Bombshell text messages exposed one Democrat Senator who colluded with Russia

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  1. Bill Wilson says:

    Why no outcry by Schumer, Pelosi, Warren, Harris, Waters, etc. for a ‘special counsel’ to investigate Warner? They sure as hell were yelling their heads off begging for a special counsel when it was Trump Jr. who they claimed was colluding with the Russians. Warner has become the poster boy for the swamp creatures that President Trump wants to get rid of.

    • Bill says:

      The bastards need to be put on trial for treason, sentenced by Aa non liberal judge and executed as an example of this unacceptable behavoir and the consequences. None of this BULLS**T prison term paid for by the taxpayers in a camp cupcake like atmosphere.

  2. Ginger says:

    I love it! All of the corrupt snakes on the left are being exposed for what they truly are. It’s time that they be held accountable for their corrupt acts.

  3. Lon says:

    Now that is what I call an “oxymoron!” The top Senator on the Senate “Intelligence” Committee?

  4. James Stamulis says:

    They all belong in Gitmo or firing squad(preferred method of mine). This is a conspiracy to remove a president the people elected and all they have done is fight him every step along the way. If Trump says up they say down. Evil.

  5. I never trusted Mark from the beginning. He was too much against Trump. Anytime, someone beats down another human being, they are hiding something. The only thing that’s never known is what “NEVER HAPPENED”, I hope this brings the Democrats down. They are nothing but liars an corrupt. Sad and shameful

  6. karen zawack says:

    Voted No, there was a rouge group of Russians but I think this is tied deeply with the British Mayor in London, as it seems Prince Harry and Obama have become such good friends. Steele is a former British Spy. Tie in Obama’s drug running friends Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda in Pakistan that received all that info from the Regress thru Awan and Wasserman Shultz, who was DNC Chair, and how Obama was bending over backwards to get IRAN a nuclear deal. Also Eric Holders’ gun sales in Benghazi, as we know he got off scott free for “fast and furious>. And let’s not forget the 57 States of the UN that are Islamic,

    Oh this is not the Russians. But Russian Sell outs, just like we have throughout the Obama Administration’s Executive Branch, State Department, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, DOJ, and on and on and on.

    Can you say TREASON.. I can.

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