financial and military feet for our children and grandchildren — Get out there and VOTE REPUBLICAN across the board in these Midterms. It’s absolutely THAT crucial.

  63. jerry says:

    You think all these democrats were little angles when they were supposed to be growing up, you need to think again! I bet they were worse than anything they and George Soros can dream up! VOTE NOW AND GET KAVANAUGH on the bench!

  64. Hydro says:

    Dr. If I were you – I would have a long personal conversation with your Creator. After which He will clear up any loss of memory you have – you just need to believe He will always be there for you. Trust Him – you will never be sorry. Don’t allow anyone to speak for you or influence you. But before you Beamerch anyone including yourself – make sure what ever you say is the truth.

    • truthistruth says:

      It is not just one now, but three accusers, and they are all telling a very similar story . . . that is that Kavanaugh and his friend, Mark Judge, made a habit of sexual assault if not also rape, but giving young females alcohol and/or drugs and then molesting them, sometimes as a group of males.

      THERE IS SOME REASON TRUMP REFUSES TO ALLOW AN FBI INVESTIGATION OF ANY OF THE CASES, WHICH IS STANDARD PRACTICE – – COULD IT BE BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT MARK JUDGE TO TESTIFY UNDER OATH? Why is it that the accusers cannot have witnesses to corroborate their stories !?! If several witnesses said those practices went on, they what happens with K’s denial?

  65. Karen Villasenor says:

    The last few weeks have been completely insane over this confirmation!!! I’m praying that the process can continue with Judge Kavanaugh being confirmed and he and his family being safe. What kind of animals threaten women and children like the Democrats have??? Maxine Waters should be put away (prison) after insighting violence against Republicans.

    It’s just continuing into the next situation.

    Get a grip, Dems!!!!

    • Micala says:

      They will never get a grip because they always think their way is the only way. They are childish dreamers that scream when their worlds are rocked like when Trump won the election. They are fighting with everything they can because they know if Kavanaugh is confirmed, all hope to make this world a Liberal dream will go up in smoke. So they play dirty, blame and threaten, but it is all for nothing, because Kavanaugh will be confirmed and the liberal nightmare will begin.

      There is a change in the air and President Trump is doing all he can to fix our Nation. The libs are losing people from their party because they have acted horribly and embarrassed their flock. A new dawn is coming and it won’t include the Democrats, they have destroyed themselves and have no one to blame but themselves.

  66. Donald R Laster Jr says:

    People should get a copy of “Rules for Radicals” and take a look at the “Tactics” chapter. The chapter lists the following rules:

    1) Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.

    2) Never go outside the experience of your people.

    3) Whenever possible go outside of the experience of the enemy.

    4) Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.

    5) Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

    6) A good tactic is one that your people ignore.

    7) A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.

    8) Keep the pressure on.

    9) The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.

    10) The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the operation.

    11) If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside.

    12) The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.

    13) Pick the target , freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

    This is what these accusers and their allies are following. Encourage people to learn and see what is going on.

    • Micala says:

      Hopefully there are more intelligent Conservatives than idiot liberals. We can see what they are doing. Now we just have to act to stop it!

      Judge Kavanaugh is exactly what this country needs and by God, he will be confirmed whether the sick twisted liberals like it or not! Those libs forgot one thing: We the People elected President Trump to drain the swamp and fix our Nation. Judge Kavanaugh is part of the solution. The libs know that and they are fighting his confirmation with every dirty trick in the book. But while doing that, they have exposed who they really are and their support base is fleeing like birds before a storm, the storm being the death of a Party, the Liberal party. Once Kavanaugh is confirmed, you will hear the death cries of the democrats as it dissolves. It’s already in decline but the main players refuse to see what is happening. It won’t recover…their Swan Song will be over and George Soros’ plan to destroy America will once again fail.

    • MAGA2020 says:

      Good Post!!
      You and everyone should read “The Image” by Daniel Boorstin.
      It explains the origins of fake media.

