Brett Kavanaugh is about to make a decision that is the Democrats’ worst nightmare

The left’s doomsday scenario is here.

They fought to defeat Donald Trump because they were terrified of whom he would appoint to the Supreme Court.

Trump emerged victorious and now Brett Kavanaugh is about to make a decision that is the Democrats’ worst nightmare.

The Supreme Court announced it would take up a series of cases to determine if the 1964 Civil Rights Act applies to homosexual and transgender employees.

Politico reports:

The Supreme Court has agreed to take up a set of high-profile cases involving gay rights and the rights of transgender people in the workplace.

The justices announced Monday that they will consider whether existing federal law banning employment-related sex discrimination also prohibits discriminating against individuals on the basis of sexual orientation or because they are transgender.

The Supreme Court said it will hear a pair of cases in which federal appeals courts split over whether LBGTQ employees are protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The justices also accepted a case involving a transgender funeral home employee, saying they will consider whether being transgender is protected in itself or whether it falls within existing law against “sex stereotyping.”

The law does not cover sexual orientation.

Many Americans believe sexual orientation and gender identity are a choice.

The left wants to guarantee transgender and homosexual employees special rights under federal civil rights law so they can make it illegal for churches and other religious institutions to not hire homosexual or transgender individuals.

This is their way of getting around the First Amendment protections for Americans to worship free from government interference.

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57 Responses

  1. marleen davis says:

    I don’t care what gender they are or say they are or want to be. They are not anymore different or special then anyone else. They should not get any special treatment or exemption because they are or are not different then everyone else. Treat all the same—period, end of discussion. The rest is pure poppycock! That whole “treated differently b.s.” is the whole problem. They are no different under the law and should not be treated any differently to be given any special treatment—period! If they apply for a job that they are not qualified for, then they are not qualified for that job–get over it! All these ridiculous protests and such are just that—ridiculous! Stay in your own lane, what you are qualified to do and stop making stupid waves.

  2. 10mm says:

    So what’s your point ? What are you trying to say ?? Most comments state that everyone’s rights should be the same, the issue is most trans/gay/lesb or however they identify (So many now I can’t keep up with it) want SPECIAL treatment/rights. Maybe you’re “friend” will tell what he is… but there is plenty that are deceptive and that deception usually brings trouble.

  3. Katie says:

    We are allowing it based on running to the court to solve our problems. Judges are over stepping their authority big time.

  4. Bert Oulicky says:

    A true transgender will tell you if they are a man or woman if a trans woman was a man and changed to a woman then she will tell you she is a woman she changed her over all look is on meds to be a woman the same for a woman changing to be a man no matter what the change is they should have the same rights as every one and to be clear I know this from a friend who is a transgender and she will tell every one that she is a woman no and bits or ifs about it

  5. Too bad that’s being forced down our children’s throats from kindergarten all the way through college you’ll see a lot more uptick in youngsters coming out saying they’re gay because it’s been pushed on them since they were kids! I guarantee you any kid that feels that he doesn’t fit in its going to start thinking he’s gay!

  6. What they need to do is go back and retry same sex marriage again since the people of California voted 52-48in favor of not allowing same sex marriage! A gay activist judge for the 9th circuit court of Appeals said it was unconstitutional even though the people of California overwhelmingly voted against it meaning all colors and ethnicities voted against it since when is a judge allowed to overturn an election result or deny the state’s right to there decision? That was the first time in American history that the people’s will and intent were overlooked and there constitutional rights usurped by an Activist Gay judge! Totally unprecedented!

  7. I guess the Democrats will realize that judge shopping is going to be futile! They know now they’ll have to start passing legislation instead of doing a run around Congress like they’ve been doing for some 40 years now since the passing of Roe v Wade the Democrats chickens are coming home to roost! Soon they won’t be able to judge shop and they know that as well! Soon California’s 9th circuit court of Appeals will have a conservative leaning panel same way with D.C. circuit court of Appeals. The city should make the Dem’s make the case before Congress and actually pass legislation instead of always trying to use the courts for their decisions.

  8. carol says:

    We are all suppose to be equal yet all these different groups look for special treatment. No special treatment for anyone. Employers should be allowed to hire people who fit their requirements end of story

  9. XYZ says:

    just remember that some of those laws were and are intended for the Jew, not the gentile as with the sabith and all of the Jewish rituals, we can if we like but its not essential, BUIT the ten commandments Must be kept and we can NOT keep them all 100% of the time this side of heaven we are Still sinners and will continue to sin until we are given our glorified bodies and take on incorruptibility , our sins are forever forgiven past. present and future but we MUST always work to repent, to NOT do as we once did

  10. XYZ says:

    was a time that homosexuality was AGAINST the law and still should be, it’s NOT love it is LUST of the flesh, a man can NOT love another man the same way a man can love a woman and vice versa same for a woman, they can NOT love another woman in the same manner as with a man, it is pure lust and if you try think about the disgusting immorality of the ways they show affection it is detestable and just plain ICKY

  11. Mary says:

    Agree, if it is a little stick or a set of lips, then you know what you are.

  12. Mary says:

    well said,God’s word is the law, I do, also believe the persecution has started.

  13. ANI4ANI says:

    LGBTQ should petition Omar 2 help them start asserting their rights ,starting with the muslim community.

  14. Hydro says:

    One day ea ch of the ungodly will pay a price that will last eternally. I pray every person that is condemning Christ – take a moment to realize where they are going to end up. Christ said love the sinner hate the sin. Sometimes very hard to do.

  15. Nathan DeLon says:

    Hell Mike,GOD help US all!!

  16. Nathan DeLon says:

    Carol, That’s exactly what I thought about for a reply,but tired of commenting and having to log back in to yahoo.(timed out).But
    when I saw your post I chuckled and had to respond.

  17. Thomas Wayne Kidd says:

    The onslought of persecution is about to begin on the Christian faith, but those who comprise will be spared for a little while. God’s true children will be the prime target , and the Antichrist system will throw every hellish weapon they have at us. Millions don’t realize that not all who claim to be Christian are not in reality! God’s true people have a very distinguishing mark, “They have the testimony of Jesus Christ, they actually keep His Commandments. All ten of them and around 100 in the words of Jesus which pertain to the Ten. And the Sabbath of the seventh day is rejected by millions and millions across this land and around the world. Dear friends a total examination of what you believe and how your daily walk before God truly is. Is it according to the Scriptures? Or are you continuing to walk in the traditions of your elders. A true and right standing before God is absolutely necessary to survive what is so near. Talking and saying right things will not save anyone in the day trouble and trials. “Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” (James 1;22) many conservative minded people will perish. Are you really ready for persecution and do you understand just what it means? Death is included for many of the People of God as they stand, refusing to go alone with the world, choosing to suffer with CHRIST rather than perish with the ungodly. I grieve that so many have accepted the lies of the false prophets in preference to the Commandments, thinking they can live anyway and God will overlook. If you truly know CHRIST in the new birth, examine yourselves and repent and prepare while there is still time.

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