Brett Kavanaugh is about to do the one thing that could turn Mueller’s life into a living hell

Robert Mueller couldn’t believe it.

Someone finally stood up to his crusade to take down Donald Trump.

And Brett Kavanaugh is about to do the one thing that could turn Mueller’s life into a living hell.

Robert Mueller’s string of legal victories ended when the Supreme Court stepped in and put a stay on a lower court’s order that an unknown foreign company comply with Mueller’s subpoena or risk a contempt citation as well as financial penalties.

NBC News reports:

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. on Sunday night ordered a weeklong pause on an ongoing subpoena fight, which may be the first known incidence of the high court weighing in on legal proceedings related to the Mueller probe into alleged Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

Roberts temporarily stayed an order holding an unnamed foreign government-owned company in contempt of court and accruing financial penalties for every day it does not comply with a subpoena the company has been challenging for months.

The stay will give the Supreme Court seven days to decide if the justices want to intervene in the case, and it could be the first time the full court hears a completely sealed court case, according to CNN.

The firm fighting the subpoena asked the Supreme Court to intervene after a D.C. Circuit Court panel ruled Tuesday that it was not immune to subpoenas because of its connection to a foreign government and the laws in the company’s home country, according to Politico.

New Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh could provide the pivotal swing vote to shut down Mueller’s endless flurry of subpoenas.

And this could be another sign – along with Trump’s selection of Matt Whitaker to serve as acting Attorney General – that accountability and adult supervisions is being imposed on Mueller’s quest to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

Should the Supreme Court shutdown Robert Mueller’s rigged witch hunt?

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238 Responses

  1. William R Thompson Jr says:

    None of which had anything to do with collusion by Trump, the original objective of Mueller’s investigation, which is not a crime, or obstruction of justice, or conspiracy, which are other possible crimes, that could come out of a collusion investigation. Apparently, if Trump is a warlock, he’s not in their coven.

  2. William R Thompson Jr says:

    Can you prove it is phony or doctored? The burden of proof has always been on Obama to prove he is a natural born citizen, not just born in Hawaii, but that BOTH his parents were US citizens at the time he was born in Hawaii, if he was. The document he posted online which he claimed is his genuine birth certificate, and has been proven a forgery, states that his father was born in Kenya, East Africa, which was a British colony at the time, making him a British citizen. There is no evidence the father was ever naturalized, or that he even applied for citizenship, before, or after Obama was born. If Obama was not born in Hawaii, or was not a natural born citizen, or both, then he committed fraud when he ran for President, and every vote cast for him was fraudulent, which means his victory was illegal, and his 8 years in Office were illegal, and everything he did then, was illegal. Makes Trump’s lies, if they are lies, rather insignificant in comparison, eh?

    As far as this latest “controversy” over Trump “hiding” “details of every conversation with Putin”, I’d say it’s normal for a President who’s every word and action is scrutinized to find reasons to attack him, especially when he interacts with Russians. Why should he give his enemies any more ammunition than they already have? Let them work for it!

    None of the evidence that Obama is an illegal alien, has been examined in a court of law. The Supreme Court refused to hear what cases did make it there, without explanation. What will history think of our nation, and it’s people, when it looks at the evidence, and finds we were victims of the biggest fraud in the history of the world?

  3. William R Thompson Jr says:

    I am not an evangelical Christian, but I am a Birther, ever since I heard Hillary ask Obama about his citizenship during a live, televised, debate, between them, during their primary campaign. I have searched for some record of it, but it appears to have been scrubbed from the public record, but I did see it, and hear, when it happened. The total evidence that Obama was not born in Hawaii is overwhelming. It’s not denigrating, or a lie, if t’s true. It’s actually been up to Obama to prove he is a natural born citizen, since he first ran for President. The only evidence HE has provided, is an a birth certificate he posted online, and claimed was his genuine birth certificate. Many people found it was a forgery, including Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, made up of retired law enforcement officers, and forensic experts. Obama IS a lie, as well as a liar.

