Black Lives Matter just took down the one statue that no one could believe

Black Lives Matter activists are pushing a radical agenda to remake America.

That includes erasing America’s history.

And now Black Lives Matter just took down the one statue that no one could believe.

Black Lives Matter activists claimed statues honoring Confederate Generals needed to come down because they are supposedly monuments to racism.

President Trump and others predicted that these radical leftists would not stop at Confederate Generals and that memorials of other historical figures would become the next target because the goal of the protestors is not to stamp out racism, their goal is reshape America by first erasing its past.

The President’s prediction came true when top Democrats in California announced their plan to remove a statue of Christopher Columbus from the state capitol.

Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, and Assembly Rules Committee Chairman Ken Cooley all signed a statement announcing their support for removing the Columbus statue.

“Christopher Columbus is a deeply polarizing historical figure given the deadly impact his arrival in this hemisphere had on indigenous populations. The continued presence of this statue in California’s Capitol, where it has been since 1883, is completely out of place today,” the statement read.

Left-wing university professors spent decades smearing Columbus as a racist from Europe who brought disease and genocide to the world.

Columbus bringing Europe to the new world led to the America we live in today.

All the good and bad of that discovery should be memorialized honored.

But Black Lives Matter and other leftists want to reshape America into a new country.

And you can’t do that until you destroy the past of the old one.

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