Brett Kavanaugh is about to go to war with Ilhan Omar after the sick thing she said about him

Ilhan Omar is working desperately to make herself the face of the Democrat Party.

She is constantly launching outrageous attacks to put her name out there.

And now, Brett Kavanaugh is about to go to war with her after the sick thing she said about him.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has already been put through hell by the Democrat Party.

And now they are trying to force him to relive their insane assaults.

Ilhan Omar is calling for Kavanaugh to be impeached in the wake of a now-largely-retracted New York Times article outlining new allegations against the Justice.

After the article came out, she said it is “our constitutional duty” to open impeachment inquiries to remove Kavanaugh, along with Trump.

Breitbart News reports:

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) called for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to be impeached on Sunday after the New York Times ran a piece Saturday alleging that an eyewitness saw friends of Kavanaugh push “his penis into the hand of” a female student at a college party.

The Times later added to its piece on Sunday evening that the female student did not recall the incident, according to friends, and declined to comment.

However, before the Times added what amounted to a walk-back of the new allegation, Democrats such as Omar began lining up for calls for Kavanaugh’s impeachment.

On Sunday she tweeted, “Nothing terrifies this corrupt president more than the idea of Congress upholding the rule of law. We must open impeachment inquiries against Trump *and* Kavanaugh immediately. It’s our constitutional duty.”

Omar has not commented or taken back her tweet as of Monday.

The Times piece was adapted from a forthcoming book by two Times journalists Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly titled The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation.

Even after the article Omar was referencing was retracted, she still kept her tweet up.

That’s because impeaching Kavanaugh has never had anything to do with allegations against him.

It has all to do with Kavanaugh being one of Trump’s victories.

Trump was able to confirm Kavanaugh despite historic levels of opposition.

All Omar wants to do is strip that victory away, by any means necessary.


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110 Responses

  1. Fran says:

    Brett Kavanaugh is a good man. He doesn’t deserve this treatment from these racist & hateful women. AOC + 3. Add another 1 for Nancy Pelosi. These women are stupid, so not wise.

  2. Janice says:

    I am so sick and tired of AO C and her li ttle gang. I can’t stand it. She does not belong holding a seat in congress. Her words speak for themselves. She is so Anti’American,. Wants to totally change the American way of life. And why everybody is so scared to put her in her place is beyond me. I am horrified at the problems she has brought to us. I’m tired of congress aiding and abedding criminals. Illegals. For one my parents proved they respected our country. When they finally got here , after coming in the right way not entering without permission , they lived with relatives and their relatives got them jobs waiting for them . They got given nothing but opportunity. They earned everything they have. When they saved they moved into their own apartment they worked more saved more and bought a house.
    They respected this country to the core even to joining the military and fighting for our country. The flew the \American flag and I can’t begin to tell you how many times I heard them praise America and maybe that is why I am the way I am. I love this country passionately and I will always respect this country stand for it’s flag and I WILL pledge Alleigance to the flag of the United States of America and I don’t give a damn what ANYONE says I will do that til the day I die/ I am totally sick of their behavior and of the crazy ideas they come out with. No one will take my right to choose away which they are slowly doing.l Changing our flag? Chan gin g our constitution, Changing our way of life? Why are t hey even here. Maybe someone should inform them they don’t have to stay here. It’s a free country bu t I wonder how long.? It’s so obvious if one listens t o the words and how they are delivered what is good for our country in stead of hopping on the train that gets the most attention. Come on now. They are wanting to change our way of life that so many have so many happy memories with. Well they should actually do their jobs for the best of the people who pay them instead so going for power. They want everyone to depend on them Well I will not. I wil not change my way of life. To many members of my own family have fought suffered and stuggled in one way or another for this great country. I SAY TO EACH OF YOU IF YOU THINK THIS COUNTRY IS NOT A GREAT COUNTRY THEN GET THE HELL OU T., YOU ARE ONES RUINING IT. EVERY THING WAS FINE TILL YOU HAD TO HAVE YOUR LINGERING TEMPER TAN TRUM.S. I suggest before you go knocking others down you fix what’s hidden in your own closets. GOD BLESS AMERICA. AND EVERY HUMAN BEING NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE FROM WHO RESPECTS THIS COUNTRY AND KEEPS INVITING GOD IN. iN fact God Bless You all because that’s what my God wants me to do. Even though I may not want to.