  67. Bob Kirkley says:

    It’s unfortunate that at the direction of George Soros, Obama has divided our country the worst it has been since the civil war. Soros thought that Hillary was a shoo in, but just in case, Obama’s “dirty” cops were directed to stop Trump from being elected, and/or remove him if he was elected. What is developing now is the main reason for the corruption, the potential for Trump to forseeably be able to appoint three SCOTUS’s. This is a HUGE deal. Soros and his allies, the democrats will do any and all things to stop Trump from doing that, including removing Trump from office, dead or alive. This is a focal time of history in our country. Time to rise up patriots, VOTE REPUBLICAN IN THE MID TERMS, KEEP THE MAJORITY IN BOTH HOUSES, DO NOT LET SOROS AND HIS ALLIES DICTATE HOW WE RUN OUR COUNTRY! GOD BLESS JUDGE KAVANAUGH AND HIS FAMILY AND THE USA AND PRESIDENT TRUMP……

    • jo says:

      George Soros is a terrorist. Under the patriot act, his citizenship needs to be revoked, and his bank accounts seized.

    • T - pac says:

      JUST ANOTHER PECKER HEAD LIB NUT CASE MADE UP BS STORY. Because that’s all they know.

    • Bob says:

      I agree with everything you wrote Bob Kirkley. What the Republications must overcome is the efforts of the evil Democrats (financed by George Soros) go to all the colleges in the USA to register millennials to vote this year. Most of the new registrants are registered to vote Democrat. The Republicans are probably behind on this effort and must do something to overcome it. I encourage every Republican to vote only for Republicans in November.

  68. Ron says:

    These accusations smearing Judge Kavanaugh are false! They are coming from Demorat activists! Demorats have no shame and there is no level too low for them to sink to. The Demorats created false evidence to justify appointment of a special counsel for the sole purpose of creating a false narrative to be used to impeach and remove a duly elected President the moment the Demorats regain control of Congress. Does anyone REALLY think they wouldn’t stoop to smear a Supreme Court Nominee with false accusation? Of course the y would! Lies, hypocrisy, and character assassination is the Demorat’s stock in trade. It is what the y do!

  69. Chuck Hobbs says:

    I would be for anyone and anything the demoncrats oppose so vehemently.

  70. bagster53 says:

    character assination is a crime , so why ain’t the fbi investigating to find out who is putting these women up to this crap, we all know who is doing it , democrats it’s all they have left in their bag of tricks

  71. Rodger Shull says:

    Confirm the judge and then start to smear feinstain, about her hiring and not vetting a chinese spy for 20 yrs, that right there say a lot about her BRAIN POWER, an now this smear campaign, financed by soros and clinton an steyer and obama, She has to RESIGN,

  72. James says:

    Sure dump all these crooked democrats and that includes that crappy senator from Hawaii named Mazie Hirono. She brings shame to the people of Hawaii.

  73. Richard Daugherty says:

    These Democrats are full blown and natural losers. They are doing now what they do best!

  74. Janice says:

    The Democrats are in for a big surprise when they all get voted out!!! So sad to see what has happened to a very capable and honest judge. Confirm him now!!!!!! And get rid of Feinstein. She is a disgrace to our country!!!

    • Richard Daugherty says:

      Feinstein is a criminal that should have been investigated long ago! Why is this person in Congress?

      • Gloria says:

        I would bet 99.5% of all democrats got something to hide. Why aren’t they ever investigated? You might find out all of them should be under investigation. .alot of them got serious issues. All they do is pick on the republicans to hide their own guilt.

        • JonathanC says:

          Dear Gloria 🙂
          U GOT IT! The Democrats are spending their time and energy to get rid of Trump, and to trash all conservatives, especially Roy Moore, with false accusations, without evidence, and getting away with it. We are trying to parry their blows, but WE ARE NOT FIGHTING BACK! U GOT IT! We can probably dig up more dirt on THEM than they can on us! Especially when they have been getting away with their dirt FOREVER! And they can commit any crime they want, AND THEY ARE IMMUNE TO PROSECUTION (Think about Hillary)! IT IS TIME FOR THE DEMOCRATS TO OBEY THE SAME RULES WE DO! And there are piles and piles of Democrats who need to be impeached and jailed! Let’s get some ARMED detectives, lawyers, and reporters who tell the truth, to get on their case, and put a bunch of them away, and off the street! IT IS TIME TO FIGHT BACK!