    As far as your hateful, personal comments about Trump are concerned, you are entitled to your opinion of him, as are his supporters, but your opinion sounds like talking points, in my opinion.

    Just what IS Mueller’s job? Wasn’t it to find evidence of Trump colluding with Russians? If he’s found any, he has not made it public. Since collusion is not a crime, why not? If he’s found evidence of a conspiracy, or obstruction of justice, it will still take a trial to convict Trump, although I’m sure, the Left and the media will convict him, in the court of public opinion, as soon as the evidence comes out, if it does. How much time does Mueller need to do his job? Considering how much time he’s taken up to now, how much more should he need, considering you, and I, and all the rest of us taxpayers, have paid millions for his work, so far? Do you think the results he’s obtained so far, are worth what he’ spent?

  4. ke says:

    Bless you cause you’re God loving and you’re gonna need God when trump gets done with making America “great” again. In case you haven’t noticed it, he’s ripping away all regulations to save our country from dire consequences as far as our air, water, including lakes, rivers and oceans, and earth goes. Maybe you don’t care, but I have grandchildren, and I do care

  5. ke says:

    Excuse me, but if you want to talk about hatred and intolerence toward a president, his wife and minor children, without good reason, let’s talk about the way the oh so righteous white evangelical Christians have and continue to treat president Obama, who trump has spent years denigrating and spreading lies about. Read the posts of your fellow “patriots” here if you want some prime examples. Please don’t tell me trump gives a damn about America, he’s a selfish man, who is not a good businessman, just has found a way to plaster his name TRUMP all over everything in garish gold. He cheats everyone and runs our country like his businesses, ruining our reputation. He thrives on the attention, any kind of attention and brings it all on himself by his tweets, lies and uninformed bragging. My grandchildren have more sense than he does. Let Mueller do his job.

  6. ke says:

    This is an obviously phony doctored up YouTube clip. You guys must be QAnon conspiracy theorists. Obama was born in Hawaii. Even your great drumph admitted it after drumming up the birther theory for years. As for proving drumph lies allll the time, you don’t need to do anything to prove it but look at his tweets sequentially or look at his interviews sequentially. He lies from day to day, then denies that he lied and you believe him. To remind you, he didn’t win by a landslide in 2016, not even by a landslide in the EC. He is not an honorable man. He has cheated small business people and our government his entire life and he couldn’t care less about America or his base, except that he must be adored.You don’t know what Mueller knows about donnie and his financial interests and his financial ties to Russian businesses and Putin. Why did he hide details of every conversation with Putin? You consider that normal for the President of the United States?

  7. Rod says:

    I’m in agreement with you. We must’ve grown up in the same times. Kids/young adults (if you can call them that) would rather be part of the problem than seek a solution.

  8. Mysty says:

    Richard, I completely agree with you also. How wonderful to know that there are STILL people out there that have common sense and the wherewithal to speak their minds in a sensible way that states the truth without swearing and being vulgar.
    Thank you as well as Robert for his comments.
    God bless you as well, Sir.

  9. Mysty says:

    Robert, you have written a heartfelt and common sense piece that makes 100% sense. It truly brooks no discussion and I sincerely pray that your words will reach many ears and hearts. My hat is off to you for stating facts in a total not just an educational way but from your heart. I also pray that the leading dividers…politicians AND press see this and think seriously about your words.
    God bless you Sir.

  10. Robert C says:

    This is my opinion, not a debate. If you disagree, or find my position offensive, I’m perfectly fine with that. Move along if we cannot agree to disagree. I wont debate or argue my belief.