  3. buddylea says:

    Omar has no idea what her constitutional duties are. Neither do the other 3 women she is associated with known as the squad. All four of them are a fraud and are responsible for many divisions that the people of America are facing.

  4. Alan says:

    Other aspects aside, I find myself ever more curious as to the following. Who is it that winds this woman up? Getting an answer to that question might prove very, very interesting.

  5. Breaker 19 says:

    I wish these people like Havanaugh and Trump would sue the hell out of these idiots. Take everything they’ve got, put them out on the streets with all the homeless people they have ignored for years. That’s the only thing that will put a stop to their nonsense. If they have no evidence that what they are saying or printing is true, they should end up in court. They claim they must follow the rule of law. I agree, completely. If they had, Hillary, Comey. and a buch of the other crooked idiots would be in jail right now. We are paying these Democrat Congressmen enormous salaries to do nothing. Why? We need people who will do their job or get out. I hope the Democrats will wake up and vote these stupid idiots out in the next election. They are the most worthless pieces of crap in the country.

  6. Eliot says:

    Expel Omar and send her to Guantanamo Bay!

  7. Carolyn A Hodges says:

    Demon rats. It appears that the left has a infection of evil in their hearts. If they win over the government, it is true that the end of days is near.

  8. Ernst says:

    Ilhan Omar is only making the entire Democrat Party look sick and stupid. Omar and the entire Democrat Party are looking more and more irresponsible.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Ernst, that is because the Democrats and Omar are sick and very stupid. Vengenance is mine says the Lord, and He will lower the boom on these corrupt, evil people and soon.

  9. Sarah J Williams says:

    Omar is a product of George Soros, the wanna be HITLER of the 21st Century! Odumbass is a product of Soros! He hates America, yet loves to live here. He is a demented, delusional sick old man full of Hate and gets his jollies causing HATE to spread!

    • Z.R.French says:

      Ilan is in plain language nothing but a disgusting un-american female who should be sent back to live where she loves and it is certainly not here…she is one the most hateful ….lying …horrid just like the other 3 un-american’s ……how in the world can she think she can judge our Judge K…when this idiot married her brother to get him in the US…she is nothing…. but a no morals..cheating traitor …get her out of our American Congress…she is evil…911 means nothing to her she loved it…and her Muslim faith people did it… that is why some people did something one day…she is a foolish idiot…

      • Pamela says:

        Z.R. French, you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Ilan along with the others are plain IDIOTS. How in God’s name did they ever get elected? Are our American people that IGNORANT or just plain STUPID? My God! What the hell is happening to our citizens and our country?

  10. Nora says:

    This reptile Omar is as evil as women can be and needs to be voted out. Well, the other 3 are as evil as her. Why is she even allowed to talk when she has committed fraudulent crimes in her personal lives. I don’t understand why is taking so long to get her out of office. If she is capable of committing such crimes and go through the lengths she did to erase records, imagine what she would do if she was ever be in power. She should be kicked out of the country and yes, to where she came from.

  11. Will Penny says:

    Just screw all of you liberal treasonous traitors , a walk to the Gallows is exactly what your in need of , let the Old Hangman stretch your Necks out and then there will be no more problem , Snap crack , end of story

    • gls says:

      Omar needs to be drug out by that scrawny neck of hers and thrown into the pit where she will feel the wrath of her islam religion. She isnt fit to be an american and doesnt deserve living in our wonderful country.

