Brett Kavanaugh just got the good news he was waiting for

Brett Kavanaugh has been on the Supreme Court for just a couple of days.

But already the good news is pouring in.

And he just got the good news he was waiting for.

The Supreme Court announced it would uphold a Kavanaugh decision from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

In 2017, Kavanaugh wrote the opinion striking down Obama’s job-killing global warming regulations.

The Supreme Court just announced they rejected an appeal of that ruling.

The Daily Caller reports:

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected attempts to appeal a lower court decision issued in 2017 striking down Obama-era global warming policies. The lower court’s ruling was written by the newly confirmed Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The justices privately made the decision to not rehear the case before Kavanaugh joined the high court Tuesday, Reuters reported. Kavanaugh was officially sworn in as an associate justice at the White House on Monday night.

Kavanaugh’s 2017 decision for the D.C. Circuit Court struck down Obama administration regulations on hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), a greenhouse gas, because such rules ran afoul of federal law.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) imposed regulations on HFCs in 2015 as part of the U.S.’s plan to fight global warming through the Montreal Protocol. HFCs are a greenhouse gas, but are not ozone-depleting chemicals.

Liberal groups stewed.

When Kavanaugh was going through his confirmation, they pointed to rulings like this as evidence he would be a danger to the radical left-wing agenda.

Conservatives are hoping they are correct.


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53 Responses

  1. Mary Navratilova says:

    I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra-left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party U.S.A. and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism.

  2. Keith D says:

    I just hope people remember that the only laws that liberals like are ones CREATED by activist judges!! The Roe v Wade case was and is NOT a law it was decided by an ACTIVIST SUPREME COURT!!! The left is TERRIFIED the courts will interpret the law as the CONSTITUTION READS!! They can’t have that or their ENTIRE AGENDA OF HATE THE USA FALLS APART!!!

  3. Bryant Wood says:

    I guess what infuriated me the most, was the fact that Ford went to many parties and drank! She was only 15 years old! I think she, being a Democrat, was pursuaded to tell that stupid story and got paid a lot of money for doing it! It was just another lie, made up by someone, other than herself, to try to upset the nomination of Kavenaugh to the Supreme Court! I was livid while watching Ford testify, with that fake, innocent, little girl voice! I couldn’t believe that this is what the Democratic Party has stooped to doing! I used to be one, years ago!

    • M says:

      Bryant Wood, We are so happy you joined us in the GOP. Former Dems make the best Republicans of all. The fire in your belly burns hot for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! I hope you brought family and friends because we need all the help we can get to increase our majority in both houses of Congress.
      #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need you!

    • April says:

      I left the democrat party at the end of Obamas 2nd term. I was a part of the occupy wall street but didn’t even really understand what to heck I was protesting. I campaigned for Bill Clinton and then Hillary when she was running against Obama and I know that is where the birther came in not Trump. I remember seeing it because everyone had to have the same story if anyone was asked. They play the same cards and those of us who were die hard democrats know the lies that they will tell. All the republicans want is law and order. A justice who will follow the constitution as it is written. This is why they are so upset with Kavanaugh winning he is the swing vote. The Supreme Court is not suppose to be political. It is a court that interprets the constitution and law as it is written. Democrats don’t have anything to offer, even Obama couldn’t get individual mandates passed so he went to the Supreme Court and blackmailed John Roberts and then John Roberts passed the individual mandate as a tax. Nancy Pelosi is the gift that keeps on giving. There is a video out there on the WWW of Pelosi explaining to a bunch of dems that all you do is write a letter to the newspaper and smear your opponent and the newspaper writes it and hopefully you destroy your opponent. They used it with Trump and all those sexual allegations, they used it with Kavanaugh. It back fired because I don’t think they thought that Christine was going to be called into a hearing, and I don’t think they thought that one of the accusers was going to end up being charged. Guess how they came up with Christine’s name? Her father use to work for the CIA and her brother use to work for Fusion GPS. Gina Haspell gave the info to President Trump.

      • M says:

        April, Welcome to the world of sane people! We are so glad you left the Dem libs. The Republican party needs to find a way to use your experiences to promote our party. Please think about it and contact your local Republican leaders, I am sure they would be glad to put you in touch with the proper ones to talk to. We need to do all we can to broaden our base. We are so glad you #WalkAway. Thank you for your great comment.

    • lou says:

      Kavanaugh is pro life. Ford personally did not want him on the Supreme Court. I read on AOL that she is involved in a business regarding abortion pills. She wants Roe vs Wade not to be taken away.