    I have lived through several United States Presidents prior to our current President Trump. In my lifetime, I have never seen nor heard of a President scrutinized over every word he speaks, humiliated by the public to the point of disgrace, slandered, ridiculed, insulted, lied to/about, threatened with death, had his wife and our First Lady disrespected, & his minor child insulted, threatened & harassed.
    I am ashamed and saddened by the ruthless, mean spirited, hateful, cruel, biased people who display themselves as having no civic pride, morals, ethics, decency or respect for our country’s traditions and values. My elders and teachers taught me many years ago to respect our President, whether I voted for them or not. All the news stations & reporters who feel they have the right to perpetuate blatant lies and fabricate “facts” for a “good story” are dividing our country beyond belief. Many only report the negative “news” and never the accomplishments of our President. If people do not research everything put out by the mainstream media, they are left to believe all the hate mongering news. This is leading to so much intolerance that I feel we are nearing the brink of a civil war! No other President that took the oath of office, has been on the news 24/7, scrutinized for their every word, facial expression, hair style, decision, handshake, what he eats… NO, he is not perfect, far from it! No President or person is, including you and me!! Yes, he makes stupid comments and doesn’t use the flowery language of a “professional politician”. He is a businessman! However, I believe he truly loves the United States of America and works tirelessly to make things better for us all. He is very different than what we’ve become accustomed to, thank goodness. The people who would rather see our country fail than help him do his job need to stop. I was always taught “If you can’t be part of the solution then at least don’t be part of the problem”. I personally want our President Donald Trump, as I did his predecessors, to succeed. To hope for failure is INSANE. United we stand; divided we fall.

  11. Annie Sims says:

    I do agree 100% with Richard McCoy.

  12. Mysty says:

    I agree with you 100% Richard! I find that dems just seem to be lost in the swamp. Eventually they’ll find their way out. Never give up hope!!!

  13. Richard Mccoy says:

    All this crap regarding Mueller is serious however the biggest threat to the US and our freedom is the Muslim invasion of our Justice system. It is not going to stop with these two and mark my word there will be more to come. I fear for my grandchildren because they are going to get the worst of it. President Trump was elected by the people of the United. States of America and he should be respected. He made promises that he is trying to full fill regardless of the Democrats. The whole thing comes down to most Democrats hate Trump and are concerned about the Swamp being drained Trump is doing what he campaigned on and promised the American people. The Wall must be built and all the criminals and Drugs a nd disease must not cross our Borders. I am not against immigration if they do it according to the law. If the Democrats want all the immigrants ,drug dealers and gang members here. Then move them into their neighborhood and support them with their money they all have it or will have it they are all crooked. They get elected with nothing and leave with Millions this goes for both sides. Term limits and leave with nothing other than what everyone gets at 65. I have said enough if you take this with a grain of Salt then so be it. Just stop and think and use the Brain that God gave you if you believe. God Bless all Americans ,God bless America and President Trump.

  14. Susan says:

    The problem with your diatribe is that Trump was not found to be involved. It was HRC and her cronies who hired the Steel dossier trying to implicate Trump. Good try, but she actually added to her own shame and guilt. She’s the one of many who need to be locked up.

  15. Mysty says:

    I just had a thought…as evil & crooked as hitlery is I bet IF she had of gotten elected she would have reneged on her ‘sharing’ the power… she doesn’t share with anyone. She wants it all for herself. Just sayin’ …

  16. Mysty says:

    I continually learn from other patriots, Christians & Republicans. Thanks for sharing that with us Tom. I appreciate it. Lord have mercy can you even truly imagine ALL THE EVIL those 2 would have done to this country?!?! SCARY TO EVEN THINK ABOUT!!! Thank our Father in Heaven for sparing us from that amount of EVIL being unleashed on us!!! Can I get an AMEN???

  17. Tom says:

    Your right, and another thing, is that Obama and Hillary coluded and ageed, that if Obama helped Hillary get elected in 2016, then she would let Obama help her to rule the US, giving Obama his essential 3rd and 4th term as the president and between the two of them, they would completely abolish the 2nd Amendment, and re-write the Constitution to the point that wouldn’t even be un-recognizable and then they would change our rule to be a Dictatorship.

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