  12. kunquoda says:

    I am simply at a loss for words. I can’t think of anything I can say that hasn’t already been said repeatedly. We all know Omar has been up to no good since day one. We all want her to go away, preferably by force is needed. We can all only watch as the left’s try to take control, to change this country into something ugly. I hear people say, get your guns out, vote them out of office, impeach them etc. but I have yet to see any of this being done. WHY? I personally want any and all radicals out of office, and out of this country. I don’t think any of them have a place in our government. I also think muslims should all be deported asap. if they follow the quran they need to go.. if they don’t follow the quran they are are not muslim. Anyone who wishes to bring harm to this Country, our President or our People need to go. But whos going to do this? who is going to get rid of these people? Who’s going to enforce this? I can’t do it, you can’t do it, because if we could have, we would have. I feel like as an American citizen born and bread, I have absolutely no say in what happens in my own country except at election time and then I have to wonder how much my vote even counts. I feel at the mercy of people like Omar, Cortez, Pelosi and the rest. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE ask me how I feel about abortion, gun control or anything that could benefit or harm this ( MY) country. I feel very unimportant where the government is concerned. I have no say , no one cares if I did have a say and everyone is just all talk and no action. I just don’t understand, Omar for example has done and said more to harm this country than any natural born citizen every has and yet everyone just turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to her and allows her to continue her little escapades. She has broken the law, (and it has been proven, )she committed moral crimes, bashed our President, our religion and our country and yet she laughs in the faces of every American citizen as she continues to commits fraud, break laws and bash everything we as Americans hold dear. Death threats don’t bother her, or she would have stopped by now. Low pole results don’t bother her, She seems to thrive on hurting others. She sure didn’t care that she was breaking up a home then commited fraud and gave her married lover thousands of dollars. Yet she’s still laughing all the way to the bank, and uses all her spare time to dream up new ways to hurt the American people. I for one am not a violent person but I’d venture to say if I saw her walking down my street I’d be very tempted to,,, well I am not going to say but I am sure those with any smarts at all can figure it out. Just so very tired of the crap.

    • Will says:

      You are not alone Kunquoda!!!They have designed , the laws of this country so , we the people are not allowed to do anything to get them out . FOR NOW anyway. If this continues , this may change . They have laws to protect themselves , and to hell with us . after all “WE are deplorables ,, and in their minds we don`t count

    • Etta says:

      DITTO. Perhaps it is time for a group of dedicated patriots (maby retired military personnel) to form a vigilante group to handle these country haters. Make them disappear permanently . There are times and events when vigilantism is warranted.

    • Pamela says:

      What a GREAT COMMENT. There are many of us that totally agree with everything you have stated, but NOTHING is ever done. This isn’t the country that I grew up in anymore. It is totally unbelievable and so much HATE. Why isn’t anything ever done to these ingrates? They are NOT Americans and they do not like our way of life. Why in the hell are they elected to our government? I am glad that I do not have any children or grandchildren to worry about. I just don’t or CAN’T understand how they even got elected into our government by our American citizens. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?????? TOTALLY FRIGHTENING.

    • Cissy says:

      You spoke for so many of us, so clearly. True Americans are suffering a terrible agony, an agony much like Christ’s on the Cross due to satanic betrayal. It hurts so much, but we are joined more closely now with our Creator, & Jesus, who in His Crucifixion actually defeated the manipulation of Satan through His Resurrection & Ascension. Many are unaware that when the Lord ascended, He took captivity of Satan’s puppets, & gave them a major one, two finale. We are joined with Him now, & the victory is close. God will never be thrown down, nor will his precious truth leaders. He sees the little people like us. He knows our pain. And we can share in His Love forever.

  13. Steve Weatherbe says:

    Nothing in this story supports the headline. Kavanagh isnt doing a thing .

  14. Beach says:

    How about the impeachment of Omar—She married her brother…She committed immigration fraud….her and her brother/husband committed student loan fraud…She filed false federal and state tax returns…she has publicly stated that she hates living in the USA…she has no respect for our constitution or our laws . Why is this POS still in the USA. Where is the congressional investigation into her—

  15. Diana says:

    What does Omar know or care about constitutional duty? It’s her constitutional duty to carry out the will of American voters. She’s been in office for Almost a year. When does she plan on starting her duties? Since when is it her DUTY to impeach an innocent man or innocent men.

  16. Dawn says:

    President Trump needs to start impeachment proceedings against Ilhan Omar and the rest of the squad for the horrible remarks & things she has put President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh through as well as the anti Semitic remarks she made to Israel.

  17. Cg says:

    She is stupid and will be forgotten!LOSER

  18. Richard says:

    OMAR is a leftist joke and if people stop listening to her and paying her any attention that she craves she will burn out and blow away.