  4. Thank God for the USA Thank God for Judge Kavanauhg Thank God our Supreme Justice

  5. merridee says:

    time to take down fake news media tv and newspapers and also criminal lawyers. and those that accuse people falsely, all should be tried and punished and need to be held accountable for their criminal behavior. treason is death by firing squad.

  6. truthistruth says:

    Chief Justice John Roberts said in a letter on Wednesday (10/10/18) that he had transferred judicial misconduct complaints related to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Judicial Council of the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals for further review.
    In his letter, Roberts referred to more than a dozen complaints that had been filed between September 20 and October 5.

    • M says:

      truthistruth (not), As usual there is always more to the liberal story than is revealed! Justice Roberts said these complaints are not unusual on SCOTUS Justices. He gets them and must refer them on to be handled. So don’t make it sound like this is something new and does not happen to anyone other than Justice Kavanaugh! That is a misrepresentation of the truth and the same as a lie. You need a different name, dude!

  7. Pat Barton says:

    I am so proud of Donald Trump, our President, that he had the insight to nominate Judge Kavenaugh, and for Judge Kavenaugh to stand and fight. Our country is strong and getting stonger in spite of Bush, Obama and others. Bush was never smart…..he just came from those who were…….I am from Midland and I am ashamed of his not having the gumption to stand and be a man. Patsy Barton

  8. OMEGA 2 says:

    Excellent call! Now to get rid of the SLEEPING MIDGET and put another CONSTITUTIONALIST on the Bench, things will get better once again!

  9. Ingrid says:

    Good Judge. Good judgment & ruling- which is why the Supreme court didn’t fight it.

  10. cg says:

    the queer illegal muslim obama and all the whinnie wheenie liberal democrats are loosing bad, and if they want to be removed bring it on

  11. Elizabeth says:

    A grant is a grant and NEVER has to be repaud!!!!

  12. dlmstl says:

    The Dems have always used the courts as a way to by-pass what they cannot get through the legislative process. The destruction of Robert Bork back in the 1980s demonstrated the lengths they will go to ensure their grip. Though tenuous, the current situation is still up in the air. Chief Justice Roberts has shown he could play the swing vote role of now retired Justice Kennedy. The next opening will be the one that the Dems most fear, especially if it’s RGB. Breyer is also at or near 80 and Sotomayer is not in very good health either. Imagine POTUS Trump nominating Ann Coney Barrett followed and the another non-Ivy, conservative AA female! The entire DC Dem cabal would need to be put on 24/7 suicide watch.

  13. Jimbo says:

    Anyone who can survive lies and tons of allegations has to be smart and tough. This man will be a jewel to the people of the United States. Good call President

    • Mable Cole says:

      Yes, he has my support!

    • Timothy says:

      First, let’s hit some important top lines from the CNN poll released Monday, Oct. 8, showing that now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh is indeed supremely unpopular.
      • Should Kavanaugh have been confirmed? No: 51 percent; Yes: 41 percent
      • Do you believe the female accusers or Kavanaugh? Believe women: 52 percent; Kavanaugh: 38 percent.
      • Will Kavanaugh be a partisan justice? Yes: 56 percent; No: 36 percent.
      • Do Kavanaugh’s professional qualifications outweigh his personal conduct? No: 53 percent; Yes: 37 percent.
      • Has his personal conduct disqualified him? Yes: 50 percent; No: 43 percent.

      • M says:

        Timothy, Don’t you know better than to quote CNN, or any other liberal polls, to selfrespecting conservatives? Phony, adjusted, and Dem weighted polls, we don’t even want to hear them or care. Go find a liberal site and tell them all about it, maybe they care. We are too busy to fool with you or your fake lib junk!

      • JoePalooka in Texas says:

        I would expect that from a CNN spoil, er, poll. Go for a poll with the real Americans being polled. The make believe media is not relevant, be cause they do not have any reporter worth a crap, only writers of poor, poor fiction. I find it hard to watch the flea bitten media blurbs on conservative media, showing their dumbness, like Timbo.

  14. 2bears says:

    Good, I hope this is the beginning of breaking it off in the demorats ass every chance he gets !

  15. Deborah says:

    The attorney’s they have do not believe them they are clocking hours and are paid whores. No different from one walking the streets. What they do for money is exploit a situation

  16. doc says:

    Time for stronger laws vs false claims AND false news- prove it before you print it!
    No more un-named “sources” or quotes!

