Border Patrol agents just made one arrest proving a horrifying truth about our southern border

The crisis at the southern border has been causing chaos for decades.

While President Trump is improving things, the problem is far from over.

And Border Patrol agents just made one arrest proving a horrifying truth about our southern border.

The radical Left has villainized the brave men and women working on the border every day.

While they put their lives on the line, the Left opines about how evil they are, and how they are destroying lives by blocking illegal aliens from getting into the United States.

But when Border Patrol stops very bad people from getting across the border, the Left becomes silent, and the media ignores their great work.

Recently, Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents in Texas stopped and arrested a previously deported child rapist after he illegally crossed the border into Texas.

The newly released arrest information shows that the man was arrested on September 22nd after taking the trek all the way from Guatemala.

31-year-old Israel Picon-Monzon was arrested and convicted of raping a child in New Mexico in 2009.

He was sentenced to 36 months in state prison, and was deported back to Guatemala in 2012 after serving his sentence.

This arrest came just weeks after the same sector of Border Patrol arrested a man from El Salvador who was convicted of sexual assault of a minor in Maryland just two years prior.

These arrests never get coverage in the so-called “mainstream” media.

Instead they push sob stories about illegal aliens seeking a better life, while ignoring the many criminal illegal aliens who are caught.

During the Obama years, these sob stories were used to maintain lax border laws that have allowed millions of illegal aliens to flood into the United States.

Obama infamously used the catch-and-release system to force border officials to release illegal aliens back into the United States after being caught.

When President Trump got into office, he put an end to that system, and ramped up border laws.

He has been working to build a wall on the border, which many believe to be the best way to stop illegal border crossings.

For many years, Israel has used a border wall to stop illegal entries into their country, and it has brought illegal immigration to near-zero.

If it weren’t for Democrat obstruction, much of the wall would already be built.

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