  19. Biggie Blue says:

    Impeach the Squad and then charge them with treason!

  20. lzib says:

    “she (Omar) said it is “our constitutional duty” to open impeachment inquiries to remove Kavanaugh, along with Trump.”

    And the right said- it is “our constitutional duty” to open impeachment inquiries to remove Omar, along with the Squad.

    In our book dear- one you obviously never read- it says “Let he (or she) who is without sin cast the first stone” Do you, Omar, honestly think you are in any position to do so?

    Your book, which I have read, says to stone and or flog woman who commit the sins you have committed (and no, if you need no evidence to persecute, then neither do we) so are you going to submit to your own code of Sharia Law and let others cast stones at you? or are you going to just be an evil liar who will do or say anything for her political agenda and power. At some point, you will have to answer to God/Allah for your sins…be sure you are not piling them on as you go.

    Maybe loosening the head binding would help, it seems to be restricting your brain function.

    • Sheron says:

      Get the skanks out of there. Impeach her for all her crooked crap and the rest of the so called squad. Where is the IRS when you need them. The whole group is way out of line. The demoncrats are not doing their job by letting those squad women say and do what they please. I am very displeased with our feds and IRS. If I did any of those crimes. I would be in the hoosgow. Trump 2020. Pence 2024.

    • Roy Sutton says:

      The “Squads” sole purpose in life is to destroy Christians and the American way of life. They have split their own party, they are trying to split the citizens of America. The Muslims have figured out, move to another country, become citizens, get elected to office. Then they start introducing Islam as something other than a religion. They claim it’s about culture education. In Britain they’re making christian students wear hajibs and spreading propaganda. They’re trying to do the same thing here. They want open borders so they can bring more radicals into the country. They want to strip the Constitution out from under us, disarm the citizens so they can take over. They can’t do it in a straight up fight, so they’re going to back door us. Trump and the conservatives in Congress should be doing their Constitutional duty and Impeach these radicals, as they are not living up to their oath of office. It is complete and utter sedition. Break the bank wwith programs that can’t possibly be funded without turning us into a third world nation. We are more of a welfare state than should be allowed. Trump is the best man for the job. For all he is, he’s real. He knows the best thing for him and any business person in America is to protect our Capitalist society and keep America working and keep America a force to be reckoned with. Impeach all 4 of them and deport them back to their respective countries. Any Natural born American citizen that break the law with them should get life imprisonment. Don’t let them perpetuate a double standard of justice in America. Equal justice for equal crimes. Keep America Great. Re-elect Trump and give him a Congress that will actually protect the American people.

  21. Gregory Sullivan says:

    It’s sad that Kavanaugh doesn’t have the balls to fight back and win against Omar and company with libel suits against anyone who tries to tell lies and slander him. It would make his enemies think twice about trying it. Instead he remains like an ostrich with it’s head in the sand.

    • Sheron says:

      I think every republican who gets slandered by any of the demoncrats, they shoud sue the pants off of them. Stop letting them getaway with this nonsense.

    • brady says:

      I am not defending this reject, but she has not really done anything to sue her for. I would love to see this top lawyer put a hurt on the bi–h but, If she has done anything that he can hurt her, let me know. Blame the f–ls who voted her in. They will never impeach him or our PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  22. Karen says:


  23. jack says:

    she’s just trying to play offense, because the crap that is true about her sorry goat self, is coming out, and she’s gonna be in a cell where her and the rest of the squad are gonna end up.

  24. Steven Terrell says:

    These four anti American women are the match that will eventually start the fire of a civil war. They must be impeached and deported without fail.