  75. Isaac says:

    I’ve never been into politics very much my whole life. I mean I vote and stuff but… you Democrats have lite a fire under my ass. I’m going to vote against you until the day I die. I’m doing my research and if I see a single person go against the constitution in any way I will do EVERYTHING in my power top vote you out… you might as well resign now

    • Mark says:

      Good job Isaac, I have never voted for any democrat and never will. Everyone needs to vote RED / REPUBLICAN across the board and across the nation! God bless Trump and America !!

      • Barbara Nagy says:

        Vote Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court Judge now. Absolutely a smear campaign against a good man. Soros and Clintons and Obama are paying for this crap.and Democrats are falling in righr in line they should all be investigated.

  76. Shirley Davis says:

    What do you expect from people who march for and support the murder of unborn babies. This character assination of Kavanaugh is no big deal for them. They are pond scum. No offense to pond scum.

  77. Marlene says:

    The democrats are indeed desparate. There is proof against one democrat of verified abuse but they ignore it. There is no verified proof against a republican so they claim he is guilty. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy?

  78. Larry Hoffman says:

    The way democrates are behaving make me ashamed of our government it is obvious they have no morals and make America the laughing stock of the world. If you are a true American they have given you every reason to vote them out.

  79. James Jordan says:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke. …
    If evil triumphs with Judge Kavanaugh it will be because of the evil the Democratic Party has become. Make no mistake the Democratic Party has foo all intensive purposes become an evil anti-American, anti Jewish/Christian organization. We are now seeing the result of 50 years of brainwashing in our schools and universities. When we let a non-American swine like Soros use money to destroy our country, then possibly the Republic isn’t worth saving. Soros is behind almost all the crap that has happened since our “gay president” left the White House. Soros needs to go (Hungry, Russia and a number of other countries would love to have him for crimes he committed there).

    • Betty says:

      And because evil Republicans have joined them in their evil., We need to hold all Democrats and Republicans responsible for confirming a qualified man to the United States Supreme Court and that man in Judge Kavanaugh.

    • Kate says:

      James 4:17 says…. for him that knoweth to do good and diet it not, to him it is sin… You are on the money!!!

  80. Freddie Stanton says:

    I have seen some low life escapades in my 83 years but this one takes the first prize for the Democraps. They have not one shred of truth for these
    accusations. They are trying their level best to ruin a man of supreme integrity.
    It’s a real puzzle how they live with their slimy minds!

  81. Vincent R Lauria says:

    all these Senators should be ouster out of their remaining terms and should face jail time for THEIR hihanous crimes!!!!

  82. Chuck says:

    The Democratic needs to be de-certified. It no longer represents American values or its people. It has embraced the Communist Manifesto to the letter so they can continue the elitist state. Good thing Trump won the 2016 election! Too bad the wimpy Republicans didn’t have a backbone to follow the MAGA program.

  83. Joe says:

    Hang in there Brett Kavanaugh. The left wing hate groups (they have a (D) after their names) will continue spreading their anti-Christian bigotry. God will prevail!

  84. Sandra Thompson says:

    Judge Kavanaugh hit the nail on the head. “allowed to succeed–will dissuade competent and good people of all political persuasions from service.” That IS what weighs in the balance. The Democrats appear to be desperate and have lost their civility. The consequences here are that many on the left are leaving for the right. You are a sorry bunch. Democrats. Get your act together and be remembered for your dedication to the United States Constitution.

  85. Kathie Simmons says:

    You are so right. I agree 100%. What they are doing to Judge Kavanaugh is disgraceful. If they can do it to him, they will do it to any of us.

  86. Harold says:

    Way to go Judge Kavanaugh stay the course cause the left and demoncrat want to destroy everything that has been so hard fought to keep the AMERICAN PEOPLE a free nation and a strong nation the old adage is UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED we fall and that seems to be what the demon rats want to do is devide this great nation.

  87. The new Democrat party is the party of Lennon and Castro. Their support comes from the lowest forms of life in America today. They want to replace the black vote because they have started to question the lies the Dems. have fed them for years. Now they need to get more stupid Hispanics from south of the border to be their base, that’s why they are practicing genocide on the black race and using abortion to do it. The schools have dumbed down American kids to the point that they have no idea what they are throwing away, in helping to destroy our wonderful country.

