Brett Kavanaugh is about to get his revenge with one move to destroy Democrats forever

After a months-long campaign to destroy his character, Brett Kavanaugh finally got onto the Supreme Court.

Now that he’s there, he has the chance to fight back.

And Kavanaugh is about to get his revenge with one move to destroy Democrats forever.

Now that Justice Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, Democrats are terrified by what he might do.

And an article by the Left-wing site Slate proves that their fears are warranted.

The article states that Kavanaugh “is ready to take a wrecking ball to federal regulations.”

They cite an opinion from Kavanaugh where he states that the Constitution may bar Congress from shifting major policy questions onto federal agencies.

This would be a huge blow to the administrative state that creates the bureaucratic red tape hurting everyday Americans.

Slate reports:

On Monday, Justice Brett Kavanaugh sent the clearest signal yet that the Supreme Court’s conservative majority is ready to take a wrecking ball to federal regulations. By doing so, the court could jeopardize a vast swath of laws that govern pollution, Wall Street, wage and hour rules, campaign finance limits, and more.

Kavanaugh’s fellow conservative justices already declared their disdain for the “administrative state”—that is, the agencies that interpret and enforce federal law—in June’s Gundy v. United States. All four conservatives argued for a revival of the “nondelegation doctrine,” which bars Congress from transferring its legislative power to another branch of government. But Kavanaugh did not join the court in time to hear Gundy. As a result, Justice Elena Kagan and her fellow liberals were able to stave off an assault on the federal bureaucracy. The big question, then, was whether Kavanaugh would join the conservatives’ crusade.

On Monday, Kavanaugh announced that he is, indeed, on board. In a short opinion, Kavanaugh wrote that the Constitution may bar Congress from directing federal agencies to “to decide major policy questions.” This issue, he noted, “may warrant further consideration in future cases.”

Kavanaugh is proving to be the type of Justice Trump supporters have waited for.

He isn’t afraid to take on the Left, and to do that, all he has to do is follow the Constitution.

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63 Responses

  1. Jeff Layton says:

    I hope President Trump gets the chance to appointed another Supreme Court Justice if RBG closes her career.

  2. Debra says:

    Didn’t a Democrat justice just pass unexpectedly? I don’t recall his name. He had a fatal heart attack though at 50 something. Dang getting old is not nice to your brain, I’m only 65 I can’t imagine how RBG is doing her job between her age and cancer!

  3. Texas Belle says:

    I think that Roberts and Kavanaugh are not always on the conservative side. Kavanaugh seems to want to appease the Left by giving them a vote now and then to prove that he is not the demon they made him out to be. If Trump is able to nominate one or two more Judges, then we might see a real change. I don’t think Ginsburg can hold on forever.

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