  25. C johnson says:

    The so called american people need to be asking themselves how all these traiters and free loaders got into office holding roles while getting paid well by the american people. What a shame. Vote republican from now on.
    TRUMP/PENCE 2020

  26. Elmer Fudd says:

    These sites are designed for one thing only and boy do they ever work !
    You would think everyone on these sites had written the consitution themselfs !
    Slander this Deformation that BOO HOO poor little SEXUAL PEDOPHILE KAVANUGH, BOZO BARR THIS OR THAT !
    Your so distracted by these sites claiming you know it all while none of you know SH## !
    Your putting all your hopes, dreams and prayers in the most CORRUPTED administration this country has ever seen !
    This ORANGE ORANGUTAN MONSTER you call potus is the most dangerous person to ever live he’s worse then any enemy you could ever dream of !
    As long as you stay distracted on this site watching all your sport teams whorsiping eveyone or anyone instead of GOD himself your just making it easier for the ANTICHRIST to appear before us to destroy us to rule over us !
    Big money Big power Big pharma Big insurance Big corprate america The Family The One World Order has already taken over, they’ve been chipping away at you and us for over 50 years you’ve been too ignorant to see it !
    The most important thing to remember is no STUPID Politicians on the Radical Right gives a damn about you they work for the enemy more then the so called enemys on the Left !
    But hey stay here Rant On claim you know it all watch your sports drink yourself into a drunken stupor but never ever admitt you’ve been had, besides it’s already too late like i said this started over 50 years ago you just don’t or haven’t been paying attention so go back to sleep now cause thats what you’ve been doing for far to long anyway !

    • jack says:

      you need to pull yur head out yur ass, to see some light.

    • Mic J Palazzolo says:

      You remind me of the deranged homeless on the streets of Philadelphia shouting obscenities at passing cars.

    • lzib says:

      Elmer Fudd says -“Your so distracted by these sites claiming you know it all while none of you know SH## !”

      Sounds like the Pot calling the Kettle Black!

      Go away little man your hate is showing and you may want to do a check on your own hypocrisy…sad, sad, sad, little leftist, triggered by people Disagreeing with Him. LOL.

    • Marcia says:

      Hey Elmer Fudd go chase bugs bunny thats all your good for. Another dumborat with his two cents and nowhere to spend it.

    • Will says:

      the reason Elmer the dickhead , wants everyone to go back to sleep is so his chicken sh*t democrats can continue , their bull sh*t agenda . To late F`er we are seeing what has been going on for far to long and we are now going to kick A** and take names . So keep your head where it has always been , because you`re on the list ,,along with the rest of the commies

    • Brady says:

      Pull your head out, the fresh air will set you free. Case you missed it, your a fool.

    • Beach says:

      Has there been a background check on this “Fudd”!! He has his hands on a computer–he can get his hands on anything.

  27. Jack says:


  28. Abc says:

    A person that is here illegally should not talk like that. Omar needs a total and complete investigation on her becoming an American citizen.

  29. DC says:

    Any American Citizen Elected to either the Senate or Congress, swears to an oath to uphold, Preserve and Protect Our Constitution, and to do all they can to help Keep America Safe and every citizen Safe and Secure in their homes. When this “OATH “ is deliberately and voluntarily violated, and their behavior turns to anti Semitic, anti American rants, coupled with a constant bashing of our country, the one they’re swore to help protect, this person, regardless of their length of service, MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE.. IMMEDIATELY! Whatever process for removal is quicker, it must be implemented and act upon ASAP,

  30. theolddog says:

    What a great way for Brett the Jet to display the restraint and decorum that befits a Justice of the Supreme Court.

    Go to bed without your supper, little boy!

  31. Magpie says:

    If we don’t put a stop to this now and I mean NOW……the United States will fall. Trump cannot do it alone. He is fighting everyone. He needs the peoples help. Folks I am 70 years old and have never ever seen anything like this. We are getting it from all angles of the world. And our own government done it to us. FOR MONEY. Whats so funny is that money is going to do them not good when these countries take us over. Now these idiots have gotten into our government. And people believe this crap. “God” is not looking down and liking what he sees. I am telling you this could be the end for the US if we don’t stand up and fight. Yes with out guns if it comes to that. Cause these people are nuts. They don’t have a clue about the constitution or Bill of Rights, 10 Commandments, Prayer, Bible, Country, God, Family. United we stand, divided we will fall and they know that and they sure have divided all of us. Dems, Reps, Blacks, whites, gays, straights, Christians, non Christians, Jews and all walks of life. Like I said. Never have I ever seen it this bad.

  32. Ronsch says:

    There were multiple witnesses to Kavanaugh’s act, including Max Stiers who reported it to the FBI.