    • truthistruth says:

      You are sure and example of how the education system failed you Raymond. If the Dem party was the party of Lennon, that would mean they are the party of one of the Beatles. You have NO idea of what you are talking about, and Duh, it was democrat JFK that faced down Castro in the Cuban missile crisis. You have no idea of the meaning of “genocide” as the attempt to kill out members of another group – -well, if people chose to terminate a pregnancy of their own, that does not fit.

      Lord, the under-educated will often fill their heads with tabloid crap and conspiracy theories. Since most African-Americans vote Democratic, why would Democrats want to get rid of them? Dems are the only ones that have put up Barack Obama and nominate a woman to become president. I think the lowest forms of of life are the those who bleet illogical, cultist conspiracy garbage like just what you posted. If we think education is expensive, ignorance is much more costly.

  88. Carl says:

    I have never witnessed a shabbier last minute “hail Mary” type of stab at decency in my life… and I am 66 years of age. How anyone ..even a Demorat Senator or Representative can stand up and publicly support this kind of completely unsubstantiated hatchet job and maintain a straight face is beyond belief. These “people” are supposed to be representing their constituents, ie. those who actually put them in power with the expectation that they would vote according to the rule of law and not the order of their greatest donor. Look at yourselves in the mirror and look your children in the eyes and do the right thing for the USA!!!!!

  89. How many people were polled?

  90. Tom says:

    The Dems are showing their true colors now. It is time for the Rep. to step up to the plate and send a message to the We The People of the US that they have our backs. This whole thing is BS and should have been shelved a week ago. Now see if she shows up on Thur. if not HOLD THE VOTE and CONFIRM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • truthistruth says:

      That might be what you and the Trumpettes want, but even the Fox poll shows that is NOT what the American people want. So, the Repubs got scared and had the SC nominee do an interview on TV during the process – – something that has NEVER been done before.

  91. Dianna says:

    this nonsense has to stop! it’s time Judge Kavanaugh to be sworn in as Supreme Court Justice! people trying their best to destory him will reap their reward & it’s not gonna be pretty! God bless Judge Kavanaugh & his family & keep them safe from all the enemies attacks! Lord JESUS, America needs Judge Kavanaugh on our Supreme Court! Help us JESUS!

    • Hydro says:

      Vengeance is mine says th the Lord – everyone of you liars will get your time in court in front of a Judge that knows the truth. He will make sure your evilness will not be successful. I truly feel sorry for you – eternity is something none of us can fathom but it is still going to happen to each of us. It isn’t to late to be honest. Personally it took 6 days for Democrat lawyers to convince the second women to believe what she finally came out with even when she herself doubted the validity of her accusation – the Dr. didn’t even know Kavenaughs name all thru her phycologists visits. And out of the blue had an epiphany it was Judge Kavenaugh. I believe he can prove he wasn’t even in town but you don’t have a time or a place or who you claim was there – all under oath have stated your recollection is not true. If and I say if you haven’t created this in your mind – I’m truly sorry for your pain. But it doesn’t ring true you can only be sure it was judge Kavenaugh and can’t put anything else together not even a witness and the ones you named all stated you were wrong. I am a Christian and honestly live my life the best I. can. I wrestled with this before writing this – if you honestly went thru a situation I can’t with what you said without any coraberation believe you even know the truth.

  92. Ray says:

    I walk away to this evil liar corrupt democrats since obama took an office of the president! Not coming back to vote racist democrats again!

  93. randy smith says:

    our family has been democrat since the very beginning of the democratic party ,NOT any more , this is disgusting and an insult to my family’s and america’s long history of the rule of law

    • MAGA2020 says:

      I commend your personal integrity, where our country’s sense of fair justice and morality are concerned. You give me hope that there are still some remaining democrats who may have ignored all the lunacy up to this last gutter snipe move.

      I think this last move by the moronic left radicals (and those who support them), has DE_POLARIZED many dems and independents for that matter.

      The idiots who hatched, fed and now scream this well orchestrated smear campaign against Kavanaugh, neglected to realize one thing.
      THINKING men and women of every party now realize they and their families are one false accusation away from ruin.