    • Randall Hart says:

      Very true,here’s my claim done by scientists in late 50’s or early 60’s. There will be increased violent weather changes starting around 2020. These are due to start of mini ice age. All one has to do to verfy this is check history and patterns of oce aged.

      • Mark says:

        Randy ur an idiot sad to be u,u have no comprehension of what ur talking about,FOOL IT’S THE END DAYS,if Jesus comes & knocks on ur door u better answer it,& ask him to come into ur heart do it now,or u may have a 1000yrs to make up ur MIND,for ur sake I hope u do other wise u may end up in the LAKE OF FIRE ur choice I’am not kidding.

      • Doctor JD says:

        Randall, anyone can have a claim, realists look at scientific EVIDENCE and a panel of TOP scientists (sponsored by the U.N>) just put out a report that says: “scientific panel on climate change paints a far more dire picture of the immediate consequences of climate change than previously thought and says that avoiding the damage requires transforming the world economy at a speed and scale that has “no documented historic precedent.” (And) . . .”Avoiding the most serious damage requires transforming the world economy within just a few years, said the authors, who estimate that the damage would come at a cost of $54 trillion. But while they conclude that it is technically possible to achieve the rapid changes required to avoid 2.7 degrees of warming, they concede that it may be politically unlikely.” It is people like you that are impeding the progress for LESS damaging consequences for our children and grandchildren.

    • Vicky says:

      I agree that is a great law. Dems. Would and media

  17. Donl Longo says:

    If I was the Judge I would SUE them and their Phony Lawyers.

  18. Don says:

    Let’s all vote in November and make the RED WAVE happen.

  19. Merlin Wood says:

    justice rules

  20. M says:

    I believe Justice Kavanaugh is a good man, brilliant jurist, and innocent of the charge brought by MS Ford. I deduce that by the FACT there was no corroboration of the charge, PERIOD!
    Due to the “MeToo” movement, I believe policies and procedures in bringing cases for any and all situations should mandate, “no charges will be brought for consideration without corroborating evidence”. Any charges without corroboration will be considered rumors or lies and will not be used against the candidate.
    I am amazed that liberals refuse to consider that women lie, but, women and men lie for a multitude of reasons. In matters like Justice Kavanaugh’s appointment the most likely reasons
    might be, revenge, jealousy, political, and money. The most likely of all is for money.
    There is absolutely no acceptable reason and, it is unforgivable to ruin a good person’s life and reputation, be it a man or woman.

    • Jerry Hampton says:

      This media circus that took place in the senate chambers could have been avoided had Dr. Ford’s attorneys followed the point of law and advised their client that the committee would have come to her in California. Instead, they withheld this information forcing their client to come to DC and be questioned in front of the entire senate, something she did not want to do. Her attorneys should be charged for this offense and sanctioned for their inaction.

    • Deborah says:

      And many of each has been ruined. The unfortunate part is in politics there is usually a Democrat doing the destruction for political power.

    • Well, these people are being funded by George Soros, and these people do what ever they are paid to do. “Anachy” would be great if the “illuminated” ones stayed out of our government, many are also on bribes and money laundering which is the case with Clinton’s, Bushes and LBJ as well as many politicians.

  21. Hugh Turner says:

    That what scares the hell out the Antifa thugs and their leftsist idiots de otards that encourge and promote violence

  22. Jeffrey A Sampson says:

    Your a credit to women every where. We without any doubt need women to step and tell the facts this has become scary and getting scarier to be a man everyday. I have also been accused of hideous behavior by a very mean nasty women if she can even fairly be called a woman. I at one time owned and,operated a small but pretty successful company. She lied and lied she was shocked that i refused to settle. Her attorney finally got tired of fighting without getting anywhere and stopped pursuing it. She cost me lots of money my small company couldn’t afford it set my business back three years plus but i was not guilty of anything i didn’t care if it put me out of business I wasn’t settling. I wouldn’t change anything except hiring her. Ladies thanks for backing up our newest Justice he is a good man guilty of nothing.

  23. Rick says:

    Great for Brett. Question…Was it a five four vote not to rehear? We will be great again!
    I’d love to hear what Justice Thomas words to Brett were when they met.

  24. Ellie says:

    All those women so go to prison for lies they are just worthless women who have no respect for themselves . JUDGE KAVANUGH I AM HAPPY FOR YOU you should sue these women and the attorney for their STUPIDITY ; IN BELIEVING IN DRUNK AND STUPID WOMEN

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