    “Ms. Ramirez’s lawyers gave the F.B.I. a list of at least 25 people who may have had corroborating evidence.”

    That she didn’t want to be interviewed by the NY Times, and has disavowed the incident is probably due to her not wanting to involved in it, but with all the witnesses, including one willing to testify supports the occurrence of the incident. This is why Omar and other people are continuing to press the issue.

    • Brian says:

      What? Are you serious. Stiers stated numerous times that she doesn’t remember any incident with Kavanaugh. There are no other witnesses. If there was every liberal news agency would be talking about her and hounding her for an interview. Open your eyes – this was an attempt to discredit Kavanaugh in hopes of maintaining a liberal advantage in the court. Omar is an ignorant individual and can’t believe this anti-simitic, anti-capitalist and anti-white individual was elected to congress. Of course her district is unbelievably uneducated so that explains why. Open you eyes Ronsch!!!!!!

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      Even if any of these allegations were true, who cares? It was what, 35-40 years ago? What does that have to do with Kavanaugh now? Trump had multiple affairs before he was president and Billy had affairs in the oval office. Why single out Kavanaugh for something that might have happened 35-40 years ago?
      Obviously Kavanaugh is more than qualified to be on the SCOTUS so leave the guy alone and move on already.

  33. Michael tully says:

    She is a full blown racist!!Get rid of her.

  34. Cecelia Henderson says:

    Kavanaugh needs to start suing people for libel and slander. This has gone beyond the pale. Now a woman that married her brother, violated immigration laws, committed adultery and violated campaign finance laws is standing there insulting a Supreme Court Justice with no evidence of wrongdoing at all. Sue her all the way back to Somalia.

  35. Polly Ester says:

    I have a question. Does omar keep a pet skunk under that turban she wears?

  36. Richard Fike says:

    Send Her Back Home they will stone her to death in her own country, it is her religion not mine but I agree.

  37. Shirley Welch says:

    Well given your past history of criminal activity cheating lying and marrying your brother adultry I don’t think you should be judging judge Kavanaughs do represent our government when you swore on koran !

  38. Big Ed says:

    Omar says Congress must impeach both Trump and Kavanaugh-it’s their Constitutional duty. The problem is, I don’t believe she’s ever read the Constitution, having a definite preference for the Shariah crap, pushed by her religion. Neither Trump nor Kavanaugh have ever done anything to deserve impeachment, while the evidence is mounting that Omar is guilty of several actual crimes. She should be indicted, and jailed for her transgressions and deported when she gets out of jail. She appears to be guilty of immigration fraud, marrying her brother, filing illegal tax returns and campaign finance fraud. She is in no position to cast stones as she lives in a very small glass house.

    • SBEARD says:

      Agree with you, I will also add she has committed adultery, home wrecker. I am sure she and her kind read the constitution, because they want to abolish it. News flash, judge Kavanaugh cannot be impeached because he has not commit a crime while on the bench. Why don’t they go after the lying Ms Ford who committed a felony for lying to Congress. Omar or what ever her name, is a disgrace to our country and should not be in our Government. It’s time for an adult abortion on some people. If it’s good for babies why not these evil sad people.

    • Karen says:

      I agree with you, but the question, with all the proof they have, why haven’t they done something like press charges, put in jail, then ship her butt back to her own country, and let them deal with her…..From where i set this country has one problem, they don’t want to do anything to upset the apple cart. except slap the hand, and then say ” don’t do it again.” I was raised to respect the flag, and speak good about the President, This country has gone to hell. Our President has so far kept what promises he has made. even tho there are some out there who is trying there darnedest to stop him. I feel in my heart that this country will be gone if he loses this next round.. Yes, Mr. Trump is not a politician, then one question, why did you vote for him…..? ? ? ?

  39. dick says:

    We must take our elections seriously and not let these camel jockeys get into our political system. They will do enormous damage to our government. We must vote them out of office asap.

  40. bunny68 says:

    Omar wouldn’t know a “Constitutional Right” if it came up and slapped her in the face. All she knows is the Quran and all of the lies being told by all of the liberal left.