      You (a man) or (if your a woman) your husband/father/brother/uncle/grandfather/best guy friend are fair game now. An angry co-worker, past acquaintance, bad date, disgruntled client/customer…you name it…has the power to derail your whole world. So long as they are a woman (and as many female celeb elites have said…ARE ALWAYS RIGHT) and the accused is a man, you are CHUM for the lefts feeding frenzy.

      The higher the body count the better it is for them.
      The ONLY way you will escape unscathed IS to be part of the inner circle…Bang ‘Em bill and keith ellison are two that easily come to mind.
      Of course, these two SOMEHOW have been deemed innocent and their accusers defiled, insulted and trampled by the left and their media lap dogs.
      Aren’t these women just as vulnerable and victimized…if we apply the same standards???

      My hope is there are more like you out there, that won’t ignore what your party has allowed itself to become.
      Thanks for being a thinking and fair American.

  94. Joe says:

    The Democrat Party is a left wing hate group, populated with anti-Christian bigots! They are unfit to serve. They should be brought up on charges!

    • Kathie Simmons says:

      You are so right. I agree 100%. What they are doing to Judge Kavanaugh is disgraceful. If they can do it to him, they will do it to any of us.

  95. Barbara Cook says:

    Democrats will continue to ruin any man or woman that works towards working on the Supreme Court.

    The Democrats, do not want any type of change whatsoever, in their corrupt or crooked Government. They want to be the one making all of the calls, so that they can continue with ruining the American citizens and continue with ruining the United States of America.

    It is time to stand up to these corrupt and crooked Democrats and get some new candidates in office that will work with President Trump and his administration NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jim says:

      The very fact that Ms. Feinstein held the infamous “letter” for two months, and then “DUMPED” it on the public, shows just how corrupt she really is!!! She is now an “equal” to Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Clapper, Comey, and CROOKED HILLY!!! I am sure that she is THRILLED to be among these STALWARTS of the DEMOCRAPS!!! I had my resorvations regarding her honesty before, and now that she has affirmed her ELEGANT standing, she can join the ranks of SLICK WILLY, THE BIG ZERO, HOLDER, COMEY, MCCOMB, and all the other SCAB-PICKERS that have done their utmost to unseat our PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! They are all so upset that Crooked Hilly didn’t get to “REIGN” over America, and run the country totally out of the very SOUL of our country!!!
      I can only SHUDDER to think of CROOKED HILLY AND SLICK WILLY living in the WHITE HOUSE, instead of an HONEST man and his family!! I only hope that a FEW MORE HONEST INDIVIDUALS HAVE THE GUTS TO STEP FORWARD AND HELP OUR PRESIDENT DO THE JOB THAT THE DEMOCRAPS COULD NEVER DO!!! If the DEMOCRAPS succeed in blocking the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, it will be to the total detriment of America,,,and I call upon Karma to reign solidly in favor of RIGHT!!! There is a chance for America to have one of the BEST minds and FAIREST judges serving the American Judicial System, but ONLY IF JUSTICE REIGNS SUPREME!!! MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS GO OUT TO JUDGE KAVANAUGH AND HIS FAMILY,,,,AND FOR AMERICA!!!!

  96. Its time to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as a supreme Court Jostes and stop the games and wasting money

  97. minnie says:

    it’s hard to understand how a democrat could even want to vote for a democrat. I have a lot of friends that are democrat and we’ve been able to maintain a friendship and even they are beginning to agree with me, a republican. I think if they are really watching all of this, they can vote democrat again, but get this bad bunch out first. We will still be friends, but I will always be a republican. They might change their democratic minds thou.

  98. Haraldur says:

    This disgraceful act what the Democratic party is pulling is very disturbing. If the Republican party cannot show the Nation their backbone to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, we are going to have a big Constitutional problems. That a party can smiere another party candidate without any facts and evidence is the lowest as it gets in the Politic. Sham on the Democratic party .

  99. James P Hutchins says:

    Investigate ellison he is a woman abuser.

    • Dolores says:


  100. Fran Leard says:

    It’s sickening and disgusting how these low life demoRats can get away with ruining someone’s life with these lies. This crap must stop and I hope American’s remember how cruel and hateful they are because of losing the election.

  101. Charlotte says:

    These Democrats are the most hateful Politicians I have seen since Trump BEAT Hillary.

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