Black Lives Matter just got caught in another lie after one video dropped

There may be no group more dangerous to the future of America than Black Lives Matter.

They will spread any lie they can to achieve their goal of seizing total control of the culture.

And Black Lives Matter just got caught in another lie after one video dropped.

Black Lives Matter has a simple narrative they use to gain support.

All police are racist, and the United States is an inherently evil country.

Using that narrative, they push for extremely radical positions like defunding the police and dismantling the nuclear family.

But it sometimes becomes difficult for them to spread this narrative, because the reality is that police in the United States really aren’t racist, and that the United States is among the least racist countries in human history.

So to try to make this narrative a reality, Black Lives Matter jumps on every police shooting of a black person immediately.

They don’t wait for facts, but instead immediately claim that the shooting was unjustified and racist.

The latest police shooing Black Lives Matter tried to exploit was that of Deon Kay, a black male in Washington, D.C. who was killed after pointing his gun at police.

Before that could even be known, Black Lives Matter spread the narrative that Kay was killed by a racist police officer, who turned out to be Hispanic.

But their story fell apart when police released body cam footage shortly after the shooting. Warning, the footage below is graphic, but we thought it important to share what really happened.

The video shows clearly that Kay had a gun, and ran towards the officer, forcing him to defend himself.

Black Lives Matter continues to claim that his shooting was unjustified, despite the video showing otherwise.

They believe that the officer should have resorted to less lethal methods to apprehend him.

Resorting to less lethal methods of response when a suspect is carrying a gun puts an officer at a major disadvantage.

But Black Lives Matter doesn’t care.

They know their initial outrage will get more reach than the body cam footage showing the truth.

By now you’ve seen the graffiti and heard their chants.

A police officer dying is a victory for them, and is always justified in their eyes, while a police killing of a black man is always unjustified.

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