  41. Desert Fox says:



  42. william says:

    Omar should resign instead of facing re-election…the defeat will be devastating to this moronic Muslim freak…

    • Karen says:

      No! Omar should face some time in jail,. and pay heavy fines for all that she has done and said in this country… SHE BROKE THE LAW, IF IT WOULD OF BEEN ANY ONE OF US, WE WOULD BE FACING CHARGES…. AND MAYBE TIME IN PRISON…..

  43. Rich says:

    Kavanaugh needs to turn this over to a “junk-yard-dog” attorney who will play the corrupt and stupid game Occasional Cortex is playing . . . . but, to win, “bigly”.

    Maybe SNL will hire her when she’s hits the skids next year?

  44. William says:

    Omar is the one who the country would love to see impeached and gone.

  45. George says:

    Omar is a Moron, Period.

  46. Rivahmitch says:

    Churchill was correct… and we all know the remedy for rabid dogs.

  47. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Omar should be fired from congress, stripped of her US citizenship, sent back to Somalia, and take her hajab and her Islamic s*** with her.

    • Gladys Owens says:

      I agree hold heartly back to s*** country, now!

    • Dave says:

      Absolutely! Muslims should be banned from the USA, let alone be serving in the US Congress. They do not represent the ideals of the US Constitution!

    • Karen says:


  48. Doreen says:

    She has consistently make negative assertions about “white” men in OUR country. Isn’t the man she is sleeping with white. Or am I mistaken? Dah. She is an idiot. I can’t stand to look at her and the other three idiots.

  49. Loyd says:

    Why do the American public have to put up with a person who doesn;t like the United States she is not ot this country, she constatenly runs this country, I commenting about Omar she has no place in our line up and were did she get citizen ship to this country? Iihan Omar is a loser, Kick her out of this country. PS tell me where she has been a model citizen.

  50. Derek McGowan says:

    “Rule of Law”, that is priceless coming from Omar. Is this a case of do not do as I do but do as I say? She should be impeached for all her violations in Congress and get the royal boot in the butt!


    The Democrats killed a bill for the tuition assistance for children of veterans killed in battle, and THEN APPROVED subsidizing the education and healthcare of illegal immigrants. Why? Money and Power, and if that doesn’t want to make you puke, nothing will. Get out the Pepto-Mismal, Omar and the squad are very much here.

  52. Carl says:

    PULSE POLL: Do you think Ilhan Omar should resign?

    YES ——— 100%

    NO ———- 0%

    This tells you how the American people feel about Cortez.

  53. Lorraine Seelinger says:

    I don’t think Omar should resign, I think she should be booted out! She is too conniving to resign.
    Maybe since she is always screaming for an impeachment, she should be the one to be impeached.

    • Jim Tierney says:

      Lorraine, you’re absolutely correct. Evil never stops by itself. She need to be stripped of the citizenship she fraudulently attained and sent back, with her family to their home in Somalia. I’m confident the truth about her adulterous relationships will follow and hopefully punished by her brothers and sisters in allah.

      • Linda M. says:

        Jim Tierney: I wish I could be as confident as you that something will be done in connection with Omar and the other members of the squad. They are traitors and a total disgrace as representatives of our country, and yet they keep running around like spoiled children causing havoc.And no one is stopping them….Where is Barr in all this??

  54. Will Triebel says:

    More ‘impeachment’. Looks like that’s all they’ve got. No platform, no workable ideas, no legislation to help their constituents, just their districts falling apart while they’re crying impeachment.
    Might be rather sad if they weren’t so bent on destroying the nation.

  55. Marcia says:

    Look whose talking the thing that married her gay brother to get into the US–such a fraud person. She couldn’t tell the truth is she tried.

  56. Jeff Simmons says:

    Isn’t there something he can do about the lies that all of these spew forth.I would think that the House would have a code of conduct and harsh consequences for those who break it

  57. Steve Scoutaris says:

    Is Omar just plain stupid? Doesn’t she know how the impeachment process works? How can these people be elected into congress without the slightest idea of how the government works?

    • Will says:

      Now that is the million dollar question

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Your average voter is hoodwinked into believing that all politicians are the same and when they go to the voting booth, they close their eyes and put an “X” next to the candidate that their finger falls upon, that’s why this country is in the mess that it’s in.

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